the wolves on the walls


“There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.”

He is the song of Ice and Fire, the prince that was promised to save the world from darkness🔥❄️

Wolf Pups

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Robb x Reader

AN: It’s a sort of AU

“Get of me you great beast!” You grumbled when the huge Dire-wolf clambered all over you before settling next to you with his head resting on your shoulder so his muzzle pressed into your cheek.

“He would leave you alone if you’d get up.” Robb muttered with a smirk plastered on his face, coming over to the bed so he could lean down and kiss you.

“Was it not you who promised I could sleep my handmaidens feared I had gone missing today?” You asked and stroked his cheek, smiling when he leant into your hand, his eyes falling shut for a moment before boisterous voices echoed through the halls.

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Moments captured in time show the secrets behind every smile.
Memories that are ours,
mistakes that are mine.
The past is a pathway of problems I already solved, failures I already forgot.
There are old friends hidden in every closet, but the corpses refuse to rot.

We all build walls around our hearts, and pray the wolves stay outside.
Pray the gates hold.
We crawl through graveyards on bleeding knees just to prove we still have our pride.
There is always a stubborn silence amongst the gravestones,
but a closed casket is no reason to refuse to reply.
I heard even hatchets can bury themselves in time.
Sometimes they find their way back, I’m just waiting for the back to be mine.

We were flames and growth.
We fell in love with the fight,
with how the fire made us harder.
We grew apart and the distance became a gulf we could never cross.
An ocean of storms in which we always get lost.

There are walls and there are wolves, but the greatest beasts are found within ourselves.
I recognise pieces of you in the monster I was, and in the man that I am.

—  giraffevader - The things that mean the most (to old friends)

Our Titan’s Guard our walls. Our Warlocks study the enemy. But us. We are hunters. We are not food. We defend the city, but not behind the walls. We are the eyes of the Traveler. Our light leads the way beyond the walls into the Darkness. Disgraced at being cattle within our pen, we no longer submit to being safe within our walls. We are the Scout Regiment of Guardians. We are the Wolves, beyond the walls, we are the Hunters. Our quiver shoots into the night piercing the veil of the twilight gap. 

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Places in Skyrim - Whiterun

Perched high upon a rocky hill, Whiterun dominates the grassy plains that surround it. High wooden walls protect its denizens from the wolves, mammoths, bandits, and other dangers lurking beyond. When you first enter though the city’s main gate, you will find yourself in the Plains district. This is so named because it is the lowest of the city’s three neighborhoods.


Destiny drabble

Snow fell in a dusting. The wind wrapped it like a second cloak around Lord Saladin.

He stood, hands clasped behind his back, between the towering carvings of wolves, boots spread, solid as a wall at the end of the bridge. He couldn’t see down the peak from this angle, but Shiro and other scouts had returned recently. He knew they were coming.

There was a twinge of smoke in the air, even here. Miles upon miles away.

The iron doors from Vostok were closed. Efrideet lingered by his side, arms crossed in front of her.

The air shifted with an approach, buzz from a silent crowd. The subtle crescendo of the arrival of many feet, many bodies. The door on the far side of the bridge creaked open, a sound louder than expected. Through the opening, the survivors trickled in.

At their head was a weary man, grime smudged along his helmet, blood crusted on his chestplate. As the procession crossed the bridge, he kept his head down. It was only when proximity forced his attention did Zavala raised his head to meet Saladin’s gaze.

“We come to beg refuge.” He said, calm and collected, the weight of thousands behind him. “And I, forgiveness.”

Saladin released his hands, swung them forward to rest on each of his student’s arms. The damn pauldron too awkward for proper comforting. He bit back the animosity. Now was not the time. No longer.

“Welcome, old friend.” He said, stepped aside. Those populating Felwinter Peak surged forward, wrapping arms around familiar faces, gesturing to and guiding refugees. Solemn activity swept over the plaza as the long train of people were welcomed inside. The two Titans were an island in the middle of it all.  

It was Zavala that hooked an arm, closed the gap with a swift embrace. His weight felt heavy, Saladin wasn’t surprised. There were no words spoken, but the rift that had once spread between them stayed closed when they separated. And with the camaraderie of the weary, they joined the rest under the high roof of the Iron Temple.

My Savior (Part 3)

Part 1  Part 2

A/N: Again this got so many requests, thank you! I know if might be a bit terrible, I’m sorry. Not proof read so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes.

“I’m your dad, Y/N.”

You would have laughed if you weren’t scared shitless. You had seen what this man could do. Just the other day, he had burnt half of one of his men’s face with a scolding hot iron, because he tried to kiss one of Negan’s wives. You didn’t want to believe it but now he had mentioned it, you could vaguely remember sitting round a table on Sunday with him and your mum eating dinner, him at your school plays, and him taking you to the park. The apocalypse had started when you were nine, and it had lasted six years. Six years you hadn’t seen your dad and you had started to forget what he looked like. You didn’t want to let him know that you remembered though.

“How?” You asked, already knowing what the answer was.

“Well you know. Me and your mum fucked and nine months later, you popped out!” He exclaimed, earning a few chuckles from the Saviors. “You were a cute baby, take after me I suppose!”

“What happened to mum?” You asked, immediately regretting your decision when you saw the look that Negan gave you, not here, kid.

“Why don’t we talk when we get back to the sanctuary?” He hefted Lucille onto his shoulder and began walking back to the truck.


You stood your ground. You didn’t want to go back to the sanctuary, at least not yet. Knowing Negan, he would say ‘wait until we get back to the sanctuary’ and then when you got back to the sanctuary, he would just brush off the questions and try to distract you. You needed to find out what happened to your mum.

“I want to know what happened.” You insisted crossing your arms. 

Everyone looked at you in shock. Nobody had defied Negan before. At least no one that’s still breathing.

“Not here.” Negan retorted through gritted teeth, turning back round to face you.

“Fine,” You shrugged. “We talk in Rick’s house.”

You don’t know who looked more shocked; Rick, Negan, or the Saviors.

“I’ll walk you.” Carl finally spoke up after a few moments of awkward silence.

The walk to the Grimes’ house was short and silent. You walked up front with Carl, followed by Negan, and lastly Rick. Once you were in the house, you sat down on the couch and left Negan standing. You made yourself at home, which technically you were. You lived here with Rick, Carl, Judith and Michonne, when you thought your real family were dead. You had first met them at the prison; Michonne had met you on the way there while she was taking the baby formula that Glenn and Maggie had dropped when they were taken by Merle. Tears formed in your eyes at the thought of Glenn, but you blinked them back trying to remain strong.

Negan cleared his throat. “D’you mind?” He asked Rick and Carl who were stood by the window awkwardly.

Rick began to shuffle towards the door but he stopped when Carl spoke up.

“I’m staying. Y/N’s my girlfriend, I deserve to know this.” He spoke, ignoring the death glares that Negan was sending his way.

“Kid,” Negan began, dangerously calm.

“Dad.” You interrupted. “It’s fine, I got this,” You turned to Carl. “Carl please? I’ll be fine.” You gave him a small smile.

Carl scoffed and walked out the door, followed by Rick.

Negan turned towards you with a slight smirk on his face. This was the first time you had called him ‘Dad’ in six years.

You gestured for him to sit down and he politely declined but he propped Lucille up by the fireplace.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were my dad the moment you saved me?” You started.

“Well I couldn’t just go up to you and say ‘Hi kid, I’m your dad that you probably don’t fucking remember because you haven’t seen me in six years’ could I?” He asked sarcastically.

“But why tell me now?” You persisted.

“Because you wanted to stay here and I fucking couldn’t let you do that. You’re my daughter and I don’t want to lose you again. It kinda hurt that you didn’t remember me y’know?”

“Oh.” He had somehow made you feel guilty in less than two minutes. “Okay… What about mum? What happened to her?”

“You don’t remember?” Negan asked, sadness evident in his eyes. 

You shook your head in reply.

“Well we were at this community, I guess you could call it, and one day the camp got over run by those dead motherfuckers. So I told Adam, my friend at the time, to get you out of there while me and your mum helped deal with the dead. I shouldn’t have turned my back. It’s my fault,” Negan’s voice was barely a whisper. “She got bit. She told me to find you and look after you, raise you to be a bad ass. I got out of there, found Adam in the car about a mile from the community, he was dead, ripped to pieces. The whole inside of the car was covered in blood and there was no sign of you. I thought you were dead.” He cleared his throat loudly. “Anyway, I found the sanctuary and they made me their leader. I missed your mum, so I ‘married’ five other women. But then I found you again and you just looked so much like your mom that I forgot she was dead. I thought you were her. But she would be so proud of you. You have her eyes and nose. You have my stubbornness and confidence.” He cheered up at the last part, remembering your mum obviously made him happy. He looked you in the eyes and genuinely smiled. “What about you? What happened to you after Adam?”

You shuffled in your seat, trying to get comfy before you answered his question.

“Well, I met Michonne in the woods. She was carrying a basket of baby formula and she was injured so I asked her what she was doing. She was surprised to see me, you know, a nine year old covered in blood, walking in the woods alone. She told me that she was going somewhere and said that I was welcome to join her if I had nowhere else to go. Eventually we reached a prison and Carl and Rick let us in. They had a doctor and he fixed Michonne but then Rick told her that she had to leave but I could stay. She helped get Glenn and Maggie back, who were kidnapped, but then Daryl got kidnapped. When they had rescued everyone, the Governor attacked the prison and blew it up. I was supposed to get on the bus with the other families but I didn’t. I stayed with Michonne and we found Rick and Carl. Then we were ambushed by someone called Joe and his gang but Rick literally ripped his throat out. Then we found a place called Terminus but it turns out they were cannibals and they were gonna eat us, so we escaped. And then we found Gabriel and the church but Abraham wanted to go to DC. But Bob was kidnapped by the cannibals and he lost his leg. Then we killed them and went to a hospital in Atlanta to help Beth but she died. Then Tyreese got bit and I cried like a little bitch because he was my favourite. Then we walked sixty miles to DC and met Aaron who brought us back to Alexandria. After a while, the town was overrun by a group who called themselves the ‘Wolves’ but we killed them. Then the wall was knocked down by a massive herd of walkers and we tried to escape but Sam got bit and Jessie screamed so she got bit, and then Ron pulled a gun on Rick but Michonne stabbed him, so he shot Carl in the eye. But we rebuilt the walls and I went on runs regularly. And I was on a run when you found me and took me back to the sanctuary.” You explained, talking so fast that you often forgot to breathe.

Negan was shocked to say the least, his mouth hung open. “Shit, kid. You’ve had it worse than me.” He paused for a moment deep in thought. “I’ll tell you what, these people obviously mean a lot to you. So I’ll give you a choice, come live in the sanctuary with me, or stay here with these and have half your shit taken twice a month or so.” He leaned closer.

“So Y/N, what’s it gonna be?” 

Halloween scenery.

Aries: A vampire’s manor. Exciting. Filled with a cluster of bats, old portraits, a long red carpet leading up a wooden staircase, a strange iron smell…

Taurus: A cozy house open to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Lively laughter of children, smoky scent of mist, carved pumpkins. Familiar.   

Gemini: A witch’s house in the middle of the woods. Enthralling. Fireflies illuminate the spot, audible rustling of leaves, wolves’ howling.

Cancer: Old abandoned asylum. High pitched laughter, weird red scribbles on walls, oil lamp light, hidden passages. Metallic scent. Nostalgic.

Leo: A pumpkin patch. Scarecrows hang around and so do hoards of crows. Smells like cinnamon. Crescent moons, lantern light. Dazzling.

Virgo: A forest. Tall trees that smother sunlight, orange/red leaves flurry on the ground. Poisonous mushrooms forming circles, fairies, gentle streams.

Libra: A proper mansion in a forest overgrown by wild roses. Sweet scented candelabras brighten the skulls decorating the place. Lovely.

Scorpio: A candy shop filled with caramel-apples, cake pops, liquorice… cats often stroll around. Homemade decorations, hazy candlelight, sugary scent.

Sagittarius: Inside a witch’s house. Warm by firewood, a black cat on your lap, soft sounds of a kettle boiling. Magic spells and odors of zany herbs.

Capricorn: A werewolf’s domain. Fire wood scent. Silver light of moon brightens the spot. Buzzing silence, cracking branches, fresh breezes. Lively.

Aquarius: A haunted house full of filmy ghosts. Gentle noises of creaking wood. Streaks of moonlight pierce the shrouds of darkness. Hazy.

Pisces: A graveyard filled with ancient tombstones, misty grounds, the frisky scent of dead leaves… Moonlight lightens the place. Magical.

Solas and Felassan have that thing in common:

They don’t really try to hide that they are what they are. 

Felassan is like “lol, the Dalish are fools, haha, did I say I was one of them? Yeah, I have vallaslin, take that as you like. Btw, Fen’Harel is the best (that’s something no Dalish would ever say, tbh, but who cares?)”

Solas is like *paints wolves on his walls* “Wolves are practical misunderstood creatures” *wears wolf jawbone amulett” “No real god need prove himself, and btw, I hate Andruil and Falon’Din, it’s like they personally slighted me or something.” *wears wolves pelts* “The Dalish have been arseholes to me because superstitition. Oh, and btw. that orb thingy, I really want it, it belongs to an elven god.” 

It’s hilarious. 

And who would jump to the right conclusion? It’s so far-fetched, who would ever spot it? 

They are so unsubtle. I love them.

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 6

Beginning: Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 1

Warning: Cussing

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 6

Chapter 10

“Come on Ally. It’s been three days.Jr said, as they walked down separate rows of books in the library. “Haven’t you made a decision yet? I need to know if I got to start calling you Aunt Ally or Auntie A or A.A or…” 

“Shut up Jr. I’ll make up my mind when you stop running away from Negan every time he comes into the room.” Ally said, grabbing a book off the shelf.

“Soooo” Jr said, popping his head through an opening on the shelf, making Ally jump. “Never?” Ally shoved his head back through the other side. “Ahhh jerk…”

“..Off” Ally said as she went back to looking at other books. “I just want to make sure I make the right choice, you know?”

“I know you told me you’ll bang him five ways till Sunday before I told you he was my godfather.” Jr said, going to the row Ally was in. “Which was super gross by the way.”

“Yeah, will I’m still sorry about that.” Ally said, giving him a sad face.

“No your not.” Jr said, crossing his arms.

“No, I’m not.” Ally said, shaking her head as she smile. “I just don’t want to screw things up if I end up.. liking him.”

“But you do like him.” Jr said.

“No I mean, like him, like him.” Ally said as they took a seat at a table.

“You mean..” Jr said, leaning back in his seat. “..fall in love with him?”

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Raven Statue Theory (DA: Inquisition)

Theory:  Not only are these raven statues, they are the missing raven statues that represented Dirthamen

*puts on mage-lecturer cloak*  Here me out.


-I started studying Dirthamen and formulating my theories on him late into a playthrough.  I hadn’t really noticed at the time the oddity of Dirthamen having no raven statues used to represent him, despite there being statues for several of the other elvhen gods.  I had actually played through the Trespasser DLC three times previously and not once noticed something.  But by the time I got to the most recent Trespasser run, I noticed the almost substantial precense of these bird statues throughout the Vir Dirthara/Shattered Library.

-My immediate reaction was that these had to be raven statues.  And if they were raven statues, they could only belong to Dirthamen via his ravens Fear and Deceit.  I mean, Dirthamen is presented as the god of secrets and knowledge.  Why wouldn’t raven statues representing him be in the Vir Dirthara?  But I kept having a gut reaction.  As if I had seen these statues somewhere else before and ignored them, and possibly believed them to be Tevinter in origin and ignored them.  So I posted the question to tumblr and some of the other DA fans I know, particularly people who grab screenshots for me.

-The immediate and most common response was that the statues are (1) all over Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2 and (2) present when you choose the Free Marches decorations in Skyhold.  Therefore most people suggested that they represent Kirkwall/Free Marches and are not elvhen.  That… doesn’t make much sense then as to why they’re all over Vir Dirthara which is clearly an Elvhen place.  Only one person had a suggestion that made any sense, in that it could possibly mean the Vir Dirthara is located in the Fade somewhere in the Free Marches.

While that is very possible I would like to make two proposals.  First, these are raven statues used to represent Dirthamen.  Secondly, they were later adopted by or appropriated by later Free Marcher societies after the Elvhen Empire Fell.

(Putting this behind a readmore due to length and image heavy.)

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