the woohyun to my sunggyu


seven years with infinite

these seven years have been an incredible journey. I know that no matter what may come in the future, you all have so much more in store for us, whether it be as infinite or as your individual selves. one thing thing is for sure though, and it’s that I will believe in you no matter what.

STAN INFINITE STAN TALENT - Check out this amazing ‘A Capella’ version of INFINITE doing THE EYE complete with special sound effects and super INFINITE ONLY style of choreography!


Hoya. For being a part of something special to all inspirits. For sharing your voice and dancing. For your sass and blunt humor. For your acting. For your smile.

I’m sad that he’s leaving infinite. I love infinite regardless but I’ll miss Hoya not being with the other six.

I hope everyone continues to support infinite as 6 and Hoya, wherever he may want to go with his career.