the woman who married a cloud

Sound the Alarms: 03

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Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Hella Angst, EXTREME Toxicness (don’t read if you can’t handle the abusive side, it gets bad), Intercourse, Oral, Face Riding
Word Count: 4,118

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The type of girl they’d marry

Request: Hc about what type of girl each member of the gang would marry and who the boys best man would be? Thxx!!

a/n: I hope these are okay. :) these have my personal opinion of the type of girl they’d marry. 


-Darry would marry a woman who could be fierce and kind & gentle all at the same time. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, but also knows when it’s appropriate. She needs to have a loving and caring nature, but I also feel like Darry doesn’t want a woman that depends on a man/fits the 1960′s wife stereotype. She definitely would be able to help Darry understand Soda and Pony better. He’d love a woman who could tell him when he’s wrong, but can also understand when she’s wrong too. It would very much be a relationship where you’d both wear the pants, because Darry wants a marriage like his mother and father had. 

Best man-Sodapop, because it’s a respect thing to have your oldest brother be your best man. 


-Dallas would marry a woman who’s the complete opposite of him. Of course he wouldn’t change everything about himself, but I could definitely see him trying his best to be a better man. She’d be the only woman who could stick with Dally through thick and thin, dealing with his dangerous temper and constant mood swings. I think she’d open his eyes that not everything in this god forsaken world was going to end badly. He’d test her in anyway he could, but none the less she’d stuck with him through it all. However, she’d also be an extremely strong and beautiful woman, and let him know that first of all she isn’t easy and she doesn’t tolerate anything like cheating. She could go head to head with Dallas, but at the end of the day she loves Dallas more than anything.

Best man-Darry, also a respect thing.


-Soda would marry a woman who’s full of life and love. I feel like the woman Soda marries would be just like him in many ways. She’d have bright eyes, a warm smile, and a contagious laugh. She would enjoy the simple things in life, and would see the good in everything. Everyone would love her, even Dally. She lights up the room upon entering it, and has a lot love in her heart. She’d definitely be very emotional, but knows how to be there for Sodapop and his brothers. Soda would fall in love with her more and more everyday.

Best man-Steve, because Darry played more of the father role at the wedding. 


-Pony would marry a woman who is very eccentric and free spirited. She’d show Pony many of the wonderful things in life, and would be able to pull him down from the clouds. She might be a little bit of a daredevil, and would definitely pull Pony out of his comfort zone. She’d love to listen to Pony’s voice while he read, and would leave little notes in his novels. She would do a lot of little things like that and Pony loved it. I feel like she’d have to be very in tune with her own and other’s emotions to understand Pony well. This woman would show Pony what life was all about. He’d love her with every fiber of his being. 

Best man-Sodapop.


-Johnny would marry a loud and extroverted woman. Much like Dally, Johnny would fall in love with a woman who was the opposite of him. She’d bring out everything good in Johnny and would show him that he didn’t have to be scared. In fact this woman wouldn’t have any fear, until she met Johnny, because she learned she was afraid to lose him. I feel like she’d bring Johnny out of his funk and he really start enjoying life. She would take him on exciting adventures, and he’d love every minute of it. However, she also knew to be gentle with Johnny and truly truly loved him. He’d cherish the love and safety this woman made him feel. 

Best man-Ponyboy


-Kieth would marry a woman very similar to him just like Sodapop. She wouldn’t be afraid to have a good laugh and wouldn’t take many things too seriously. Yet she knew when it was appropriate to be serious. This woman would have a good sense of humor and would radiate love. She would completely have a childlike wonder and a heart of gold. Keith would be head over heels and always would say he was made for loving you. 
Best man-Dally.


-Steve would marry a strong and respected woman. She would have a hot temper just like Steve, and would never back down from defending what she believed him. She knew when to admit she was wrong, and to pick and choose her battles. This woman would fiercely love and protect Stevie. She wouldn’t be afraid to be herself, and do things like dance or sing her heart out. She’s very opinionated, but also very understanding and compassionate. Her love for Steve is intense and passionate. He’d never be able to get enough of this woman. 
Best man-Sodapop. 
Pater’s Rose 5

Part 5 of my story, enjoy it!!! I hope you will like it and as always let me know it!!! 

all the love 

E. xx 

The first seconds I don’t realise anything; I only feel that something is missing: the soft pressure on my body, his hands on my skin, his lips on mine.

Then it hits me, a terrible punch in my stomach. I want to give in, want to sink down on the ground, in the wet grass and never move again. Surrender myself to my endless pain, which makes me numb.

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CS ff: “I Will Learn to Let You Go” (au)

Summary: Killian Jones, having lost his own soulmate years before, spends his free time finding the soulmates of other people. It’s what he’s good at, and he gets paid well to do it. Finding the soulmate of his latest client may prove to be the worst job he’s ever taken on, though. It’s not because Emma Swan is hard to find, but because he finds himself falling in love with her.

Rating: M

Wordcount: 12k. I only post word counts when things get out of hand.

A/N: Posting some fics feels like releasing a dove into the beautiful sunrise of a perfect day. Posting this fic feels like I decided to throw venomous snakes at everyone’s faces at the same time. Warning, this one comes with angst. Based off this post. I’m impatient to post this so it’s not been beta or proofread. All mistakes are my own.

Graham Humbert looks like the kind of guy that even if Killian tried to hate, he would never fully succeed. He’s well-dressed, with enough money that makes him the perfect ticket for the Lonely Hearts Club Detective Agency – a PI office with specific designs on finding soul mates for people.

Killian Jones once had a soul mate, but Milah died years ago, and he found solace in the uncanny ability he had to find other people’s soulmates, so he decided to turn it into a business. What better way to nurse a forever broken heart than to find the matches for other people to live happily ever after? Some days, the irony that he’s doing for others what he’ll never be able to do for himself again hits him right in the gut and he spends those nights at the bottom of a bottle of rum, locked away in his one-bedroom apartment above the office, hoping for sleep or numbness, whichever comes first.

But back to Graham Humbert, he’s an okay guy. He’s lonely, with a fortune from some settlement over a heart defect, willing to spend every last penny to find his other half if that’s what it takes. He walks into Killian’s office on a Friday, with nothing more than a name engraved on a metal card and a mark on his ribs in the shape of a Swan.

“Please help me find her,” Graham pleads as he leans forward in one of the chairs Killian keeps across from his desk in his sparsely decorated office. “I’ve gotten everything else I ever wanted out of this life, and now all I want is to finally settle down with the person I’m supposed to be with. Will you help me?”

Of course, Killian will help him. Who is he to turn down almost a year’s worth of income from one guy?

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Aerith and Tifa Featured in Bridal Celebration in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

Every June 1st, in Okinawa, Japan there’s a tradition to celebrate upcoming brides for the month of June. Believe it or not, this tradition is actually a hybrid from the Roman times.  Romans would have a festival in “honor” of June, a Goddess who is “married” to Jupiter as well as the Goddess of marriage and childbirth.  This caused many brides to marry in the month of June, thus coming to the tradition of celebrating brides and weddings. June has been the month of warmer weather, flowers in full bloom, and the start of summer activities, so why not get married in June? 

Flowers are a unison detail in this tradition. For Romans, they threw flower petal. Japan has a sacred tradition that the flowers at the wedding are given to the parents to show gratitude and to thank them for their support.

Years later, many countries/ cities started taking part in this tradition, and have their own adaptions, including the United States who is full on Bridal magazines in stores.  

It’s not the first time FF Airbrone Brigade has taken part in this tradition of celebrating. Rinoa was featured at one time with a groom that wasn’t Squall. 

Yuna was once featured but no details could be found online of her wedding to it’s unknown if the groom for her event was Tidus. 

However, Cloud was the groom for this event, and his card is the rarest out of the three, with Tifa being the second rarest, and Aerith coming in at third for her card. Cloud and Aerith start off the event, but it ends with a special event for Tifa. In the beginning of the event, Cloud is shown kneeling with petals around him, then the screen fades to Aerith showing she’s a excited. It’s important to note that during these events, none of them are shown together on screen at the same time. 

The event included Aerith tossing her bouquet into the sky. Her bouquet can be won and it has a special ability. 

 As you can see, Aerith is sporting a traditional, ball gown, ivory, lace, full neck wedding grown with lace sleeves. Her veil is a headband with flowers on it. They even tied in a ribbon for both the top and bottom of the ponytail.  Aerith shares a movie with Cloud, but it is unknown what is going on in that movie. 

Tifa is wearing a modern, knee length wedding dress with a silver waist band with silver flowers on it; tied with a ribbon. Her veil is a classic vintage veil with a white hair band to match the wedding theme. It has been noted by many players that Cloud and Tifa’s color scheme do match, but who Cloud belongs to was not stated by Airborne Brigade, so it’s safe to assume Cloud didn’t marry “either” woman. 

Tifa’s weapon is a cake and in her event she can win Cloud’s wedding knife. 

We hope you enjoy this tid bit of info, and enjoy two of Final Fantasy’s beloved Heroines wedding feature! Both ladies look stunning, and Cloud looks handsome in white.  If you’re bride getting in the month of June, let us know, and tell us what flavor your cake is going to be! 

*All images were found by Twitter and Google. 

Swan Brothers

It happened one summer that a curse fell on my family. The details aren’t important. We could be here all night with who married whom and who cursed what. There was a curse, that’s all you need to know.

All seven of my brothers were turned into swans. From loud, hard-handed boys, they became mute birds, with wings as white as cloud and eyes as dark as heaven.

There was a great deal of chaos. There usually is, when someone turns into a bird. They went mad indoors and had to be ushered out into the gardens, to flap and sulk and arch their necks in beautiful reproach.

The wise woman of the woods came to me, with her hair wrapped up in leaf and copper wire. She told me that I was given the task of weaving seven shirts in silence, and only then would they be restored to human form.

A single word spoken, a single stitch unsewn, and they would be swans forever.

As soon as the wisewoman left the room, I pitched my spindle into the fire and sang aloud the raunchiest song I knew.

I never liked my brothers. They made much better swans.

The End

Thank you, every single one of you. You mean the world to me.

I think it’s time I told you something… I don’t see you guys as followers, or as readers, or even as writers.

I see you as my friends.

And today something crazy happened. I crossed the line. I have 5,000 friends who follow me here on Tumblr.

It’s a threshold we crossed sometime in the last few hours. And it’s breaking my mind clean open.

I never intended this. I never pictured this. Your time and your attention are a gift, a gift that fills me up every day. A gift that fills my well and gives me hope and helps me run this brutally crazy life I live.

When I started this blog I had hopes of 20, 50, maaaaybe 100 friends who might follow me, who might send me questions and encouragement when I slowed down.

That mindset was not an accurate estimate of this blog’s success. This blog fucking exploded like a mushroom cloud.

And you’re the ones who got me here. You’re the ones who like and reblog and share and tell YOUR friends. You’re the ones who’ve sent crazy questions and amazing joys and just been… nothing short of amazing.

You supported me when I went for a fellowship and a teaching job.

You supported me and my Mrs. Scripty when trolls decided that a woman marrying a woman meant I must be an uncle Scripty.

And you’ve changed my life. The last 3 months have been a whirlwind.

Because of you, because of your crazy questions, I’ve learned so much about medicine and healthcare. Maybe more than I’ve learned in the last 2 years of working in medicine.

Because of you, I wake up every day motivated to write, and to write well. I hadn’t felt that motivation in quite a while before I met all of you.

Because of you, I’ve cried on numerous occasions with abject joy at the kindnesses you’ve sent me.

Because of the lovely Patrons, I can afford to take on a fellowship I never dreamed I could land.

Because of you, there are over 30 blogs out there helping writers get things right, the first time.

Because of you I feel like yes, maybe my writing is worth something, and yes, maybe I can succeed in the world not just for my medical knowledge and skills, but for something creative that I’ve been doing as long as I can remember.

But the biggest change is that because of you, I have a whole new family.

Those bloggers that stepped up? That decided to start ScriptX blogs? They’re not just close friends. They’re family. We play and fight and help each other and show each other our pets and co-edit posts and collaborate and read each other’s crackfic.

And all of you are my family, too. Whether you’ve been following since the beginning or from about an hour ago, you are all kin to me.

I thought long and hard before adopting a pseudonym on this blog. It took me about a month. Go ahead and check–the early posts don’t have a nametag on them.

I didn’t choose the name Aunt Scripty because it sounded cool or because it ‘hit the right notes’. I chose it because I want everyone involved to feel loved and cared for and cherished, the way my own aunt makes me feel.

I love you guys so, so much. And if I could I would gather you all in one place and hug each and every one of you and lift you off the ground with the power of my love. (No, I would actually do that. I call them Elevator Hugs™ . They are the bestest hugs in all the land.)

Know this: I love you guys. And thank you. You mean the world to me.

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xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Ursula Vernon wrote the most amazing very short story and I absolutely had to illustrate it. This was a super fun self-initiated project and I really enjoyed working in a slightly different style than I usually do. Also: coloured lines!!!


It happened one summer that a curse fell on my family. The details aren’t important. We could be here all night with who married whom and who cursed what. There was a curse, that’s all you need to know.

All seven of my brothers were turned into swans. From loud, hard-handed boys, they became mute birds, with wings as white as cloud and eyes as dark as heaven.

There was a great deal of chaos. There usually is, when someone turns into a bird. They went mad indoors and had to be ushered out into the gardens, to flap and sulk and arch their necks in beautiful reproach.

The wise woman of the woods came to me, with her hair wrapped up in leaf and copper wire. She told me that I was given the task of weaving seven shirts in silence, and only then would they be restored to human form.

A single word spoken, a single stitch unsewn, and they would be swans forever.

As soon as the wisewoman left the room, I pitched my spindle into the fire and sang aloud the raunchiest song I knew.

I never liked my brothers. They made much better swans.

The End

Jumin x Reader: Loyalty

Requested by an anon.
I’m still a little depressed from the accident the other night but I feel like if i don’t do something to distract myself, i’d do something stupid. So yeah, forgive me for not resting, my cutie folks.

Also, if you asked why I named this x Reader instead of x MC like usual, it’s because in this one, you’re not MC who got involved with RFA. lol So if you see (y/n), don’t be surprised.

Anon: “YOUR ANGST FICS ARE THE BEST LOLOLOL Are you an angel or something? • ^ • So what’s about an angst Jumin fic, please? Is it okay If I request this? XD It can be as angst as possible!! I just want you hurt my heart by this.. However, thank you for this amazing blog xoxo “.

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉✉ ✉

“Excuse me, sir.”

A security tried to get my attention.

“Is something wrong?”

I replied with a monotone voice and he bowed a little. Work was almost done, I just wanted to home to my MC, but this seemed to be urgent since my securities would never interrupt without notice first.

“No, nothing is wrong sir. But there is someone claims to know you and requested to meet you.”
“Who is it?”
“A woman named (Y/N) sir.”

‘Y/N? I don’t remember knowing anyone with that name. Maybe just another gold digger’. My face scrunched up slightly as I spoke again to give him permission.

“Alright. Let her in.”

I sighed softly as I ran a hand through my hair, waiting for the lady to come in. I wonder who it was. She said she know me, so logically, there’s a high chance that I knew her as well. However, I failed to recall a tiny piece of memory of her. Weird. After a couple minutes, I heard a knock on the door. ‘That’s probably her’. As I gave her permission to enter, the door creaked open slightly. Then, a slim woman walked in. She looked elegant and gentle with curly updo hair. Her flat pumps made small dull noises against the floor. Her lips formed a cute tiny smile and her skin was porcelain white with a hint of peachy color, and it seemed smooth. The moment she laid her eyes on me, her smile widen and her eyes sparkled.

“Hello, Jumin. It’s been a really long time, hasn’t it?”

So she did know me after all. I still couldn’t remember who she was, but I guessed I should be honest and straightforward, so I greeted with the same low monotone voice.

“Hello, please have a seat. This meeting was not scheduled and it’s taking time from my plan. So I hope you would be quick with whatever you came here for.”
“Geez. You talk like an old man Jumin.”
“Excuse me. Though if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?”
“Hm. I guess it’s natural that you don’t recognize me. It’s been so long after all. My name i-”

She stopped all of a sudden as her eyes noticed a glint on my finger. Immediately, I saw her face clouded and it was as if fear was getting over her. Her hands, which was on her laps now shaking slightly, but still obvious.

“That is a weird question to ask when it is an obvious fact. Yes I’m married.”
“My wife is MC. She’s the best woman I have ever met in my life. I wouldn’t have changed in a positive way if it was not for her.”
“……..I-I see. Jumin, do you really not remember me?”
“I’m sorry but sadly, I don’t.”

My words were cold and blunt as usual, but somehow, I felt a tiny pang in my heart. I was still wondering why when the woman, Y/N, spoke up. Her voice trembled as she rummaged through her purse before pulling out a thing that seemed to be a pendant.

“If that’s true, then…here. Please have this back. It looks like I’m taking quite a bit of your time. I wish you and your wife all the best and…please forget this meeting, by all means.”

She basically forced the pendant into my palm and then she stood up. For a second, she staggered and I intended to reach out to help her, but she just spatted my hand away. It surprised me I must say. She turned on her back and quickly made her escape, not before I noticed her wiping her cheeks though. She must be crying. ‘What was that?’ I was still confused even after I went home. I tried to find every corner of my mind but still couldn’t recall that pretty woman. That night, I was lying beside MC, watching her angelic sleeping face while patting her back. Once again, my thoughts somehow ended up turning towards what happened earlier that evening. I took out the pendant, inspected it and found something looked like a little lock. I pushed it and it opened with a click. Worried that my beloved wife might be woken up by the sound, I turned to take a look and then sighed in relieved that she wasn’t. Back to the pendant, when I opened the lock, something like a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and looked closer, but it was too dark to see anything so I sat up, used the light from my phone and looked again carefully. Then I saw it. It was a picture of two kids playing in the snow together. One of them was a boy with black hair. ‘Huh? Isn’t this me?’ Next to the young me was a girl. She had the same hair color, same warm and gentle eyes, same pretty skin as the woman I met today. Then, it all came to me. I suddenly remember what I should’ve sooner.

“Will you come meet me again?”
“Of course I will! Even if it takes forever, I will definitely come back!”
“Am I…here? Just like you are to me?”

I pointed a finger on my chest where my heart was located.

“Mm! Of course you are~”

After that snowy day, the girl never returned. Eventually, the boy’s memories of her faded. However, little did he know, the little girl was going to keep her promise of coming back. She just never imagined that her loyalty was going to be crushed.


I whispered the name of that little girl, no, the woman I met and turned away earlier today. I… I guessed it was my entire fault, for forgetting her and cruelly turned her away with such cold words. I touched my heart again, wondering if she was still there somewhere. But even if she was, I guessed it’s even more cruel to her since…I wasn’t so loyal after all. And there was nothing I could do anymore.

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

You wanted angst, so I gave you angst. Dunno if it was enough tho. Lolol~
Hope you enjoyed it and please forgive my poor english. It’s not my first language haha. *sweats*

Hushabye Mountain (Josh Dun)

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

“Josh, I’m sorry but is it okay with you that Cassie is with us today? My sis dropped her off at my place this morning because she had a meeting out of town,” Y/N spoke over the phone.

Josh agreed to have Y/N’s niece Cassie with them today, as he is comfortable around kids. Y/N has been Josh’s girlfriend for a few years now and it’s been great for Josh. She’s been the light of his life since they started dating. How cliche it must have been for the both of them to fall in love with their best friend.

Josh made his way to Y/N’s house for a movie night with her niece. He rang the doorbell when he got there. Y/N opened the door, holding three year old Cassie in her arms. She looked gorgeous, even though she wore the most comfortable clothes a person would wear in their home.

“Jishwa!” cheered Cassie, extending her arms to Josh.

Josh scooped his girlfriend’s niece onto his arms. “Hey, kiddo!”

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he greeted Y/N.

Y/N slightly flushed and tiptoed to peck his lips. They re-entered the warm home of Y/N, heading straight to the living room. Blankets were sprawled everywhere, along with pillows. An array of dvds were scattered on the floor while Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on tv.

“We decided to have a Disney marathon today. Didn’t we, Cas?” asked Y/N.

“Yup, yup, yup! Aunt Y/N and I watched the Little Mermaid a while ago, and I sang with Ariel!” she  smiled.

Josh grinned and sat on the floor, grabbing a blanket to make himself comfortable. “Really, kiddo? No doubt that you’re better in singing than your Aunt here.”

Cassie giggled and nodded. “No, no! Aunt Y/N will always be the best!”

Y/N sat beside Josh and leaned onto him. “Better warn Tyler that I’m the best around here, Jish!”

“Yep! You are the best. And better tell Tyler that later,” Josh kissed Y/N softly.

For the entire afternoon, and after dinner, they continued to watch Disney movies. When Cassie fell asleep, Josh and Y/N brought her up to a guest room. Josh and Y/N continued to watch Disney movies until they heard crying from the guest room.

“I’ll handle it. Just a nightmare,” Y/N got up and went to comfort the little one.

Josh waited for Y/N to return when he heard a soft melody flow through his ears. He decided to follow the sound. He stopped when a dim light from the guest room lit the dark hallway. The door of the guest room was open, and that’s where he heard the soft singing.

“..sail faraway from lullabye bay~" 

Standing by the doorframe, Josh watched Y/N soothe Cassie from a nightmare. He fell in love with the melodic voice that calmed the child down. He loved Y/N from the very beginning, and he’ll love her through his life, and this is where he decided it. He dreamed that it was she who sung their future children to sleep. The love and care in her voice kept him clouded in a thought.

When Y/N noticed Josh by the door, she noticed the soft look he gave her. She stood and took him from his thoughts.

"Do you wonder how it’ll be like when we have our own kids, Y/N?” whispered Josh.

“Sometimes..” she trailed off.

“Y/N, I know this is a bit unexpected, but will you marry me? The way you sang Cassie to sleep made me fall in love with you all over again, and I don’t want to lose the woman who truly cares for everyone she loves. I wanna see your beautiful face every morning till we grow old, and hear your beautiful voice calm our children to sleep. So will you?”

Y/N placed her lips upon his, whispering a yes after pulling apart. Josh took her into another kiss, this time more passionate than the last. They cherished the moment while it lasted. 

A young voice startled the couple. “Uncle Jishwa and Aunt Y/N will be married now. Yay!”

They both smiled at the little girl.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” teased Y/N.

“Woops! Sorry!”

@satan-onii-chan and I were headcanoning on Skype again and came up with this arranged marriage sefikura AU. The scenario goes that Sephiroth, not very impressed with the princesses of the country his kingdom is trying to annex, finds a nice spiky-haired peasant girl that doesn’t grate at his nerves. Poor Cloud is shoved into the royal life and has to learn how to adjust quick. Or will she end up changing the court lifestyle?  

Just snippets so far. Cloud is about sixteen at this point in the story. No sexy bits until she and Sephy are older. And there is a language barrier between them. 

[EDIT]: I talked to @cloud-strife-amiibo and they came up with the idea first. Thank you for letting us run off with with it. 

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Stewart, Colbert and Rogers - a Headcanon

Of course, the Battle of New York is the first time everyone actually sees Captain America since the 1940’s. 

Media predictably goes apeshit.  Rumors are flying.  Some people think it’s just a new guy wearing the suit - and okay, it’s not as if it wasn’t tried before.  Everyone still remembers the eventual catastrophe that was William “Steve Rogers” Burnside in the 1950’s.  It had taken Director Carter and the early SHIELD everything they had to bring him and his false Bucky down.  And even in the end, there’s still a bit of mystery as to the mysterious sniper who had first killed the fake “Bucky” and then taken the fatal shot at Burnside that sent him into the waters below the Hoover Dam.  Burnside’s body was never recovered. 

But eventually, grainy pictures of Cap unmasked during the Battle of New York make it onto the Internet and that face is unmistakably the original Steve Rogers.  There’s fancy face-matching programs that talking heads bring into the newsrooms showing that this isn’t somebody who had plastic surgery done.  It’s either Cap somehow has an identical grandson or he is the real thing, somehow surviving all those years frozen in the ice.

So eventually, Captain America has to face the press and he has a very long talk with SHIELD’s PR people and eventually ends up consulting the lovely Pepper Potts, who, in Steve’s own words, is the one voice of sanity in this entire mess.  Tony has Grand Ideas of how Steve should come out to the press but seriously, baldly walking down Main Street with “Back in Black” blaring and with red, white and blue balloons and streamers is just not Steve’s thing, ever, okay?  Miss Pepper - Tony’s not serious, is he?

However, much to everyone’s amusement and Clint, by the way, was all “BWAHAHAHA, YOU GO, CAP” at this, Steve Rogers decides to formally announce his identity and lay all the rumors to rest in “the one news show in the entire country that actually makes sense and actually reports accurate news!” 

Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. 

And okay, since Steve’s also supposed to do a “fluffier” interview kinda thing, he agrees to appear on the one other show that was “truly American.”  That he manages to say this with a straight face, not cracking up until Clint and Tony thought he was actually fucking serious, was the first lesson the team learned that Steve Rogers was not completely the perfect “sweetheart” everyone thought he was. 

Yep, Steve Rogers was going to appear on The Colbert Report too. 

Okay, no, really, Steve’s aware that The Daily Show and its sister show The Colbert Report are comedic satires but he likes Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. 

That particular Daily Show episode was one of the most epic in its history.  Yes, I’m really Steve Rogers.  Yes, the original Steve Rogers - I fought with the Howling Commandos in World War II and yes, I did survive that plane crash in the Arctic.  Super Soldier Serum did the work.  I did get to punch Hitler 200 times but I never got to do that in Berlin.  Well, I don’t miss polio, the Internet is incredibly helpful and I am so glad we don’t have to boil everything before we eat it now.  

The Steve Rogers America meets in the Daily Show comes off as funny, endearing, charming and more than surprisingly snarky and sassy.  Jon Stewart, after the initial fanboy reaction (can’t help himself), sasses and snarks back in typical fashion and he almost, almost gets Steve to say the word “fuck” on national television because of the Dodgers.  They do, however, bond over New York pizza and Steve’s Brooklyn accent comes out in full force, which Jon matches.  

The Colbert Report episode is known as “When Steve meets Stephen” and Rogers is outed as a fellow Tolkien geek, which nearly sends Colbert into an orgasm.  Colbert manages to secure a promise from Rogers on lessons in how to throw the Captain America shield properly, gets Cap’s signature on his shield and the crowning moment of Colbert’s career is an actual sketch of Colbert himself, drawn by Steve Rogers.

Colbert lords this over Jon every chance he gets.  “Rogers likes me better than you, Stewart!  I’m breaking up with you now and I’m running away with Captain America and we’re going to raise our red, white and blue babies together!”

Steve ends up guesting occasionally on both shows, although these are shorter appearances, usually in some gag or the other or in response to some Fox News idiocy and soon enough #CaptainSassmerica is trending.  It’s priceless. 

The next time Steve Rogers appears for a longer interview on The Daily Show is when he officially ended the long speculation - so hotly debated in scholarly circles and in fandom - about his relationship with Bucky Barnes.  

This happens some considerable time after the Triskelion and Ultron Incidents.  The identity of the infamous DC Shooter is revealed to be the Winter Soldier a.k.a James Buchanan Barnes.  Steve Rogers himself confirms that Barnes was essentially tortured, brainwashed, experimented on and deprived of all agency and choice in his time as HYDRA’s weapon and is pretty much the country’s longest held POW. 

He gets most of the country’s support - though there are, of course, always people calling out for blood and less interested in the actual truth as they are in vengeance.  #BuckyBarnesisNotaTraitor and #SaveBuckyBarnes become trending.  After a long recovery, Bucky does eventually join Sam Wilson as one of the newest Avengers. 

Of course, photos of Steve and Bucky being out and about in New York make it to the press and the internet and the fandom loses their collective minds.  The affection between the two is “obvious” and “absolutely adorable” according to some.  Homophobic trolls stoutly deny everything on the comms and blogs, some going for anonymous hate messages.  The others plead for sanity and point out that Rogers and Barnes don’t owe anyone anything - forcing someone to out themselves is a shitty thing to do, this is nobody’s business but their own and both men have already been through enough

But everyone knows that Rogers hates bullies with a passion, has appeared to support LGBTQIA+ groups, especially art programs, education and shelters for disadvantaged LGBTQIA+ youth and Barnes, who normally doesn’t talk to the press at all, finally breaks his silence after an idiotic, insulting question by a clearly homophobic reporter.   “Steve and I used to live in one of the queerest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  They were our neighbors and our friends.  What makes you think the two of us would have anything against ‘em?”

Bucky Barnes hated bullies too.

That quote, accompanied by a very Winter Soldier-y glare ends up turning into an internet meme. 

And after that, both men end up being very active in their support for LGBTQIA+ rights.  The rest of the Avengers have their backs. 

So Steve appears on The Daily Show after a particularly blistering, offensive segment on Fox News that openly wondered as to whether he should be “stripped of his rank/title because clearly, Steve Rogers no longer represents America as it should be.” 

For once, Jon Stewart actually sets aside the comedy and goes for an actual serious interview, that shames a lot of real news shows for the astonishing amount of research put into it and the sheer professionalism.  He raises the fact that lately, Steve has been very visible in rallies supporting the Marriage Equality Act. 

Steve responds.  “You know, back in the day, this kind of thing wasn’t spoken about.  I know good, decent people who had to hide who and what they are, had to watch their backs every day of their lives and all because they loved another man - “

“ - or another woman,” Jon adds.

“Yes, exactly.  I know that there are people out there, right now, who still have to live in fear, who still face the kind of hate we went through in the 1940’s, who still wonder every day if there’s something wrong with them, if they need to be fixed."  Steve’s expression clouds.  "It ain’t right. Everyone deserves a chance to live their lives and be happy.”

"Gay marriage is legal in New York,” Jon points out.  “And you said… we.”

"Yeah, I’m glad that Bucky and I could get married here in our city if we wanted to.  Everyone else all over the country deserves that same chance.”

After a stunned silence, Jon stammers out, “You mean you… and Bucky Barnes?”

Steve’s mouth quirks that familiar, slightly lopsided, movie-star smile.  “Yeah.  Took us a while to get here but we made it, eventually.” 

That moment ends up breaking Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, to say nothing of The Daily Show website itself. 

On The Colbert Report, a “heartbroken” Stephen Colbert congratulates Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes on their upcoming nuptials.  Colbert starts sobbing noisily and ends up with several boxes of Kleenex and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. 

“I thought we were going to run off into the sunset together…. but!  But! I can’t stand in the way of your everlasting love with Barnes.  I’m…. so…. happy for you.” 

Jon ends up “crossing over” and brings him more ice cream.  They end up cuddling on the couch together. 

- end -

Note:   I just read the GLORIOUSNESS that is idrilka’s Tin Soldiers and I badly wanted to see Steve Rogers on my two favorite American news shows.  Since we can’t actually have that, I did the next best thing.  :P 

Imagine Eowyn playing matchmaker between you and her brother. + Imagine taking care of Eomer’s wounds after the battle of Pelennor. Part 3.

Part three of the “Imagine Taking Care of Eomer’s wounds” drabble series of mine. (You can find parts one and two there.) Added bonus of this imagine. All of the imagines were used were from the imaginexhobbit blog. Part three was also requested by a lovely anon, so thank you for that! c: 

Author’s Note: I loved writing this one as much as I did the other ones. It also took me a really long time. I really have no excuse, but I still hope you’ll enjoy this. What awaits for you under the cut is a concerned Eowyn, a stubborn main character, and the wonderful thing that is Eomer. And yep, still no title for it. 

Words: 1252 

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porqueeucrieiisso  asked:

Please, Headcannon on how the kbtbb guys proposed to MC!!!

CUTE PROPOSALS MAKE ME SOO HAPPY <3 And the proposal stories are probably coming out soon! 

Eisuke: The great Eisuke Ichinomiya would go all out to ask your hand in marriage. He took you to a beautiful restaurant for brunch, with an amazing ocean view. Even after brunch, Eisuke bought some delicious gelato for you and took you out to the secluded beach.
You didn’t think that the day couldn’t get any better, until Eisuke suggested to cloud watch. You both laid down on the soft sand, watching the different shaped clouds roll by. After spotting some oddly shaped clouds, you heard a plane flying across the sky. Soon, you saw that the plane was writing something in the sky. You were so interested in what was being written in the sky, that you hadn’t noticed Eisuke walking to get something. 
”_____, Will you marry me?” it said on the sky. 
Gasping, you turned to face Eisuke, who had a ton of balloons in his hands with a small velvet box. He got down on one knee, opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. 
“I’ll make you the happiest woman for the rest of your life. Will you be mine?”

Soryu: One night, you got home pretty late because you had to work overtime. As you draped your cardigan on the dining room chair, you noticed something strange. The lights were off in the living room and there were rose petals leading to the bedroom. You hesitantly followed the rose petals, knocking on the door. When there wasn’t an answer, you opened the door to reveal the dimly lit room with a ton of candles and rose petals scattered everywhere. Soryu was facing the door, holding up a bouquet of roses.
Even though it was pretty dark in the room, you could still see the blush on Soryu’s face. He handed over the flowers to you, as he stole a kiss. 
“What is all of this? Did you do something wrong?” you asked, suspicious.
Soryu chuckled as he handed you another box. It was a box from a local bakery that you were dying to go to. You opened the box with your free hand, to see 4 beautiful cupcakes with the words “Will You Marry Me?” 
Your hand flew to your mouth as you gasped, when Soryu was already kneeling on one knee, a navy velvet box opened with a elegant ring. 
“Let me be the one to protect you and love you for the rest of your life." 

Baba: From the beginning of your shift at Tres Spades, you’ve been getting random smiles and looks. Something was weird, but you decided to brush it off. You went about your work, until Chisato gave you a single red rose. Before you could ask her to explain herself, she was out of sight. The next rose was given to you by Mr. Kenzaki, and more employees. You constantly got more and more of the roses from employees, strangers, and even guests. What was going on? 
As you changed out of your uniform, you got your final rose. It was from Sakiko. It was white and had a small piece of paper attached to the stem. When you looked up to ask her about it, she was gone. What was up with people just disappearing on you? Sighing, you read the paper and knew who you were dealing with.
You were out of breath when you reached the roof of the building. This was your spot with Baba, and that’s where the paper said to go. Clutching the roses, you walked over to the neatly dressed Baba and smiled at him. He kissed you softly, caressing your cheek. 
"Here’s the last gift for today.” he said, taking something out.
“I thought the white rose was the last one.” you said, until you saw it.
Baba kneeled down, opening the box. He revealed the beautiful white gold ring, as he popped the question. 
“Will you let me steal you forever?" 

Ota: Dating an artist was somewhat stressful, especially during the holiday season. You got a christmas tree with Ota over the weekend, and you were going to decorate it together. Being an artist, Ota probably used fancy ornaments while you used cheap ornaments you got from Target. You were actually dreading decorating the tree with Ota because you knew he was going to criticize your choice of ornaments. 
When you walked into the living room, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Blank ornaments? They sold those? 
Next to the blank ornaments were paintbrushes and different paint colors. Ota kissed your cheek and sat down on one side, picking up a paintbrush. You sat across from him and asked him a question. 
"Are we painting these ourselves?” you asked. 
“Yep. Make them into whatever you want!” Ota said, cheerfully. 
You took a deep breath and focused on creating the best ornament ever. Ota was already on his 4th ornament, when you finished. You had Ota look it over and he gave you a thumbs up. He insisted that you check his ornament too. It was beautiful and elegant, but there was a hinge in the middle. You carefully opened the ornament, which revealed a beautiful uniquely extravagant diamond ring. When you looked up at Ota, he was already on one knee.
”_____, please stay with me forever. I love you.” he said, smiling.

Mamoru: It was just another lazy day off, as the two of you were re-watching the Disney movie, Up. Whenever you both were having a lazy day, you guys watched Up because you loved it so much. 
Mamoru got a random call to come into the station, so that was the end of your day off with him. After seeing him off at the door, you went out to the grocery store to get some ingredients for dinner. That was when you got the call. The call was from the police station, asking for you to come down. There was an emergency. 
You were completely out of breath and sweating, when you barged into the police station. Oddly, there was nobody really there. Upon entering the station, you noticed something strange. There were two chairs in the middle of the station, with a huge amount of balloons in the middle. Did you just step into ‘Up’? One chair had the words, “SIT HERE” on it, but there was a book on it. Picking up the book and sitting on the comfortable lounge chair, you started reading the book. 
It was called “Our Adventure Book,” just like in the movie. The pages contained pictures and notes of how you met, anniversaries, and tons of different memories you both shared. As you reached the last page, you gasped. It said, “Will you finish this adventure with me?” with a picture of a ring. That was when Mamoru came into your view, kneeling with a velvet box. 
“I know I can be lazy and boring, so I need a cheerful kid like you to be with me. Will you stay mine forever?”

Wooooooo, theres are long. Well, I hope you liked this! <3


Cyd was more than used to get up at ungodly hours in the morning. Her work started bright and early and her duties required a lot of time to be completed with any amount of satisfactory quality. It was strenuous, it was hard and it was hazardous on a few days, but it was also rewarding. 

Ever since she was a little girl that she had been around horses. Her father was a skilled horse trainer and caretaker, so it was no surprise that his daughter would eventually find herself a job involving those beautiful beasts she loved so. The other stable hands complained often of the work at the king’s castle, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything, even if it meant she ended up smelling like horses, hay and other less pleasant things at the end of the day. Many of the servants and staff thought her to be crazy or even a witch, for it wasn’t infrequent that the young woman was found talking to the animals like they were people while brushing their coats, cleaning their saddles and sweeping the floor of the stables. She didn’t mind it at all. She was happy.

Until the accident. She was only trying to help the Prince forget about his suffering for his deceased wife and ended up imprisoned for supposedly attempting to kill him. They were going to hang her, she could feel it in her bones, and if Prince Cole himself hadn’t vouched for her and sworn to take his own life should she be convicted, Cyd wouldn’t be here anymore.

Days had passed since then, but she could feel the hatred everyone felt for her now. That morning, after getting up with the sun and slipping into her work clothes just like she did every day, something unpleasant happened. They had been waiting for her and as bravely as she had fought to scare them off, she still ended up with a busted lip, a bruised cheek and her cleanest, less holey blouse torn like a rag. Suffice to say that, by the afternoon, she wasn’t in a very good mood while feeding the Prince’s prized white stallion.

The kingdom had done their fair share of mourning. They had expected by now the prince would be done with his own. It had been months, surely that was enough. But, they did not know. None of them knew the pain brought upon him by losing his beloved wife and child in the same night. 

The prince had always been known for his charming attitude. A man of his people. Rarely anyone ever complained of their prince. He was a kind and gentle soul that always had a smile on his face. But, the day he and the entire kingdom lost their beloved princess, it was like a stormy cloud loomed of the entire castle. 

Grief and dread lingered in the air and took hold of anyone who entered. The prince locked himself away in his chambers more often than not. Always refusing to leave. He wouldn’t eat. Could hardly sleep. And when the king and most of the castle began to convince to re-marry it was only worse. Until he met Cyd. A woman he literally risked his own head to save. She was the only one he could talk to without feeling the pang of sadness reach up inside of him once more. Today wasn’t like any other to him, he was on his way down to the stables. A regular routine for him now. No clue of what had happened to his stable hand just earlier that day.

Needless to say the moment he saw her, he wasn’t exactly happy. “Cyd!” he called out, immediately rushing to her to get a better look at her. Her face, that lovely face of hers, was beaten and bruised. The shirt she wore ripped and now looking like a dirty rag. The prince was furious. Who would dare do such a thing to this woman? He was sickened. “What happened? Who did this to you?”

The Girl Who Married the Thunder

From the day Grandmother Chiyo took her under her wing, young Sakura had always found her a little strange.  It was nothing frightening or sinister, of course, the old medicine woman just seemed to exist somewhere slightly beyond the realm of normal.  During conversations, Chiyo’s eyes would sometimes slide past her and seem to fix on something that Sakura could not see.  Other times, Sakura would find her muttering to herself, only to discover she was actually carrying out a one-sided conversation.  One time, Sakura was certain the greying old woman had even called down the rain, summoning clouds with a simple twitch of her wrinkled fingertips.

Few people, if any, still followed the Old Ways, so most of the village tended to ignore her until they happened to fall ill.  Then they trudged to the outskirts of town, and bade the small girl-child with the unearthly pink hair and the piercing jade eyes to fetch her master.  For although Grandmother Chiyo was regarded with some apprehension, she had been part of the village for so long that people could not help but grudgingly rely on her in times of absolute necessity.

In the evenings, as Chiyo stewed herbs for her salves and poultices, some fragrant, some smelly, she passed this knowledge on to Sakura, making her recite various remedies, their recipes and their uses, in an endless litany, long into the night.  Sakura was thirteen by the time she achieved sufficient mastery of these medical arts, and Chiyo finally began to delve into more spiritual arts, like driving away evil and granting blessings.  When Sakura was nearly fifteen, Chiyo began to instruct her in the ways of dreaming, and interpreting those dreams.  And on the eve of Sakura’s sixteenth birthday, when she dreamt of a boy with stormy, obsidian eyes and woke with cheeks sticky from half-dried tears, Chiyo finally smiled and told her she was ready.

Sakura wondered exactly what she was ready for, but never got the chance to ask because the next morning, Chiyo never woke up.

She met him one month later.


The last spring frost was well past, and the garden, Chiyo’s secret pride, was already planted.  But since her death, it had not rained, not once.  When she knelt on the earth and sifted the dirt between her fingers, it ran through in dry clumps.  For a time, she had managed by filling the great earthen jug at the river, nearly a mile away, and lugging it to the garden, but now even the river seemed to be drying up, more a stream than anything else.  The shoots, which once curled gently from the rich, black soil, seemed to droop and sigh in the growing heat.

“Will it never rain?” she wondered aloud.  At that point, any survivors, however stunted, would be a blessing.


She looked up, bewildered, for the villagers rarely visited her, much less talked.  Before her, leaning against the gnarled trunk of the flowering crabapple, stood a boy with oddly familiar coal-dark eyes, eyes that spoke tales of willful pride and unbridled devastation.  She stared openly, barely grasping at a half-remembered dream, but time marched ruthlessly on, until his eyes were hidden by sooty lashes and wild, windblown hair.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he continued, impatient and clearly irritated.  “Have you prepared my offering?”

“Your offe-what?”

My offering,” he repeated, as if she were daft, or perhaps completely mad.  And perhaps she was, because to her, it sounded as if he were implying he were some sort of god, come down to Earth to make it rain if she would only make it worth his heavenly while.  After a long moment, he sighed and ran his hands through his hair.  “In all these years, did she teach you nothing?”

“She taught me lots of things,” she snapped, for it was much easier to rage at this rude boy than at her beloved (but very dead) teacher.  “So don’t you dare speak of her like that!”

The boy did not apologize, but his impossibly handsome face softened for a moment, long enough that she wondered if it was possible that he missed the old woman, too.  Still, she did not feel inclined to talk to the pretty jerk, so she sat and poked at the crumbling soil, as if she could pester her seedlings back to health.

“Tomatoes,” he said, finally.


He cleared his throat.  “She used to promise me the crop’s finest tomatoes.”  Waving a hand at the sky, the earth, the trees, he continued.  “If you do the same, I can make it rain again.”

She looked at him, suspicious, then back at Chiyo’s struggling garden.  “Deal.”

“It won’t be gentle,” he warned.  “A full month’s worth of rain will come down all at once since you’ve waited this long, and the balance must be preserved.”

She scoffed.  “I can take it.”  Then she gestured at the garden, “we can take it.  If there truly is such a balance, then prolonging this any further will only make things worse.”

He smirked, although there was no malice, only subdued warmth.  “So be it.”

Then the heavens grew dark, until she knew only his eyes, flashing with vermilion flame, and the deafening rumble of looming thunder.

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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The long weekend was over, her mother had been released on bail and Riley knew she couldn’t hang around the house much longer. She needed to get back to work. So she came by the office dropped her bag at her desk and was only going through her messages for a few moments before she got called into her bosses office.

“Hey.” She could feel heaviness in the air, “I just couldn’t be around the house anymore. I needed to do something productive.”

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Fitzsimmons Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there lived two children blessed with the gifts of intelligence and creativity. One child, a girl, came from the Southern countryside and the other child, a boy, came from the small villages of the North.

The girl’s parents knew that she was special and tried to nurture her gifts, but as she grew older they realized she needed more than they could give. Just as she was blossoming into a young woman, they sent her to study in the city.

The boy’s mother knew how special he was and wanted only what was best for him. She encouraged his inventions, which marvelled the whole village, but eventually she knew that their tiny world was not enough for him to reach his full potential. And so, just as he was blossoming into a young man, she sent him to study in the city.

The girl and the boy loved their schooling in the city. They learned fast and quickly surpassed their peers, discovering things they’d only ever dreamed of. However, they were lonely and at night the girl starred South and the boy gazed into the North and they wished for something of the love they’d felt there to find them in this new place.

Something must have heard their pleas because before long they met each other and, after a brief rivalry, become inseparable friends. Over the years, they combined their minds and created things beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. As their minds melded together, so did their hearts, and after ten years had passed they had formed a love that burned as bright as the evening star.

The Serpent King hated this light. He ruled the Western Kingdom and he had eyes that could see the darkness and the light in people’s hearts. He had always hated the glow of his neighbouring kingdom, but the light that shone from the young man and the young woman was blinding.

Furious, he concocted a scheme to snuff it out, stealing the pair away in the middle of the night and throwing them into the Starless Sea. The water was filled with monsters that hungered for the goodness in their souls, but the pair was clever and their bond was true and through their wit and their trust in each other they made it back to the shore.

However neither made it back unscathed. The man had lost a piece of his spirit, the piece that let him communicate with the world around him. Weakened and vulnerable, he fell into a deep sleep which the woman could not wake him from. Terrified, she took him to a kind witch in the East who helped nurse him back to health. She told them that his soul had not been touched, but his spirit needed time to recover. She told them that, though it would never be what it once was, and it would be a long journey back, he would be alright because the monsters had not touched the goodness in his heart.

The man suffered though. He grew frustrated and angry and sad with how he was. And as she watched him hurt a fury grew in the woman because, although his heart had been left alone, hers had been tainted with a drop of poison.

Her fury grew and grew until one day she made the decision to seek revenge and kill the Serpent King. She left the man with the witch in the middle of the night, leaving a note with a promise that she’d come back and that someday he’d understand.

The journey to kill the Serpent King took her far away from people and kindness and let the poison in her heart spread and thicken. She was away for only three short months but to the pair of them it felt like years because they had never been apart for so long, not since the day they met.

While she was gone, the man learned to live with his spirit the way it was. He wove it into a new shape and, as he did, and as he lived with the witch helping people in need, he grew kinder even than he’d already been.

When, one day, word reached him of the woman’s quest, when the rumor came to their small town that she intended to kill the Serpent King- and that the Serpent King new this, he knew that he had to find her.

So he travelled to the West on a cloud that the witch had made for him and found the woman at the castle gate. He only barely recognized the person before him, so completely had the darkness consumed her and when he tried to reason with her, she refused to listen.

The man was stubborn though, and he stood in front of her, unwilling to move from her path. She asked him how he could protect the Serpent King who’d hurt them so much and he answered that, no, he was protecting her.

As they argued, the poison inside of her grew impatient and it urged her to make him move, to hurt him. And it was this that made her stop.  At this, she realized that something terrible had grown inside of her and she was afraid of what she’d become.

The man wasn’t afraid though and he took her hand and, with his fingers tangled with hers and her love for him still as valiant as ever, she grew strong. The strength of their love for each other banished the poison from her heart and when it was gone the only thing she wanted to do was return to their life together, wherever it took them. They left the castle on the cloud, marvelling together at the sky filled with stars all the way back home.

The Serpent King was eventually consumed by his own darkness and his kingdom was taken over by a queen who was stronger and wiser than her predecessor.

A year later the man and the woman were married and a year after that they made their biggest discovery yet, one that changed the world for the better for generations and generations to come. If you asked them though, what their greatest discovery was, they would tell you that it was each other.

Sunday Snippet

He knew he couldn’t say her actual name without repercussions or so there had to be. She was alive after all - a woman who was murdered years ago by a madman. “…Does everyone we know do this? - Does this mean Irene Adler is somewhere then?” said John trying to wrap his mind around it.

Molly Hooper was alive!

“In Prague, happily married,” said Sherlock causing him to blink in surprise. “Kidding.”

“Did you know?”

“Do I look like I knew?”

“Okay, maybe not, but you’re not-,”

“Throwing punches? No-,” he said, a cloud of smoke hovering around him before he extinguished one, soon lighting up another. “I’m reserving that for later.”

“Can I tell-,”

“No,” he said shaking his head. “Knowing Molly she’d-,” Sherlock laughs, a peculiar look in his eyes as he stares out against the snowy blanket ahead of them. “Knowing your daughter she’ll want to meet her namesake.”

“So - dangerous then?”

“Probably,” said Sherlock scrunching his nose and turning to look at him with a gleam in his eyes. “Nothing we can’t handle.”