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A couple is walking in St. Petersburg Square on Christmas Eve. They feel a slight precipitation.

“I think it’s raining,” says the man.

“No, it’s snowing,” replies the woman. 

“How about we ask this Communist officer here? He is always right!” exclaims the man. “Officer Rudolph, is it raining or snowing?”

“Definitely raining,” Officer Rudolph replies before walking off.

The man turns to his wife with a smile. “See? Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

*Karamels voice* It’s disgusting how that NASTY woman Lena always cares about Kara and supports her every time. That mutual respect is truly the ugliest thing I ever laid my eyes on. I’m gonna puke! 🤢🤢🤢 Mon-El on the other hand? A man of my dreams, oh how I love when he yells at Kara and guilt-trips her every time something doesn’t go his way! 😍😍😍 It’s so funny and hot haha, truly a chemistry right there! I can’t believe that bitch Kara is always so cold to him though, how dare she not reciprocating his feelings. She’s hurting my slave-owning bae. 😤😤😤 You know what, if Kara doesn’t want him, I can have him. Am I rite? 😂😂😂


It’s gay. It’s gay in a non-‘haha can you believe this’ way it’s not a fucking joke towards gay older men is not a joke to gay men who have kids and are still people with romantic feelings for others.
It was helped out by a queer woman working right beside Vern (Leighton Gray) to be actually heartfelt with playful humor. A queer ANYONE working on a game that was just a little joke is great! It’s a real concept of gay older men who happen to be dads dating other dads!
Yes women straight or queer will play it same goes for men and our nb/ace pals because honestly even if maybe I’m speaking for myself I think it’s amazin to have LGBTQ+ representation that isn’t made for some 'yaoi/yuri’ obsessed fan base. We’ve hit media and even there still taken as a joke I think this may be a small but fun and awesome step that people may not even recognize.

Maybe it’s just me?

I Love Him, He Loves Me || nurseyrans

Ransom could appreciate art. He could! He didn’t, often, and he didn’t get it a lot of times– he preferred practical things to appreciate, like Bitty’s pies, or good goals. Or, of course, Nursey’s ass, which he’d stolen a few furtive glances down at as he walked in front of him. It was a great ass, okay? Sue him. Now that was art to appreciate.

Right now, however, waiting for Nursey to finish what he was doing was sort of killing him.

Ransom… the thing was, he didn’t want to bother him. He knew he could snap like a twig if someone interrupted him, and Nursey had said something about a homework assignment, so he didn’t want to interfere with that. Even though Nursey wasn’t the type to snap, it felt rude not to give him the same respect he always gave him. Besides, he looked kind of cute sitting on the floor, all hunched over his journal, tongue sticking out just the smallest amount. But he was bored. He was mad fucking bored right now.

He tried going through his phone, systemically hitting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it was a dead day– not much posting, only a few notifications, some tagged pics, some snapchat selfies–

Oh. Ransom sat up and went to snapchat. He could probably entertain himself for at least a few more minutes with snapchat filters.

Dog filter, bunny filter, gold butterflies, truck driver, the little frowny face– he glanced over at Nursey and pouted just a touch because a face swap would be hilarious, honestly. Instead, he pulled one of his selfies from his phone and captioned it “missing you”, before posting it to his story.

Ransom looked up. Nursey had shifted towards him a little– he whipped out his phone and zoomed in to his face as much as possible, grinning a little before taking the picture; he yawned right at that second and Ransom decided to save it and send it to the group chat.

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How would the boys feel about a super shy easy to fluster s/o?Like they mention anything remotely sexual and she starts blushing red and stuttering.


♥Shu: Heh, I don’t believe you’re that innocent… I bet you actually enjoy it when I speak about that kind of things.

♥Reiji: Are you blushing again? It amuses me how pure you pretend to be… Somehow it makes me want to taint you.

♥Ayato: It’s so fun to bother someone so shy, hehehe…. Ne, Chichinashi, do you actually imagine the things I say? It’s that why you get so ashamed? Haha!

♥Kanato: You’re a very hypocritical woman. You’re actually doing this to catch my attention…

♥Laito: Fufu~ Bitch-chan is so dirty-minded… I only said something a little naughty, and you’re already blushing~

♥Subaru: Wait, what are you imagining?! I didn’t mean it that way! Goddamit… Don’t take everything I say so seriously!


♥Ruki: Livestock, do you have to panic with every single word I say? Save that red and teary face for your punishments.

♥Kou: Heheh~ i exactly know how you’re feeling right now, M Neko-chan… Even if you hide your face away from me.

♥Yuma: Dirty, dirty Sow! Do you pretend that I believe that stupid façade?! I know you like my dirty-talkin’!

♥Azusa: Ah, my Eve… Is so innocent… Nee, don’t look away… I like seeing that expression…


♥Carla: Why are you always hiding your true emotions? Show me your face and tell me what you’re thinking.

♥Shin: Yeah, yeah. Act innocent now… But you don’t actually complain when I do those things.

the cuck comics is hilariously terrible and i’m still not over it but what’s not hilarious about it is the part that she kinda pays lip service to the racism surrounding cuckolding, distances the characters (and potentially interested readers) from it and just moves on.
like hey… it’s not a coincidence that kink was adopted by the alt-right as an insult against progressive (non-black) men. and i’m saying alt-right rather than white supremacist because they includes MRAs and the rest of the unapologetically misogynist crowd. the point of the insult is this: this white man is a loser that allows a figurative black man to steal his woman. the white man’s masculinity is diminished by his letting a black man have the prize. it’s the perfect intersection of dehumanizing misogyny, toxic masculinity and racism. yet what erika moen has to say about this is “btw some of the porn is racist! sorry this comic is so white~” like get the fuck out.
also there’s the side note saying “haha we’re human beings not sex workers! (oh but you shouldnt treat sex workers like human beings too)” which i don’t think i need elaborate on lol. this person clearly doesn’t know about the eraser tool. and that she’s publishing this in the name of sex education is disgusting as she clearly doesn’t care to choose her words carefully on such a complex topic

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"he’s literally the man I stabbed to death on American Horror Story" I'm so confused, you were on ahs??? Also, i've never seen the show so i literally know nothing about it except that it exists lol. Sidenote--what did u think of wonder woman? Have a great day!

Hahaha hi yes I was lucky enough to live in the greatest city in the entire universe (New Orleans) while they were filming Coven so I went to a casting call!! Somehow I was selected with a few other wonderful ladies to play suffragette witches who stab an axe-wielding serial killer with ice picks while wearing pinafores and cloaks… was one of the highlights of my life tbh…..10/10 would get very suspicious-looking fake blood under my nails right before my lab midterm at Tulane again. ✨🔪

I loved Wonder Woman haha I am so ready for the rise of cooing-at-babies-while-holding-a-sword leading ladies!! (Not to mention she’s canonically bi so I’m like…..we have so much in common: sexuality, really into Greek mythology like maybe too much, stabbing…..Danny….. Huston……)

I hope you have a great day tooooo

kremlin annihilation week
Day Six: Worst Moment(s) passed off as cute/funny/romantic

Okay here we go!

“You look beautiful with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders. Absolutely beautiful.”

Because nothing boosts a woman’s confidence at a time when she’s trying to save the world like being told she looks beautiful when she looks stressed and terrified I guess? I expected a kiss or something in this episode, but it broke my heart that rather than him trying to encourage her, remind her that she was fighting as hard as she could and perhaps tell her that it wasn’t her fault if she couldn’t save everyone in time, he tells her this. She’s struggling so much, and this is what she gets. This is so far from romantic.

And then there was that fight at the DEO, when Mxy turned up and Mon-El was jealous and tried to make Kara feel bad for daring to believe she could sort it out. This whole scene was awful and they tried to pass it off as a “funny couple fight” when it was anything but. And yet through all the yelling, all the Mon El chasing Kara and getting in her face whilst she tried to tell him she could handle it and he needed to drop it, they threw in this little “oh isn’t he funny and adorable!” tidbit, the “good to see you Dana.” The “sure, he may have just chased Kara again, got right in her face and said he was the only one allowed to be mad, but look at him, chatting to someone from the DEO, haha, he’s not really being nasty to Kara if he can do that.”

No. No no no. This was not cute, this was not funny. This was a man abusing and intimidating a woman in the place she worked because he was jealous and he decided he knew better, and it’s insulting that they genuinely thought this ridiculous line would somehow make it seem like this wasn’t so horrible. Because yes, as the karamels keep telling us, real couples do have fights. But there is such a huge difference between differences that get worked through and actual abuse and intimidation. He yelled at her, he chased her and he wouldn’t drop it despite her trying to get him to be quiet. In. Her. Workplace.

And then there was the short-lived #karamelisoverparty. When Kara finally announced she did deserve better (come on Kara, you still do!!). And Kara had had a very long day trying to figure out Mon-El and his parents and was finally going home to a place she could be alone and think and process the day’s events. And so she unlocks the door to her apartment and “I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in.”

“Oh how romantic, he’s waiting for her!” the karamels cry! Meanwhile the rest of us who love Kara are frustrated that her one safe space that is truly hers where she can just get away from everything has been invaded by someone who most recently told her than “by this point in movies the girl usually forgives the boy.” Sure, he may have spent some time there recently, but she clearly did not want to be around him by then, but he chose to invade her space and catch her unawares so he could try win her over yet again.

And then, whilst Mon-El was trying to plead his case, telling Kara about how wonderful she was and admitting he was a liar and how he just needed another chance, he threw out that one line, the one line that was an awful attempt at emotionally manipulating her, the “I love you.” Because in that moment, he was desperate, he was begging, because everything had gotten to a point where Kara was sick of all his behaviour. But instead of trying to discuss it with her, or ideally not being in her space at all, and rather staying out the way whilst figuring out if he genuinely could be better for her by actually changing his behaviour completely and not just on the surface for her to see, he played the love card, in some attempt to guilt her into forgiving his very long list of wrongdoings. Because an “I love you” shouldn’t be abused like that, and it was the most disgusting attempt at emotional manipulation to say it when he did. Thankfully at the time Kara did insist she deserved better and told him to leave, but later she did say she forgave him despite him not changing at all.

And last (for my list, there are many more I haven’t included), but certainly not least, was that “funny” alternate universe scene, when J’onn and Mon-El were explaining what happened and Mon-El confirmed he was Kara’s boyfriend, only to respond with a “shhhhh….” when questioned by J’onn about their break up. Again, intended as funny, really just disgusting disrespect to an unconscious woman, one who these people respect and have worked with before. Because nothing says love like getting to say what you want to be true about a girl when she’s unconscious and can’t confirm or deny it? Frankly Mon-El being the one to take her to the other universe was already grossly insulting (”Look,” say the writers, “he truly loves her!” “But,” we say, “what about the most important relationship on this show, the two women who would do anything for each other, the sisters we have adored since the first episode?”), but to disrespect everything whilst she was unconscious was the opposite of funny.

What I Want To Do With You

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Words: 1320

Warnings: Smut and Language

A/N: I was on Facebook last night when someone requested Dean smut in a Supernatural group. So this happened and I hope you enjoy! Also I wrote this super quick so all mistakes are mine. Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Summary:  After a heated discussion, secrets are shared and Dean shows the reader how much he wants her.

 “You’re unbelievable, Dean!” you shout climbing into the Impala slamming the door.

    “Don’t slam her door, Y/N!” Dean warns climbing into the driver seat revving the engine.

    “Fuck you, Dean! Just take me back to the bunker right now,” you cross your arms looking away from him, angry at the wasted potential of an evening. When Dean had invited you out for the evening you foolishly thought it would be so he’d fess up to the feelings you knew he had. Let’s just say Castiel didn’t realize what Dean confessed to him was not meant to be shared.

   Dean spun out onto the highway, “I don’t know what your problem is, Y/N. You didn’t have to tell that chick I had crabs. I mean who does that?”

   “I think I proved that I do that, Dean,” you turned flashing him a smile. “I mean if you were just going to hook up with someone why bother inviting me? You ditched me as soon as we hit the door so yeah, you’ve got the crabs.”

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Ok, but can we just talk about this fucking couple right here. Oh my god. Ok, ok, let’s do this. I literally cannot even with this ship. It’s gonna kill me and I’m gonna go down happy fucking jolly about it, because I love them so much. The fact that Wolfgang is this badass gangster (haha see what I did there), and has done all this shit, and then you’ve got Kala, a religious woman who has very strong definitions of right and wrong, and they’re PERFECT TOGETHER. Wolfgang loves that she’s so strong willed, and Kala accepts and embraces every part of Wolfgang, and creates a fucking bomb to help him get out of a sticky situation. By all accounts, they’re complete opposites, and yet they love each other so much. Ok. Ok. Ok. I’m gonna go and rewatch both seasons now. asdjkbsdf;kajbsbs

Peace out

  • Taiyang: Girls, come and meet your new stepmom, Ella!
  • Ruby: Dad that's literally Cinder. She hates me.
  • Taiyang: I have no idea what you're talking about, her name isn't Cinder? It's Ella!
  • Cinder: I will destroy everything you love, little Red. Just you watch me.
  • Ruby: DAD!!
  • Taiyang: Haha she's just messing around, isn't that right, Ella?
  • Cinder: That's right. I love your daughters already, darling, they're delightful!
  • Qrow: Tai not to be rude but I gotta say.. your taste in women is ridiculously bad. Save for Summer.
  • Taiyang: And who asked for your opinion?? You don't get to judge me for my coping methods when you literally get off by roasting that Schnee woman.
  • Qrow: Fair.
Number 5 | Alfie Solomons

Request: @tomhiddleeston I was wondering if you could do a sort of continuation of the Pregnancy oneshot where Reader and Alfie’s child is taking their first step or something at the bakery? Or Alfie takes their child to the bakery for the first time and Reader gets mad haha

“We need to give her a name… it’s been a few days, Alf”



“Git for short.”

“We’re not calling our daughter bloody Blume-Gitte.”

“Love, it’s Jewish. You can’t—“

“I can and I bloody well will. No.”

“All right then, ‘ow bout Betty?”

“She’s not a middle-aged washer woman either.”

“Now that’s just rude, that is, pet.”

“Well, I’d like it if you took this seriously. Not something off the top of your head, like the dogs. Biscuit, Sherbet… Tommy.”

“Oi, right, listen. They weren’t off the top of me ‘ead, was they? They were very well thought out.”


“You tryin’ to tell me that those names don’t suit.”

You thought about it for a minute and you couldn’t think of a smart response. He was right.

“Thought so.”

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To all the people that ask me
“Hahahahaha bro lol y u like tony stark brrooo” and “cap was good from the very start broooooo”
Take a step back and listen.
What makes you a good person?
Let’s start at the very basic point.
Endless/visceral love and support and good experiences.
Let’s talk about Steve Rogers, who had a lotvof shit going on in his life but had the most amazing, hands on, kind mother ever. Sarah Rogers. Who worked her butt off for him, told him all the time that she loved him.
About Bucky who was without fail, continuously there, there, there
Always there, to help Steve and love him.
Let’s talk about his morality and actions and his brain.
Above all, he is an artist. He liked to paint/draw whatever. No absolute question over how that is going to help anyone. None.
He just liked to draw tbh and he was pretty good at it.
Then the war. Everyone knew what was up. Everyone knew there was only one choice.
No questions of morality.
You were doing the right thing. For YOUR country and it’s people.
Steve Rogers, who grew up with unfailing love, no talents that can be used by others and a choice which everyone without fail agreed was the right and only thing to do.

Let’s talk about Tony Stark.
Born after the wars ended and the USA began to be a superpower.
I personally believe that Maria Stark, while a good woman hardly showed any unflinching devotion to Tony.
Let’s talk about how he built a circuit board at the age of FOUR.
You’re like haha so intelligent but do you know how much knowledgemust actually be required to do that?
At four kids are picking up languages.
and Tony built a circuit board.
He must have been a special child .
His brain would have worked so so fast in that tiny little fragile body and it would be so hard for him to get occupied by child toys …with parents like Howard Stark and Maria Stark who provided shit support.

Then he builds the board.

They know now that he’s an unflinching genius.

A child genius.
What is howard’s first action? To thrust the child into limelight and declare that he will build greater, weapons.
Okay. Okay.
Now let’s come down his schooling.
He graduated high school at 13.
He was sent to a boarding school at 7.
A genius. Without his parents. Sent to an uppity boarding school.
Imagine a kid four years younger than you sits in your class and excels
Will you be his friend?
..not really.
and a rich kid to boot.
You telling me he did not get bullied?
Now a kid, who’s only doing as he is told gets bullied for being who is.
What would they do?
Tell their parents? Wait. Wait. Howard and Maria? Not so much. ( i like jarvis, but that’s one discussion im not going in rn)
Okay so what does he do?
He builds a thick, thick skin.
Acts out.
Because if he is going to be hated, let’s give those kids a reason. Use his money status. Because it can either ostracise him or make him popular.

Let’s talk about his drinking problem specially in the M.C.U
So in 616 universe, howard stark was an utter dick. He mentally/physically abused Tony and pressed a glass of alcohol in his hands when he was 8 (?) Because it would make him a…man.
In 616, THE character defects of Tony are explained and justified but since its the mcu and they can do no horrifying things.
They made howard a relatively good person WHILE STILL GIVING TONY ALL THE CHARACTER DEFECTS OF 616.
Fuck that.

Im going to say Howard introduced him to alcohol in MCU at young age too.
Now he is a genius, he’s got no friends and no rigid parental support and his mind is too too fast.
What does he do? He drinks.
he then goes to college where everyone drinks and parties and wants to get in his pants because of his money/influence/name.
Should he fight them? Should he fight tge press who continuously portrays him as white privileged kid genius wih bratty issues?
Why should he? Who is there to tell him that is not the right way to manipulate people?
Let’s talk about his wonders.
The first thing tony created, was a circuit board, the second and engine and the third aN AI ROBOT.
does it look like he wants to create destructive things?
He created a robot with artificial intelligence goddamnit.
He’s an engineer, a creator, with the wonder of science in his eyes and he only wants to do that. Just…create. that’s his talent.

Howard and Maria die.
The company lands on Tony’s head.
Tony who is an engineer, who is only interested in creating is put in the middle of a group of sharks, blood thirsty.
With Obadiah at his back.
Subtly and sometimes strongly pushing him pushing him pushing him.
He creates weapons, to get the board off his back. Keep them happy and he can create in peace. He has to spend his time doing shit he does not actually want to do.
And then there must be howard’s ghost on his head with obadiah propelling it.
“Your father tony..he must …he would want you to..”
And he still hasn’t found one person that would stick by him completely and unfailingly. The press continues to haunt him.
Rhodey? Sure. Sure. He loves Rhodey. But MIT is done and now Rhodey is making his career in the airforce and he’s miles and miles away.
So they tell him, hey you’re good for nothing but making weapons..keep doing that.
So he makes weapons.
And since he’s trapped in this hellhole, he drinks, parties and fucks his way out of it.
Which is wrong and sad. But it makes sense to me.
Pepper who’s only an assistant and who Tony even subconsciously think he’s worthy of.
Then Iron man happens.
There is a whole other rant for that.

anonymous asked:

How would they react to finding their s/o's diary and it having in it that she's actually really sad almost all the time because she thinks they don't love her

Shuu : “Heh…what a pitiful woman. You’re right. I don’t love you, there’s no need in focusing on such useless matter.” breaks my heart

Reiji : “I would have congratulated you for keeping your thoughts to yourself and putting them in a diary, but truthfully, the content is very poor. Love is such a trivial and mundane emotion.” 

Ayato : “Love? Tch, do you think this is a fairy tale of some kind? You shouldn’t even be keeping thoughts away from me…” *burns the diary*

Kanato : “Hmpf…Haha…Hahahaha! Really, y/n-san, you’re too funny! I thought you were quite pathetic, but I didn’t think you’d go to such extent, ah, you’re so foolish.”

Laito : “Is Bitch-chan scared of me not loving her? Hm? After so many times where I’ve repeated those words in your ear, while you were in front of me with your pretty and frigthened face? I love you Bitch-chan, but you know as much as me that those words are devoid of meaning.”

Subaru : “T-Tsk, love?! Who the fuck do you think I am? Don’t be stupid, you are my prey, there’s nothing more to it!”

Ruki : “Livestock, I thought we had this conversation already. I, as a vampire, do not have feelings for mere cattle like you.”

Kou : “Love? Is M Neko-chan not feeling desired? Ah, I could give you my love, but you know I’ll need something in return…”

Yuuma : “Don’t be stupid, Sow. I don’t have feelings for a piglet like you. I’m a vampire, emotions are useless to me.”

Azusa : “…But…I do love you…Eve…I hurt you…to prove it…because I know…you enjoy it…But if it’s not clear…i should hurt you till you understand…”

anonymous asked:

How would the M and S brothers react to their S/o crying because she misses her family? I love your blog!

This is super short, sorry! And thank you very much!

- Admin Izzi


Shu: “What a bothersome woman. Go cry somewhere else, I don’t care whether you miss your family or not…”

Reiji: “How pathetic. A proper young lady should keep her composure. If you do not stop this instant, I will gladly teach you some manners.”

Ayato: “Haha, Chichinashi, don’t cry over stupid things! Your family can’t do anything to get you back so don’t bother. You’re mine now, understood?”

Kanato: “Hey, stop crying right now! Your family doesn’t matter so SHUT UP!”

Laito: “Oh, poor Bitch-chan~ nfu. Hey, I’ve got an idea~! How about I help you forget about your family~? Nfufu~.”

Subaru: “H-hey, stop crying! There’s no point so stop! I-it’s not that I c-care or anything, tch.”


Ruki: “My, my, what a sensitive Livestock… You know that you will probably never see your family again but by all means, keep crying if that’ll help.”

Kou: “Ah, what a pain. M Neko-chan, shut up, please. I don’t really care so you’re wasting your breath and your tears.”

Yuma: “My God, Sow, you sure are loud. Tch, shut up, would ya?! Family doesn’t mean anythin’ so quit ya damn whining.”

Azusa: “Eve, please stop… crying… I hate it… when you cry. I can… make you feel better… and loved… if you want…”