the woman has a beard

Gender and the Goddesses

Aphrodite is used to people expecting her to play a part. Women look like this, like that, but Aphrodite is a woman and has a beard. She is a woman and has prominent muscles. She is a woman and her voice is deep. She is too fat or too skinny, a proud transwoman. 

Athena has no mother and is given freedom by their father. Some say they are too pretty to not be a woman, but they know beauty is in the mind. Some say they are too pretty to wield a sword, too. It does not require a gender. 

Hestia likes burning down old and burdensome ideas, especially about gender. Some say she is a modal woman, but she is a gender-fucking-being who refuses labels. She keeps the home, so what? We all have home inside us.

Persephone changes xer label so often xe wonders of people don’t take it seriously. Xer is still finding out who xer is, and growth is nothing and everything. Most of all, it takes time. 

Artemis is more than one thing, so full and focused. Their femininity and masculinity are held up together and she refuses to choose. He is many genders. Nothing is ever as straight as their arrow is. 

Hera is old and tired and young and spirited. She is used and uses and so many call her woman to insult her that she built womanhood to hold anyone who claims it. 

Hecate is fluid and ghostly. Some days she is woman, is man, is both, or neither. Every one is full of magic and intent. She is what she makes. 

Týr, the One-Handed God, God of War, heroism, courage, Honor, and Justice

Óðinn (Odin), Þórr (Thor), and Loki (or maybe Freyr) are the three most well-known Norse gods that the non-heathens know and to some are the most powerfully Gods too. But in my own option, the strongest god and boldest of all the Norse Gods (or any Gods for that matter)…is no other than Týr. There was a time that Týr was the center god of the Norseman, a long time before Óðinn move toward the center of Norse Mythology.

To me Týr is still in the center.

Who is this god, Týr?

Týr (Old Norse, Týr, Gothic, Teiws, Old English Tiw and Old High German Ziu and Cyo, all from Proto-Germanic *Tîwaz, the Latinized name is Tius or Tio). Týr is a Norse god associated with law, heroic glory, war, courage, honor, and justice. Týr almost always portrayed as one-handed, which he lost his right hand to the wolf, Fenris wolf (Fenrir). Týr is portrayed as the son of Odin in Prose Edda but he also portrayed as the son of Hymir in Poetic Edda. Like I say before Týr was once considered the center god the pantheon, and not only the center god but also father of the gods and head of the gods, but some point during the Migration Age (running from about 376 to 800AD) he was overtaken in popularity and in authority by both Odin and Thor. (Now he shares the role as God of war with Odin)

How Týr did lose his right hand?

So Týr is well-known for being the One-handed God, but how did this happen, how did a god lose his hand? Well the story is a powerful and fascinating story to tell, like many other stories of the Norse (but I will tell them in another time). It was the Binding of Fenrir (a son of Loki), during this binding a god must place their hand in the mouth of Fenrir to order show that the gods will release his after they bonded him. For being known for his courage, Týr volunteers to do it.

The Wolf, Fenrir; the Æsir brought up at home and Týr alone dared go to him to give him meat. But when the gods saw how much he grew every day, and when all prophecies declared that he was fated to be their destruction, then the Æsir seized upon this way of escape: they made a very strong fetter, which they called lædingr, and brought it before the Wolf, bidding him try his strength against the fetter. The Wolf thought that no overwhelming odds, and let them do with him as they would. The first time the Wolf lashed out against it, the fetter broke; so he was loosed out of Lædingr. After this, the Æsir made a second fetter, stronger by half, which they called Drómi, and bade the Wolf try that fetter, saying he would become very famous for strength, if such huge workmanship should not suffice to hold him. But the Wolf thought that this fetter was very strong; he considered also that strength had increased in him since the time he broke Lædingr: it came into his mind, that he must expose himself to danger, if he would become famous. So he let the fetter be laid upon him. Now when the Æsir declared they ready, the Wolf shook himself, dashed the fetter against the earth and struggled fiercely with it, spurned against it, and broke the fetter, so that the fragments flew far. So he dashed himself out of Drómi. Since then it passes as a proverb, ‘to loose out of Lædingr,’ or ‘to dash out of Drómi,’ when anything is exceeding hard.

“After that the Æsir feared that they should never be able to get the Wolf bound. Then Allfather sent him who is called Skírnir, Freyr’s messenger, down into the region of the Black Elves, to certain dwarves, and caused to be made the fetter named Gleipnir. It was made of six things: the noise a cat makes in foot-fall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a rock, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird. And though thou understand not these matters already, yet now thou mayest speedily find certain proof herein, that no lie is told thee: thou must have seen that a woman has no beard, and no sound comes from the leap of a cat, and there are no roots under a rock; and by my troth, all that I have told tee is equally true, though there be some things which thou canst not put to the test.”

Then said Gangleri: “This certainly I can perceive to be true: these things which thou hast taken for proof, I can see; but how was the fetter fashioned?” Hárr answered: “That I am well able to tell thee. The fetter was soft and smooth as a silken ribbon, but as sure and strong as thou shalt now hear. Then, when the fetter was brought to the Æsir, they thanked the messenger well for his errand. Then the Æsir went out upon the lake called Ámsvartnir, to the island called Lyngvi, and summoning the Wolf with them, they showed him the silken ribbon and bade him burst it, saying that it was somewhat stouter than appeared from its thickness. And each passed it to the others, and tested it with the strength of their hands and it did not snap; yet they said the Wolf could break it. Then the Wolf answered: ‘Touching this matter of the ribbon, it seems to me that I shall get no glory of it, though I snap asunder so slender a band; but if it be made with cunning and wiles, then, though it seem little, that band shall never come upon my feet.’ Then the Æsir answered that he could easily snap apart a slight silken band, he who had before broken great fetter of iron,–‘but if thou shalt not be able to burst this band, then thou wilt not be able to frighten the gods; and then we shall unloose thee.’ The Wolf said: ‘If ye bind me so that I shall not get free again, then ye will act in such a way that it will be late ere I receive help from you; I am unwilling that this band should be laid upon me. Yet rather than that ye should impugn my courage, let some one of you lay his hand in my mouth, for a pledge that this is done in good faith.’ Each of the Æsir looked at his neighbor, and none was willing to part with his hand, until Týr stretched out his right hand and laid it in the Wolf’s mouth. But when the Wolf lashed out, the fetter became hardened; and the more he struggled against it, the tighter the band was. Then all laughed except Týr: he lost his hand.

“When the Æsir saw that the Wolf was fully bound, they took the chain that was fast to the fetter, and which is called Gelgja, and passed it through a great rock—it is called Gjöll—and fixed the rock deep down into the earth. Then they took a great stone and drove it yet deeper into the earth—it was called Thviti—and used the stone for a fastening-pin. The Wolf gaped terribly, and thrashed about and strove to bite them; they thrust into his mouth a certain sword: the guards caught in his lower jaw, and the point in the upper; that is his gag. He howls hideously, and slaver runs out of his mouth: that is the river called Ván; there he lies till the Weird of the Gods.” Then said Gangleri: ‘Marvelous ill children did Loki beget, but all these brethren are of great might. Yet why did not the Æsir kill the Wolf, seeing they had expectation of evil from him?” Hárr answered: “So greatly did the gods esteem their holy place and sanctuary, that they would not stain it with the Wolf’s blood; though (so say the prophecies) he shall be the slayer of Óðinn.” – The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson (Translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, Ph.D. [1916]) Pages 44-46 of Gylfaginning

Týr, known for his great wisdom and courage, agreed to put his right hand in the Wolf’s mouth, which he had lost. As a result of this deed, Týr is called the “Leavings of the Wolf”; which is to be understood as a poetic kenning for glory. According to the Prose version of Ragnarök, Týr is destined to kill and be killed by Garmr, the guard dog of Hel. However, in to two poetic versions of Ragnarök, he goes unmentioned, unless one believes that he is the “Mighty One”.

‘Then shall the dog, Garmr, be loosed, which is bound before Gnipa’s Cave: he is the greatest monster: he shall do battle with Týr and each become the other’s slayer.’ – The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson (Translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, Ph.D. [1916]) Page 80 of Gylfaginning

How to Worship Týr

Tyr’s gift is very simple: the courage to do difficult things. Tyr is less interested in offerings of objects and more interested in actions. If you work with him, he will expect you to have a code of honor, and to stick to it at all costs. He will not tolerate oath breaking, or even the frequent breaking of small commitments. Understand that if you promise him something in return for his gift, he will expect you to come through. Do not break your word to him, or it will go badly for you. Tyr is never malicious or sadistic, but he will strike with a warrior’s force if he feels that it is necessary.

·         Colors

o   Dark red

o   steel grey

·         Symbols

o   Swords

·         Altar Suggestions

o   Weapons - real ones, not fake (and keep them in good working order)

o   Knotted cord - for oaths

o   Holly tree - mustard seed

o   The rune Teiwaz

·         Food and Drink

o   Mead

o   meat

o   bread

·         Service Offerings

o   Protect or defend someone who is unable to protect themselves

o   Train in a weapons art or other martial art

·         Contraindicated

o   Letting the weapons get rusty or dirty

o   Dishonorable behavior within range of his space, breaking your sworn word

hey does anyone else remember that time Ben 10 gave us an alien squid woman who has pretty much the same body type and tentacle beard as the males of her species

and then Alien Force came along, moved her tentacles so they didn’t evoke a beard, made her face cuter, and gave her a human body type and fCUKING SQuID TIDDIES



Water Jimmy Darling x Reader

Words: 3,602

Description: This story is about when you first come to the freak show because you have an extra finger on each side. You are warmed welcomly to the freak show and you get really close to Jimmy and when the show starts the act you do is singing so you tell him your feelings in the song.

A/N: The song that you sing in this imagine is called Water by Pentatonix and I would definetley recommend to hear it before you read or while you read! I hope you guys enjoy this! XOXO

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Pentatonix, American Horror Story or unfortunaetly Evan Peters. All rights reserved to them.


It was September 3 when I had to leave the orphanage I had been in my whole life. I am glad to be leaving it. There was no peace there, only hatred, but only for deformed people like me. My deformity is that I have an extra finger on other side of my hands. The orphangage tried to put me through school but I got thrown out because I was ‘scaring’ my classmates. After that I taught myself. I never knew what it felt like to love. I wanted to but it was never there for me. When I first left the orphanage to get some food they insisted I put gloves on and I did because I was ashamed to look this way and the gloves covered that. I still wear the gloves and I have I feeling that I will have to all the time if I want to find a place to live. I have no clue where I am going, but hopefully there is a place near Jupiter, Florida, where I am accepted.

I walk down the street with my gloved hands in my pockets. I stumble upon a nice looking diner. I take my hands out and make sure that my gloves are on tight. I also take out my wallet to see how much money I have. I look through and I find that I have about thirty to thirty-five dollars. I finally open the door to the diner and walk in. I look around and I find a spot near the corner of the bar. I take a seat and see a very attractive guy sitting next to me a couple seats down. I look over to look at him and he winks at me. I blush immediatley.

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I look back forward when a waitress comes over to ask me what I would like to eat.

“Hi, what would you like to eat?” she said.

“HI, I would love your pot roast please!” I said with a smile on my face.

“Alright! Coming right up sugar.”

I wait patiently while tapping my finger back and forth on the counter. The man that winked at me earlier came behind me and sat down next to me. I pulled my gloves on tighter so there wasn’t a chance of them falling off.

“So what is a pretty girl like you doing sitting here all by herself?” He asked.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is you should probably go away too. I’m not like other girls.” I said letting him down so it would save the heart break.

“Well what if I told you I wasn’t like other guys? That I was different?” He said.

“Then I would say that you’re full of it.” I said turning to the side and looking straight into his eyes.

“The thing is that you—” He was interupted by the waitress placing my food down infront of me.

“Thank you.” I said then turning back to eat my food. The man soon left knowing that I wasn’t going to give in. It was a good fifteen minutes after he left that I finished eating. The waitress came back around and picked up my plate. She soonly came around again to drop off the check. My total was three dollars and fifty cents, I took out my wallet and payed for it. I stood up, readjusting my gloves again. I walked to the door and said thank you before I left. When my body was fully outside there was harsh wind that made me shiver. A group of men were waiting in the alleyway, catcalling me.

“Hey pretty darling! Why don’t you come over here!” the drunken man shouted. I continued to walk down the street and ignored them.

“Why aren’t you over here yet? Is there something wrong with you? You come from the freak show just a couple miles down the road?” Another drunken man said. Wait! Did he just say freak show? I need to go to there! Maybe they will let me be apart of their show! Maybe I’ll finally have a family like me!

I started walking even faster hoping that I would be able to stay there and maybe even be apart of it. I walk a couple more minutes until I hear this motorcycle engine rev up near me. I start walking faster with my hands in my pocket. I hear the engine slow down as it comes near me. My heart is beating out of my chest not knowing what is going to happen and not knowing who is on the motorcycle. I see the motorcycle pass and I let my breath out. I keep on walking into the woods that surround the road. I see a sign that says “Welcome to Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities” I hope that this is it. I turn down the dirt path and follow it until I see a whole group of tents bunched together. ‘This MUST be it!’ I walk to the field and look to see if anyone is around. I see a lady with blonde hair and a rose in her hair. She is wearing all red. I approach her.

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“Excuse me miss, do you know who runs this show?” I ask politely.

“Zhat vould be me fräulein.” The obviously German lady tells me.

“Hi Ms. ….”

“Mars. Elsa Mars. You?”

“(Your Last Name), (Full Name) .Anyways, Ms. Mars, I was wondering if you had room for one more person in your show.”

“Let me guess another teenage runavay vanting to join zhee circus, huh?”

“No m’am. I came here because I have no where to go. The reason why is because of my deformity.”

“And vhat vould zhat be?”

“I have an extra finger on both sides of my hands. So I have twelve fingers instead of ten.”

“How do I know you aren’t just telling me zhis? Show me your beauty.” I pull my hands out of my coat pockets. I continue to take off my glove showing Elsa my hands. I move my fingers around showing her that this isn’t just a magic trick.

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She gasps and takes my hands in hers turning them over and moving the individual fingers.

“Oh my! Zhis is just vhat I needed! Danke, danke for coming to me. Ve vill get your tent up and ready for you to stay here!” She runs away getting a two men to help her put up my tent. “While you are here, go ahead and meet everyone! First let me call them for you, My MONSTERS, come out and meet your newest addition. All of a sudden all of these people start coming out of their trailers and tents and start approaching me. Elsa stands behind me with her hands on my shoulders.

“Everyone meet our newest addition (Y/N)! She will be with us in the show from now on. I want everyone to treat her nicely, I don’t want this one left out. That is all now introduce yourselves!” A tall woman and a woman on her shoulders step up and hold out thier hand.

“Hi I’m Amazon Eve and this Ma Petite. I’m glad you could join the show! I can’t wait to be friends with you.” She and Ma Petite sweetly smile.

“Thank you! I can’t wait to friends with you too!” I took her hand and shook it. Then a man with shortened arms approaches me and takes his hat off.

“Hello I’m Paul. I’m glad we could add another great person to this show.”

“Thank you .” I say.

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Then a woman with a beard walks in. She approaches me and has her hand out for me to shake.

“Ethel Darling. It is so nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy it here and I am glad you came to the right place.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“Thank you. It is so nice of all of you to warmly welcome me when I am so new.”

Then a man and woman entered with dresses on.

“Pepper! Salty! Come play with us!” they said then grabbed my hands and we spinned in a circle. I start laughing a lot because seeing them happy is the best thing that you could wish for them.

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We start spinning a lot faster and I lose my balance. I close my eyes awaiting for the impact but it never comes. Instead I feel two strong warm arms wrap around me. I look up and am met with the eyes of the man I met at the diner. I stand up immediatley and adjust my dress.

“It’s you from the diner!” I said while pointing my finger at him.

“And its you from the diner!” He says with a confused look on his face. “What are you doing here anyways?”

“I am here because I just joined the freak show.” I say,

“No Elsa just doesn’t let a stupid teenage runaway join the show.”

“Well she must keep her word because she didn’t.” I hold up my hand showing him my twelve fingers. “What are YOU doing here?”

“I live and work here. My ma is the bearded lady and I am ‘Lobster Boy’.” He holds up his hands showing me his conjoined fingers.

“So I guess you were telling the truth when you said that you weren’t like other guys.” I said.

“Yeah and you were telling the truth about being different than other girls. Jimmy. Jimmy Darling.” He says while winking at me and smiles.

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I blush again.

“How about we go for a walk? I would love to get to know you more!” Jimmy says.

“I would love that. Maybe you could show me around camp aswell?” I ask. Jimmy and I arrive at a broken down Ferris Wheel where we sit down to talk.

“Of course.” We start walking and he asks, “How did you get here? To Jupiter I mean.”

“Well my parents gave me up as soon as I was born. They didn’t want a little freak like me running around. So they drop me off in an orphange. I think I have visited every school in Florida and they still kicked me out because I ‘scared’ my classmates. So I have just taught myself for all of these years. I have forvever been in an orphange and the one I was in let me be on my own when I was twenty-one. I actually just got out today and i walked into town and find the diner. Then after you left I went walking down the street when these catcallers asked me if I was from the freak show down the road. So that is how I came to this place. How about you?”

“Well I have been here since birth. I don’t know my dad, all I know is how bad he was to my mom. When my ma was pregnant he set up posters all over downtown saying ‘Watch A Freak Give Birth!” So I have been apart of the freak show scenery ever since I could remember.”

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Jimmy.” I say putting my hand on his forearm.

“Thank you (Y/N). It really means a lot to me. My girlfriend Maggie has been my rock for a little while now.” Girlfriend? Of course he is amazingly handsome man why wouldn’t he have a girlfriend!

“How long have you and Maggie been together?”

“A couple months actually. I think it’s getting pretty serious. We actually just talked about running away from here a couple days ago.”

“Oh, are you thinking of running away?’

“No. I couldn’t leave my ma or anyone in the show. They have been like my family so why would I want to run away from that?”

“You’re right. I have never thought about it that way. You’re lucky. You got to grow up with people like you instead of being alone.” Jimmy stopped walking and looked straight into my eyes.

“(Y/N), you never EVER have to be alone anymore. You’ve got us now.” Yeah, I wish I had you as something more. Jimmy showed me to my tent and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Three Months Later

I was insanely crushing on Jimmy. I wanted to tell him so bad but I was scared that I was going to drive him away. Yes Jimmy is still dating the brat Maggie. She didn’t like me at all. She said that if I ever approached Jimmy ever again then she would kill me. I also haven’t talked to Jimmy in almost three weeks. I am suprised that I am still going strong. I miss Jimmy. I love Jimmy.  

I wake up and I rub my eyes to get the sleep away. I get up and get dressed. I get out of my tent and the first thing I see is Jimmy and Maggie kissing. I watched the ground instead of looking at the couple. Jimmy and Maggie stop and I see them walk over to where I walked to which was the dinning tent. I hear them being all lovey dovey and makes me want to throw up. I eat my cereal and then I go to the big even tent where the show takes place. I see Elsa with the new people which was Bette and Dot Tattler.

Since it was getting boring in there I started to walk around the camp. I start hearing two people talk. I walk to where the noise is coming from. I opened up the tent ‘door’ to find Maggie and this boy from town are kissing. I gasped and they both stopped and looked at me. I run away and start going to find Jimmy until Maggie pulls me into a tent.

“I swear to God that if you tell Jimmy I will break you.”

“Too bad. I will tell Jimmy because I can’t stand you doing this! He loves you for heaven’s sake. Any girl would be lucky to have him and you throw him away like he is nothing. You don’t deserve him!”

“And what you think you deserve him? Don’t try to hide that you don’t like him. I see the way you look at him. I will tell him if you tell him about me and Derek.”

“Whatever. I won’t tell him this time!” I walked away before she could say anything. I saw JImmy and I decided to run for my tent before he could reach me.

It was a couple hours after the little indescretion between me and Maggie happened and I once again found myself bored so I started wandering, again. I heared yelling and started to find the noise. I walked to a tent and opened the flap. I seceretly looked inside and saw Jimmy, Maggie, and Derek in the tent.

“SCRAM KID!” Jimmy said to Derek resulting in him sprinting out of there.

“Jimmy, baby calm down.” Maggie said.

“DON’T CALL ME BABY!” Jimmy yelled.

“I can explain everything. It isn’t what it looked like.”

“NO! I know exactly what it was. It was YOU cheating on ME! I actually thought that you were different and that you accepted me as who I am. I guess I thought wrong.”

“No Jimmy you didn’t. I love you.”

“Get out.”


“I said GET OUT! LEAVE! I DON’T WANT TO SEE  YOU ANYMORE! PACK ALL OF YOUR STUFF AND LEAVE! It was a bad idea in the first place to keep around town junkies.” I got out of there as fast as I could. I didn’t want Jimmy to find me and be mad at me. I ran quietly to the entertainment tent and saw Elsa.

“Elsa, I was wondering if I could sing a different song for tonight than I usually do. Is that okay?”

“Yes as long as it won’t scare my monsters.”

“Of course not.”

“Then you may sing it. I was going to tell you to sing a different song because it is getting old with your new song.”

“Okay Thank you!” Elsa just waved her hand in a ‘you’re welcome’ manner. I ran into my tent starting to get ready for tonight’s show. I put on my (Favorite Color) dress on and put my make up on. I got ready in two hours because I was making myself look especially nice because tonight in my song I was going to tell Jimmy my feelings. He always sits in the crowd when I’m singing. He says that he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

I got out of my tent and walked to the back entrance of the entertainment tent. I saw Elsa and ran to her.

“Elsa I need to hand the notes to Eve for my new song. Can I please go try to find her now?”

“Yes of course! Make this your best performance. We have a full house.”

“Yes i will do my best!” I walked away from her and went to find Eve quickly. I finally find her trying to put all her piano sheet music in order.

“Eve! These are my notes for the new song I am singing tonight okay? Don’t play the one you always do for me okay?”

“Of course. I will play this instead of the last one.” I hugged her as a thank you and then went to stand in line. I was behind Ma Petite and infront of Bette and Dot.

Ma Petite went on stage and then shortly came off. I heard Elsa introduce me to the crowd.

“And now I welcome an interesting girl with an amazing talent. (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” I walk on stage and look around at the audience. I hear most of them mutter ‘Oh look she has twelve fingers!’ and ‘Magnificent!’ I had gotten used to it so I wasn’t bothered by then saying that  I look again and i see Jimmy staring directly at me similing. I smile back. I step up to the microphone and wrap my hands around the top so now everyone could see what some people were gawking at. I nod to Eve as in I’m ready to sing now. The melody starts off and I sing the song, Water.

“ It’s 10 past 2, still up thinking of you
If I showed you all I really want to
Would you stay, dare to push me away
I just can’t return anymore”
I look to see Jimmy’s face and he is staring as I stare back. “ Timid heart, hide my scars
Make me stronger
I can’t take this any longer
I need, I need you like water
It’s on the tip of my tongue
I’m not asking for much
Just your love and not another
Cause your embrace keeps me warmer
Could I tell you this time
How I wish you were mine” I
see Jimmy’s confused face as he realizes I am not singing my regular song but then he starts to smile as he realizes what I am singing about.” My voice cracks, I wait for it to pass
Heart beats fast for words I can’t take back
And so I pray I don’t drive you away
Cause I’m scared of what I have to tell you
Timid heart, hide my scars
Make me stronger
I can’t take this any longer
I need, I need you like water
It’s on the tip of my tongue
I’m not asking for much
Just your love and not another
Cause your embrace keeps me warmer
Could I tell you this time
How I wish you were mine
I’ll take you higher, take you high
I can make you come alive
Open your eyes, change your mind
I’ll take you higher, take you high
I can’t take this any longer
I need, I need you like water
It’s on the tip of my tongue
I’m not asking for much
Just your love and not another
Cause your embrace keeps me warmer
Could I tell you this time
How I wish you were mine
How I wish you were mine
How I wish you were mine”
I finish the song and the audience abrupts into applauses. I look to see if I can find Jimmy but I couldn’t. Someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn to see Jimmy.

“I know what that song is really about and let me just say, I love you too.” I smile when he says that. The spotlights us and Jimmy wraps his hand around my waist and pulls me close. He leans in closer and our lips collide. We stood on stage with the applause and ‘awws’ in the background as we share a kiss. We break apart and lean our foreheads together. Elsa comes on the stage and shoos us off.

“I have been waiting to do that since I first met you (Y/N).”

“Then what was the wait for?”

“I was in love with someone that wasn’t in love with me and that clouded my eyes from what was standing right infront of me. I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too Jimmy.”

“How about we go to the diner in town and share a shake.”

“I would love that. Do you want me to get the gloves?”

“No. Don’t hide up your beauty.” He pecks me on lips. We both sneak out and get on his motorbike. I was in total bliss. I was dating my best friend and we were going to be together forever and nothing could stop us.

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actualmermaid replied to your link “My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy -…”

yeahhhh boyyyyyy also, I love that Azaghal is a she

Azaghâl knew, objectively, that the elf was a woman and not a girl but the bare face made that hard to keep in mind. Tall or not, she should be sweeping up the ash in her parents’ forge, not leading war parties of children just as young.

“I’m older than your great grandfather,” said the elf when, after a few drinks, Azaghâl put this to her. “Older than that, even, but you can only say ‘great’ so many times before it becomes tedious.”

“Older in years, maybe,” said Azaghâl, because it sounded very wise. “But what do years mean to you? Ten centuries, a hundred, and you won’t have aged. You’ll still be the same overgrown children.”

“Very philosophical.” There was the proper amount of respect in those words but she spoilt it all by adding, “I can see you staring at my chin.”

“It’s obscene. My daughter has more stubble than you and she’s not yet learnt to walk. How can anyone know your rank? Your clan?”

“You know because I introduced myself as Lord of the House of Fëanor,” said the elf, a little peevishly. She was not long irked, though. “How would a beard tell you those things? Do the braids have meanings? The beads?”

“Yes and yes. Each clan has their own braid, see?” She tugged at the interlocking ladder of plaits that fell from her chin down to her belt. “And beads are given when they’re earnt. By masters when an apprenticeship is completed, by commanders for a battle well fought, by lovers for- well.” Azaghâl was king for a reason and fair jangled when she walked, so heavy was her beard with metal, shining like veins of precious ore against her coal dark hair. “How can anyone respect you or trust you if they can’t see the record of your deeds?”

The elf laughed as though Azaghâl had said something very funny. “Does saving your life not suffice as an introduction?”

“It was a lovely battle, well planned and well fought. I’d weave one of these-”, she tapped the golden marker of a victory, “-into your hair if you had any. Did the Enemy take it along with your hand?”

“That’s a conversation I’m not drunk enough to have,” said the elf and changed the subject. “What of dwarves that can’t grow beards?”

Azaghâl debated between getting the elf drunker and keeping the mead for herself. Curiosity won out and she tossed the flask in a high arc that sent it sailing over their campfire. “I’ve never known it to be a problem - what great deeds can a babe in arms achieve?”

The elf snatched the bottle from the air one- handed, but did not drink. “And do your women have no great deeds to adorn themselves with?”

“Are you mocking me, girl?” Metal chimed angrily as Azaghâl stood. The light of the campfire dripped and ran across gemstones and worked gold so that it seemed that she was garbed in flame. “Just because those orcs caught me off guard, do you think I’m not your match? Take up your sword and I’ll show you what a dwarven woman can do.”

Despite the twitch, swiftly arrested, towards the knife at her belt, the elf made no attempt to rise. Her expression shifted into something conciliatory and her voice went soft. “My apologies, I intended no offence. No woman of my people has ever grown a beard. To the best of my knowledge, anyway - I have cousins that might do so out of spite now that I’ve said it. Certainly no elf, man or woman, has a beard so fine as yours.”

“That’s not much of a compliment,” Azaghâl said, barely mollified.

“Would you believe I’m the diplomat of the family?” The elf tossed the flask back to her, which did a good deal more to settle her mood.

“Easily,” she said, plopping back down onto a cushion. “But only because I’ve met your sister.”

“How do dwarves tell men from women?” the elf said abruptly. She leant forwards, tilting her head so that the dark stones set in her circlet caught the firelight. “It can’t be braids- Is it the jewels you wear?”

“A fair guess,” Azaghâl said, something itching at the back of her mind. “I don’t know how you Children do it - nothing but hurt to be had in making assumptions about these things.”

“That’s logical,” said the elf, her hand twitched again, not for the knife but a scroll sticking from the pack beside her. A quick kick to the fire dislodged a stick of charcoal and she took it up to write. “As long as all know the system. I assume it’s rubies for a girl?”

“Not just rubies. Any red sto- hmph.” Too used to being among civilised folk, she thought, glaring at the blood-dark gems upon the elf’s brow. “You might have said something sooner. Is it ‘boy’ then?”

“Hardly.” There was charcoal smudged across the elf’s cheek when he looked up at her, eyes narrowing in feigned ire. “I’m still older than your great grandmother.”

“And then they fuck, right?” said @imindhowwelayinjune , whose thirst could drink the oceans dry. 

“If they do, it won’t work as a prequel to My crown is called content,” I said. 

Yet I yielded at last to her will and will reblog this with some horrible dwarf/elf smut after the weekend’s LotR marathon. 

El Libro De La Vida [Prologue] - Poe Dameron x Reader (x Kylo Ren)

Request: The book of life au where poe is manolo and kylo is joaquin. Reader of course is maria and bb8 can be chuy. Someone please write this.

A/N: that wasn’t really a request but somebody on anon sent it to @fandom-writes asking for someone to write it so here it is lmao anyway if u haven’t seen The Book Of Life then I 100% recommend it go watch it now it’s on netflix. uhhh endgame relationship here is pretty obvious if u’ve seen the movie. Obvs various character roles and stuff have been altered for the Purpose™ of this fic. ALSO THIS WAS JUST GONNA BE A FUN LITTLE THING BUT AHAH??? WHOOPS???? IT GOT IN DEPTH™

Tags: @fandom-writes @the-new-fanfic-order @disapearing-act @badwolfandtimelords @xxassbuttsophiaxx @ladyaphmeow @memyselfandwifi

A More Important Note: Of course, Día De Los Muertos is a very important holiday, and if I have said anything at all in this story that could in anyway insult or offend anyone or the original story, please tell me so I can make necessary changes.

 “This is the Book of Life.”

 "All the world is made of stories, and all of those stories are right here.“

 "Long ago, in the center of Mexico, was the quaint little town of San Angel.”

 "And naturally, directly below it lay the Land of the Remembered, a festive and magic place for those who lived on in the memories of their loved ones!“

 "And below that lies the Land of the Forgotten. The sad and lonely destination for those poor souls who are no longer remembered.”

 "But, before I can properly begin this story, you must meet the magical rulers of these two realms.“

 "That is La Muerta. She is made out of sweet sugar candy. She loves all mankind, and believes their hearts are pure and true.”

 "And that is Xibalba. That charming rascal thinks mankind is not so pure, just like him. He’s made out of tar and everything icky in the whole world.“

 "And that is the Candlemaker. He keeps everything in balance. He is made out of wax and has a beard full of clouds.”

 "See all these wooden figures here? They represent real people in our story, just like you and me.“

 "And so our story begins, on the day that the people of Mexico call the Day of the Dead, and on this particular Day of the Dead, after centuries of being banished, Xibalba had had enough.”

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manycats  asked:

so if you see someone with a beard, a flat chest, a deep voice, etc, but you learn that he's dfab, you're capable of being attracted to him? like... how does that even work with being attracted to women exclusively? i honestly don't understand this as someone who's increasingly realizing that attraction to men for me was comp het - i have no desire to date any dude, cis or trans?

Hello !

To me it is important to talk a little about terminology; dfab, afab, dmab, amab : all these terms are used to talk about intersex conditions. I find especially unpalatable the abusive use of said terms and the appropriation of them by non-intersex people.

Since you used “him” to talk about a female person, i will take it as if you’re speaking of a transman, even tho i don’t condone the fact that you are using them as a token.

I want you to keep in mind that sexuality is innate. It is not something you chose, or something you can influence. Therefore, a female human being only and solely attracted to other female human beings, aka a lesbian, will only ever be attracted to other women (i’m talking biological, here). Gender has nothing to do with it. Gender doesn’t change you sex. Being a lesbian is not an aesthetic nor a moving thing ; it has a set definition which is female homosexual. If I come back to your example, I, as a lesbian, might be attracted to a transman, because they are female human beings. Plus, a woman who has a “a beard, a flat chest, a deep voice “ (I suppose you used all the masculine attributes you could find ?) would still be a woman. Women don’t all have a big chest (? where the fuck would you get this idea ?), they don’t all have a teeny tiny voice (? Again, where ?) and some women have hyperpilosity. I find your description quite misogynistic, to be honest, because it implies that a woman who has any of the three is not really a woman.

You say you have no desire to date “any dude, cis or trans” but i suppose you are attracted to transwomen, as you describe the antithesis of your attraction with masculine attributes. Congrats, you’re bisexual ! Your attraction to “gender” or more so, to people who present “feminine” is nothing but a preference for feminine presenting people. If you are fine dating a male or a female, you are bisexuel. You do not suffer from compulsory heterosexuality, which is a concept that can only apply to lesbians, or gay men.

I suggest you work on your internalized misogyny and try to understand your hatred of gnc women. Transmen are not a strawman you can use to try to win your arguments, and gnc women deserve better than your disdain.

Mod C.

Well shit if we’re gonna critique fashion...

OK but how is it Sir, who is freaking 96, can show up looking fly as fuck with a proper haircut, and yet Prince Harry always looks like he literally just got out of bed [uniform aside]?

I mean….

I get he’s no longer active duty, but (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, for Google wants to only show me US regulations aside from Wikipedia), from what I understand beards are not in regs in the British Army.  Also, can someone please get him a haircut?

[cue Rachel] But Devin, you stupid drunk, your “golden idol” had a beard in uniform YOU BLOODY HYPOCRITE.  DO UR RESEARCH.

Yes, Sir did rock some fucking Epic Naval Face Hair™, which I’m sure helped him wreck shit on the high seas and woo his woman.  The difference is the Royal Navy has always allowed beards, whether for medical reasons or not.

I dunno…maybe I’m just cranky and slightly annoyed at how Ginger Savior couldn’t be bothered to shave for, what I imagine, is a big deal military ceremony over in the UK.  


This is my guide on how to play a trans character (this includes nb people, considering the fact that most of us ID as trans) in roleplays. I’m sick of people making excuses as to why they refuse to play one so, I am making this guide to put a stop to it once and for all. Under the cut you will find the Do’s and Don’t’s of playing a trans character.

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anonymous asked:

I'm curious about the born woman post. Does she take hormones. Her facial hair is pretty thick, I've only every grown a few whiskers but she almost has a small beard. Just curious.

Nope.  Some females are just naturally hirsute.  There are a lot of women at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival with beards or full mustaches.  Check out the 30 sec mark.

This includes femmes:

(It is hard to tell, but the woman driving that tractor has a good beard.  And she lives in the South.)  Sometimes these women shave during the year and only grow out their beards on the land, sometimes they sport them all year long.

But they (we) are all clear that those beards and moustaches are part of their female experience, even though they aren’t supposed to be.  We now live in a time where a woman who looks like that must be trans, right?  If you look like that you must be a man, or wanna be a man.   But they aren’t.  They don’t wanna be.  They are clear about who they are.  

It is why I laugh when people who are anti-Fest talk about how we are gender tyrants, or that we all look the same: which is privileged, “old” white women. They have no idea what happens there; they just blindly believe what they are told. Michigan is the most diverse expression of the female body you will ever see.  We show the full expanse of what it means to be female.  We were “genderqueer” before anyone knew what that was.  We aren’t allowed to even comprehend in our day to day lives that women live and look the way we do at Michigan.  It is what women would be if we were just allowed to be; without the male gaze.  If we were just allowed to be in our skin like how we popped out into the world. 

One of the beautiful things about my 20+ years at Festival was truly internalizing how seriously effed the standards of beauty females are supposed to adhere to are.   And it isn’t all about sex, but one of the things that has also been amazing about festival is that all these things that were supposed to make us feel like undesirable freaks meant nothing there.  Nothing.  We were all just another face of female.  Hairy, really tall, fat, old, whatever.  You suddenly realize how little we even see!  When was the last time you saw a sexy as hell grey-haired butch?  When was the last time you saw a gorgeous as hell femme with a beard?  Never?   Probably.  But there she is on the Land.  And those are two tiny samples.

You can’t go back once your small box of beauty and possibility gets smashed open.  When you realize that somewhere there are a lot of women living happily in their skin, as is.  It is why we fight so hard to keep this space.  It is why others fight so hard to destroy it.

If you have no shame about who you are, you cannot be controlled.

This is a photo I took from festival last year; try to read that small print in the bottom left hand corner.  If you can’t, the answer to the question is:

“Our society warps our mirrors.  Do not fret, my love, on our Land you see clearly.”

Get your tax return together.  Borrow from your parents.  Start a go fund me.  Do what you need to do, but come home to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival this year.  You will be forever changed.

Like I see artists draw male characters and they look like Ben 10. We’re talking original series Ben 10

Then they draw the same character as a trans woman and SUDDENLY the character has A PATCHY BEARD and POORLY APPLIED MAKEUP and SHOULDERS THE WIDTH OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN

like……….. you can just draw Ben 10 looking like Ben 10 and be like yeah cool this is Ben 10 except she’s a trans girl now

Having a five minute long conversation about “yes she’s a woman, yes she has a beard, no I don’t know if she’s had surgery, no she doesn’t have to have had surgery to be a woman, no I don’t know what parts she has, yes I know she’s a she”
I hope Conchita wins just so people get fucking educated