the woods daughter

Daughter of the Moon//Witchcraft Aesthetic

Inspired by the recent aesthetic trend, I thought making these would be helpful in trying to articulate my own witch/pagan identity.

They found her in the woods.

A Negan&daughter idea thats been brewing in my head for some time now. Let me know if you want more. Enjoy. @negans-network

 Travis was having a spectacularly shitty day. He and his boys had been providing slim pickings lately- through no fault of their own as far as he was concerned. Especially seeing as the areas they’d been given had already been turned over a few times.

But these things have consequences and just that morning Simon himself had warned him that if they didn’t find something worthwhile soon, they would find themselves working for points again and that would simply not do.

So they looked again. Through the desolate buildings, every drawer, under every bed, every glove compartment. They spread out covering a long line a few acres across and trudged through the forest for something. Anything.

Which was when they found her.

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The Star (1952). A washed-up movie queen finds romance, but still desires a comeback.

While I could totally watch Bette Davis in anything, this is a pretty average film. Not only has it dated appallingly - it really is a film that demands a woman choose a man over career - but the pacing is sluggish, the story punishing, and the art direction uninspired. That said, it’s not a bad film exactly. There’s a lot that’s compelling about it - Bette Davis, obviously, but Natalie Wood and Sterling Hayden are both strong, as are some of the more domestic scenes. 6/10.

okay so what if after James Sirius Potter gets sorted into Gryffindor, he sits down and then the daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell gets sorted into Gryffindor, and he’s all like, “Hey I’m James.” And she just looks at him unimpressed because she thinks she’ hot stuff and then he’s like “Harry Potter’s my dad, I know I’m cool,” because he thinks he’s hot stuff and then she’s all “yeah whatever, my dad’s a world famous Quidditch player so–” and then they start arguing over who’s cooler and then they instantly hate each other and develop a rivalry. But then James Sirius Potter and Oliver Wood’s daughter fall in love during their years at Hogwarts throughout all the Quidditch rivalry, pranks, and cute moments together, and then it all turns out perfectly yay

when Hugo fell in love with Oliver Wood’s only daughter, Elizabeth, he did everything he could to make her fall in love with him and by the time they were sixteen, nothing in the entire world could tear him away from her.