the wolves (act 1 and 2)

Cesar Millan is a Hack and Everything You Know is Wrong

Well, probably not everything, but there are some serious issues in the dog training world right now and with the advent of t.v shows about dog training and social media it’s getting out of control. 

First off, why call out Cesar Millan?

Because he’s one of the driving forces behind every misconception I’m about to lay out before you. In a nutshell, he has no understanding of dog behavior, he touts himself as a dog behaviorist when the only actual education on dogs he’s had is being a dog groomer, his training methods are misguided at best and abusive at worst. Most actual canine professionals can’t stand him for these reasons. Many, many professionals have written articles roasting him yet he still manages to hang on to his persona of ‘dog whisperer’ because people who don’t know any better mistake his pseudoscience for fact. 

What pseudoscience? Let’s start with the absolute core of his, and many other misguided understandings of dog psychology: The dominance theory.

I hear it all the fucking time. At the dog park “Suzy, get down! Lol sorry, she’s just so dominant” “Aw, he’s so submissive!” “Cody is an alpha, so he’ll try to dominate other dogs at first”. It all makes me want to rip my teeth out with rusty iron chopsticks. Where did people get this idea that dogs naturally fall into dominant or submissive categories? This bullshit all started with, well, bullshit. 

In 1974 a man named Rudolf Schenkel decided to study the social structure and behavior of wolf packs not by, idk, observing them in the wild, but by taking random adults from random packs and throwing them into the same zoo enclosure. Real scientific, right? He created the Alpha-Omega (I.E. Dominant/submissive) structure from the ensuing chaos he observed. In his paper, the man constantly compares dogs and wolves and this became an often sited work in studying dog behavior. In reality, wolves do have a complex social structure but it’s more easily compared to a family dynamic because essentially that’s what it is. This isn’t even that relevant to dog training, however, as dogs and wolves behave very differently. (This is, by the way, why the keeping of wolf dogs is extremely difficult and should only be done by professionals). Despite being debunked numerous times, this study continues to be used as a foundation of many dog training methods, and has been taken to truly bizarre and even sickening levels. 

Check out these nuggets of “information” from a popular dog website. Not only is it dripping with completely unfounded dominance bullshit, but it also pushes the idea (as does Cesar) that dogs have a pack mentality. This isn’t really the case either. Dogs ARE social animals and having a social structure around them is VITAL, but this ‘pack’ mentality is being pushed in an unhealthy way. It follows the dominance theory and states that dogs must find their ‘rank’ in their ‘pack’ and that hyper-romanticized wolf pack structure “rules” must be followed. Here’s a debunking of them:

1. Dogs literally do not care who’s head is higher. This is a classic example of hyper-romanticized wolf behavior and is contracted many times on this site when they assert a small dog can be “dominant” over a big one. 2. Dogs are curious animals and have usually been socialized to think that humans = play and tummy rubs. Your dog is excited and curious about the newcomer and, if not trained otherwise wants to investigate (and possibly get those tummy rubs) asap. 3. More romanticized nonsense. If your dog acts adversely to being moved from where she’s resting, it’s because of a training issue (and likely lack of proper socialization) and not because she’s being “dominant”. 

1. Dogs do not have starring contests. Looking away while being stared at isn’t your dog “submitting” to you. It’s a sign that the dog is uncomfortable and I would be too if someone was engaged me in an impromptu staring contest. It’s that dog’s way of saying “dude, can we not do this?” Also another behavior that I’ve seen people interpret as ‘submission’; opening the mouth and/or panting. This is indicative of stress. Think of how you might begin to sweat if you’re stressed. Same basic principle. 2. Dogs want to sleep in bed with you because the bed is comfortable and they like being around you. The position literally does not matter, though you may want to make the bed invitation only just as a general part of training. 3. This is a matter of preference. Personally, I allow my dogs to roughhouse with me and me alone because I don’t mind it and I can teach them a biting threshold so that they never hurt me. I find this lays a good foundation to make sure they’re gentle when I train them to bring me things, etc. 

Ever seen a kid fall down, but not start crying until his mom freaks out? Same basic principal applies here. Your dog isn’t “instinctively understanding you’re the alpha”. You’re projecting confidence and because your dog looks to you to help her understand the world, you’re making her feel safe and assured. On the other hand, if you act fearful, like the kid who looks to his mom after he fell, your dog will look to you and see that something is not right and it’s time to be fearful. “Mom is upset and on edge so I should be too!”. 

1. Good feeding habits are a must, but eating before your dog is not. Dogs are not wolves and even wild wolves (and lions for that matter) the leader usually eats first along with the pups/cubs and they usually don’t eat their fill before the others are allowed to eat. 2. Appearing to eat out of his bowl is completely unnecessary and is usually only done when trying to correct resource guarding behaviors. 3. There’s a difference between begging for food/being disruptive and not even allowed to be excited to eat. This is the line that made me want to punch this woman in the face. Imagine being psychologically abused to the point where a dog isn’t even allowed to wag it’s tail when it knows it’s about to be fed. A dog who sits down without intensely staring or turns away isn’t being ‘respectful’; in this case it’s likely been abused and is avoiding a stimulus that’s been paired with abuse (the preparation of food). 

Using these methods to train a dog can produce a well behaved dog like child abuse can produce a well behaved child. They may appear to work, but the subject in question will not be happy or well adjusted. 

Why do people keep flocking to this bullshit? For the same reason they love to reblog outlandish “facts” on this hellsite (Like, does anyone else remember that “did you know” post that claimed there was a recessive gene that made a woman’s eyes purple, have no period yet be fertile, and grow no body hair? Seriously) and unfortunately some people flat out use it to justify abusing their dogs. It puts people as the “alpha” and makes them feel powerful. It sounds scientific to people who don’t know any better. Mr. Dog-groomer chinstrap says it’s good on T.V. 

So what’s a better frame of mind to be in when you train dogs? Remember there’s no one set of ‘rules’ that will result in the perfectly trained dog and remember that every dog is different. Do all the research you can and remember your dog is…a dog. Your dog is not going to plot vengeance, nor is it always going to understand things that seem perfectly logical to you. Be patient, ask for help if you need it, don’t lose your shit, and again, learn absolutely everything you can. 

Let’s Not Fall In Love (T.O.P)

Group & Member: Big Bang’s Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P)

Genre: GANG!AU Angst, Fluff, Tragedy, Romance, Smut/Eventual, Interracial 


Summary: A Young woman get’s involved with the wrong crowds and Cold hearted gang leader T.O.P acts as her guide.

A/N: FT.Monsta X, 2ne1, BTS and a few others

Parts: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

I was shaking. They were like wolves circling around me. I decided to scream out at the tall one, the one with the smug smirk. “Who are you and What’s going to stop those… Those Monsters from coming after me again?!” The tall one smiled a little wider. Like he was looking down at the most wonderful bowl of ice cream on a hot day. “You can Call me TOP… and You, My little tiger lily.. You’re gonna be my girl.”


I was crying again. A little lighter this time, but I was crying again nonetheless. I looked up all the car window to look at the lights all around me, Gwangju, South Korea. That’s where I was right now, this is where I’ve been forced to come to.

my brother, Juniper, slipped his hand into mine. He didn’t look at me and if I said something to him he probably would have been able to hear me either. He had his earphones in and had gone on a talking strike. Mainly from my mother, he was not happy with her right now.

My parents got divorced when I was 9 years old and at first in the beginning I had taken it pretty well. but after the divorce, my mother decide to move back to Korea while my dad stayed in California with us. Me and juniper. I was content with that for a while, it wasn’t like mother was a deadbeat; she was very good mother and very consistent. We had two birthdays, two homes, two sets of friends. And I had been happy with that…

But about 2 months ago, that all changed. The driver claimed that he hadn’t been drinking that much, he claimed that he had given his car keys to a friend, he claimed he doesn’t remember what happened. What he couldn’t claim was the fact that he hit my dad in a fatal head on collision course when he was going the wrong way. And he couldn’t claim that he was no one that walked away from it fine. Well, not perfectly fine, but with a few bruises and scratches. But in that moment, in my eyes that was pretty much unharmed.

So I was forced to leave my Southern Californian home, with palm trees, skateboarding on the weekends, the most of all, my dad.

There were many things I had to leave behind. Our Mom made us pack about two weeks in advance after she told us. And now I only have one set of friends. And that was because the other set was across seas in California. 1 birthday. One home.

Jun, my brother. Had been livid, he threw a childish tantrum and refused to talk to my mother even after my father’s funeral. Which was about a month ago. But it’s not like things would be difficult for us being biracial shouldn’t be a problem should it? We were both confident in the Korean we spoke that and English grown up. We had visited the city frequently so we know our way around. We had cousins, aunts, uncles, and a few friends in this large city and a few of my cousins will be going to the same school we would.

But I know myself. & I knew my brother. And I knew it was going to take both of us a while to adjust to our surroundings each and our own different ways.

My thoughts were then interrupted by my mother speaking.
“ do you remember uncle Ken?” She started to ask us.“ Well all of your things showed up early and he took the liberty to get you guys mattresses and furniture for your rooms, isn’t that great?”

there was a little grunt of acknowledgement from my brother. & I gave him an annoyed look out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t care what he thought of this moment my mother gave us the world. I don’t care if he was older than me by 25 minutes. He would have to get over it. At least, that’s what my father would say. So I was the one speak up. I was normally a shy nervous person… Well, I am a shy nervous person but that didn’t mean I wasn’t sociable, and didn’t mean I didn’t know how to talk to people, and it certainly didn’t mean I was socially awkward because I wasn’t.

“ Uncle Ken?” I tried to sound enthusiastic about it but I think I overdid it. “ will he be there when we pull up?” I saw my mother smile at me from the rear view mirror and then she looked over at her “roommate.” Hansol. Who is the handsome man, and I know if I was my mom living with this man he wouldn’t have been just a roommate for a long .

“ No, he got a little busy. Before we landed actually. He had to go take care of some business downtown. But he promised you would have breakfast with you guys in the morning he’s so excited to see you.”

I smiled back at her, because aside from my dad, my uncle Ken was another important man in my life excluding juniper of course. Not because every time I saw him he will give us a present or told a funny joke. It was because he was another man in my life that was easy to talk to the man of his word would always be there for you and get you what you need to as long as they didn’t involve in wasting his time, and the best part about him was he never felt like he waste his time with me and my brother for his beloved sister aka my mother.

About 3 hours after we left the airport, we finally pulled up to the house that my mother and her so-called roommate shared. Not too big, not too small. Pale grey on the outside with bricks around the garage area and a smooth driveway. Two story. “ where that window is where your room will be, Amy. If I can, call you maybe can’t I?” asked Hansol. Surprised, I looked over at him and smiled. Yeah, definitely not just a roommate!

The cherry on top was when he stopped me from getting my bags out of the trunk of the car and started to take them in for me. My mother gave me a knowing look and then winked at me. Juniper was walking ahead of us, but I know he rolled his eyes. I could just feel it, it was like a twin thing. Just like when he turned his back after he annoyed me he would always tell me “ put your tongue back in your mouth.” Because I would stick it out of him.

I close my eyes before I cross the threshold of the house and prayed, because I knew that as of right now as of tonight, I would be starting my life new, I promised myself I wouldn’t be a different person. But I felt in my heart, that starting tonight this very moment this very Hour on this very night and South Korea, that things are going to change.

And I didn’t know how I felt about that.


Hi guys, I hope you really like this introduction chapter. I must warn you now the story is full of triggers. To name a few, self harm, gang related activities such as kkangpae and Yakuza. Rape, murder, and is all around bad things but aside from that, this is a romance, this is a comedy, this is a heartfelt touching story that I’m sure make you laugh I’m sure make you cry and I’m sure will make you have swoon where the moments. I hope to please you guys and I hope you guys will like the story in the chapters to come and many stories to come from me thank you all.

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help i need some playlists/songs for msr but preferably not through 8tracks we're no longer on speaking terms

THIS IS MY FAVORITE TOPIC. 8tracks has betrayed us all which sucks bc there are some great playlists there but i love this question i have so many bc i’m the worst!!!! this is going under a cut some of them are just like..general some are very arc specific many are from old 8tracks playlists….have fun

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If you could pick 1-2 one direction songs for each boy to sing on their solo tours, what would you pick? ( I'm asking a few blogs I love)

Louis: No Control and What a Feeling (studio version)

Liam: Wolves and What a Feeling (dance remix)

Niall: Act My Age and What a Feeling (acoustic)

Harry: Where Do Broken Hearts Go and What a Feeling (with trumpets)

In Whichever Universe

Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian
Characters: Garrus Vakarian, Female Shepard (Mass Effect), 
Additional Tags: Movie Star AU,
Summary: Somehow they always end up meeting each other, and sometimes the Reapers have very little to do with it

A/N: Both for Turian Week and for @ev-t‘s birthday, seemed only fitting to put this up during the 14th :)

Scene 1, act 1:

Falling in love with a co-star really wasn’t on her plans when she sighed up the contract for the Sci-fi franchise, love was messy, it was problematic, especially if it involved your co-star; it was a continuous effort, one Jane Shepard hadn’t been willing to make, not until she met Garrus roughly five years ago. Falling in love with Garrus Vakarian, Turian heart-throb of the Milky Way, really wasn’t what she had planned; what either of them had planned.

Shepard sighed as she snuggled closer to her co-star, planting a kiss on his neck.

“Insatiable,” Garrus muttered with a rumbling of his subvoclas, amused, even as he raised himself on his elbow to kiss her properly.

“For you? Always.” She grinned into the kiss, fingers ghosting over his bare waist. Both of them naked on Jane’s trailer before the start of their day, enjoying each other’s company, they still had a bit of time, hopefully.

“Jane…” he rumbled with a sigh, gripping her waist tighter, fingers-

“Shepard? Vakarian? Five minutes to make up and 30 to start!” Came their Salarian understudy’s voice, followed by a knock on the door.

“Going!” They shouted back, Jane slumping back and away from him with a sigh, Garrus’ hand coming to rest at the nape of her neck, a laugh escaping his throat.

“To work?” He grinned.

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And now I'm thinking about what the Kirkwall Crew's phone backgrounds would be:
  • Aveline: Probably default tbh. Aveline is the sort of person who yells at her phone every other day and can’t be bothered to customize the background.
  • Fenris: In Act 1, he just picks one of the images in the gallery when he got the phone and sets it as the background, so that it's slightly prettier than the default. In Act 2, it's white wolves. In Act 3, if he ends up with Hawke, it's Hawke; if he ends up with Isabela, it's one of those "selfies in bed" couples pictures, but they're both deliberately making ugly faces in it, to demonstrate that they know this is for losers and are only doing it ironically. Totally ironically; If Fenris ends up alone, it's Kirkwall's skyscape.
  • Carver: It's Bethany. Mention it to him and he'll punch you.
  • Isabela: Her ship.
  • Sebastian: One of the decorative religious verse backgrounds with "And Havard wept / And took the ashes, still hot from the fire / and pressed them to his heart."
  • Varric: A pair of feminine hands holding a crossbow. When asked "Who is that?" Varric responds, "Bianca."
  • Tallis: a Vhenadahl.
  • Anders: Cats. Not Pounce, because that's too painful, though he has lots of pictures of Pounce saved, but it's always cats, though the picture changes.
  • Bethany: It's Carver. She won't talk about it.
  • Merrill: Her phone background is a picture of all of her friends. Her lock screen is the dread wolf.
FIC: Ornamented [1/1]

Rating: M-ish (for talk of/reference to sex)
Pairing: f!Hawke/Isabela
Word Count: 1,784
Summary: On First Day, it is traditional to check that one’s friends and neighbors are still alive. Just in case wolves came across the fields and ate them in the night, you know.
Also on: AO3
Notes: It’s good luck to end the year with a Hawkebela fic, right? Right. Takes place mid-Act 2.

“You know, in Lothering, First Day was just an excuse to check that everybody was still alive. Morbid, isn’t it?”

Isabela forced one eye open and rolled it toward the source of the noise: Hawke, shutting the door to Isabela’s room with an ample hip, a steaming mug clasped in her hand.

“I’m alive,” Isabela replied—a bit unnecessarily, she thought, but Hawke could be obtuse at the best of times, and judging by the tone of her voice, this was not the best of times. “You can leave me to sleep this off, now.”

Hawke gave a little hum, then a cluck of her tongue, and sat down on the bed beside Isabela. “I waited as late as I could. You’re my last stop. Incredibly, everyone is alive.” She chuckled a little. “Besides, a sip of this, and you’ll feel much better.”

If only Isabela believed her. She’d had some of Hawke’s remedies before—little mixtures she claimed that her father, a perfectly capable apostate, had perfected—and they usually weren’t worth the weird, gurgling stomach which pursued her for hours afterward.

She didn’t exactly possess the strength to roll away from Hawke at the moment, though. She’d forgotten what being sick—really sick, not just a pesky hangover or passing sniffles—felt like. So much snot had no business coming out of her nose. Surely she couldn’t produce much more of it.

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Eternal Sterek Voting Results

And the voting is finally over! After 11 days and more than 200 people voting for their favorite fics, the results are in. Thank you to everyone that participated and spent some of their time helping us making these rec lists come true. We know that it was really hard choosing from all these amazing fanfics but together, we can do anything! Even having to choose between so many works of art provided by some of the most phenomenal writers out there.
Because the voting was so tied, we decided to do a top 5 and not a top 3 like we promised initially. But hey, more fics to read right? ;P

We hope you enjoyed this adventure with us and, without further due, here are the results for each category! Congratulations to all the authors and thank you all for the amazing fics!


#1 place goes to Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll with 174 points

#2 place goes to Integral to Survival by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) with 155 points

#3 place goes to Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone with 115 points

#4 place goes to Work In Progress by JenNova with 92 points

#5 place goes to 

Five Times Derek Failed To Tell Stiles How He Feels (+1 Time Stiles Knew Anyway) by WhoNatural with 79 points


#1 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 150 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones and Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin with 117 points

#3 place goes to A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse with 113 points

#4 place goes to What I Did on My Summer Vacation by grimm with 108 points

#5 place goes to Unchained by exclamation with 80 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 160 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to with Hide of a Life of War by Etharei and Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter with 118 points

#3 place goes to Stand Fast In Your Enchantments by devilldoll, rahciac with 97 points

#4 place goes to (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit with 89 points

#5 place goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 86 points


#1 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 156 points

#2 place goes to Play It Again by metisket with 123 points

#3 place goes to Unchained by exclamation with 122 points

#4 place goes to Rumor Has It by WhoNatural with 107 points

#5 place goes to Milkshakes And Matchsticks by entanglednowwith 101 points


#1 place goes to By Any Other Name by entanglednow  with 195 points

#2 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 166 points

#3 place goes to Rumor Has It by WhoNatural with 124 points

#4 place goes to Cross our bridges when we come to them by RemainNameless with 87 points

#5 place goes to Traces by standinginanicedress with 77 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 116 points

#2 place goes to Gravity’s Got Nothing On You by zosofi with 109 points

#3 place goes to Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter with 78 points

#4 place goes to Wild Horses by thepsychicclam with 76 points

#5 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 75 points


#1 place goes to Stilinskis’ Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain  with 203 (!) points

#2 place goes to What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm with 195 points

#3 place goes to Just Act Normal by zosofi with 153 points

#4 place goes to Sacred (In The Ordinary) by idyll with 103 points

#5 place goes to with 92 points The Newlywed Game by Captain_Loki  with 84 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 167 points

#2 place goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 131 points

#3 place goes to I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek by DiscontentedWinter with 128 points

#4 place goes to Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel with 95 points

#5 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 83 points


#1 place goes to Alpha Magazine ‘Verse (series) by WhoNatural with 161 points

#2 place goes to Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer by stilinskisparkles with 126 points

#3 place goes to But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkleswith 116 points

#4 place goes to The Fixer and the First Son by ebjameston with 111 points

#5 place goes to Kindred Spirits by Stoney and Untamed by rosepetals42 with 96 points


#1 place goes to DILF by twentysomething with 154 points

#2 place goes to Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain with 153 points

#3 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 133 points

#4 place goes to Hide of a Life of War by Etharei with 103 points

#5 place goes to (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit with 90 points


#1 place goes to The Searching Ceremonies by KouriArashi with 180 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to Alpha Magazine ‘Verse (series) by WhoNatural and Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 114 points

#3 place goes to covalent bonds by HalfFizzbin with 95 points

#4 place goes to Hot Nerd Alert by alisvolatpropiis with 94 points

#5 place goes to Milkshakes And Matchsticks by entanglednow with 91 points


#1 place goes to Peter in Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 155 points

#2 place goes to Laura in Gravity’s Got Nothing On You by zosofi with 126 points

#3 place goes to Sheriff Stilinski in Hide of a Life of War by Etharei with 105 points

#4 place goes to Lydia in Cupboard Love by mklutz with 93 points

#5 place goes to Jackson in Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain with 82 points

Post 10 songs you’re in love with and tag 10 people 💿

I was tagged by the lovely @mataestrellas and @shcherbatsgaya to do this! 

I listen to so much music so this isn’t in any definite order, it was hard to choose! 

1. If I Had a Boat- James Vincent McMorrow (my actual favorite song, it’s so pretty)

2. Weights & Measures- Dry the River

3. Land Locked Blues- Bright Eyes

4. Somebody to Love- Queen

5. Broadripple is Burning- Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s

6. Stained Glass Ceilings- The Wonder Years

7.If I Could Fly- One Direction 

8. No Halo- Sorority Noise

9. The Wolves (Act I and II)- Bon Iver

10. Back to You (feat. Bebe Rexha)- Louis Tomlinson

I tag: @bela-talbot @silvertyger @jordendekel @gayvampireclub @mcntespan @yuris–angel @ueberdemnebelmeer @adyevna @ofmonstersandleashes @king–capone if ya want to do it. Also anyone else who wants to do this that I didn’t tag, feel free to! 


LOSE YOUR MIND -- the playlist. 
this is just a collection of songs i feel match the eeriness behind season 3b. the songs are either hauntingly beautiful or undeniably spooky and they also either fit one character, sometimes two, but mostly all three of them. see if you can figure out which i felt applied to which! the amazing graphics were made by my one true love mitch, so make sure to check out his blog! enjoy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

001. staying up - the neighbourhood // 002. jesus christ - brand new // 003. sleeping sickness - city & colour // 004. wolfie - oh!hello // 005. me - the 1975 // 006. haunt - bastille // 007. haunt/bed - the 1975 // 008. winter - daughter // 009. special death - mirah // 010. here comes the anxiety - the wombats // 011. is there a ghost? - band of horses // 012. where is mind? - the pixies // 013. get up - barcelona // 014. asleep - the smiths // 015. big light - houses // 016. the wolves (act 1 and 2) - bon iver

[ l i s t e n ]

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Gender - Female

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Sexuality - Bi/Ace

Hogwarts house - Slytherin

Favourite animal - lemurs, arctic foxes, arctic wolves, snowy owls

Dogs or cats - Dogs

Average hours spent sleeping - 6-8 hours

Number of blankets I sleep with - 1-2 when it’s hot and 4-6 when it’s cold.

Dream trip - I just really wanna go to England and then go to Ireland and Sweden to meet family.

Dream job - I legitametly do not care if I’m just running on donut runs every single day, as long as I get to be around film, I will the happiest person ever. But I really wanna direct and act.

When I made this account - Like 2012?????????? But I didn’t start using it regularly until the end of 2013

Why I made this account - I was bored of having a “quality” account (remember that being a thing? Ah, wow)

# of followers - 8,857

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an insult i wore as a badge of pride; a solavellan playlist

“what is the old dalish curse?” he asked, a new tone of sadness to his voice that she couldn’t quite place, “‘may the dread wolf take you’?”
she shook her head, biting back with a bitter, “and so he did.”

1. the sword & the pen - regina spektor 2. last man on earth - the mountain goats 3. wolf & i - oh land 4. i walk the line - halsey 5. not with haste - mumford & sons 6. the wolves (act ii and ii) - bon iver 7. grendel’s mother - the mountain goats 8. dark paradise - lana del rey 9. wolf - first aid kit 10. swans and the swimming - iron and wine

[listen here]

10 times Narry deliberately tried to kill us

10) When “cheecky little monkey” is a state of mind!

9) When it’s all about “be focused”…

8) When they decided to show us their improvements as dancers!

7) When they aren’t able to be serious.. at all!

6) When Niall decided to embarrass Harry but we’ll never know what is happened in Finland!

5) When Harry thought to be a dog!

4) When their “Ghost” remake is better than the original!

3) All the time they think it’s ok to act in code..

2) When… Cinderella who?!

1) When…well….this!

Ultimate 1D Album

I was tagged by @liamsgirl4eva thank you so much 😘 😘 I really liked this one, although it was hard to choose from so many great songs!! So here it goes..

1= Wolves

2= Girl Almighty

3= 18

4= Drag me Down

5= Diana

6= Little Things

7= Fireproof

8= Happily

9= Heart Attack

10= Strong

11= Through the Dark

12= Act my Age

13= Stockholm Syndrome

14= Love you Goodbye

15= They don’t know about us

16= If I could fly

17= Ready to Run

18= Once in a Lifetime

19= Better than Words

20= Irresistible

21= More than This

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anonymous asked:

Any fics where Jon has an unrequited crush (even a *slight* obsession) towards Sansa before Robert comes to Winterfell (pre-series)?

Here are a couple of fics I was able to find for you Anon:

And you can also check our Pre-Series Au tag for more options! Enjoy :) ~Alice

it’s a rainy day and you sit by the window with a book in your lap, looking out into the storm. finally, you have some time to yourself. eleven beautiful tracks, filled with rich harmonies, ghosts and just enough sweetness for a winter afternoon.


i. the first days of spring ❥ noah and the whale

ii. nostalgia ❥ emily barker & the red clay halo

iii. the water (ft. laura marling ❥ johnny flynn

iv. follow you down to the red oak tree ❥ james vincent mcmorrow

v. bloom ❥ the paper kites

vi. winter trees ❥ the staves

vii. the wolves (act 1 & 2) ❥ bon iver

viii. lost in my mind ❥ the head and the heart

ix. ghosts ❥ james vincent mcmorrow

x. cinder and smoke ❥ iron and wine

xi. the heron and the fox ❥ little scream

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me - A Bucky Barnes Mix (on 8tracks)

A melancholic fanmix about Bucky’s struggle between loving Steve, recovering his memories, and dealing with being the Winter Soldier.


Leon Bridges - River // Diana Krall - Wallflower // Oscar Isaac - Hang Me, Oh Hang Me // Passenger - Golden Leaves // Carey Mulligan & Justin Timberlake - Five Hundred Miles // Iron and Wine - Upward Over The Mountain // Jacob Banks - Something Beautiful // Passenger - Whispers // Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act 1 and 2) // Mississippi John Hurt - You Are My Sunshine

lorenzo-of-slytherin  asked:

Happy Holidays! Here's a question; if the direwolves take after their owners, why is Ghost so badly behaved? In the later books, the difference between Jon's discipline and personality and then Ghost's disobedient running off (multiple times) is quite striking. (almost said quite stark, heh).

Happy Holidays!!! <3

So yeah, direwolves do take after their owners. It’s true. That being said, they aren’t just reflections of the owners. Multiple times the direwolves have reacted in defiant, contradictory to the owner’s desire, rebelliously, and so on for a reason. The most common one is when they sense danger/untrustworthiness. 

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