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Whouffaldi Week 2017: Day One

The prompts for today are: caretaker shed; broom, bucket, intruder; “I don’t remember leaving that out.”

963 words; mostly gen until a comment towards the end; a bit from what is probably a larger adventure


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“It’s crazy that now almost out of nowhere people are crawling out of the wood works to trash this kobushi factory. I get it they aren’t the newest anymore so their hype is down but this group is far from boring. Like honestly where is this coming from? Everyone was all about them like a year ago. Ah whatever I guess with less people in the west digging them less annoying people I have to put up with”

Jonas Wood’s paintings and works on paper display overlapping textures and disorienting compressions of space that invoke the work of forebears such as Matisse and Hockney, but are characterized by an affectless cut–out appearance that is all his own.

The painter was born in Boston on this day, March 29.

“Ed Ruscha/Jonas Wood: Notepads, Holograms and Books” opens tomorrow, March 30, 5–7PM PT at Gagosian San Francisco.
#JonasWood #ArtistBirthday #Gagosian
Image: “LG NPP #2,” 2017, screenprint and oil on canvas, 93 × 61 inches (236.2 × 154.9 cm) © Jonas Wood. Photo by Brian Forrest.


OMG, It’s done!
This was a lot of work, but worth every second! :D

I present to you: The Dungeon Master’s Mimic!
The idea behind this project was to make one single container that a GM, or well prepared player can store all their RPG needs in and easily carry them from game to game.
And what other way to make a chest more roleplaying game related than making it a mimic? :3

It’s made from solid pine that I stained with a nice walnut stain and finished with briwax.
All the hardware is steel and brass. It has a soft, 100% wool felt lining to protect the books it’s carrying
The main compartment comfortably holds around 5-6 large rule books and a smaller secondary compartment holds an insert that can safely store all your dice, miniatures, tokens and pencils!
It measures 14 inches across, 9 inches deep and 10 inches tall. The main internal compartment measures 12 x 6 x 10 inches.
The teeth are solid wood, too and have been dulled for safety. (I’d still not joke around and slam it shut on your friend’s hand, though…)

This project was loads of fun, even though throughout the built I came across some rather annoying stumbling blocks. Making it would have been a lot easier if I had a table saw :P
Still, I’m so happy that it’s finally done and am very proud of how it turned out.

I won’t sell this as usual through my Etsy store. It is a unique item that I put a lot of my heart and soul into and I don’t feel that Etsy’s “first come, first serve” policy on purchases would do it justice.
Instead I have listed it on Ebay in a one week auction. I thought that way instead of whoever happens to see it the quickest, it will go to whoever wants it the most ^__^

Here’s the listing:

Love you all <3




This is literally an entire video of just the Kara x Mon-el banter. I love these two 😍