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Even thougn TJ is Gay, and he says that every now and again he sleeps with a woman because he loves boobs and he has to make sure that he is Gay, do you think that he would possibly fall in love with a woman? Not necessarily romantically, like 100% but maybe really love someone if they were close friends that messed around here and there?

Okay, well. *opens can of worms* lol If he falls “in love” with someone - that is romantic love. So do I think he could, as you actually described, love a woman that he’s, let’s say, fucking around with? Like - they become dearest of friends and sometimes roll around in the sheets and he feels love for her? Sure. I could see him deeply caring for anyone, no matter what gender.

TJ is a bit of a mystery, tbh. I mean, Jack Benjamin in Kings - he sleeps with women to gain favor in the sight of his father or the press or whatever - to gain something politically from it. I don’t really think he ever enjoys the sexual act itself, when he’s with a woman. TJ on the other hand, definitely seems to partake in sex for the enjoyment factor - either with men or women, although, he does clarify he has sex with women to “make sure.” I think he enjoys it, tho. Lollipop girl anyone? uhm Maybe he’s bi? idk Maybe he’s not. I can’t really say for sure. That’d be a question for the writers of the show. I think, tho, that from a fanfic standpoint, you could write him as bi w/o it being too much of a stretch. But that wasn’t really your question, was it? lol Um, yes, I think he could love a woman, whether he’s romped with her or not. I think TJ has a great capacity for love…if only someone would be kind enough to love him in a GENUINE way. ffs (now, I’m tearing up….sigh)

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“Sirius, no one has ever gotten off the Hogwarts express, let alone when it’s moving” said Peter, his voice slightly nervous.

“Aye Peter, why you always gotta be such a buzzkill?” said Lupin, following after Sirius.

Peter looked to James who shrugged and followed after the others.

Having no choice, Peter left the compartment.

The four boys walked down the hallway, students eyeing them from inside their compartments as they walked.

“Anything from the trolley, dears?”

“Ah, no thank you” said Lupin.

“What about a pumpkin pastie. They were made fresh this morning.”

“Maybe another time” said James.

The woman smiled and the four walked past her.

When no one was looking, they opened the back door and one by one climbed the ladder onto the roof.

Sirius tried to trip Remus, who in return pushed James.

“Watch it” he said.

“I was just kidding James. You didn’t think I was actually going to push you, now did you?”

James rolled his eyes.

“You are so over dramatic.”

The four of them took a seat in a circle and watched as the world went by around them.

“Sure is beautiful from up here, isn’t it?” said Sirius.

“Yes, it is” came an unfamiliar voice.

As if on cue, the four of them turned to see the trolley lady smiling at them, her pockets overflowing with pumpkin pasties.

They all jumped to their feet, but made sure to do it in a way so that they would not fall.

“No one ever has ever left the Hogwarts express.”

“We are aware, we were just getting some fresh air”

She laughed, “fresh air? That’s what windows are for.”

“Uhh, well we’ve had enough and were on our way back” said Peter.

They started walking back towards the ladder, but the trolley lady stopped them.

“You should have had a pumpkin pastie. As I said, they were made today by yours truly.”

She began emptying her pockets and throwing the contents at the boys.

“Thank you, but we really should be going.”

They tried once again to walk past her, but this time she laughed maliciously.

“Oh, you boys think I’ll let you off that easy?”

Suddenly, as though she was possessed, she began screaming and writhing and her hands transformed into spikes and with one last smile, she charged the boys.