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“These hunts have everyone all locked up inside. Waiting for it to end…It always does, always has, y'know. Since forever. But it won’t end very nicely, not this time. Even some folks hiding inside are goin’ bad. The screams of womenfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts… none of em’s too uncommon now. Yharnam’s done fer, I tell ya…”

I went into Black Sails expecting pirates. I did not expect a revolution against England (aka the homophobic racist patriarchy in country form) led by a black woman, a bisexual man and an amputee Slytherin with assistance from former slaves and sex workers. Also, womenfolk doing the business! Spies and queens and counsellors and pirates and madames and everything in between. I love this show so much :D

The upper-caste Hindu male world also often perceived the Dalit woman’s body as flagrantly sexual, distinct from the emerging ideology of chastity of the high caste woman. Crass representations of abundant and questionable sexuality of the Dalit female were set apart from the chaste demeanor of upper-caste female body. A large section of upper-caste men in their reformist writings identified Dalit women as shameless and prostitutes (65). In the orientalist reportage, the dependent status of unclean menial groups was defined by superior landed people in terms of the sexual availability of their womenfolk (66). Dalit women were supposed to live in temporary marriages, have questionable sexual morals, and divorce frequently.

The Dalit female body was both at the same time—repulsive and desirable, untouchable and available, reproductive and productive. Sexual exploitation of Dalit women was an everyday fact, which was often expressed in terms of the alleged “loose” character of Dalit women themselves. 

The fact that most Dalit women were active in the non-segregated work force, and worked as agricultural laborers along with men, exacerbated their sexualized identity in the eyes of upper-caste publicists and reformists. Thus a tract stated: If you look at the personal life of many of these lowly and laborer women who work around our household, then you too will say along with us that 80 out of 100 of these women have extremely degenerate characters. Even the census reports state that many of these women laborers are actually prostitutes in reality. Many of the women peddlers who sell things or sit in shops proclaim their lewd behavior loudly. Only 2 out of every 1000 such women can be said to have a chaste character (68).

Fear was expressed of sexual liaisons between upper-caste men and outcaste women. Upper-caste women were asked to ensure that their men kept away from them. While criticizing men for their frivolous nature, bias against outcaste women was also evident. One stated: The licentious tendencies of men are very much visible in the public spaces—on streets, roads, narrow lanes, markets, fairs and festivals … They will not talk with their wife at home, but will laugh and talk with the outside female sweeper, who comes to clean the bathrooms or streets. They will flirt with the bangle seller and the Chamar woman on the street, completely neglecting their wife. Women need to be cautious of the dirty nature of their husbands and beware of these women (69).

—  CHARU GUPTA // Writing Sex and Sexuality: Archives of Colonial North India
He Who Lacks Ghayrah (Protective Jealousy) Is NOT A Man

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : ثلاثة قد حرم الله تبارك وتعالى عليهم الجنة : مدمن الخمر ، والعاق ، والديوث الذي يقر في أهله الخبث.

The Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “There are three upon whom Allāh Tabārak Wa Ta'ālā has made Paradise Ḥarām (forbidden):

• The one addicted to intoxicants

• The one who is disobedient (to his parents)

• And the Dayyooth (shameless one) who approves lewd/evil acts of his womenfolk.”

● [رواه النسائي في السنن ٦١١٣]

Ibn al-Qayyim Raḥimahullāh said: “And that is because Ghayrah (protective jealousy) is from the basis of this religion so whoever lacks it then he lacks Deen, hence to Allāh a Dayyooth is the most vile creature and Jannah is Ḥarām upon him.” ● [الجواب الكافي]

al-Lajnah ad-Dā'imah (scholarly committee for research and Iftā) was asked if the label ‘Dayyooth’ applies to a man who allows his womenfolk to uncover themselves and wear unislamic attire or is it only applied to the one approves of acts of Zinā by his womenfolk??

They said: “So when one looks at these narrations then he understands that the label 'Dayyooth’ is applied to EVERYONE who APPROVES EVIL of those who are under his guardianship (Wilāyah), be it his wife or daughter or his sister, all of it is same whether he approves them committing Zinā or whether he approves them engaging in THE SOURCES THAT LEAD TO ZINĀ, like his woman (wife, sister or daughter) uncovering herself in front of an unrelated man or being alone with him or going out of her home with him…”

● [فتوى رقم ٣٢٤٦]

👆 Fatwā approved by Sh. Ibn Bāz Raḥimahullāh !!

21st Sun, Second Astral Moon

     Legs scarred up nicely. Wonder if what they would always say during those rowdy first days with the guild is true, staying up til all hours of the night in the Inn common rooms, that womenfolk are attracted to a man with a collection of scars. I seem to remember old Gregor being the object of affection for many of the village girls back home after he got gored by that boar and it practically left a hole you could see through in his shoulder.. so maybe?

Trying to get back into a routine now that I’m up and about, but something just hasn’t felt right. Just an itch at the back of my mind that something’s going to go wrong, or something bad is gonna happen. I feel like I should go visit home sometime soon just in case. Maybe get a linkpearl for mum and dad, though Twelve knows if they’ve even be able to work the damned thing. I hope it’s nothing, just in my head.


Mor Mahal is all set to shatter the stereotypical projection of a King who is normally viewed as an ultimate authority, calling all the shots right from his throne. It will bring to the TV screens the vulnerabilities of a King and how scheming womenfolk in his ‘Harem’ can take advantage and influence his judgment.” 

A Study of Womenfolk

She’s giving him that look - that look that he loves, with her nose scrunched and her eyes squinting. She looks slightly cross-eyed, and he tells her that, too.

‘You know that I’m right, though.’

'I know that you think that you’re right,’ James Potter answers, not even trying to hide his smile. He nudges Lily’s foot beneath the table, with his own. 'If that is any consolation.’

Lily kicks back, harder. 'That’s utter baloney, Potter. Marcie Moggs has been making sheep’s eyes for ages. Look at her-’

'Sheep’s eyes, Evans? How old are you?’

She sighs in utter exasperation. 'For the past hour and a half, Marcie has been watching you. Gazing at you. She’s a predator.’

'We’re discussing Marcie Moggs,’ James says, grinning. 'I thought we were studying-’

'Studying the behaviour of the womenfolk,’ Lily presses on, earnestly. She props her elbows on the surface of the table and widens her twinkling eyes. 'Marcie has been asking me about you,’ she continued, flicking her gaze towards the Ravenclaw gaggle of girls.

James turns around in his chair to face the throng of his alleged admirers, and almost topples to the floor in shock - Merlin, Evans is right - on one of the tables perches Marcie Moggs, with her legs crossed elegantly and her friends huddling around her. Gulping, James turns back to Lily, who is smiling, the tips of her ears red.

'Studying womenfolk? Evans, they’re going to eat me!’

Lily laughs, and James momentarily forgets what they were speaking of. Lily’s laugh always disconcerted James - he is still not used to the idea that he, James Potter, can make Lily Evans laugh so hard that she’d spit out her pumpkin juice. (She has done that quite a few times, and James views it as a personal achievement.)

'They just want a little taste,’ she chuckles, almost hiccupping - James notes that Lily does not giggle or titter - she laughs, a deep laugh that erupts and bubbles out of her lips, uninhibited snd contagious. James finds himself smiling harder, too. 'And - well, Marcie wanted me to put in a good word for her. Since, you know - we do spend a lot of time together.’

'Marcie wanted you to advertise her to me?’

'Well, you haven’t dated anyone for a while - not since Karen, and that ended months ago.’ Lily shifts uncomfortably in her hair. 'And Marcie fancies you. You just never notice that kind of thing.’ Lowering her gaze, she continues to study her piece of parchment intently.

'You’re not friends with Marcie, are you?’

And then the normal Lily is back again, wrinkling her nose and squinting her eyes at him. 'Not particularly, no. But Marcie’s nice, isn’t she?’

'Flitwick is nice,’ James says. 'Doesn’t mean I’d invite him to Hogsmeade and snog the living daylights out of him.’

'Are you sure?’ James glances up, and Lily’s neck is flushed. She impatiently pushes her hair back from her shoulders and ties it up loosely at the back of her head. 'Filius is quite the charmer.’ Though her face is still slightly red, her lips curl into a wide smile, and James pretends to fall off his chair in agony.

'You kill me Evans; you really do…’

'My pleasure, Potter.’ And perhaps the words would have stung a few years ago, but they are accompanied by a smile and warm eyes and James couldn’t care less about Marcie Moggs - he really couldn’t.

Between spending Father’s Day in Ohio with the Roerig clan, jetting off to L.A. with Gracie for a con, and shooting a short film, I feel like it’s been a year since I’ve been home. And then my first full day back in town? It rains. So while the womenfolk baked us up some treats, Jason and I (he crawled, it counts) built a blanket fort in the living room and set up the laptop with some Disney movies, and now it’s all cupcakes and giggles and family time; it doesn’t get any better. How’s everyone else spending the rainy afternoon? Anything special you like to do in gross weather like this?

I talked to a couple of people about smutty scenes in fic and in published romance yesterday, as you do.

I’ve read a LOT of both in various combinations of genders.

But I think a lot of what I’m saying here is mostly about het.

I really don’t like the words that people use in lieu of “vulva” or “vagina” or “clitoris” or whatever. (Yes, I know the difference, let’s not sidetrack.)  Personally, I blame the patriarchy and the sheer volume of porn produced by men and then other people have read it (because womenfolk aren’t s’posed to like sex, zomg) and go “Oh, so that’s how you’re supposed to write porn!”.

My mom has a HILARIOUS form letter from Harlequin romances from 1988 for prospective writers and the different words that are NOT allowed  depending on their different imprints (some were more racy than others, but you’d laugh at their definition of “racy””.  You can’t say “nipples”, they suggest that you say “buds”, etc.  I should dig through our old papers at some point and scan it.

In 1972, The Flame and the Flower was a HUGE deal.*  They wouldn’t sell it to kids - my mom was 12 and she and her best friend shoplifted a copy BECAUSE they wouldn’t sell it to them..  But the language is very flowery and euphemistic indeed.

*TW on The Flame and the Flower for non-con and rape.  At the time, it was only acceptable for smutty books for women to ENJOY sex by doing that gross “No until Yes” trope.   It’s interesting to read if you take it as a product of the time and you’re interested in the.  But it’s interesting simply in that - as far as I’m aware - it was the first mainstream, hugely popular book of it’s time where the heroine was allowed to ENJOY sex.  (Except she had to protest first or else she’d be a slut of course.  *eyeroll*)

So this all sends some REALLY weird messages to women.

It’d be nice if writers - both published and fan authors - would realize that “He touched her.” (for a random example.) says exactly the same thing as “He touched her cunt”, “He touched her pussy”, etc. in the middle of a sex scene   Nobody thinks he’s touching her elbow.  (If he is for whatever reason, maybe specify that part.)  Those words just make me kind of frown and wrinkle my nose, you know?

And phrases like “Her dripping slit” gross me out, throw me out of the scene, and make me make an icked out face.  Like, “slit”? Really?  Perhaps I’m alone in this, but “slit” sounds kind of violent to me, for lack of a better word.  Plays into that whole “violence toward women’s bodies” sort of.

And a LOT of PUBLISHED authors need a goddamned lecture on female sexuality!  I know it’s been said before on Tumblr, but if a vagina-having-person is tight when you have sex? Your partner is doing something wrong or there’s a bigger issue at play!  (Historical romances in particular seem to have big hang-ups on this and on the hymen and bleeding and discomfort.  *so much facepalming*) 

I mean, look, you shouldn’t be looking at smutty romance novels and porny fanfic for sex ed, but it does still play a role in the greater culture, especially when you might be embarrassed a bit too embarrassed to ask a person with more experience than you, a lot of actual PROFESSIONALS don’t know jack shit about vaginas and associated organs in terms of “sex for fun/recreation/whatever”, and there IS misinformation on the internet..

For example - and I do not mind people reblogging this one bit if it helps someone - My vagina doesn’t produce a whole lot of fluid even if I AM aroused.  (Not, like, porn-reading levels, just … not much happened.)   And I thought for a while “there’s something wrong with me and I am doing masturbation wrong”.  Later on I thought about it a bit more and realized “Wait, some of my medications can cause dry-mouth.   It doesn’t seem utterly out of the question that something could affect the other end of my body.  And given that I’ve been on various medications with similar effects since puberty, so I wouldn’t really know, would I?”  And I asked a few people and some doctors and they said “Yeah, that’s legit”.   So I buy personal lubricant when I want to have private time.

And I absolutely can not stand “cum” in place of “come” when I’m reading, though that’s more common online.   And it might just be me.  It just sounds more …  sort of dirty and icky and like a bad sext to me, and sex between two (or more, though then I get a bit confused about WHERE everybody is and the pronouns get a little wonky but that doesn’t mean it’s BAD) consenting adults should NOT sound bad or dirty.  We get a shitload of that bullshit from the culture we’re exposed to.  No reason to go for it in our fantasy escapism!

One smutty historical romance novel (1830s) I read used the word “quim” even though it’s an archaic version of the word “cunt” and I was kind of okay with that, I guess?  PROBABLY because I’ve never been called a “quim” for standing up for my rights or the rights of other people I care about..  (Would still slap Joss Whedon for that line in Avengers, though.  Just let me at him and get me immunity from prosecution or else a cunning disguise.)

I feel like porn writers - specifically the professionals who have editors and such - have a certain degree of responsibility to the women (mostly women) who are reading them.

So!  If people are doing romance, keep the fantasy bit* but LEARN SOME NEW VOCABULARY.  And for fuck’s sake, do NOT just C&P your sex scenes..

I’m curious if @thebibliosphere or any other writer and eidtor types have thoughts on this.


If you’ve been keeping up with the news, or probably any social media in general, you know who this asshole is. Mr. Pat Mcrory here signed the bill into law that stripped every LGBTQ person in North Carolina of their rights and protections, and made something as simple as going to the bathroom into a dangerous proposition for trans people like myself.

So here’s what I have to say to Mr. Mcrory:

Dear Asshole,

The first thing I want to say to you is FUCK YOU. I realize that this isn’t the most intelligent discourse, but intelligence clearly isn’t a priority in your world. You’re so proud of yourself for this shit, and you really shouldn’t be. You should be ashamed of yourself. You claim this bill exists to protect people’s privacy, but anyone can see that it’s pure and simple discrimination.

You claim this bill protects people from perverts coming into women’s restrooms and locker rooms to prey on your womenfolk. I can honestly say that as a Transgender woman, I usually only go into the women’s restroom to, you know, relieve myself of bodily waste. Okay MAYBE I might also check the mirror to be sure I don’t look like crap, but it’s all business in there, and I’m not thinking about other people. (Well, except the worry that assholes like you will make a big deal that I’m in there.)

So now, if I visit your fine state, what do I get instead? I get forced to go into a men’s restroom instead! Well I’m not a man, so that’s very problematic. It’s also dangerous and life threatening. Don’t think so? Well, what do you think happens when a “man” in full female regalia enters a men’s restroom. In the best case scenario, nothing. In the worst, violence. Yep. You’ve basically just thrown us all to the wolves, knowing full well what the consequences of that are for us. But hey, it’s about protecting people from perverts. We can afford to have a few thousand or more assaults on Trans people, right? Gotta break a few eggs and whatnot.

Also, how are we going to enforce this? Bathroom police? Are you going to check my genitalia at the door? You want to know what I call it when someone forces themselves into my pants without my consent?


So there’s that. Or maybe, maybe we can all wear pretty stars on our clothing that denotes the genitalia we have? Ooh that could be fun too. Let’s go ahead and take that cue from the Nazis. Its cool to vilify them when they’re the big scary bad guys, but you’re pretty quick to default to their behaviors when you feel your religious beliefs and bigoted ideals are being threatened.

Oh wow. I just compared North Carolina lawmakers to Nazis. This is a red letter day. And don’t get me STARTED on Donald Drumpf…

But you know what? We’ll beat this. We’re stronger than you. (Cue the infamous Steven Universe song here.) You will go down in history for being a bigoted asshole, and we’ll beat this, one way or the other. The protests are already there, and our communities are mobilizing. I really do hope you enjoy your pride now, because that satisfaction of yours is fleeting, and our PRIDE isn’t.

Again, fuck you.

3 who will not enter paradise and Allāh won't look at

The Prophet [ﷺ] said:

“There are three who will not enter Paradise and Allāh will not even look at them on the Day of Resurrection:

1) One who disobeys his parents,

2) A woman who imitates men, and

2) The duyooth (cuckold, weak man who feels no jealousy over his womenfolk).”

[Narrated by Ahmad; Ahmad Shaakir (6180) said, its isnaad is saheeh]