the woman who left the doctor

Real Doctors Don’t Have Tattoos

Summery: your skills as a doctor are needed but not everyone agrees you should be a doctor
Word Count: 700+
Triggers: people being rude, a woman collapsing in the middle of the street
A/N: this is for @bucky-plums-barnes 8000 followers celebration with the prompt ‘Real Doctors Don’t Have Tattoos‘ well done hon, you should have so many followers

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You got your first tattoo when you graduated the first year of medical school. You were drunk and all your friends had made a pact to get a red cross on your upper thigh. When you woke up the next day you actually liked it, the tattoo the only being one of your drunken mistakes that you actually liked.

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I am absolutely REJOICING over Bill Potts being openly an openly gay black woman and I already 100% love her and will defend her to the death but I’m not gonna lie, they’ve left it so late that I’m still bitter. It’s 2017. I’m not going to go round singing the praises of writers who’ve had the means to do something like this for years but only just now are because of public pressure. Let’s not pretend they haven’t been dragging their heels for as long as humanly possible. Also congrats to everyone who has pushed for better representation cause it looks like it’s finally paid off and they’ve been forced to take note. 👏👏👏

Flashes (Part 3)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,012

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, it’s actually kind of optimistic???

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Reader has her first flash, and stumbles upon some intriguing information…

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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Luckiest Girls in the World l Chris Evans

Type: One-shot

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Swearing 

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It broke my heart when I knew I had to leave him.

Being Diana's daughter would include...

Anon ask:  What about an imagine with the reader as Diana’s daughter? Like super fluffy plz. 

Your wish is an order 0/

I loved writing this, it’s so cute that it makes me want to cry. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  • Diana was the best mother anyone could ask for.
  • She was not your biological mother, but the moment she held her in his arms, she knew there she was a mother.
  • She accepted the motherhood and the challenges that would come with it.
  • The moment your little fist caught her finger, it was there that she knew she would do anything for you.
  • You were your little star, you would always come first.
  • Motherhood proved difficult for a woman who grew up on an island of adult female warriors, but Diana was figuring it out.
  • She would always call Bruce or Clark when she panicked in some situation.

“Bruce, she does not stop crying. I’ll take her to the doctor!”

Diana, calm down, it must be just colic

  • Diana faced armies of villains, but none of them ever left her as tired as you left her.

  • Sleepless nights and fatigue were not anything close to your little toothless smile.

  • Your laughter has become your favorite sound around the world.

  • Your first steps made her cry more than she had ever cried in her life.

  • And your first words …

“Mom, you saw my …” you stopped in the middle of the room and looked at Diana. you eyes widened and ran to her. “You’re crying, are you crying? Are you hurt?”

Diana laughed and shook her head, hugging you with a free arm. The other carried a photo album.

“Just remembering good memories,” you looked at the album and let out a sigh of relief, relaxing in your mother’s arms.

“My baby grew so fast,” Diana murmured, and you grunted, releasing a little “mooooooom.”

Diana sniffled, wiping the tears on her cheeks and turned to you.

“Would you mind spending an afternoon in bed with your mother?”

You laughed. You had arranged to go out with some friends, but you knew that when your mother became so sentimental, only her child’s warmth, kisses, and hugs would solve the problem.

“No problem. I choose the movies and you make the popcorn!” You kissed her cheek and squeezed her into a hug before getting up and changing her clothes into pajamas.

You had an afternoon with the most special person in your life.

Diana looked at the last photo in the album. It had been taken last Christmas.

You were sitting on the floor with Diana, surrounded by gifts. Enveloped were Bruce and Alfred. Clark and Lois, Barry, Victor and even Arthur and Mera.

“Mom, how about a Disney marathon?” Your scream broke Diana’s stupor and she closed the album with a smile before rising to prepare the popcorn.

“Sounds great to me, little star”

  • Yes, there was nothing in the world that she loved more than her daughter.

DOCTOR REN // masterlist

Request: Since professor Ren was such a hit, what if Kylo was a doctor. Doctor ren, the cold yet caring doctor and the reader is the nurse who assists him from time to time. Or based off the snl skit what if kylo is the nurse that assists the doctor reader from time to time. I don’t care which one, writers choice. Enjoy and thank you!

A/N: First of all, the idea actually came from the porn doctor skit so what better header to use than from it? Thanks to my friend @agentpeggicarter​ for the request/idea! As I promised, here’s doctor ren :) If you want more, please let me know!

Warning: None.

Word Count: 3.2K+

It felt quite liberating when the constant realization that you were done with med school had hit you. Although you had already wet your feet a while back while interning in the Resistance hospital, it felt completely different when you were now an actual nurse. It was your first day and you were more excited than anything.

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“Who cares” says Liz, after 3 paragraphs and 95 words of red-faced, splittle-flecked raging about the PC snowflakes making the new Doctor Who companion a man.

Twin surprise

Tommy Shelby x Reader

Request: Hey I love your writing. Can you do one were you catch Tommy cheating on you with Grace and you leave but you went to tell him that you were pregnant with twins and then a few years later you end up going back to Birmingham

You loved him, you did. But it wasn’t working there was no spark there, not anymore. You had been together since you were 15 and he was 17 since you were kids everyone knew you would be together. Polly never did stop going on about that time you two got married in the mud in the back street of your house when you were 5. ‘Meant to be’ everyone said. Maybe you were, but it wasn’t the same as it was when you were kids.

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Dangerous - John Shelby

Request: request for a John imagine where you don’t quite realise how dangerous he is bc you haven’t been dating that long until your walking back from the shops one day and you see him beating up a guy because he said some bad shit about you and u run away cos ur scared but then John finds u and comforts you. Thank u X

Request: Can I ask one with John where he get jealous when someone flirt with reader? Something like really jealous ahahhah I love your fics you are amazing at writing 😍😍😍 - @buckybear-ivar

Dangerous - John Shelby

You had moved to Small Heath from Newcastle two months ago when your grandfather wrote to your mother to tell her that he was sick. He had left his dowry, which he had accumulated after years of work and saving, to you (his only grandchild) and your father felt it was important that you go down to be with him in his last months as repayment for his generosity. So you had packed a few belongings and travelled down to Small Heath.  

There were a few things that your grandfather was eager to tell you about Small Heath when you first arrived. It was his home and he was proud of it but he cautioned you against some of the neighbors. The Shelbys, according to your father, were devils. He told you to stay as far from the Shelby family as you possibly could but, if you were to see them, be polite.  

“Are they really that bad?” You’d laughed at the stories your grandfather told you.  

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One of the reasons transphobes dismiss the idea of non-binary gender identities is because they see the sum of the trans identity to be suffering. So they see an afab agender person that appears to be a cis woman, and they think, “that’s it! This person can’t REALLY be trans” as if the entirety of our identity is based upon the transphobia we face.

Trans identities are not rooted in transphobia. Gay identities are not rooted in homophobia. Women’s identities are not rooted in misogyny, no matter what terfs tell you. But all of that is tied together. This is further why the parallels between “agender is not an identity” and terf rhetoric can be drawn. They come from the same ideas

I am not trans because of transphobia. That’s like saying a trans woman is not really a woman unless she’s out of the closet and harassed on the daily. Hell, I am not even trans because of my dysphoria.

I am trans not because of how I suffer, but because of who I am. I am trans not because of my gender dysphoria but because of my gender EUPHORIA. I am trans not because transphobes exist; I would be trans if they didn’t. If the whole world blew up and I was the only person left orbiting the earth in my own trans life pod, I would still be trans.

I am trans because when I was born, my doctor told my parents I was a girl, my parents raised me under this assumption, and when I grew up I said “lol nope”

All that’s needed for a trans identity is for you to not 100% identify with the gender you were assigned at birth. Acting like you must somehow experience transphobia is transphobic as fuck and sets the trans community up as some sort of oppression Olympics which is disgusting.

Because of we’re basing it on how much transphobia you face in comparison to other trans folks, then hell, don’t draw the line arbitrarily at afab agender people or amab agender people that appear to be cis. As a trans man, I don’t face nearly the transphobia that trans women face. Take away my trans card right now. Have it. Because their experiences are not something I have any concept of.

So fuck off at this cis nonsense that trans identities have to be tied into transphobia somehow. It’s disgusting. Fuck cis people

I’m sick of being without you. (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request

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Note: Fluff! Bucky is so worried its cute! Sickness!

Words: 1515

The sound of the toilet flushing for the eighth time in less than an hour rang through the quiet apartment as (Y/N) sat on the floor clinging to it like it was her life line. She had been sick for two weeks, ever since the love of her life stepped onto the helicopter. She’s been glued to the toilet, she’s barely ate anything and she refuses to leave because she can barely stand. Sometimes Wanda would come down and force her to eat, but in the end (Y/N) would just end up right back in the bathroom not even an hour later.

It didn’t help that (Y/N) was emotional when she was sick, especially with Bucky being gone she was ten times more stubborn. She had been laying on the porcelain floor only in bra and underwear due to the heat of her skin. The contrast between her skin and the floor felt like heaven as she pressed her forehead on the little rug in front of the shower. Her stomach started to gurgle making her wince as she held her abdomen before letting out a sob. “I can’t.. There is nothing left.” She whined as her stomach practically jumped making her cough.

She hadn’t heard the door open as the Ex-Winter Soldier stepped into the apartment. He frowned to himself, because normally after so long on a mission he expected to get tackled by his girl. “Doll? You here?” He asked before hearing the toilet flush when he shrugged off his coat. He kicked off his boots as he walked back towards the bathroom when his eyes widened hearing broken sobs. He practically ripped the door off its hinges as he opened it to see (Y/N) laying on the floor trembling violently.  

“Jesus Doll! What happened?” He asked going over to her immediately as he placed his flesh hand onto her forehead. She hissed at the contact, because he was hot like she was when she immediately jerked away. “D-Dying..” She mumbled when his eyes widened before he picked her up bridal style. “You’re hot, and not in the good way.” He said as she rolled her eyes before leaning more towards his metal arm due to the coldness of it. She panted softly before suddenly her vision was growing fuzzy when she whined feeling him place her on the bed.

She was struggling weakly against him as he tried to get clothes on her body. “Doll, you need to go down to the medical bay, stop fightin’ will ya?” He huffed when she suddenly stopped moving altogether as he froze for a moment looking down at her. “Babydoll?” He asked gently shaking her seeing her breathing slow down as he cursed before getting one of his shirts on her and a pair of sweatpants. He picked her up bridal style running towards the elevator just as Steve came into the apartment.

“What happened?” He asked immediately as he opened the door for Bucky who looked panicked. “I don’t know. She’s like you when you got sick back then. Goddammit.” He hissed as he steps onto the elevator finally when Steve pressed the button for the medical bay. “Language.” He mumbles earning a dark glare from Bucky. “Steve, just don’t.” He said looking down to her sweaty skin biting his lip. “Don’t worry. She’ll be okay. She’s a fighter.” Steve said as the doors of the elevator slid open when Bucky immediately walked into the mini hospital.

A nurse noticed Bucky carrying an unconscious girl as he gasped running up to him. “What happened?” He asked opening (Y/N)’s eyes taking noticed that her pupils were blown. “She’s hot, I think she’s sick. I found her in bathroom. She passed out. Please.. Help her.” He pleaded looking almost broken as the male nurse whistled attracting the attention of two other nurses. They took (Y/N) from Bucky who struggled not to keep her as he laid her down onto the gurney while his heart pounded in his throat. This isn’t how he expected to come home to, not at all.

Three hours, he and Steve had sat in the waiting room for three hours and Bucky looked ready to explode with rage if he didn’t see (Y/N) soon. Steve looked to the other Avengers who had come down after Steve had notified them of (Y/N)’s condition. Suddenly the long wait was finally over as the doctor came up to Bucky nodding when Bucky shot up from the chair not caring about the broken arm. “She’s going to be alright.” She said as Bucky sighed shakily in relief. “She was very sick though. She was dehydrated so we have an IV in her.” The doctor explained.

“Can… Can I see her?” Bucky asked as she nods leading him back towards her room. The others were about to follow when Steve and Tony together stopped them. “Let them have a few minutes alone.” Tony piped up. “That isn’t something you’d want to come home to.” He added as they nod sitting back down. Bucky’s legs felt like jello as he trailed behind the doctor thinking about (Y/N) dull eyes. It made his stomach clench when she opened the door to reveal (Y/N) who was hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV bag.

“Is she awake yet?” He asked looking to the woman. “Not yet, but I need to tell you that she will need a cold bath when she gets back to her room. Give her light non-solid foods. Like Jello, mashed potatoes, ice cream, or soup, but no solids in the soup. Okay?” She explained to him as he nods before walking over to the love of his life when he plopped himself down beside her bed. The doctor left leaving him alone as he frowned softly looking down to his hands. “Why didn’t you take care of yourself Doll?” He asked looking up to her peaceful expression.

(Y/N)’s eyes fluttered open after a few minutes of silence when she glances to Bucky who had her hand in his flesh rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand. “Bucky?” She asked when he immediately stood up with wide eyes before he pressed his lips against hers in happiness. “Bucky–Wait, I’ve been throwing up. My breath smells awful.” She said pushing him away. “Doll, I haven’t showered in four days.” He said making her nose crinkle as he chuckles. “Stubborn.” He comments as she looks at him confused. “Oh.” She mumbles looking down to the ground.

“Yeah, ‘Oh’. You’re lucky it wasn’t something more serious.” He huffs with a face full of concern as she blushes looking down to her hands when he sat down on the bed with her. “Here.” He said running a wash rag over her face as she grunts trying to jerk away. He chuckles softly before he slowly strokes the cloth over her sweat covered face when he looks at her in silence. She sits up when she covers her mouth before he grabs the trash can beside her bed as she threw up grunting at the jerk in her stomach. “Don’t worry Doll, I’m home.” He whispered softly.

She smiles sighing at the feeling of his fingers coursing through her hair, she felt gross before he moved her hair back kissing her forehead. After an hour or two she was cleared to go back to her room much to her dismay Bucky carried her bridal style to their room. She let him do whatever as she finally brushed her teeth almost gagging at the minty taste before she ate a small portion of the soup Steve had made for her. “How you feelin’ Babydoll?” He asked as she shrugged gently while laying in the bed when he got vics out.

“The Doctor told me to rub this on your chest. It’s supposed to open your airways better or somethin’.” He said as she nods.She lifted her shirt blushing profusely when Bucky dipped his flesh fingers into the jelly like substance. “It’s gonna be a little cold.” He said before he slowly rubbed it onto her chest. She hissed softly before relaxing under his touch when she looked up at him. “Thank you.” She mumbles before he leans down kissing her gently. “You’re welcome.” He said smiling softly noticing her drooping eyes.

“Sleep Babydoll.” He whispered as she whined a noise of protest. “But I wanna talk to you.” She said burying her face into his chest as he tugs down her shirt. “I will be here when you wake up.” He said when he chuckles as she tries to pull him down onto her. “Alright, I’ll lay with you, but you need to sleep.” He huffed laying down onto his side before she immediately snuggled into his chest. “I’m sorry if I get you sick.” She said.  “I won’t get sick. Now sleep.” He said coaxing her with his fingers rubbing her back. “Okay.. Night.” She said closing her eyes. “Night.” He smiles chuckling.

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Nightmare Come True

Member: TaeYong // NCT

Genre: Horror, Yandere, Thriller(?), Psychological(?)


Words: 2.1k

The blood… There was so much blood. On her. Around her. Inside her mouth. Dripping down her hands and splattering bloody splashes onto her bare thighs, the one-white shirt barely covering any skin. And she sat smiling, drenched in all of that blood, a knife in the stomach of the man who once held her captive.

Her hands trembled as she lifted them to her face, to inspect the limbs that so mercilessly murdered Lee TaeYong, a man so passionate that he was blinded. A man who mocked her body and drove her insane, little by little. A man who slowly, torturously slowly tried to break her into a toy to look at and play with.

She was not broken. She was victorious. And he was dead.

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Look, I really like Pearl Mackie. I’m super excited for her as Bill. I’m even hoping that she sticks around for the next Doctor. But give me a Christmas special with just Peter and Jenna.

I know. I’m greedy. They had two full seasons and a Christmas Special.

But give me this last thing BBC. Let my Doctor be reunited with Clara Oswald, the first face his face saw, the woman seared into his hearts, and let them have one last Christmas together.

Whovian Feminism Reviews “World Enough and Time”

“World Enough and Time” is an episode of Doctor Who that is very self-aware – of its own history, of its own tropes and cliches, and of the community that follows this show so passionately. This results in some truly delightful fan-service that lightens what might otherwise be an unbearably grim and horrifying episode. But that self-awareness falters when it comes to the treatment of Bill Potts and her fans, who were handed a brutal episode that came right to the edge of fridging the first lesbian companion and second black woman companion. With one episode left in the season, there’s still time to pull out a happy ending for Bill. But I’m not sure it will make up for everything Bill and her fans will have been through to get her there.

Even though the end of this episode left me feeling conflicted, I sure as hell enjoyed the ride. Steven Moffat has always been good at creating stories that creatively play with time travel, and parking a massive spaceship right next to a black hole is such a fun way to mess with time. Director Rachel Talalay perfectly paces the transition between the two time zones, creating a story that flows from one timeline to the next instead of giving us narrative whiplash. But what she’ll probably be most remembered for in this episode is making the Mondassian Cybermen truly, bone-chillingly scary. There was always something eerie about their sing-song voices and cold logic. But Talalay brings the body horror to the forefront of their genesis, emphasizing their unceasing pain and letting the audience’s unease build steadily until it’s almost unbearable by the time Bill is converted.

But while the Mondassian Cybermen loom over this episode, this story is firmly about the Doctor and the Master’s friendship and enmity. The Doctor’s test isn’t just an opportunity for Missy to escape her prison in the Vault. It’s the culmination of nearly fifty years of conflict between these two characters. At one point or another, each has believed that the other can be convinced to see the universe as they do. Now the Doctor gets to see if he’s right and if Missy can really be reformed. 

Missy is going along with the Doctor … sort of. She’s not actively trying to burn everything down, but she’s definitely going to do things her own way. And if she’s going to endure this exercise, she’s going to poke fun at the mythos the Doctor has created for himself. She calls the companions the “disposables” and names them “Exposition” and “Comic Relief,” which can be read both as a commentary on the Doctor and a meta commentary on the show itself. There’s even a long bit about whether he’s called “The Doctor” or “Doctor Who,” a reference to the insufferably long-running argument in fan circles about how to refer to the character. (The answer is that both are fine; Missy cheekily tells us to “check our screens,” reminding us that in the Classic series, the character was named “Dr. Who” in the credits!) 

In contrast, John Simm stands out as the quintessential Master. His portrayal here is a more toned-down version of the Master from the Russell T. Davies years, and he’s leaned hard into the Classic Master tropes. He’s got the beard and the high-collared black jacket. He spends most of this episode disguised in a rubber mask. He even calls Bill “my dear.” Get some hypnosis and the TCE in the next episode and he’ll have checked off all the boxes. I should’ve figured out who he was much earlier in the episode, but John Simm’s acting and prosthetics were so good that I have to admit I didn’t figure out that Razor was the Master until the moment that he snuck in on Missy (and there was definitely a lot of impressed swearing once I finally realized what had happened).

As wonderful as he is, Simm isn’t just there to provide fan-service. He’s also there to encourage Missy’s worst impulses. He’s the devil on her shoulder, their mutual Id – almost like their Valeyard, if you’ll accept the analogy. He reminds her of all the distrust and anger and betrayal they’ve built up against the Doctor. And if the trailer for the next episode is any hint, it looks like he’ll be encouraging her more violent impulses. The Doctor wanted to test Missy to see if she was genuinely reforming herself, but now that test will happen while her previous regeneration is deliberately driving a wedge between her and the Doctor.

And Bill is just another body caught in the crossfire.

Before I dig into Bill’s conversion, I want to start off with one caveat. This is only the first part of a two-part story. I don’t know what ultimately will happen to Bill, and whether or not the next episode will cast this one in a different light. However, I think it is still valid to examine and critique this episode based on the information we have so far. This episode wanted to leave us with feelings of shock and horror for a week, so it’s valid to examine those feelings and the communities they impact the hardest. And regardless of Bill’s ultimate fate in the next episode, it is valid to examine whether the events that took place in this episode were problematic.

I would argue that they were. Although Bill isn’t dead, this episode goes right to the edge of fridging her. She has practically no agency in this episode, and everything that happens to her is in service to someone else’s story. She is shot and converted into a Cyberman to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. Everything that happens to her is done so we can explore the Doctor’s feelings – his guilt and pain over pressuring Bill into this situation, his conflict over giving the Master yet another chance, his struggle to forgive Missy after what her previous regeneration has done. This isn’t about Bill, her choices, or her story. Hell, she didn’t even want to be on that ship. Arguing about whether or not we can count what happens to her as fridging because she isn’t actually dead feels a bit like a technicality. She is still violent, graphically harmed for her male protagonist’s story.

It doesn’t help that “World Enough And Time” has some uncomfortable parallels with the Series 8 finale “Death in Heaven,” where another black companion, Danny Pink, is also converted into a Cyberman. Danny was another casualty in the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. And his death and conversion weren’t really about him or his story either. It was about the Doctor’s discomfort with soldiers, and it was about Clara’s guilt over having treated him poorly. Danny does reclaim some of his agency in the end, so perhaps there is still some hope for Bill. But this is now the second time that a black companion has been converted into a Cybeman to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. 

It’s also worth noting the level of graphic violence involved with Bill’s near-death and conversion. Plenty of companions have died or had horrible things done to them. Moffat is particularly fond of making monsters out of his companions; Rory became an Auton, a Clara echo is converted into a Dalek. But seeing a horrible burnt hole through Bill’s chest and her slow, piecemeal conversion into a Cyberman is truly on another level. I had to think back to some of the things that the Sixth Doctor’s companion Peri suffered through to find any examples that gave me the same visceral reaction – and those are moments you really don’t want to be compared with.

This is a drama and science fiction show, and there’s always been a certain level of risk when companions travel with the Doctor. We were meant to be horrified by what happened to Bill. But the people who were always going to feel this moment the hardest were the most marginalized and underrepresented in this fandom – queer women and women of color. Women of color have had so few non-white companions on Doctor Who to identify with, so obviously this moment would be felt particularly hard. And this would also be especially hard for queer women, who have faced a recent surge in violent deaths of queer characters, largely to further the stories of white, cis, straight protagonists.

The great irony, of course, is that this episode spends a great deal of time cheerfully showing off how self-aware of fandom it is. There’s fan-service galore in this story … just not for the fans who were invested in Bill’s character. And our standards were already set so low. I would’ve been happy if she came out at the end of this season alive and whole. I would’ve given bonus points if she was happy and with a girlfriend.

I don’t think Bill was shot or converted because of any particular animus or prejudice against her character. There was a story that they wanted to tell between the Doctor and the Master, and what happened to Bill was necessary to further that story. I think it just shows the carelessness with which her character was handled. It’s all well and good to represent a black lesbian woman on TV, but that comes with a certain amount of responsibility. And even if this is all magically undone by the end of the next episode, nothing will erase how Bill’s pain and suffering was used to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. And nothing will erase the sight of Bill with a hole through her chest or crying in pain beneath the Cyberman mask from the memories of women of color and queer fans.

Dear nurse fellow

“Dear night shift fellow nurse from unit B, I’m leaving you this note to courteously ask you to stop using and messing up the drawer I use for patients files and CT scan forms. I’m a new recruit, but I know this drawer belongs to unit A, and you could at least clean after your mess. 

With my best regards,

Lucy Heartfilia, morning shift nurse, unit A”

“Dear Lucy, I would gladly stay in my own unit and mess my own drawers up, but unit A is too clean and cold for me to resist the temptation to give it more soul.

Equally best regards,

Night shift nurse from unit B”

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The Stolen Earth Commentary: David Tennant Regularly Shaming Russell T Davies For Leaving His Telly On
  • RTD: You know where I am this Saturday? I’m in the final of I’ll Do Anything with John Barrowman. I’m in the audience! I’ve given up! Even I’m not watching Doctor Who that night. Sorry. I’ll leave my telly on though. In two cities.
  • David: You leave your telly on anyway.
  • RTD: You’ve told me off for that.
  • David: You walk out of rooms leaving everything blaring all night. It’s terrible! Global warning is all down to Russell T Davies.
  • RTD: David, it’s such a lonely life. It’s like I have a friend. I walk back into the flat and there- there’s a voice.
  • Julie: We don’t care. Think about the bees.
  • David: That’s why the bees are leaving.
  • RTD: You know, I came to London today- I switched it off.
  • David: Quite- I’m glad to hear it!
  • Julie: Don’t you feel better?
  • RTD: And as I did it, I thought of [David]!
  • [They all laugh]
  • RTD: I actually did! That is true!
  • David: I’m glad. I’m glad.
  • RTD: I have actually been sitting in Cardiff Bay having a meal with David and across the bay he’s gone “You’ve left your telly on”. Leave me alone!
Roles of an Old Norse Queen

This post will focus on the historically attested roles that Old Norse queens were expected to fulfill. I will note ahead of time that some of the evidence is drawn from Anglo-Saxon heathen queenship examples, namely Beowulf, but there seems to be corroboration for this in women’s traditions in Scandinavia as well so I’m not hugely concerned personally with using this as evidence especially when the scholarly works are strongly informed by Anglo-Saxon traditions as well. However, some likely will find this an issue so I’m putting this disclaimer up.

With that said, Norse queens were expected to fulfill a number of roles including but not necessarily limited to healing, peace-keeping, secret keeping, providing wise counsel, divination, gift-giving, and hospitality. In addition, while so far I’ve found no evidence that the queen historically had duties to the land, she likely embodied the land symbolically so I will discuss her ties to the land as well.  Furthermore, I will also discuss the act of cup-bearing as it was an important rite tied to many of these roles.

It’s also worth noting that unlike the study of kingship, studies on queenship are far less developed. Women were overlooked as passive objects with little to no real power. While it’s true that queens lacked the explicit powers of the king, they wielded some powerful influences that shouldn’t be overlooked. These influences ranged from subtly manipulating the court through her charisma to explicitly using what powers she did have to alter the turn of events. I wish I could expand upon this topic fully and give extensive examples of the ways in which queens utilized their powers to show that they were truly powerful and interesting figures in their own rights, but that would take a full length paper so for the purpose of this post I’m sticking to the barebones of what roles were notably linked to queenship in the Old Norse construct of it.

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