the womabts

The Austro-Bavarian border where I crossed it heading from Munich to Salzburg is quite cute. It’s formed by the little river that the train crosses, with an old fashioned wooden German style house on the German side, and little painted Austrian flags on the Austrian side. I was listening to music on my iPod during the train journey, and seconds before my train into Austria crossed the river When You Were Young by the Killers started playing at maximum volume with that big epic riff and it was quite a moment. And ironically later that day I ended up climbing two mountains in Salzburg. I think that is my “Austria song” now. The same way Give Me a Try by the Wombats and 1901 and Rally by Phoenix are for London and Paris.

The songs I am anticipating most for falls 2013/2014 ATM:
  • Diane Young, Finger Back & A-punk - Vampire Weekend.
  • Got it, Lost it, Purple & Mix Tape - Big Scary.
  • Cities, All Night Loud & Two Shoes - Cat Empire.
  • And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop - James Vincent McMorrow
  • Valentine, Here Comes the Anxiety & Let’s Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats.
  • Brother - Thundamentals.
  • Featerstone - Paper Kites.
  • Bran Eno & Weekend Wars - MGMT.
  • Foreign Language - Flight Facilities.

The Wombats - Anti-D


The Wombats performing across the pond on one of San Diego’s trolley cars!