the wombats new album

Moving to New York [8-bit]
The Wombats
Moving to New York [8-bit]

The Wombats - Moving to New York [8-bit]


they did not give me the usual four years to recover from their last album what do i do?


Lemon To A Knife Fight | The Wombats

I push and you tend to shove
I give in and you don’t give up
I’m not getting out of here this time
I brought a lemon to a knife fight

10 facts about me

I was tagged by @minyoongislaysme thank you!! we haven’t talked in ages omg 

1. I’m 22 and feel old af mostly becuase my back feels like it’s at least 75 years old

2. I dropped out of uni in march only to start again at the same uni in different courses in october 

3. my favourite colour rn is the dark blue on the sky right before night. like when the sun is not fully down and the day and night meet on the sky and there is this shade of blue where stars are already visible in 

4. I can’t go outside without my ipod when I’m alone 

5. I have no idea how small talk works I just do the polite nod

6. I’m really excited for the new The Wombats album!!!!

7. I bought dark blue nail polish and every time I wear it I feel powerful 

8. I have no idea about zodiac signs?? I’m a libra?? is that okay?? 

9. I am only productive between 9pm and 2am

10. I wish I could kick myself becuase I’m like I hate people pls don’t talk to me or touch me thank you but internally I’M like TELL ME IM CUTE AND THT YOU LOVE ME PLS HUG ME YES 

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