the woman with a pearl


So it was OK when CDM called a gay Iranian Jewish woman a white supremacist for holding a Magen David pride flag, but if somebody calls them out for using actual alt-right Neo-Nazi buzzwords when continuing to attack said woman, it’s suddenly a huge, pearl-clutching offense?

I level of anti-Jewish vitriol from the fauxke left is fucking astounding.

I want to talk about pearl for a second.

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No one ever talks about Pearl doing this. And pearl has never done this more than once. But obviously she can. So, similar to how Lapis can control water, Pearl can control sand?

You know what else can control sand?

Oh yeah, the desert glass.

But clearly the desert glass is not a pearl. The colours are off and the gem is far too big compared to our pearl’s.

Admittedly it could be a massive pearl but there are other differences. for example, the shape. Pearls gem is completely smooth, but up close the desert glass has some kind of square cut in it.

Another thing to mention is that the desert glass doesn’t appear to be a corrupted gem, but another gem stuck inside an object, in this case a pillow. But that’s unrelated.

A summary: Both Pearl and the desert glass can control sand, but clearly they are different gems and we’ve only ever seen Pearl do it once.