the wonder years

nothinpersonel asked:

hi I was just wondering what happened between soupy and Chris whenever he called Chris out?

The Wonder Years were supposed to come on after Attila on the stage next to them so we could easily see and hear everything going on at Attila’s stage. So Chris told the crowd to reach down and pick up some mud to throw in the air and at each other and on stage and just anyway they wanted because I guess Chris was hit by mud earlier in their set and he got upset. So mud went everywhere and it was gross and then they finished their set (thankfully). Then The Wonder Years came on and played one song before Soupy was saying how his crew worked hard to get their equipment set up and they got stuck in the mud and they just had a tough time getting everything set up. He then went on to say that they are the ones who also clean up the stage afterwards and he told everyone not to throw any mud on stage because that’s childish. And then he called out Attila for telling their fans to do that and then called them out for their homophobic shit. It was great and it made me love Soupy even more

Warped tour yesterday was amazing. Got to hang out with amazing friends like good-vibes-in-life filled-with-novocaine and make-a-run-for-it plus I got to see a listen to amazing groups like The Wonder Years, BoyMeetsWorld, Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, This Wild Life, and Mod Sun. I also got to meet The Wonder Years and BoyMeetsWorld. I couldn’t have asked or a better day.