the wood creeps

i doodled this in my sketchbook about a month ago. didn’t think i’d digitalize it (let alone post it) but alas, here we are. never thought i’d draw jeff again, either. it’s been a while. it’s been 3 years. 

anyway, that fucker with the beanie is inky. he’s a character formed from my three old personas (before i just made my persona like me); blackie (2012/2013), inkblood - rebirth (nov2013/dec2013) and inkblood - proxy (dec2013/feb2014). he’s just a character, now. not sure wtf i’m going to be doing with him exactly -he’s been dead for 3 years now-, but we’ll see with time.

art and inky are mine / do not use
jeff belongs to his own sweet little ass

anonymous asked:

the wirt boy

ok I have an entire playlist with loads of songs for him but I’ll just post a few

gale song // the lumineers
meet me in the woods // lord Huron
creep // radiohead
never play // emily and the woods
uprooted // the antlers
mononokay // sorority noise

and a lot more

send me a character and I’ll tell you a song (or songs) that remind me of them!

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relationship status: single, afraid to mingle

favourite colour: pink, blue, and yellow

last song I listened to: circles by izzy bizu

tv show: I was watching and zoning out to abtstract. that new netflix show abt design its nice

first fandom: ……. percy jackson….. but my first tumblr was a poetry blog like 8 billion years ago

hobbies: drawing, crying, trying and failing to sleep

books that I’m currently reading: im trying to read the price of salt but i dont have time and im dying

favorite books: dandelion wine, valiant

favourite places: the desert when its dry and windy, or even when its stormy. i also rlly love the woods, but i get creeped out by them at the same time….

idk who to tag but if u wanna do it u can and say i tagged u!

As always, Zach Woods is quietly brilliant as Jared, somehow transforming his troubled past into fuel for the wellspring of optimism and loyalty that bubbles deep within him and informs his every action. In another actor’s hands, Jared would be a creep. Woods makes him a sweetheart. And in a world dominated by Gavin Belsons, he’s a unicorn.
  • The Transporter Refueled is currently Rotten at 18% with 58 reviews
  • A Walk In The Woods is currently Rotten at 49% with 85 reviews
  • Dope is Certified Fresh at 87% with 124 reviews
  • Before We Go is currently Rotten at 11% with 18 reviews 
  • Creep is currently Fresh at 95% with 18 reviews

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