the women are the strong ones truly


The women are the strong sassy ones, truly. - Part Three.

This one goes out to

This one goes out to all the Asian girls

The darker skinned girls who feel like they don’t conform to beauty standards (you are so much more than a standard)
The light skinned girls who
The girls who may not have the best grades (you don’t deserve this pressure I am sorry)
The girls who do get good grades and enjoy learning
The girls who work hard to revolutionize their respective fields
The girls who choose to stay at home and raise children

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the black girls

The girls with wild hair that won’t be tamed
The girls with skin so dark it reminds you of a night sky (deep and amazing and you can never fully wrap your head around how vastly profound it is)
The albino girls who feel like outsiders in their own community
The girls who have risen from poverty and made a name for themselves
The girls who are still throng to make a name for themselves
The girls who enjoy acting in “ratchet” or “ghetto” ways and aren’t ashamed to be who they are (you shouldn’t be)

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Indian girls

The girls who wear a bindi and sari and love it
The girls who wear henna like a second skin
The girls who might have a thick accent
The girls who like Bollywood (don’t let anyone tell you it’s silly)
The girls who are told they cannot do what they wish because “how will you get a husband like that?”
The girls who are told it is their fault that a man raped them (it is not and it will never be)

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Native American girls

The girls who were born and raised on the Reserve
The girls who were ripped from their homes and are trying to learn their culture again
The girls who dress up in traditional costumes and dance
The girls who know the legends by heart and
Could tell you
Every single one of them in the second between the flames dancing
The girls who are from here but still get told to “go back to your own country” as if it was not stolen from them by the ancestors of the person speaking to them

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Pacific Islander girls

The girls that grew up swimming and know the tides like they know themselves
The big, strong girls who could move a mountain with one look
The women who had their culture erased
The girls that are working hard to fight the stereotypes of poverty by educating themselves and getting excellent jobs
The girls with voyaging in their blood, and ancestors who travelled thousands of miles so that they could be here today

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the mixed race girls

The girls who feel disconnected from their ancestry
The girls who aren’t considered “truly x”
The girls who are tired of being “aren’t” and being overlooked for everything they are
The girls who are a collision of culture, a majestic mixture of their own interests and so much more than you could ever guess
The girls with the ins and outs of two different worlds memorized like the backs of their hands
The girls that know the struggles her people (because they’re her people too) have gone through
And are all the better for it

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Jewish girls

The girls who get made fun of for their noses
The girls who are told they should “stop being greedy”
The girls that might not eat kosher
The girls that happily observe the Sabbath
The girls who can fluently read and speak Hebrew

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Muslim girls

The girls who wear hijabs (you can still be a feminist, it’s your body and your choice)
The girls that don’t wear it but still go to prayers
The queer girls who’re worried that Allah doesn’t approve of them
The girls who feel afraid to be themselves because of the environment they’re in (your own safety comes above all else, god knows enough people are being hurt already we don’t want to risk you too)
The girls with bright minds who can see that every religion has some negative aspects, but that normally doesn’t define it

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the disabled girls

The girls with wheelchairs who can’t exactly get everywhere
The girls that need someone to help care for them
The girls who have therapy animals to help them out
The girls with learning difficulties who need tutors (but don’t necessarily have one)
The girls who work hard to have people realize that just because they’re disabled doesn’t mean that they can’t have a good life

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the lesbians

The girls who love girls
(Bottleglass eyes and hopes that reach beyond the stars and smiles and long legs that stride confidently forwards at the parades and good hands that you will never ever want to let go of all of them)
They are a rainbow and
We need more people like them
People who will walk alongside us in the daylight or cuddle with us in the closet
Because before everyone else, we girls should love each other and stick together
Because queer is just another word for weird and aren’t we all a little weird on the inside?

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the bi girls

The ones who are monogamous and love their partner with all their heart but still get dragged into negative stereotypes
The ones who enjoy sex with multiple people (you aren’t a slut)
The ones who aren’t out yet (and aren’t even sure themselves sometimes because “what if I’m just pretending?” even if it isn’t true)
The ones who HAVE a preference (and it isn’t you thank you for the drink but please go away)
The ones who get erased out of events or talked over (because that hasn’t happened often enough ALREADY)

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the pan girls

The girls who love everyone regardless of
Those girls are a ray of sunshine, lighting up anyone’s personality should they be so lucky as to see them
They are wonderful open arms
And you would be so lucky as to receive their affection

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the asexual girls

Not wanting to have sex doesn’t mean you’re any less loveable
The girls who still do aren’t any less valid
But please don’t feel
Pressure to be something you’re not
Because your body doesn’t need to be a sexual object for you to still be confident and pretty and all of those wonderful things I know you are

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the aro girls

You don’t need to have someone
There are many kinds of love
Explore all the facets you want
And don’t
Apologize for something that isn’t your choice
Because not wanting “baby I love yous” doesn’t make you any less of a woman

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the polyamourous girls

The girls with partners that support them and their decisions
The girls whose wonderful hearts are open to loving
The girls who work hard to find dependable people
The girls that are full of intimate trust for their partners

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are all beautiful, important women and the world needs you to continue being yourselves

This one goes out to all the genderfluid/demigirls/etc.

You may not entirely feel like one,
But we are very happy to have you with us
At the times when you feel like a woman
Gender is complicated so please,
Take your time
We’ll be here if you need us

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman (if you want to be)

This one goes out to all the trans girls

It doesn’t matter what you look like
What your voice sounds like
If you’re on estrogen
If you experience dysphoria
You are still a woman
You are passing simply by being yourself

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the GNC girls

The tall girls who tower over their guy friends
The strong girls who can bench 350 pounds
The tomboys who love sports
The girls with short hair or who don’t like wearing “feminine” clothes (they don’t have a gender but whatever)
You can definitely pull off that suit! You look great!

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the neurodivergent girls

All the girls with depression who are so tired
The autistic girls with strange stims or who have trouble in social situations
The bipolar girls who can’t help their emotions
The schizophrenic girls who hear things that aren’t there
The girls who are afraid to take medication and get addicted
The girls whose therapists are their best friends (I have listened to so many stories but I will help you if it kills me)
The girls who are trying to care for themselves but finding it so hard

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all girls

It doesn’t matter what you do with your appearance
Or how you live your daily live
Or if you have a partner
Or if you want to
Or if you have children
Or any other arbitrary factors

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are all beautiful, important women and the world needs you to continue being yourselves

A doodle for IWD - there’s a lot of real and fictional positive female in my life, and I am eternally thankful. I wish I had more time to draw even more women who have affected me, but I feel like these are the absolute top.

Pearl and @rebeccasugar - Pearl’s character has truly helped me feel valid in my neurotic, romantic, loving self, and Rebecca Sugar has influenced my art and direction in life more than any other artist.

Korra and Asami helped me realise that my sexuality was valid, I’m not invisible. Plus Asami’s hard working and caring nature and Korra’s resilience are so inspiring.

Jill Valentine was one of my earliest strong influences as a non-feminine badass who kept going no matter what. Still my favourite character of all time.

Thank you ♥


❝ the women are the strong ones, truly.  ❞

Warring States Part 2

Blanket Disclaimer

As he follows Hyūga from the battlefield, Sasuke is unable to keep from glancing down at the woman in his arms. There is something about her that didn’t register before – a mark on her forehead that he thought was debris. The sight of it worries at his memory, but there is no time to dwell on it because he notices something else in his peripheral vision.

Her chest appears to be moving.

Pausing mid-step, he goes still, focussing his attention. A second later, her lips part, and he hears the soft whistle of air through her lips. There’s even a minute shift of movement in his arms.

“You’re alive,” he realises, genuinely mystified. It shouldn’t be possible, because he aimed to kill and no one can survive a wound through both the heart and stomach.

“What did you say?” Hyūga asks him. Sasuke barely hears him, his knees already unconsciously folding as he lowers the woman to the ground.

Before his astonished eyes, the mark on her forehead begins to grow, black ribbons snaking across her face and neck, disappearing beneath her armour. He senses a burst of chakra and shifts her to one side, examining the spot where his blade pierced her – only to find that beneath the blood-soaked chain and fabric there is only a thin, puckered red line like a newly scabbed-over wound.

Impossible, he thinks, glances up to stare at this woman. This is –

But his thoughts stall when he finds her gazing up at him from beneath long-lashes, those damned green eyes considering him – judging him.

There’s another shift of movement and he looks away, attention falling on the one hand she suddenly raises. Slowly, she places her hand against his chest, and he expects the weak, ineffectual push of someone seriously wounded.

Instead, he finds himself flying several yards backwards, forced to relinquish his grip on her from the force of her shove. Panting, she picks herself up, eyes never leaving Sasuke’s.

Hyūga wastes no time charging at her in retaliation, ready to cut off whatever chakra is allowing her strength, but a simple stamp of her foot on the ground splits the earth and forces the prodigy to jump back.

Through the dust and debris Sasuke catches one last glimpse of her – still watching him – before she darts away.

Sasuke immediately begins to go after her, only to find his way barred by Hyūga.

“Move,” he orders.

“Do you know what that was?” Hyuga counters tersely.

Byakugō,” Sasuke replies, impatient. “Mitotic regeneration.”

Though he’s never actually seen it in action.

“Which means that not only is that woman very strong, but she won’t fall in battle – and capturing her as a hostage will be a waste of our time and efforts,” Hyūga reminds him. “The only person I have ever heard of being capable of using that ability was Tsunade Senju herself.”

“That wasn’t Tsunade Senju,” Sasuke replies. He’s seen the old woman in battle enough times to know her by sight.

“Exactly – and if she’s passed on her talents to another, that’s news that your brother will need to know.”

“Along with why we didn’t know about her before,” Sasuke says thoughtfully, still staring into the space where she disappeared. He must miss something else that Hyūga says, because when he looks up, the pale eyed man is observing him with calculation. “What?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that expression on your face before.”

Sasuke scowls. “What expression?”

The reply is tossed over the other man’s shoulder, a throwaway comment but somehow still laced with meaning.


Sasuke quickly turns around and follows him, glowering at his back.

“You’ve obviously been in the field too long,” he tells him. “You’re beginning to develop a sense of humour.”


As odd as the incident is, Sasuke puts his strange reaction to the green-eyed woman to the back of his mind. It’s rather easy, given that the same day he encounters her, his older brother is irreversibly blinded in battle. Although Itachi is certainly a talented shinobi, he can no longer lead their troops in battle and that duty falls to Sasuke.

He has cousins who are older and better suited, of course – determined Obito, or even the reluctant, kind-hearted Shisui – but Sasuke is the heir of the main family after Itachi. The duty falls to him to act as commander and general, not just a front-line fighter.

It becomes imperative for him to defeat the enemy now, and so more and more often he and Uzumaki end up fighting each other in earnest. They drill away at one another endlessly, trading blows that would cripple lesser men, until one or both of them are dragged from the field by their allies to rest and fight another day.

It is here that he learns he has not seen the last of the mysterious woman.

Just as Hyūga is Sasuke’s lieutenant, his second in battle, the woman with the outlandish hair and eyes appears to be Uzumaki’s.

Though they do not clash directly again, Sasuke is aware of her in the background. It’s a strange, otherworldly awareness, too, one that he can’t explain. Even when he can’t see her in his periphery, he simply knows she is there. She flits through the trenches, helping downed soldiers, retrieving the bodies of those that have fallen eternally. She does not fight unless directly challenged, and he sees the results of those bouts in crushed chests and caved in faces.

Her reluctance does not make her less brutal, or effective in her kills, and he wonders at the contradiction there.

Time passes.

The yearly floods make prolonged sieges impossible, and some engagements are so bloody that both sides will call a temporary ceasefire for weeks and months at a time. They need to regroup, retraining the wounded that recover and drafting new soldiers into their ranks. Even gathering around the war table and planning strategies is useless, because the rising tides are unpredictable, and often change the landscape completely by their end.

When they were younger, Sasuke remembers his brother preferring these times of relative peace. He would try to capitalise on these lulls in the fighting, try to convince their people and the enemy that suing for peace was optimal. Sometimes he would come close, too.

And then another skirmish would break about, and another wave of fighting would begin.

Sasuke sees that facet of him less and less since Izumi died in childbirth; his brother is weary, now, and stoic. If he appreciates the lulls in fighting, he keeps it to himself, resigned to the inevitable return to battle.

It’s different for Sasuke. He is and always has been restless during these periods, never knowing what to do with himself.

As he’s gotten older, he us expected to spend his free time with the Hyūga’s heiress, Hinata, but he doesn’t. There are negotiations for a marriage between the two clans, a full union between bloodlines which has never happened before – both clans steadfastly prefer to marry within the clan, to keep their kekkei genkai pure.

Sasuke is indifferent to the potential match, and feels nothing for the woman in question. She is a shy, kind-hearted girl, shielded from the harsh realities of the war by the sacrifices of her branch families. He has no doubt make an excellent wife – for someone else.

Sasuke fails to see how someone like him – with his hands soaked in blood and more effective at ending life than creating it – deserves someone as untarnished as she is.

So instead of enduring supervised visits that involve neither of them making any attempt to speak to or even look at one another, Sasuke chooses to explore the whatever village his brother has requisitioned for Uchiha use. There are usually places in the environs where he can hone his skills in preparation for the upcoming skirmishes.

It is in one of these villages that he encounters the mystery woman face to face once more.

On a moonless evening after a most recent battle, he wanders the town square where the most recent wounded and dying have been brought. Village women tend to them – wives, mothers, sisters and lovers who cry in anguish at injuries that won’t heal or that have robbed them of loved ones.

At first, he thinks that she is just another one of these – dressed like a peasant, hair and forehead covered by a turban – but by chance she looks up as he passes by.

He would recognise those eyes anywhere.

She doesn’t look away right away once she notices he’s seen her, nor does she try to run; instead, she goes back to healing the gaping wound in some man’s side.

Every instinct Sasuke has tells him to strike her down, or to take her prisoner and question her, yet he finds himself wandering closer. Until he stands above the unconscious man, eyes fixed on the woman’s hands. They are small and delicate looking without her gear, but covered in scars – defensive wounds and callouses. Cool green chakra glows against the man’s skin as he heals him.

“You are either brave or stupid to come here,” he tells her quietly. “No one here would blink if I killed you where you sit.”

“Death doesn’t frighten me,” she replies.

“No, I suppose it wouldn’t, given your talents.”

“Even without it,” she informs him, shaking her head. Her tone is matter-of-fact, and when she looks up again, she is smirking. “Women have to be strong to survive, in any era.”

“They should be smart, too. Not wandering into enemy territory, healing the enemy.”

“The sick and wounded need to be cared for, whatever side of the battle they are on,” she maintains. “We kill so many in battle – don’t you think we should try to balance those lives somehow?”

She tilts her head to one side, looking deceptively innocent and earnest. As if she truly wants to know his opinion on the matter. 

“Who are you?” he blurts out. The question is both a question of her identity and existence.

She chuckles. “In these times, it’s unwise to give one’s name.”

He shifts, annoyed, because he is the last person that needs to be reminded of this.

“Perhaps you could make one up for me,” she suggests, pulling away from the man whose side is now whole once more. “And I could make up one for you.”

“That’s childish,” he points out. “Especially considering you already know who I am.”

His reputation in battle, as well as his tendency to fight Uzumaki have ensured that no one in this land is ignorant of his identity.

“Uchiha Sasuke,” she agrees. She seems to ruminate on something for a moment, before declaring, “I would call you ‘Taka’, though. You’re as proud as a hawk, and just as fierce. And with those eyes of yours…”

She trails off and gives a little shrug, a tiny smile on her face that makes his stomach tremble inexplicably.

He scowls at her. There is nothing about this that he should find endearing. “I have no time for your games, or your disrespect. If you won’t tell me your name, I’ll make you tell me – and more besides.”

His hand goes to his katana, and instantly she moves, jumping several feet back as nimbly as the lioness that graced her mask.

“Don’t start a fight again so soon,” she suggests, a slight edge to her smile now. “I’m only trying to be friendly. There’s far too little of that in the world these days…Sasuke-kun.”

She disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving nothing but a satchel of medication in her wake.

It would be an easy thing to go after her – even Shunshin leaves traces that can by seen by eyes like his – but he doesn’t move. Instead, he kneels and picks up the small bag, noting that there are enough herbs and balms here to treat most of the wounded in the square.

This woman doesn’t understand the concept of war, does she?

He is completely puzzled by her, unable to understand how someone can be so…open in such a dark time. It’s annoying.

She’s annoying.

More than Uzumaki, he thinks, passing the supplies to a nearby healer and walking away.

As he returns to camp, he can’t bar her from his mind. Of her uncommon hair, and her damned green eyes – the image again reminds him of the cherry blossoms that rain from the sky in the spring.

Haru, he thinks, bemused, before his wits return to him and he angrily shakes his head in denial.


“Did you know that your woman heals our wounded?”

The question seems to confuse Uzumaki, because as he pauses to parse Sasuke’s question he nearly takes a sword to the knee. He only jumps out of the way at the last second, misdirecting the tip of the blade with a hastily raised kunai.

“My woman?” the blue-eyed man echoes. “I don’t have a woman.”

Sasuke rolls his eyes at the other man’s clueless expression. “This doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

“Then why’d you ask me about a woman?!” Uzumaki demands, as two of his shadow clones try to ambush Sasuke from behind.

With a wide ark of his katana he disperses them. “Then what do you call her? The one with the strange hair, who turns the ground into craters and can walk off a sword to the chest.”

He tells himself it’s not admiration in his voice.

“You mean Sakura,” Uzumki snorts, and Sasuke blinks, reflecting that his guess as to her name wasn’t that far off. “What’s it to you?”

“Nothing,” Sasuke replies, lunging forward and meeting the other man blade-to-blade. “It’s encouraging to see that treason lingers so high up on your side.”

He tries to catch the other man in a genjutsu, but Uzumaki has always been irritatingly good at snapping himself out of his illusions. Sasuke doesn’t think it’s a natural affinity like the woman – Sakura – possesses, but something else. Uzumaki pulls back at the last second, earning a bloody swipe to his shoulder, but manages to get out of attack range.

“Sakura’s not a traitor,” he snaps, defensive. “She’s doing her job. She’s a medic.”

“A medic that heals the enemy.”

“To her, they’re patients. And maybe she’s hoping that by helping people get a second chance, she might get them to think twice about going into battle next time,” Uzumaki informs him. “Which, by the way, wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

“If any of my people left their positions to help the enemy, they would be tried with desertion and executed,” Sasuke returns.

Rather than get angry or defensive again, Uzumaki simply looks sad.

“Sometimes, Sasuke, I don’t think your side wants this war to end.”

The lack of surname, along with the ridiculous suggestion make Sasuke snarl and dive forward, charging his sword with electricity.

 “If you really believe that, why haven’t you killed me yet?” he sneers. “There’s been many an opportunity over the years.”

“I could ask you the same question,” Uzumaki snaps back.

“Give me a few minutes – I’ll rectify that – usuratonkachi.”

You – !” he splutters. “Promises, promises, asshole!”

And just like that, their momentary lapse into conversation disappears into the usual attempted death-match.


AN: Well, this chapter’s not quite as angsty as the first, but kind of just setting the stage. If Sakura feels a little OOC in this, remember that it is an alternate universe, and she didn’t grow up with Sasuke, so she never felt the need to try to impress anyone by acting less smart or awesome than she is.

Reviews and concrit are greatly appreciated!



the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)


The women are the strong ones, truly.

life has been so busy and so good. 

i am thankful for a big brother who looks after me, my wellness, and my health as closely as he does. i am thankful for his fiance who teaches, guides, and laughs along with me as i learn (and sometimes fail at) new things. i am thankful for parents who encourage each other, love each other, and choose each other, as it’s been (and continues to be) a wonderful example of what love really, really is. i am thankful for my mom who drops everything and literally flies to her kids when they need her most, and i am thankful for my dad who is continues to improve himself so he can better love + serve those around him. i am thankful for how easy it is to see and enjoy the blue skies + green trees when you get out of the city. i am thankful for walks with my family and our pups through my parent’s neighborhood. i am thankful for bourbon-fueled talks that run until 3:00am where vulnerability is abundant and ideas of how we can better love those around us are born. i am thankful for the little house with the big garden that i pass by each day on my way to work, because the smell of spring always rushes in when i drive past with my windows down. i am thankful for espresso because duh. i am thankful for the rolling green hills and tall pine trees of minnesota. i am thankful for my best friend and the endless supply of love, mercy, and grace she extends to me, as well as being a total badass. i am thankful for my best friend’s fiance and how well he treats not only my best friend, but how well he treats me, too. i am thankful for my pup who curls up right next to me when it’s time for bed and stays there all night and into the morning. i am thankful to live in the middle of the city, but still be within a five minute walk to one of my favorite lakes. i am thankful to know so many truly, truly good men who uphold the dignity of all life - their kindness can bring me to tears. i am thankful to know so many strong and courageous women who remind me that i am worth the things i desire. i am thankful for the gentleness and mercy of Jesus when i slip, stumble, and fall into lies and false realities, and how often he reaches out to help me back up.

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Thoughts on Giles in Buffy, and his relationship with Xander in particular? I remember you saying something about Xander wanting and not getting a father in Giles and found that really interesting, and I find all your metas and whatnot to be really insightful so I was wondering if you might elaborate :)

You know, once upon a time I loved Giles. I thought he was awesome, this slightly out-of-touch father figure to the Scoobies, their Papa Wolf as it were. However, in recent years I’ve come to the conclusion that Giles actually kind of sucks when it comes to anyone who isn’t Buffy (and even with Buffy he drops the ball majorly in Season 6). Far from being a guiding hand, a trusted elder the Scoobies can turn to in times of crises, he’s actually a somewhat ambivalent figurehead who dishes out warnings and lectures but never actually takes the time to work with, advise or teach the Scoobies (again, Buffy being the exception).

Take, for example, when Willow first starts experimenting with magic. Giles constantly warns her about the dangers involved but does little to help, guide or supervise her. We know he has connections in England with Covens and that he himself has dabbled in magic, yet he simply berates Willow for her recklessness, instead of taking the time to train her or, at the very least, send her to someone who can offer her guidance. Now, I’m not laying the blame for Willow’s abuse of magic at Giles’ feet, Willow must take responsibility for her own actions, I’m just saying that with a bit of guidance she may have better learned how to harness the power she has within her.

Then there’s poor Faith, who turns up Watcher-less and clearly in need of guidance and support. Does she receive it from Giles? Not even in the slightest. He leaves her living in a shit-hole of a motel, never inquires as to her well-being and doesn’t even offer to train or guide her alongside Buffy.

But my biggest annoyance with Giles and his attitude and behaviour towards Scoobies who aren’t Buffy comes from his treatment of Xander, and the utter lack of respect and pure disdain he constantly shows towards him, even when Xander isn’t deserving of it. This is made even sadder when one realises that Xander partially looks to Giles as a father figure.

It’s no secret (and yet is constantly overlooked by the fandom) that Xander’s father is emotionally and probably physically abusive, and as such, Xander looks for fatherly guidance outside of the family home. Rejected and abused by his own father, there is evidence that he views Giles as a stand-in father figure, shown in small ways, such as Xander making sure that the pastry shop includes jelly donuts in their order (Giles’ favourite), his hanging around with Giles in Season 4 when both disconnect from Buffy and Willow, and his comment in his dream in Restless when Giles says that Spike is like a son to him “Yeah, I was into that for a while”.

Xander’s looking up to and viewing Giles in this way is made quite sad when one takes into consideration the fact that Giles is often very hard and disdainful towards Xander, often treating him much harsher than he does other characters. Take, for example, the episode Beauty and the Beasts, where Giles goes off his head at Xander for falling asleep while on Oz-watch, but when Buffy falls asleep on the night of the full moon when Oz is at his most dangerous, Giles just gently wakes her up and doesn’t tell her off at all. Or in Passion, when Xander and Buffy both  “boil a complex thought down to its simplest possible form” and only Xander gets snarked at by Giles. And then there’s Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered where Giles – who used to use magic to summon a demon to get high off – rips into Xander for casting the love spell (not to mention he acts as if Xander deliberately cast the spell on all the women of Sunnydale, when it was actually only meant for Cordy).

I just find it so sad that Xander is rejected by not only his actual father but his surrogate father figure as well. It’s really no wonder Xander has so many issues which affect his personality, as he has never truly had a strong, stable parent to look up to. I really feel like Giles could have been better in regards to all the Scoobies, but Xander in particular as, of all of the Scoobies, he is the one most in need of a stable parent/parental figure.

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Mukuro's s/o trying to propose to him?


It wasn’t as if you didn’t love him, but you couldn’t help but distance yourself a little from Mukuro as you tried to figure out how to propose to him. Honestly, you wouldn’t have had to do this if he would be the one doing it but the damn man was taking too long! It’s been five long years since he asked you to be his significant other, his “partner through the seven hells”, but you’ve been expecting him to propose since last year.

You knew that distancing yourself might have a negative impact on your relationship, but you figured that the end justified the means, you know? And if the end results in finally getting married, well then damn, all of it would have been worth it.

No, it wasn’t worth it.

Because now, here you both are, arguing over a little misunderstanding. It takes a lot to make your lover jealous, Mukuro usually kept that part of him under wraps in fear of scaring you off. However, you pulled away too much and now he thinks you’re leaving him.

Well shit.

Time to do some damage control.

“Babe, listen, please,” you pleaded as you tried to meet his mismatched eyes. He refused to look at you and looked at a fixed point beyond you instead. There was a hard look in his eyes, a look that made many men shiver in fear. It was a look that you knew only appeared when he was truly upset. “I love you, do you hear me? I. Love. You. No one else even comes close.”

Mukuro scoffed before turning away. “I’m sure you do. Next you’re going to tell me that Tsunayoshi has sworn off his women.” He was hurt, but refused to show it. He always wanted to look strong in front of you but the hurt was something a lot more personal, a lot deeper. “Save it, I have a mission to leave for in the morning.”

You internally screamed out of frustration. This stubborn man! Why can’t he see how ridiculous this was. Why, out of all the times, why is it now that he decides to question your loyalty? Running a hand down your face, you groaned out, “For god’s sake, Rokudo Mukuro, will you stop being a five year old and listen to me already? I am trying to save our relationship.”

“Save?” he snapped back, spinning around on his heel. He stormed towards you, each step causing you to back away until you hit the wall behind you. The illusionist caged you in his arms, looming over you with a sneer. He leaned in close, eyes boring into yours. “You’re the one destroying it, not me.”

Holy shit is this bastard lucky you love him enough to ignore this. You grew angry, the frustration of trying to figure out how to propose finally building up and became too much. “Alright, fine. You want to know why I’ve been pulling away?” you screamed in his face.

Shocked at your voice, Mukuro pulled back from you before a bored look ruled his face once more. “Sure, why not?” he drawled lazily. Oh, but you knew better.

You’ve talked with the other guardians about your frustrations. You’ve had Chrome calm you down from panicking over your proposal. You took Ken’s laughter and Chikusa’s neutrality in stride. You even kicked M.M.’s ass just to assert yourself in Mukuro’s life.

How dare this walking tall pineapple act like he doesn’t care?!


Mukuro blanched at your confession, genuinely surprised at your reason. But you couldn’t stop now, the water works beginning as your emotions overflowed. “NOW LOOK, YOU FLOPPY PANCAKE, YOU’VE RUINED IT ALL.”

You broke into full sobs, gripping your hair in your hands tightly as you looked down. Refusing to look at him. All that planning gone to waste. And all because you wanted it to be a surprise.

Bracing yourself for whatever backlash you were going to receive from him, you weren’t really expecting him to bring you into his arms for a fierce hug. He kissed the top of your head before burrowing his face into your hair.

“Kufufu, what a horrible fiancee I am to have made you cry like this.” Mukuro tightened his hug, almost crushing you in his arms. “I truly am sorry, my dear. Of course I’ll marry you.”

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Could you please write about the Rfa and a very outspoken and bold Mc? Like, they will always speak their mind no matter how rude their opinion is


  • “You’re wasting your life playing that game Yoosung.” 
  • He couldn’t stop himself from wanting to burst into tears, but he held them back because he knew deep down that what they were saying was true. It was one thing to be interested in or to like playing video games, but he knew that his hobby had become an addiction after Rika’s death
  • He honestly needs someone to just tell him things as they are, or at least how they see it 
  • They have to remind him pretty often that this is just their opinion on things, no matter how resolute they seem to be in what they’re saying


  • She’s sweet and kind and wonderful, but she can take criticism well
  • She’s worked for Jumin for years afterall
  • Still MC’s confidence helps give her confidence in her own beliefs 
  • They have this habit when Jaehee’s exhausted and frustrated, MC just makes her complain about everything that’s upsetting her and in turn MC does the same and it really helps Jaehee relax because half of the time she just starts laughing 
  • MC will always complain about little things 
  • Jaehee’s always complaining about work and “There was one customer today…”
  • And MC just comes in, equally upset “This morning I woke up and realized my phone wasn’t plugged in and then I burned my toast and I misspelled ‘good’ when I was texting Seven to tell him Good Morning…” And Jaehee can’t stop giggling for some reason and it’s 100% the cutest thing in the world 


  • He appreciates their feedback 
  • Ever since he was a had he’s been treated as though he was special because of who his dad was and because of his father’s influence and money, so having someone who wasn’t afraid to say what they were actually thinking in his life would be really important
  • They’d be one of the few people he could truly love and trust 
  • They were almost the complete opposite of the women that his father was attracted to and he trusts them more than anything in the world for being so honest with him 


  • It takes someone with a lot of determination and a strong will to stand their own in an argument with Zen and to get through to him through his confidence 
  • He a bit in awe of MC’s confidence when it comes to their own opinions because it matches his own
  • When these two argue they really get into it, even if it’s over something stupid such as what to have for dinner 
  • Even if they argue a lot, they have a good relationship that’s built on being honest with each other 
  • It’s basically a given that one or both of them is going to get hurt pretty often, what really matters is how they handle the aftermath 


  • They do not take his whole “you deserve better than me, please ignore me for your own good” thing well at all and they let him know 
  • He hadn’t expected them to go off on him like that, but he was grateful because it showed just how willing they were to stick with him 
  • Every time he starts to go on about how he doesn’t deserve someone like them, they just glare at him and he immediately shuts up 


  • He needs someone to be blunt with him
  • He’s been hurt and lied to so much in his life he just needs someone to tell him things how they are without sugarcoating anything 
  • The first time MC comes to him, absolutely furious about how they understand where he’s coming from and that it sucks, but that Saeyoung really does care about him he cries, but that doesn’t stop them and he’s so grateful 
  • When they were kids Saeyoung always treated him like he was made from glass and after he was rescued from Mint Eye, his brother along with all the RFA members treated him the same way
  • Except for MC
  • He immediately latches onto them because they’re the only person he trusts to tell him the truth and to not keep secrets to protect him

today filled my heart with so much hope !! got to meet many beautiful, passionate people and march alongside my loved ones. the sun came out for us. we are so much stronger and louder than hatred, ignorance, sexism, racism, agism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, slut shaming, prejudice, discrimination of all kinds, patriarchal conditioning and the backwards expectations of what a woman should be! I’m so proud of / inspired by everyone who marched today and thankful that there are so many people on this planet currently celebrating how brilliant and magical women truly are! let’s keep our voices loud, passionate & peaceful! let’s continue being strong for each other and to build each other up! let us stay connected to our divinity. 🌸♡🌌

I want to say a thing about Supernatural...

I love supernatural for many reasons but one of them is how they promote strong woman, like Rowena, Charlie, Amara, Abaddon and many others, and I think it is truly amazing that they don’t make every female in the show weak and dependent on a man or someone else