the woman who wants still to marry

reasons why we *i* love daniel sousa


-politely stood up for peggy

-loves peggy

-is crazy about peggy


-he really is a wonderfully kind and brilliant person who is too good for this world

-still wants to kill thompson, but no more than usual

-“sure, can i borrow your forehead?”

-thought there was a real baby in dottie’s carriage and was indescribably relieved when there wasn’t

- according to peggy, no woman could find a better man


-kicks butt with an aluminum crutch seriously do you know how awesome
that is

-which means bye-bye, disability stereotypes


-took peggy’s soft “nos” for what they were when he asked her out but still tried again because she never told him he couldn’t

-remember that one time he used his crutch to beat an innocent filing cabinet because peggy was in trouble and

-“he has a special worry about miss carter.”

- but despite how he feels about the people close to him he still does his job and he does it very well indeed

-and that’s how he became “chief sousa”

-“i can’t focus on the mission if i’m worried about rose.”

-basically any time he interacts with peggy :3

-also have you seen him

-like for real those brown eyes are 👌🏻

-and his precious smile is 💯

-apparently he can also sing

-and he also can cut the rug with the best of them

-because he got his own sweet dance number that one time

- “can’t find my leg anywhere.”

Reasons why I'm pissed off with Emmerdale

* I’m pissed off that they had Robron married for THREE WEEKS before ruining them

*I’m pissed off that after all these years, Aaron still hasn’t had proper therapy and is still so self-destructive

*I’m pissed off that Robert, a BISEXUAL character, who promised to be faithful and wanted messed up forever, cheats as soon as Aaron messes up

*I’m pissed off that by having them sleep together, Emmerdale has ruined Robert’s (one and only) friendship with Rebecca

*I’m pissed off that they depict every 20/30-something woman as sexually desperate and immoral

*I’m pissed off that Chas and Paddy will now be all “we told you so” and bask in the fallout from this

*I’m pissed off that it feels like the past two years of loyalty and devotion to this pair, have been for nothing

So yeah, all in all, I’m a bit pissed off. 😠

Do you think Tina gave up the right to being Auror Goldstein without a fight? I mean, she is a modern carer woman in the twenties and thirties when she marries Newt. So. Do you think she just walked into the MoM and was like “Hello, I’m Auror Scamander”.

Personally, I think she spent a good few days going back and forth, with Newt just bringing her tea and kisses and “I love you either way, so it doesn’t matter to me so long as you’re happy” every time she has an identity crisis. Like. When she transfers to the auror department, she wants to still be Goldstein because that’s who she has made her career as an auror as. But she is also SUPER proud to be Newt’s wife and loves showing it off.

Genuine opinion question now: What do you think she would do?

Can I just talk about the Malfoys in the Cursed Child

Okay, I’m so happy Draco got some kind of redemption arc or whatever, but I hate the way it was done.

First of all, that “you learn to hate your parent” thing, making it seem as if Lucius and Narcissa didn’t treat their only son well.

Lucius Malfoy, that little piece of shit and an awful person who tried to trick Voldemort into stopping the Battle of Hogwarts because he wanted to make sure his son was alive and well didn’t love Draco? The man who bought brooms for his son’s Quidditch team, who was disappointed in his son’s school gardes but still bought him gifts? Who wanted to get rid of that wild animal(aka Buckbeak in PoA) that hurt his son, the man who ran wandless through the Hogwarts during the battle, calling for Draco?

Narcissa Malfoy, woman who grew up in the Black family and married into the Malfoy family, who was blood-prejudiced agains  as much as her husband and sister(don’t you dare to fight me on that) but lied to Voldemort just to make sure her family was safe didn’t love her son? Who just a year before that went to Snape and begged him to change the Dark Lord’s mind and when she failed forced him to make the Unbreakable vow to protect Draco? The woman who ran wandless through Hogwarts during the battle, calling for Draco?

And what’s that with killing off Astoria? Don’t get me started on that. It was so cheap and easy and it didn’t even make sense. But hey, it will make him seem a lot more tragic.


Out of all possibilities you decide to kill off his wife and make it look like he hated his parents(and we know how much he admired and appriciated both of them) and using all bad-fanfiction cliches to make him a decent human being?

Wasn’t his love for his family, especially his only son, enough? Why deny what had happened in the books?

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad Draco got his second chance because Jo didn’t fully use his potential as a character, but I hate the way it was done.

Rant over.

Still not dating? What about [random man I’ve casually mentioned in a convo] Is he married? What about his friends? You’re too picky, maybe you should consider settling at this point. No man likes a woman who speaks like that! Dumb it down a bit, men don’t like to be outsmarted. You don’t want children? You’re too young to know. Well good luck when you’re old honey. Wow you’re actually attractive, why are you a historian? Women’s gender and sexuality? That’s a thing? Why on earth would you study that? Look being a feminist is fine but maybe you should switch fields. Or just tone it down a bit, you certainly wouldn’t want to upset the men in academia would you?

And they tell us we live in a post feminist society………

A list of comments I’ve gotten from friends and family over the years especially once I passed twenty and entered graduate school.

anonymous asked:

what do you think of the fact Melissa is living with Chris Wood already? It's been confirmed and there are the first official pics of them together. Soon medias will talk about it and I'm worried people will do the math and realize the timing is shady, she just filed the divorce...

Melissa’s private life is none of our business, she is a grown woman who is free to do whatever she pleases and she’s allowed to date whoever she wants. The media will always turn everything into this big drama so my advice is just ignore it. Lord knows it’s what all the celebrities do. She filed for divorce almost 3 months ago, it would be worse if she was still married and was cheating on her husband. As long as she’s happy, I don’t see any problem in it.


the sky outside is cold and gray
like the sidewalk
that you have to force yourself to walk on
because if you walk in the road
you might never walk back out of the way


hearts are floating around school
around the office
around the world
you cannot find your own in your chest
it doesn’t work right anymore


the days are passing faster now
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
they tick off the clock like they’re cliff-diving
you want to follow them
off the edge


spring has hit and you’re still stuck in the same spot
with your brother getting married
your mother is so in love with her new husband
your father is happy with his new life of two children, a dog, and a woman
who you’ve never met


you spend all of your nights out dancing
fucking people who don’t know your name
because the alternative is never forgetting his name
that would be the death of you


he walks by you on the street
looks right through you
while his name is on your lips like a prayer
so what if he forgets you?
you’ll wake up forever reaching for him


the sun is hot
it burns your skin where it touches
you wear long sleeves even when it’s 80 degrees
you tell your friend you want to die
no one calls the cops


school is starting
books papers kids hallways pencils
a life-long repetition of monotony
that you can’t stand
but you can’t escape


you are a hollow-eyed ghost in the hallways
the teachers are asking you how much sleep you got last night
you reply,
but it comes out as “enough”


people run the streets with masks and screams
it is nothing compared to the noise inside your head
fall has hit full-blast
the leaves as red as your blood
that you love so much now


you do not eat at Thanksgiving
you are a withering


it’s been almost a year now
the streets are wet again
the sky is gray
you are in ruins
you can’t feel your toes

—  year-long hate; l.m.

I just realized that my favorite thing about Petra’s arc during season 2 is her learning to care about others.

Petra was raised by Magda to put self-preservation before everything. And that all showed in her season 1 actions. It’s not that she didn’t care about anyone else but all her choices were made to ensure her own safety. If you remember she was a woman who just escaped an abusive relationship (and is still in one with her mother) and all she wanted was a person who could make her feel safe and loved. She thought that Raf was that person for her, and judging by the flashbacks she wasn’t wrong to think that. Once they got married she finally able to put aside her self-preservation instincts and just be happy. But then one day he just stopped loving her. At least that’s what it felt like. And she was losing her safe, loving space so naturally she did everything she could to hold onto, even trying to get pregnant without his knowledge. And once they were divorced she went back to focusing on escaping Milos. All her decisions in season 1 were just her very wrong way of trying to find another place where she could feel safe and loved.

But in season 2 she really made strides to start caring about someone other than herself.

Being a mother, and wanting to be a mother different than her own, really brought a better side for her. For one she realized if she wanted a space to feel safe and loved she needed to create it for herself, and not depend on someone else to provide it for her. That’s why I cheer every time I see her reject Raf.

But most of her biggest moments in season 2 were made for someone else.

Buying the house for Jane and Michael, without even taking credit. I think she did it because she wanted Jane to be happy and Raf to be close to his son. She didn’t even take credit.

Allowing Anezka into her life. I think part of it is what her mother said but also because she knows what it’s like to feel unsafe and unloved and I think she wanted to create a better place for her sister. To be someone she could rely on. Even lying to Jane about what Anezka did. She knows what it feels like to not have anyone on your side and she wanted to protect her.

And don’t even get me started on her daughters. There was a scene with Raf and she reminds him that he agreed to be there for their daughters.But most importantly I think she’s asking to make sure he doesn’t make their daughters feel unsafe and unloved, or at least not as loved. She loves Raf but I don’t doubt that she would’ve cut him out if she thought he’d treat their daughters as less.

Trying to take down Derek for Raf. For the first time something she does with Raf isn’t for the purpose of winning him back. It’s just to keep him out of jail for his own good.

My biggest hope for season 3 is that when Petra comes out of her “Petrafication” people begin to care for her and do things for her as well. Such as talking with her about her trauma.

People talk about adulting, about being grown-ups and as they move out and get a place of their own, I sometimes see concern about them creating a grown-up environment around themselves.

Beauty and the Beast came out after @petervintonjr and I had been married a year.  I was almost 23.  I think I got this on a trip to Disney World the next year.  Or possibly it was a Christmas or birthday present.  Anyway, I was in my early twenties when I got it – married woman and all that smack.

I took that picture a little over a year ago (I’m in my late 40s) after I went through the house with that whole Konmari craze.  (It was worth it, but I cannot say my house is perfectly tidy all the time!)  

This had been put away nearly a decade before because I was living with someone who wasn’t Disney and did find the tastes of his other housemates childish.  I was still madly in love with the fellow and went along with what he wanted.

I rescued this set from a forgotten box in a pantry that hadn’t been opened in a decade (that being when we’d moved in to our current home).  The Konmari method revolves around keeping what sparks joy.  You know what?  This did.  I was delighted to find it, happy to wash the dust and grime off and give Mrs. Potts and her little cups a place of honor on the buffet.

I bring it up because the point of being and adult – the whole payoff to being one, really, is the ability to make choices that you can’t really make as a kid.  I’d made two – one to knuckle under because I was in love.  That ultimately was the wrong one.  The other was to be true to what made me happy.  But being a grown-up, I was free to make both choices.  The thing with being an adult, though, is that yeah, when you choose wrong, it can kinda suck.

Being true to myself and doing what makes me happy really does mean some childlike things around me.  I would have done much better to be true to that, and I pass it along because if you have something childish that makes you really happy, hang on to it and don’t let people shame you out of it.

Okay, but Sherlock and Molly - Fitzgeralds AU:

▪ Molly being like Zelda, a young woman who rebels against her father’s rules and just wants to have fun and escape the small-town life she is trapped in.
▪ Sherlock being like Scott, an aspiring writer who falls in love with her at first sight and writes Stories based on her words and actions.
▪ Both of them having the time of their lives while he is still in town. Enjoying long walks in nature, talking about poetry, dancing and dreaming about leaving.
▪ Him having to leave for war and being so in love with her that he asks her to marry him because without her he would be nothing.
▪ Molly having to turn him down because he doesn’t need her to be an amazing author.
▪ Them exchanging letters during the war, still deeply in love with each other.
▪ War being over, Sherlock ends up finishing his first Novel, which becomes a Bestseller.
▪ Molly traveling to New York to finally see him again and marry him.
▪ Molly feeling insecure all around those big city girls and Sherlock telling her that she is, no matter what she is wearing, the most beautiful woman in the room.
▪ Them being the Power Couple of the City.

This was strongly inspired by “Z: The Beginning of Everything” and I could go on, but the story of the Fitzgerald’s gets quite sad & I like to imagine that Molly & Sherlock get a happy ending. 😬

  • russo brothers: clint and natasha are in love
  • joss whedon: nope it's bruce and natasha
  • russo brothers: steve is bi and was in love with both peggy and bucky
  • joss whedon: nope just peggy
  • russo brothers: steves worse fear is having to face his demons because he can't live without a war
  • joss whedon: okay we kinda agree on that one
  • russo brothers: natasha is a bamf independent woman whose past has really terrifying dark smudges
  • joss whedon: nope shes a romantic love interest and her only regret is being sterile and she wants to run away with bruce
  • russo brothers: clint is a bamf character who really cares for natasha
  • joss whedon: nope hes married and has kids despite flirting with natasha in multiple movies and not notifying his wife to let her know hes still alive
  • russo brothers: steve is a 3 dimensional character who has underlying issues but is a dedicated soldier and loyal friend who is mostly adjusted to the 21st century
  • joss whedon: hes a fossil fresh out of the 1940s who scolds people for their language

All these articles start with Why Jon and Sansa make sense and then they mention only the Ashford theory which they discovered two days ago through Alt shift X’s video. 

A theory is not why they make sense!

They make sense because since the beginning of the show they have acted like Sansa is the key to the North. That is why the Tyrells wanted her, Lannisters wanted her, Boltons wanted her, Littlefinger wants her. Any lord who marries Sansa can lay a claim on the North during Bran’s absence. Even if Jon is KITN, she is officially the lady of Winterfell. 

Jon’s claim on the North is weak. He is their king now at a time of war but it doesn’t mean he will be their king forever. Jon’s parentage was revealed for a reason. It is not meant to be a secret, this will be important to the story. He could’ve been Ned Stark’s bastard with any woman and still have the same exact story. They didn’t have to make him a Targaryen. Until it happens on the show or the books I refuse to believe that the Northern houses will choose Ned Stark’s Targaryen nephew over his children once the truth comes out. The show really screwed the North Remembers, Northerners are loyal shit up with Sansa and Rickon but the Northerners are loyal to Ned’s children. Roose and Ramsay couldn’t lose Sansa because they knew as long as they had Ned Stark’s daughter they had the North. That’s why you have fake Arya in the books. In 6x01 Roose Bolton talks about how he rebelled against the crown to marry Ramsay to Sansa. They will need the whole North to face the Lannister army. “THEY WON’T BACK US WITHOUT SANSA STARK.” So if they are willing back a piece of shit like Ramsay because he is Sansa’s husband, then they can sure as hell back another Sansa husband or even Sansa against Ned Stark’s nephew. 

Jon and Sansa are weak without each other. He lacks the political knowledge and she lacks the military skills, but together they are one heck of a Northern power couple. Nothing makes House Stark stronger than their match. 

DragonQueen Head canon

My head canon is that I believe Regina and Maleficent had some sort of sexual relationship in their past, most likely shortly after they first met in the flashback events of “Enter The Dragon.” 

It makes sense since Regina was still under Leopold’s thumb at that time. He was an overbearing, old man who she had been forced to marry (and I also support the theory he raped her). A strong, independent woman like Maleficent would’ve appealed to Regina, who was looking to be all those things herself. I don’t think Regina realized she wanted those things at that time, but internally she did want to be like Maleficent and that’s what drew her towards the dragon. 

Maleficent, for her part, just found Regina to be attractive. 

So Hohenheim and Trisha are the king and queen of Resembool. Edward (18/19) and Alphonse (17/18) are their two sons, Ed being the heir. But since they were little they always said that they would rule together.
Of course everyone thought that was cute as kids but started to get serious in mentoring Ed that one day you would have to marry and produce an heir himself.

Basically one day a young woman (I see Rose in this since i have Winry as a childhood friend of Ed and Al and she’s the only one who knows anything specific about Ed and Al’s relationship) from a neighboring kingdom arrives as her family wishes for her to marry Ed as a sort of declaration of peace. Neither of them are into it, Rose because she doesn’t want to be forced into it and Ed for obvious reasons.

I’m still thinking of a way to link this beginning to what comes next but Dante is like, I don’t want to say Maleficent, but she’s very powerful and somehow learns of Ed and Al’s relationship and convinces the court to send Ed away. He has to choose between total exile or marriage to Rose. He leaves and Dante slowly takes over ruling. Hohenheim and Trisha are basically made prisoner in their own castle but Trisha manages to see Al one night and urges him to get out and find Ed.

Then later on I have an idea for Dante taking over Ed in some way for promising him that she can make things as they were in the past (have to find a way to translate the stuff about the stone in the series to fit the au) and he and Al have to face each other and drama and intensity and eventually resolution.

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can you explain what happened on tvd tonight? i don't watch the show, i'm just a drama hoe and want to know why everyone is freaking out lol <3

In short, the main character of the show, the one who spoke in the pilot ‘This is my story,’ ended up dying after eight years of suffering. He had just married the woman that he loves and it looked like he was finally getting a happy ending and yet…nope. And the lone black character had the most confusing ending I have ever seen. Still scratching my head on that one. And another group of fans were baited to keep viewers on the spin off show, which even though I am not a fan of the ship, that was not fair to them and a really shitty ploy. 

Don’t waste your time with this show. I beg of you, nonny. Do not waste your time with this show. 

!This is an Anti-AliMor rant so if you can’t take that opinion don’t read!

I was always glad that I ship Alibaba x Aladdin because I always knew it wasn’t going to be canon and so I’d be fine with any ship that becomes canon (Even though I never liked AliMor and cheered for HakuMor).

But what I hate is how Ohtaka makes me hate Alibaba now. Since when is Alibaba the kind of man to only marry a woman just because she is the first one to take interest in him (and is pretty)? I get that when he was still a silly teen that he wanted a pretty girlfriend and have fun etc. but I hoped he would have grown up now.

I am serious here. I would have gladly accepted AliMor if there was deep development through the last arc but what did we get? A proposal that came out of nowhere. Alibaba saw everyone having kids and now he feels competetive and wants a wife and family, too? And who is the only woman coming to his mind, beautiful enough and close to him? Morgiana. Wow Alibaba that’s a shitty move.

Furthermore, with zero development I still think of AliMor as awkward. I mean can you imagine them actually having a long conversation and having fun? Sorry but I can’t.

Morgiana really doesn’t deserve this. I know that she has feelings for Alibaba so of course she agrees. But what about Alibaba? Does he truly love her? I have never seen him complimenting her how a boyfriend  ahem fiance should compliment his future wife. Not only for her looks but her inner qualities.

I am seriously disappointed in this chapter. Not that much about AliMor becoming canon (that too if I had to be honest) but how Ohtaka did it. Because what we got in this chapter is no love in my eyes. What we got is some lame excuse of romance between hero and heroine.

I don’t even want to continue reading the manga right now but of course I will force myself. But I will never accept AliMor now.