the woman behind the sparkle

1. I’m moving to India tomorrow.

2. I’ve been so bad on Tumblr lately. I blame a combination of last minute travel (thank you @zoras-daughter and @drifting-ona-memory and @kyliejo-jo-bean for hanging out with me in New York!), Pokemon Go (I look so athletic now lol), and just plain preparation for this move.

3. I love y’all and think of you often!!! Seriously. Hopefully when stuff dies down (I’m looking for apartments as soon as I get to Bangalore), I can get in some legitimate thoughts about Things and check up on you.

4. Open invitation to tell me about you - drop a message, send an ask. Please tell me about your lives. <3

Currently singing praises because I (1) came out of my cave of sickness (PRAISE BE) to find out that I (2) have a 1400-word writing assignment due at 4:00pm tomorrow but then (3) realized it was about television and like, I love television, so (4) I blabbed out a ¾ decent rough draft and will (5) spend my morning coffee time at work tomorrow editing.

I then realized that (6) I’m getting paid to write about television and like, wtf? How did I get to be this lucky?

We are playing a game where you can’t say anyone’s names, but this girl just walked in who’s never met me, and I couldn’t introduce myself, so she was like OH I’LL JUST CALL YOU RED SHIRT.

Well, I gasp so loudly that the guy currently in the bathroom yells YOU OKAY?

And the girl starts laughing and goes oh god sorry I didn’t know you were a Trek fan.

She let me pick my color (blue because like really would I be anything else?) and is now calling me Blue Shirt.

I can finally go back to the visa office this week! *shimmies*

I’m in charge of doing all of the thank you cards for my lola’s funeral! *shimmies*

I’m going back to GRE and languages study this week, but I cannot remember what life is like without planning a funeral anymore! *shimmies*