the women of star trek into darkness

I’ve?? Never drawn Uhura before?? Why? I dont know but I sure will again.
Here she is, looking amazing in a red suit

ALRIGHT ONCE AGAIN let’s talk about the difference between the sexualization in other movies and Lois Lane’s bathtub scene in batman v superman. Lots of people have done this already and I thank you all for that. But some people are still not getting it. 

For those of you who have seen Iron Man 2, you know very well there is a scene where Black Widow strips down in the back of Happy’s car. Note that Natasha makes it very clear that she does not want to be watched or seen when she does this, but you have Happy spying on her anyway against her wishes, thus objectifying her. She clearly didn’t want him to look and he did anyway, and there is the further perverse impression that the viewer is spying on her body in the same way that Happy is.  Or how about in Star Trek: Into Darkness, when Dr. Carol Marcus tells Kirk to turn around while she changes? Then, of course, he doesn’t listen and he turns around anyway, thus causing her to demand that he turn around again. Once again, this is a woman being objectified for her body – the character explicitly asks not to be viewed in a such a way, and yet she is anyway. Like with Natasha, her wishes as a person – a human being – are directly ignored. Arguments can even be made that they needed to change for whatever reason, because hey – women have a right to change clothes as they please.

A scene is not automatically sexualizing because a woman is naked, or has consensual sex. Women have a right to be/do those things if they choose. But in both of these examples, you have the women’s bodies portrayed as more important than their characters/personalities/wants/needs. That is sexualization, without a doubt. 

Now let’s look at the bathtub scene. You have Lois Lane, understandably taking a bath because she had a traumatic and confusing/mysterious experience that she wants to piece together (lots of people use bathing/shower times to think. No, she is not clothed because obviously people generally don’t wear clothes in the bath. But it is still noticeable that the camera is almost entirely focused on her face the whole time. The amount of skin that is shown is really quite minimal (though skin is never the issue – it’s the way the skin is depicted). 

Nonetheless, when Clark enters the room, a big factor is that he is making DIRECT EYE CONTACT with her the whole time. He is looking at her, not at her body. This helps establish that he values her for more than her body. In fact, what does he come in to do? He enters to simply inform her that he is cooking dinner and making other gestures to suggest that he cares for her. Further, it is Lois that continues the conversation, indicating that she wants him to stay there with her (which is quite the opposite of what happened in the other two movies I mentioned, in which the women demanded that the men look away or leave).

In this scene, Lois and Clark have a legitimate, necessary discussion that moves the plot along and lays out Lois’s motivations as a CHARACTER quite clearly. You learn that she is suspicious of what happened, and that she has a thirst for knowledge. You learn that she cares deeply about Clark and the world’s reactions to him. This scene serves as character development for her (something that many female characters are unfairly denied). She exists in this scene as more than just an attractive body – she is a breathing, thinking person. 

At no point does Lois suggest that she does not want Clark there. When he tentatively makes physical contact with her, she grabs onto him. And when he climbs into the bathtub to disprove her concerns that “he can’t love her and still be him,” he pauses to see if she is okay with it. And it is clear as day that she is – she smiles, laughs, and leans backwards to make room for him.  Is it sexualization if two consenting adults in love engage in this sort of behavior? No. That’s pretty much human nature. 

And why a bathtub scene, many of you ask? I’m sure many of you think it was unnecessary and pointedly included to sexualize Lois. But this scene is straight up foreshadowing. Lois essentially asks Clark if he can  be Superman and love her at the same time. He responds in a silly though meaningful way by jumping fully clothed into the bathtub so that he can kiss her. This implies that he would do anything for her. 

And what happens later in the movie? Oh yeah. He jumps into the water to save her from drowning, meanwhile abandoning the fight against Doomsday. He stops being Superman and becomes a mere man in love…for her. And then to further prove this foreshadowed point, he implies that he is going to sacrifice himself for Lois in particular. 

And last but not least, it is meant to disprove the idea that Lois and Clark’s biological differences stand in the way of this sort of thing. We learn quickly that they don’t, and that they’re in love, and that they’d do anything for each other. Case closed. Characters developed. Relationship established. Sexualization not achieved.

Oh my god. Best episode of Star Trek deep space nine, and maybe all of Star Trek: "Duet"

It’s about a forced labor mining camp where women are raped in front of their children, men are beaten to death, old people are buried alive…it’s honestly very very very dark for Star Trek or a show in general…anyway…

A war criminal who supposedly ran the camps is in holding with a disease he contracted while at the camps.

One of the protagonists, Kira Nerys, is a member of the species that was brutalized.

She’s of course furious and hates him.

and at first he pretends he’s not a criminal. He pretends he’s a file clerk.

But then he admits he is.

He mocks her. He brags about killing men and women and children.

She wants to kill him.

But then she learns that he underwent surgery to make himself look like the war criminal.

Because he was actually a file clerk.

He was so wracked with guilt over the awful things he saw that he felt like he had to give their people closure.

He made himself seem like a monster because he felt his entire species needed to be punished, that HE, the “war criminal” needed to be punished, even if it was only him in the actual clerk’s place..

Im sorry.

This is my favorite episode and I have a lot of favorite Star Trek episodes seriously.

The performances were so great and the subject matter was so fucking dark?

Star Trek always dances around on goofy premises where good always prevails but here….it was just dark.

It was good people being unable to stop bad things from happening and accepting that that made them complicit.

It was a good man tormented by the sins of his fellows, who had no power and no sadistic inclinations.

He wanted to give an oppressed people the satisfaction of killing a war criminal responsible for genocide.

I love this episode and I remember almost every line of dialogue because I WATCHED AN EPISODE ABOU GENOCIDE, WAR CRIMES, FORCED LABOR, MURDER, TORTURE, AND RAPE….when I was eleven.

It fucked me up and I had never seen such a gorgeously written episode.

Or such an awful…lovely story.

Writer goals right there.

Awful. The worst.

I never forgot it.

It’s the kind of story that never leaves you.

anonymous asked:

i don't know if you saw the post about lgbt rep in ds9 but i was wondering what you thought about it

Are you talking about this post? If so, yes, I saw it. I see all of @bluespock’s posts because I follow her. I like her and her blog. I have the post in my queue, actually, but I think I’ll post it right after I answer this question, which I’m surprised I got at all, tbh.

But onto the topic at hand.

For those of you not interested in viewing said post, bluespock had stated:

“I wish Star Trek had at least one canon LGBT character.”

And posted a picture of Will Smith pointing at a Deep Space Nine poster. Someone had responded to this basically saying that there were no canon LGBT+ characters in the series, to which bluespock pointed out Lenara and Jadzia, who shared a very passionate onscreen kiss.

To address how I feel about this representation, I feel like it’s important to talk about the history of LGBT representation in television for a moment.

The first onscreen gay kiss was in 1991 on L.A. Law. This display was so unacceptable that advertisers threatened to pull their ads from the program. In 1993, a show called Picket Fences attempted to show two teenage girls kissing, but the scene had to be reshot in the dark. The first commercial showing a normalized gay couple was an Ikea commercial, which did not air until 1994. That same year, Rosanne showed an onscreen kiss between two women and that episode almost didn’t make it on air. Outside of those kissing moments, the only real on TV gay representation was discussing the AIDS epidemic, which is important for so many reasons, but there were only two representations of this still in those three years. This episode of Deep Space Nine, Rejoined, aired on October 30th, 1995.

Now, I want to show a quote from the Star Trek Wiki about this episode:

This episode features Star Trek’s first same-sex kiss and is one of the most controversial episodes in the show’s history. According to Ronald D. Moore, “some felt betrayed, didn’t want to see this in their homes. An affiliate down south cut the kiss from their broadcast.” Similarly, René Echevarria says, “my mother was absolutely scandalized by the episode. Shocked and dismayed. She told me ‘I can’t believe you did that. There should have been a parental guidance warning’.” Steve Oster says that a man called the show and complained, “you’re ruining my kids by making them watch two women kiss like that.” Much of the public response mirrored that of the famous Kirk-Uhura kiss in the original series episode.

There are several other amazing quotes on the “reception” section of the episode’s wiki, but I wanted to point out that specific one for this reason – the 90′s were a very, very different time. We still have to battle for some LGBT+ representation now, but it is not the same as it was in the 90′s. Any same sex kisses were almost outcasted and people had to fight, literally fight for any representation back then. I mean, just look at Ellen DeGeneres. She almost lost her career because she came out as gay and that was in 1997.

That said.

Although Jadzia and Lenara aren’t lesbians, they are still on the LGBT+ spectrum. Their willingness to accept that their love interests is the same gender as they are cannot be argued. They both clearly love each other. Jadzia cried at the end of Rejoined because Lenara left the station and broke her heart. There is no denying that. The plot could have worked the exact same way in Rejoined with Lenara being male, but they went with a female host anyway. It was an incredibly bold choice.

In parallel, we could talk about TNG’s episode The Host, where Beverly Crusher fell in love with a trill who’s symbiont went from a male host to a female one at the end of the episode. Beverly said that she still loved Odan, the symbiont, but could not deal with the host change and the relationship they could have had was cut short. This episode aired in 1991. This is easily how they could have handed the Lenara/Dax situation, but they didn’t.

This is absolutely LGBT+ representation. Just because they’re not lesbians does not mean it isn’t valid.

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Female character who deserved more time: Gaila, from 2009's Star Trek

Gaila is an Orion in Starfleet.  AN ORION IN STARFLEET. I cannot even begin to express how cool this could have been, how important this could have been, how deeply disappointed I am that nothing ever came of it, how ANGRY I am that nothing ever came of it.

Just. Orions in TOS were problematic.  One of them (Marta) got a rather cool story arc, which in some ways was empowering and insightful, but in other ways it was a typical “crazy bitch” misogynist storyline.  Besides that, whenever green girls show up in TOS they’re just sex objects.  I know that Enterprise addresses this, and I do appreciate the effort, but in some ways it just feels like mansplaining–“women control us with their sexy powers of sex! We are helpless in the wake of their sex powers!” idk.

Gaila was a chance to have an Orion woman who was just a person, just a Starfleet cadet doing her Starfleet thing, taking her classes and flying her ships and exploring strange new life and civilizations and going boldly.  And it’s totally cool that she’s fucking Kirk!  Go you, Gaila, get some of that Starfleet cadet tail!  But that fact that we never see her after the shit goes down, that there’s never a mention of her again into Star Trek or Into Darkness–basically that really does reduce Gaila back into a sex object.  She was only ever there to get fucked and used by Kirk, and that’s way worse than anything on TOS.  And PSA, guys, TOS WAS MADE IN THE SIXTIES IT SHOULD NOT BE DOING BETTER ON FEMINISM THAN WE ARE DOING NOW.

In other news the Gaila of my heart is a really kind, generous, compassionate and funny pansexual, who loves sex, who adores breasts and pussy and ass and cock and tentacles and other strange appendages she has no name for, who gets in trouble due to her shocking bluntness and wild inappropriateness, who cares for all her friends deeply and also wants to fuck them all just for funsies, and sometimes wishes she could make love to space just because it is so lovely and vast and she wants it to touch her; she wants to know every intimate part of it.

#194 Because of beauty or brains.

Alice Eve, who plays Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness was asked this question during an interview.

Her response?

Most likely intended as a compliment, this question-insult is symptomatic of the misogynistic categorisation of women prevalent in our society. We have good girls, bad girls, girl-next-door girls, vamps, sluts, career women and beautiful women who are dumb and unattractive women who are intelligent (in order to compensate for their unattractiveness, of course.)

Why do we still mistake these lies for truths?

Yeah, I’m a feminist who is not all about the Ghost Busters Reboot.

So there has been a bit of talk about the Angry Video Game Nerd not going to review the new Ghost Busters Movie, and of course people are screaming its sexist and unfair and of course, calling the Nerd out as being a horrible man baby. Now, I am a feminist. I am always glad when we have new Female Led entertainment out in the world. I’m a fan of Melissa Mccarthy (I loved the movie Spy: It was amazing, and it needs a sequel). I also love Ghost Busters, and I love the Nerd, so here a few thoughts:

A. The nerd is not remotely sexist. I have watched him for -years- and watched just about every single video he has done for game reviews, and a few of the retrospectives he has done. He’s nuanced, intelligent, and yes, crass, but a lot of the time its funny and honestly, he is -never- insulting towards any specific group or remotely sexist, racist, or any “ist”.

B. As a feminist, I’m really not sure I’m on board with the idea of taking popular franchises and rebooting them with all female casts. I don’t think it really helps women in Hollywood get innovative, creative roles - I think it just helps Hollywood be extremely lazy in not creating new material. And honestly, the GhostBusters reboot essentially says to me “ We don’t think an original content movie with a female cast is going to make money, so we are just going to slap a popular franchise on it so we can make people happy.” If women are going to make headway in Hollywood - it needs to be original, honest works. I know that the actresses in Ghost Busters are giving it their all, so I don’t fault them, but I just think the whole thing is Malarkey.

C. I hate reboots for the most part (At least when it comes to live action movies. Anime/Cartoons are a different story). There have been a few reboots that were good: Dark Knight, Dredd (With Carl Urban. The Judge Dredd with Stallone was crap. (BTW, Carl Urban’s Dredd should get a sequel). Star Trek was good, but I don’t think it was better. Star Wars vastly improved upon the prequels but I don’t know if its really better than a new hope. But for the most part, movie reboots are crud).

D. Honestly, if we are going to get pissed off about female not being represented in media - lets focus the attention on the MRA’s, and the actual sexists who are trying to push women back into the 1950’s. Not a dude who does really good reviews on video games AND does Charity for the Shriners organization that helped his daughter gain mobility in her arm after she suffered nerve damage during birth.

Destroy the idea that being beautiful and smart are mutually exclusive when it comes to women

Destroy the whole “beauty OR brains” nonsense

Destroy the idea that scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and mathematicians can’t also be women who wear makeup and high heels and curl their hair

Destroy that idea because society doesn’t see a well-groomed man wearing cologne and dressed in a suit and think “No way he’s a scientist”, but Alice Eve from Star Trek Into Darkness gets asked “Aren’t you too beautiful to be a science officer?" 

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BLESS YOUR BACKDOOR BAKERY POST, i can't believe people are getting so worked up?? about an (arguable) architectural inaccuracy?? when we're part of a fandom about possessed jewelry giving teenagers superpowers??? please chill and just appreciate the fanfic writers' incredible, amazing hard work. or like, instead of being condescending about it, make an info post with all that we know about the layout of all the important locations in ML, so that people can use it as a reference if they want to?

Exactly. Honestly, it was more the tone of the post that got me. Fanfiction, for all that people enjoy it, gets no credit. If it’s not following expected character tropes, it’s wrong. If it’s not following someone’s headcanon, it’s wrong. Etc, etc. It’s bad enough that fanfiction is laughed at by the “literary fiction world” and considered worthless, despite the fact that literature itself is nothing more than a bunch of writers following predetermined tropes and very rarely producing anything new or “original.” That, and a majority of fanfiction writers are women, so that makes it an automatic target to be criticized anyway. 

Never mind the fact that something like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, or Star Trek 2009, Into Darkness, and Beyond, or Star Wars VII are ALL FANFICTION. Some of which (glares at the first two rebooted Star Trek movies) are very BAD fanfiction. 

Like, it’s bad enough writers put in all this work and effort for lackluster responses (I realize I’m popular in this fandom, but I’ve still been there and I get that pain and disappointment). So could those who consume that work maybe be more considerate of what they say and what’s considered important? Nobody cares if a writer puts a back door somewhere for the sake of convenience. And if you DO care, then stop reading. But don’t post something so condescending and self-important thinking that these people, who put their heart and souls into their work, have to listen to you. It’s disheartening and unnecessary.

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