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An anon asked for a Reid fic where the reader is British and he gets turned on by her accent.  The team teases him for it and he eventually has to explain to the reader why he gets so weird whenever she talks.  I love this request, I really hope you like it!  Added in here a classic Spencer Reid Quote, shout out to anyone who can find it!

It gets smutty!  Some fluff ensues at the end, it’s super cute!

UnBeta’d so sorry for any errors, also flood warning!

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“As soon as Agent Y/L/N gets here, we are going to start the briefing,” Hotch said to the team, who were all still sitting around at their desks before disappearing into his office.

“Ready for the new team member, pretty boy?” Derek teased from his seat with a smirk.

“What?” Spencer asked nonchalantly.  He knew Y/N was British.  She’d been in for numerous interviews and when she was in the training field, all the other trainees were talking about the ‘British Bombshell’ that was joining the BAU team.  

“You know what,” Derek replied.

“Does Reid have a thing for accents?” Prentiss asked.  She looked at the genius with playful eyes.

“No, he has a thing for British accents,” JJ said, shaking her head.

“I see,” Emily said with a smirk similar to Derek’s.

“I don’t know if I like the looks on your faces,” Rossi said as he walked up.  After inspecting the teasing smiles of the three agents, he clocked the blush on Reid’s face.  “What’s wrong with you, coffee catching up to you this morning?”

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“I have no qualms about a female Doctor. I just want to get her pregnant, get a show with her son up and running, then kill her off and focus on her much more powerful male replacement. But just to be clear, no qualms at all.”

  • Bald man with long nose : Come clean, Olaf! It's time you finally tell us who's your favorite henchperson.
  • White-faced women : Yeah, out with it!
  • Androgynous mute : (*nods*)
  • Count Olaf : What? Oh, come on, that's ridiculous! You know I don't play favor/
  • Esme Squalor : [deadpan] It's Fernald.
Generation to Generation + Sam Holland

Summary: In which Sam joins you in you monthly trip to the downtown antique shops and he meets a woman who helps Sam in more ways than one.

Warnings: None. Just fluff fluff fluff.

Words: 1, 497

A/N: Here you go, here you go, here you go! I love this and I’m sure of it. Enjoy it my darlings.

“You’ll love this, I’m sure of it!” You exclaim as you swing your adjoined hands up and down as the two of you walk down the sidewalk towards the shops. Sam agreed to join you for your “antique weekend” because he knew how much you enjoyed glancing into the past that you adored so much. 

You were a history buff, and you had a knack for knowing every song from the forties, fifties, and sixties or for books from the early 1900′s or for jewelry from the roaring twenties. And these antique weekends were your way of appreciating the decades that you swore you should have been born in. Sam being the old-soul that you claim he is, held tightly to your hand as the oldie goldie classics played on the downtown strip. 

Your Aubrey Hepburn inspired look made your figure look even curvier than it usually did, the all black attire slimming you and hugging your waist. The black turtle neck, that was partially hid under that khaki colored coat, tucked into your pants snuggly, your hair in a ponytail that swung back and fourth as the two of you walked. You always dressed according to the occasion, and so was Sam, in his dark grey dress pants and sweater with a white collar peeking out from underneath, a blazer put on over the attire to keep the late autumn chill out.

Sam would be lying if he said he didn’t think that this was the most beautiful he’d ever seen you. Your serine face made you look like you were the most peaceful women in the world, your light pink lips in a small smile as you looked around at all the shops you had probably been in a thousand times before. He smiled at you lightly, letting go of your hand to grab at the camera that was across his body. You stopped and watched his actions, beginning to giggle nervously. 

“Sam! You can’t take my picture! I told you no more, remember how many you took a couple of weeks ago?!” You exclaimed as you covered your giggle with your hand, rolling your eyes at him as he prepped to take your picture with an amused smirk, “Seriously, Sam!” 

“Just this one, then no more after that!” He said as he held the camera back to his chest before holding it up to his eye once more. You rolled your eyes once more, before posing with a small smirk on your face as you peered at the camera through your eyelashes. Sam smiled and took the picture, letting you take his hand back in yours before walking into a store that was up ahead. Your eyes lit up as you pulled open the door, Sam holding it for you as you walked into your wonderland. 

Sam watched as you began to walk around quietly, peering at this and looking at their prices, picking up tea cups or children’s books. The elder lady at the register smiled softly at you, Sam walking towards the register and striking up a conversation with the woman.

“How are you?” He asked as he looked at the woman and then to you, watching as you looked at a case of jewelry.

“I’m doing well…Is she your girlfriend? She comes in here about once every month, and I’d hate for her to be alone.” The woman smiled up at Sam, looking at him and watching as his eyes lit up at the sound of you doing something you love.

“Yes. We’ve been together for a few months now,” He looked from you to the woman who had started counting the freckles on his cheeks, “She’s the most beautiful girl I know.” The woman’s face softened, a moment of realization hitting her, before opening the display cabinet built into the desk and searching it thoroughly.

Sam looked down at the objects in the glass case, looking through as the older woman did, then his eyes caught something bright. Tt was a ring, a dainty one that immediately reminded him of you. The three diamonds clustered together, with tinier ones surrounding the larger three, the dirty gold band glimmering in the light. Sam was mesmerized by it, watching as the stones sparkled in the low light, “What’s that, right there?”

His finger landed on the glass as he reached his hand to point the small object out, the woman looked up at him and a smiled landed on her lips. The woman knew exactly what he was asking for, her fingers grasping the ring and bringing it up for Sam’s brown eyes to examine it. The woman watched as she took it in his own hands, his pointer finger coming out to delicately touch the stones, “That’s a genuine, 18 karat gold, ring from the 1930′s. It was handed down from generation to generation, but I didn’t have a daughter of my own and my husband and I are divorced. A lovely man, but we both had our differences, but why keep the ring if you aren’t married to the man who gave it to you?”

She looked up at Sam as he kept looking at the ring, his eyes widening at her words. She winked at him before pulling the case open once again and grabbing a Kelly green velvet ring box. She handed it to him and nodded towards you, “Here. She’ll definitely say yes.” 

Sam finally looked at the woman, his eyes widening, “Oh! I-I-We aren’t looking to get married yet, w-we’re only 18.” A blush was already creeping up onto his cheeks as he looked at the ring box in the ladies hand, the green velvet looking smooth and contrasting from the pink in his cheeks. 

The woman chuckled as she shook her head, smiling slyly up at him before lifting her finger, “Ah, that is the key, ‘yet’. I’m not saying get married right now, but I’ll let you in on a little secret - months ago she walked into this shop, and stared at this ring for, well, I don’t remember how long. But finally she looked up at me with that smile that you know I’m talking about and said When I find the one, he’ll find this ring and he’ll marry me with it. I swear it’ll happen, you watch

“I laughed because I thought she was just being silly, but months later here you come strolling into this store, looking at that ring like you look at her. And, well good Lord, I just had that feeling.” 

Sam was flabbergasted by her words, his eyes slowly moving to land on your body as you looked from side to side at the aisle and aisle of antiques. Your hand landed on a small ornate tea cup, with golden pink’s and green’s and navy’s painting along the cup. You picked up the saucer and looked at the price, smiling as you kept hold of them in your hand. Sam looked towards the lady, who in turn looked at him and further stretched out her arm to hand him the ring box, “How much?”

“Free of charge.”

“Now you know I can’t do th-”

“She’s about to head this way, so if you don’t take it nowyou never will.” And with that she opened the box, letting Sam place it inside before snapping it closed and letting the woman place it in his hand a ‘thank you’ leaving his mouth quickly and quiet as he shoved the box into his back pocket, and just in time as you walked up with the cup and saucer in hand. 

“Just these, darling?” The woman smile charmingly, winking up at Sam as you nodded and reached for your purse. Sam placed a hand on your arm, pausing your actions. 

“Let me get it, love.” You furrowed your eyebrows and shook your head lightly as he began to pull out his wallet, “You don’t have to do that, Sam.” Sam only smiled as he handed over the money, and taking the bag and giving it to you, leaning over and leaving a long kiss on the top of your head.

“I don’t have to, but I want to. And that makes all the difference.” He smiled down at you as his hand cupped your cheek. You leaned into his larger hand, smiling lightly before taking your bag and thanking the woman. She only smiled and expressed her admiration for the two of you. It was Sam’s turn to wink now, looking at the woman sweetly and happily as she spoke. 

After the woman’s words, you said a quick good-bye to her and began to walk out. Sam leaned over to the woman and kissed her cheek lightly, “Thank you. You didn’t have to do that, I’ll repay you someday.”

“I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. And that makes all the difference.” She winked at him, watching as the two walked off with their hands tightly held together.


Aliens being convinced humans have access to giants due to 21st century movies  and going on exhausting searches for  them.

“Human Steve, where are the giants?” Eros asked.

Human Steve looks at the towering alien.

“Uh, Philadelphia, I think?” Steve said,

“The giants are not in Philadelphia,” Eros said.

“Yes, they are,” Steve argued.

“No, they are not,” Eros said.

“Don’t argue wit me about my planet,” Steve said. “I HAVE BEEN ALIVE FOR FIFTY YEARS ON IT,. I KNOW IT BETTER THAN YOU DO!” Eros’s eight eyes stared back at the human who started to count back to ten. “Sorry,” the woman sighed. “the others love to argue about Earth since it is a death planet.”

“Apology accepted,” Eros nodded.

“What giants are we talking about?” Steve asked.

“The ones that are tall as your buildings,”  Eros said. A bright red  smile grew on the human’s face.

“There’s no such thing as  giants,” Steve said.

“What do you mean, your movies—” Eros was interrupted by laughter. “what is wrong human Steve?”

“Sorry,” Steve said. “but they are not real.”

Eros appeared to be dumbfounded,

“They look so real,” Eros said.

“‘Really good CGI, blame it.,”  Steve said. “maybe one day you’ll meet a real giant.”

“Why do you make realistic giants?” Eros asked, baffled.

“Entertainment,” Steve said. “and to be as good as possible.”

“Humans are weird,”  Eros said.

“Yes, we are,” Steve agreed.


Looks like I was right, earlier–Pearl was deliberately trying to open up, to push her own boundaries, to step outside her comfort zone.  She wanted to do something “cool”, at least as she understood it, so that Amethyst and Steven would relate to her more, or look up to her, or even just to genuinely have something to share with them.  So–she dressed up, put on airs, tried to seem the part.

And now she’s shedding all the false trappings–symbols of how she was trying too hard, trying to be something She Wasn’t, and overlooking that she did push her boundaries–she did try out human clothes, and she did drink the juice she was so scared of, and then she took off into the night to chase a mysterious, beautiful woman and successfully escaped a cop and just has, in general, had An Adventure!

There are different kinds of bravery and badassitude, Pearl, and the woman who defied a tyrannical regime and terrified legions of enemy soldiers with her unstoppable skill and terrifying body count is also the woman who spent centuries in frilly ballet dancer outfits and wanted to spend a nice night in solving puzzles with her son, and who would, if presented with a Diamond tomorrow, pull out her spear and start fighting again in a heartbeat.  Just because the punk rock aesthetic Isn’t You doesn’t invalidate that.

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more gay

i would respond to this with like them being straight or something just to be cynical but there is little to no actual hetero attraction displayed in the show that didnt come from like mind control or something

like truly thinking about this i cant recall a specific time other than just throwaway singalongs that they met a girl and they were attracted to her. Paul fell in love with one woman who was hypnotizing him so i doubt that counts…ringo fell in love with his reflection wearing a wig which just proves this point even more

so i guess there will indefinitely be more gay since theres seriously nothing else i could possibly post

If Jamie and Claire could text : seeing Jamie/"Alessandro" on the beach in Voyager Edition [[BOOK SPOILERS]]
  • Claire: JAMIE
  • Claire: oh thank god I CAN SEE YOU
  • Claire: who the bloody hell are those soldiers you're wth??
  • Jamie: Marsali lass, stay hidden, d'ye hear?
  • Jamie: and since when do you use such unladylike language?
  • Claire: oh Christ sorry
  • Claire: this is marsali's phone but it's me
  • Claire: ClAire
  • Jamie: ---
  • Jamie: CLAORIRE?
  • Jamie: TRUKLYTT???
  • Claire: truly
  • Claire: I'll prove it
  • Claire: you dropped your phone in the sand right before those last messages
  • Claire: and now you've got your hand on your heart and look like you're about to pass out
  • Claire: //THE BEARD//
  • Claire: Jesus h roosevelt CHRSIT!
  • Jamie: Christ, mnd
  • Jamie: when i learned the gddm porpoise had taken ye
  • Claire: god I know
  • Claire: and I left my phone on the bloody Artemis so i couldn't reassure you
  • Jamie: and then I came for ye learned that ye'd been lost in the storm and
  • Claire: oh my love
  • Claire: you must have been frantic, I know I certainly
  • Jamie: and THEN
  • Jamie: to learn that //NO//
  • Claire: have I ever complimented you on how you can text without looking at the screen?
  • Claire: That's terribly impressive darling, you must show me how it's done
  • Claire: well, YES
  • Claire: but to be fair
  • Claire: I could die any day living in this century
  • Claire: NOW who's talking all unladylike?
  • Claire: if it counts for anything
  • Claire: i'm ecstatic to see you
  • Claire: and i'm happy you're safe
  • Jamie: *sigh*
  • Jamie: i'm happy you're safe, too, ssnch
  • Jamie: i'm glad you're no' dead or in danger
  • Jamie: for the moment
  • Claire: WHAT?
  • Jamie: nevermind
  • Jamie: everything will be fine
  • Jamie: prbably
  • Claire: what exactly is the plan with these soldier brutes?
  • Jamie: oh,
  • Jamie: tie them up in the hold until further notice
  • Claire: and //i'm// allegedly the foolhardy one in this marriage
  • Claire: do you SEE how heavily fcking armed they are???
  • Jamie: dnf, ssnch
  • Claire: jhrc
  • Jamie: where are ye
  • Jamie: need to see ye for a moment
  • Jamie: **need to have my hands on your arse for a moment
  • Claire: ahem this is your daughter's phone, remember?
  • Jamie: SHIT
  • Jamie: delete that
  • Jamie: but in all seriousness
  • Jamie: I need to touch you in some moderately indecent fashion
  • Jamie: right this minute
  • Claire: i'll meet you near the big palm tree at your 4:00
  • Claire: watch out for snakes
  • Jamie: on my way
  • Jamie: tho i think that's better advice for *you* right now, mnd
  • Claire: what ?
  • Claire: oh AhAHAH
  • Claire: charming
  • Claire: just how "moderate" is the indecency you have in mind?
  • Jamie: getting more extreme by the minute
  • Claire: DEFINITELY leaving this entire chat for marsali to peruse
  • Jamie: dinnaevencare jsut get over here and take a look at this ferocious snake
The Man in the Moon

The man in the moon was falling in love
With the woman who lived on the sun
He counted the stars while she was away
Dancing to lullabies during the day
And when it was the moon man’s time
He accompanied her and began to shine
His singing made the sun siren swoon
For he was the man in the moon

A 13 year old girl watches the news and the footage of crying mothers will stay with her forever.

A 14 year old boy hears the words “hate hate hate” and stifles the part of him that just wants love, love, love.

The 15 year old girlfriends are afraid to hold hands at school the next day, but every time they brush up against each other it’s a whisper of “you are not alone”.

The 16 year old boyfriends skip school and sit in a deserted park and talk about the future they’re worried they won’t have.

The 17 year old girl bites her tongue when someone calls her a boy, because everywhere around her are reminders that she’s not safe.

An 18 year old girl can’t express her pain in front of her family, so she sneaks away to a candlelight vigil, and when she starts crying she is comforted by a much older woman who has been to so many of these she’s lost count.

Throughout the world, “it could have been me”, “it could have been us” is whispered behind closed doors.

Throughout the world, “It could have been stopped!” is shouted into megaphones.

Throughout the world, “We deserve better!” is cried out in despair.

—  Julia Gorst @virginiiawoolf

Awesome Female Characters in Theater: Angelica Schuyler 

Yo! Yo! Yo, y-y-yo-yo! Now, now, everyone gather ‘round, sit down, listen, I got an announcement:


Angelica Schuyler is a modern woman, stuck in the 1700s. She is intelligent and lets it well know (especially to Alexander Hamilton when he naturally screws up). She’s a woman who has power that is not counted by how many troops she lead on the battle field or the offices she held, but by the powerful friends she made and her influence on them. But we can see that she is ready for a revolution, she’s ready for a fight. In fact she has fought her whole life, and will keep fighting until she dies, because she is never satisfied with her current situation that is filled with men preaching inalienable rights for all and only giving it to wealthy white men. 

Originally posted by nolynsdoodles

What’s awesome about this character, is that she is based on the real Angelica Schuyler! In a time where women weren’t allowed to really be heard. Angelica stood with a megaphone and called bullshit on that. She didn’t literally stand with a megaphone, but she made sure she was heard. She was rebellious, knowing she would need her father’s approval to marry someone she loved, and knew he wasn’t going to give that approval, did she simply give up and marry a man her father found suitable? Nope, she found a loophole, and ran off with her and eloped! Angelica had the ear of many of the founding fathers, presidents, princes and other wealthy and powerful men, giving them guidance and making her thoughts and opinions known. She was a social butterfly and wealthy, but what her real advantage was her intellect which is why she was able to enthrall people. Because she was so influential she has had villages and towns named after her, that are still there to this day. 


Just think about how significant that is… 


Historical Movie Recommendations

I know that I promised an X Company post a few weeks ago, and I swear that I am working on it, but for now I decided to recommend some of my favourite historical movies. If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them!

1) Suffragette, Directed by Sarah Gavron, starring Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, and tons of other amazing actresses.

I actually just recently saw this movie, and I loved it. It tells the story of some of the foot soldiers of the suffragette movement. Carey Mulligan brilliantly plays Maud Watts, a wife and mother who works at a Laundry who ends up being a huge part of the suffragette movement. She gives up her job and her family to help women get some semblance of equality. I loved how the director showed female friendship, and illustrated the atrocities that the women went through trying to get the vote. Gavron shows the nitty-gritty’s of the movement, no glorifying of the things that happened. (Warning: this movie talks about rape and shows someone being force-fed in jail as well as other violence)

2) Anna Karenina, Directed by Joe Wright, starring Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Alicia Vikander.

There are many versions of this classic, but this is by far my favourite. The movie and costumes are highly stylized and the scenes fit together beautifully. This is maybe not the most historically accurate movie, but it is done gorgeously, and everything works together to create something that will make you weep. The movie follows Anna (Knightley), a woman who has a life-changing affair with the dashing young Count Vronsky (Taylor-Johnson). Set in the late 1800s, the film captures the height of Russian society and exhibits some of the challenges that women have had throughout history. I loved the costumes in the movie, and if you have a thing for great cinematography (like me), this movie is definitely for you. (Warning: the movie revolves around an affair, and suicide is a large part of the movie)

3) Pride and Prejudice, any of the adaptations are great. Actually, any Jane Austen movies are great.

I love Pride and Prejudice. Mr Darcy, Elizabeth, all of the characters are fabulous, and Jane Austen books give you the ultimate romance on a charming regency set. If you want a more cheerful historical movie (and those can be hard to find), Jane Austen stories are the best bet.

4) Testament of Youth, Directed by James Kent, starring Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Taron Egerton, Colin Morgan.

This movie did not get the attention it deserved. It not only had a fabulous cast, but also great costumes, music, and cinematography. To make it even better, it was based on a true story. The movie follows Vera Brittian through the First World War, first when she got into Oxford, then when she became a nurse, and as she lost some of the people she loved the most. I cried through pretty much the whole movie. It was beautifully and respectfully done, and gives us some insight on why she became a pacifist. Please remember that it is a war movie, so there are many very difficult scenes.

5) The Great Gatsby, Directed by Baz Luhrmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan.

Another great classic that will get you to question humanity as a whole and fight with people you actually like about all of the characters in the book. Except for Tom Buchanan. Everyone hates that guy. I loved how this movie was done- over the top with a great soundtrack and amazing costumes. It fit the book perfectly, in my mind.

6) Marie Antoinette, Directed by Sofia Coppola, starring Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Rip Torn.

History isn’t everyones cup of tea. This movie perfectly captures the extravagance of the French court just before the French Revolution in the late 1700s, all the while helping us modern people understand what it was like for Marie Antoinette. Most of the things that people know of her now are things that weren’t actually true, it was just propaganda (no, Marie Antoinette didn’t actually say ‘let them eat cake’.). The modern touches like the soundtrack and the converse that were snuck (is that the right word? It sounds wrong to me) into a shot help us understand what she went through, while still making a very enjoyable movie. Also, the aesthetic is pretty great.

There are tons and tons of other movies that I would like to recommend, but these are a few of my favourites. Some others that are deserving of your attention are:

7) Brooklyn, directed by John Crowley

8) Belle, directed by Amma Asante

9) The Imitation Game, directed by Morten Tyldum (this one is one of my favourite war movies, along with Saving Private Ryan and Schindlers List)

10) Atonement, directed by Joe Wright

Please feel free to add on to this list! Would anyone like another rec list, maybe for historical books or tv shows?

*Note: none of these pictures are my own.

When I was a little girl I read fairy tales. I dreamed of being Cinderella. I grew up imagining—fantasizing— with an obviously tremendous need to love and be loved, to be carried off to a dream house by a dream prince. I was a full-blown romantic. I think I dreamed those dreams, was transported to those places, because I had grown up in a loving but exclusively female household where there were no man-woman relationships to emulate. I didn't know what romantic love was all about. But I wanted it— oh, how i wanted it! Imagine what I felt when my prince did arrive! There couldn't have been a more romantic time than Bogie’s courtship of me and our first three and a half years together. Gradually I learned how to live with a man— what it meant to share your life. With a nonexistent father in my background, I didn't know that I could ever trust a man. Of course, I learned quickly that I could trust Bogie; then, painfully, that I could not trust some who followed him. I marvel at the fact that I still believe there might have been a man I can trust again. I don’t mean physically, though that counts for a great deal. Womanizing, being predictably one who is unable to build a relationship with one woman and make it stick. To trust your partner, to nourish the partnership— care and feeding being of prime importance. I learned early on the value of a phone call: keeping it alive, keeping it fun. I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when I heard the key turn in the lock of the front door; or when the call came at the expected hour; when the kiss became an enveloping desire. Those feelings— the catching of breath— I refuse to believe will never come again. And the greatest gift is the sharing of laughter. I cannot fathom a life without laughter. All my life I have had, with a bow to Noel Coward, a talent to amuse. My consistent gift has been to make men laugh. That might not be such a good or deliberate quality— to the men, that is. But to me, to be in love with a man and to share laughter is the best possible combination of emotions. For me ideal, for me necessary.

Review - 13x24

Hey guys, @jordan202 here. This is going to be a quicker one. Since it’s the last installment of the season, let’s wrap it up assessing the entire episode, but keeping the focus on Omelia of course.

I have to say that, compared to 13x23, this episode didn’t excite me as much. Sure, we got amazing moments, especially for Omelia, but I think this whole thing probably would have worked out better as a two hour season finale. In all honesty, I thought 13x23 was a bit more exciting. I could be biased by the fact that we had a huge Omelia turning point from ep 22 to 23 and a much smoother transition to 24, but I think the pace of last week’s episode was more intense.

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YOUNG GOD {Loki One Shot}

HII GUYYSSS, so this is my first One shot ever!! its short I know and I may have some grammatical errors but thats because english its not my first language too plsssss work with me, IM STILL LEARNING. but I hope you guys like it!!  pls send me some feed back I would love to know you if you guys like it or not!! For the next one I promise it would be longer!! bye!!! love guys lots!! 

Warnings: cursing

Word count : 1,096

Vera’s POV.

Never thought in a million years, I would be millions of galaxies away from home, sitting in a throne with a crown in my head and beautiful man looking at me with love and desire ,like if I was the last beautiful thing on the universe. My way of seeing things changed when I met him. He looked everything with a different sight and state of mind, It was like I was starting to learn how to live all over again.

I remember the day I met him, I was lonely and sad with my self, everything I touched died and everything I loved hated me. I was in the edged of falling and giving up with my self.I was sitting on a park bench in central park, when a tall, lean , green eye man sat next to me. With no explanation at it all, he just sat and look up at the sky like looking for an answers or something. I didn’t know of course, I just knew about his existence a seconds ago. But now that I know, it was like it was planned to for us to meet each other, you may say faith it was what brought us together. But in reality it was destiny, he was meant to me and I to him.

A minutes passed and he was still looking at the sky , by this point I was amazed of  how in the world his neck didn’t hurt from looking up all this time, but other than that it didn’t bother me it all, the light from the moon and starts would light up his face making it look flawless with no imperfection it all.

After basically eye raping him, I decided to have courage and talk to him. I go and sit side ways and slight tap him in the shoulder. “hi?, Are you ok there buddy?” I say nervous of course, its not everyday you see a walking master piece. He takes a deep breath closes his eyes and ignores me like I was some trash laying there. I bite my lips and shake my head, by this time my head already label him as an asshole. But there was something in my heart that told me to keep going until he responded.

“you know its rude as hell to sit next to a person in bench that its very noticeable its taken and not respond when talk to’’ I say crossing my arms against my chest. See this my problem with me, my temper gets a hold of me and fucks shit up. But with him turn it for the better.

He still didn’t respond; by this time I was ready to slap his perfect face. “you are still not going to respond aren’t you? Are you deaf or something?” I snap at him. And this time I did get a reaction, and a big one.

“Woman you don’t know what you just got your self into” he says with a strange thick accent as he finally looks down and gives me the most deadly glare I’ve seen. I stand up from the bench and face him. “ oh really? Try me” just when he was to answer me an alarm goes of in the park, lights are all over the park, people shouting, it was straight out of a movie.  “what’s going on?” I yell over the noises. And I tell you, If I knew what was going on I would have ran for my dear life in a second, but I’m glad as hell I didn’t.

lets remember I still don’t know who he was or even know his name and yet I let him grab me by my arm and pull me over to his chest. just in seconds my whole vision went black leaving me in pure bliss. When I woke up I remembered looking at my surroundings and not believing what I was seeing. The place gold and orange colors a little futuristic and medieval in a mix. I look to my right and see him standing in all his glory looking at the far. “ Where Am I?” I whisper he looks at me and gives me a devilish smile. “Asgard” he responds as he bents down to my level. “Asgard?” I say to my self in confusion. I never heard of Asgard until he said it, and man what I was missing out all this time.

“yes, it’s the best kingdom of all the nine realms” he says with light in his eyes and a smile in his face.”really?” I respond with a smile, its not everyday your basically kidnap by some hot ass balls man and takes you to a place that is basically brought out of a story book.

He shakes his head starts laughing “ Of course not!, were only were cause this only place where I wont get killed!” he says laughing. “ You people of Midgard are still so stupid” I looked at him at shock. In my mind the only thing that was circling  around was. ‘what the hell I just got myself into’.

I stand up from the ground and I push him to the ground making him fall over to his back. “ why did you took me!” I yell to him. He looks at me and laughs again. I stare at him with confusion. “oh please don’t act like you didn’t want me to take you with me, you were basically asking for it” he says. I shake my head “You only spoke one sentence! And it was to warn me! How in the hell , you conclude that me a woman who you just met, well not met cause we bery can count what you said to me as talking, wanted to go with you?! Is this a freaking prank or something? Cause you must be fucking joking” he stares at me for a solid minute before answering to me. “ it was all over your aura, sadness, death , depression , it was all disgusting. We both know you wanted to go to a place your people call heaven and I can tell you it won’t be tonight or soon”

And just with that he destroyed my walls down. Sense that day I was never the same. And practically ignored the fact that the whole time we were in the park, he was wearing a strange leather and green thing with a specter in his hands, and just because of that I knew it was destiny for us to meet.. 

About a bi woman who had been elected as governor: “How does this even count as representation? She’s married to a man, after all. What’s radical about that?”

Translation: bisexuality apparently disappears when you get married, especially if it’s to someone of a different gender. Also I’m just a gross person in general.