the wonder years shirt


Maryam d'Abo is an English film and television actress from Hammersmith in London England. She is best known as Bond girl Kara Milovy in the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights.

She is also a cousin of actress Olivia d'Abo, with the two buying a house together in Los Angeles when Olivia was 19. Her older self when in her 20′s…

Olivia Jane d'Abo is an English actress and singer-songwriter from London England. She is known for her role as Karen Arnold the rebellious teenage hippie sister on The Wonder Years (1988–93), and the recurring villain Nicole Wallace in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

A DeanCas zombie apocalypse!au wherein Dean and Cas are separated from the very beginning due to their relationship not being recognized by the state. Six months after being placed in different Survival Groups and both thinking the other dead, they’ve long since given up hope for happiness in such a different, dark world. 

Until Sam goes out for a supply run.

Insisting on going by himself, he gets trapped in a beaten down car surrounded by the Undead, and is saved by a mysterious bed-headed man with a wooden baton. With darkness quickly approaching and so close to a hot zone, Sam and the stranger bunk in the nearest, safest nook they can find for the night, and exchange stories of Before and During with mouths full of baked beans. 

Or, rather, the mysterious man talks… Sam listens, raptly, to a love story that transcends even the end of the world.

The man moves his beans around his mouth as if savouring every greasy bite. He swallows with solemn blue eyes. “Before has been put to rest,” he says, voice gravel-rough. “What’s before us now is what truly matters.”

Sam bites his lip and nods into his can. “Who’d you lose?”

For the first time since they’ve met, the man looks shaken. He pushes around his food and swallows thickly, shoulders tense. “A man,” he says cautiously. The corner of his lips turn up in a ghost of a smile. “The most wonderful man.”

Happy Walking Dead night!! I’m slightly traumatized after walking dead viewing party.

I took the selfie to feel cute after making my buns hurt from too many squats. Also to show off my walking dead shirt I got at wonder con a few years ago.

wiishu posted jacksepticeye linearts that she said anyone could color, and being someone who loves coloring, as well as someone who loves wiishu’s style I couldn’t resist. Also I ended up tracing her lineart to make it transparent which was quite an experience haha, thanks for giving me the chance to color this! 

[[ May 7th is Free Comic Book Day! Go support your local comic shop, and, if you’re lucky, meet a bunch of people who also love comics and get introduced to some new series yourself! 

Wade’s been preparing his cosplay for the whole year. Meanwhile, Nate only has a Wonder Woman shirt because he thought the logo looked cool.]]