the wolves (act 1 and 2)

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help i need some playlists/songs for msr but preferably not through 8tracks we're no longer on speaking terms

THIS IS MY FAVORITE TOPIC. 8tracks has betrayed us all which sucks bc there are some great playlists there but i love this question i have so many bc i’m the worst!!!! this is going under a cut some of them are just like..general some are very arc specific many are from old 8tracks playlists….have fun

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Let’s Not Fall In Love (T.O.P)

Group & Member: Big Bang’s Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P)

Genre: GANG!AU Angst, Fluff, Tragedy, Romance, Smut/Eventual, Interracial 


Summary: A Young woman get’s involved with the wrong crowds and Cold hearted gang leader T.O.P acts as her guide.

A/N: FT.Monsta X, 2ne1, BTS and a few others

Parts: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

I was shaking. They were like wolves circling around me. I decided to scream out at the tall one, the one with the smug smirk. “Who are you and What’s going to stop those… Those Monsters from coming after me again?!” The tall one smiled a little wider. Like he was looking down at the most wonderful bowl of ice cream on a hot day. “You can Call me TOP… and You, My little tiger lily.. You’re gonna be my girl.”


I was crying again. A little lighter this time, but I was crying again nonetheless. I looked up all the car window to look at the lights all around me, Gwangju, South Korea. That’s where I was right now, this is where I’ve been forced to come to.

my brother, Juniper, slipped his hand into mine. He didn’t look at me and if I said something to him he probably would have been able to hear me either. He had his earphones in and had gone on a talking strike. Mainly from my mother, he was not happy with her right now.

My parents got divorced when I was 9 years old and at first in the beginning I had taken it pretty well. but after the divorce, my mother decide to move back to Korea while my dad stayed in California with us. Me and juniper. I was content with that for a while, it wasn’t like mother was a deadbeat; she was very good mother and very consistent. We had two birthdays, two homes, two sets of friends. And I had been happy with that…

But about 2 months ago, that all changed. The driver claimed that he hadn’t been drinking that much, he claimed that he had given his car keys to a friend, he claimed he doesn’t remember what happened. What he couldn’t claim was the fact that he hit my dad in a fatal head on collision course when he was going the wrong way. And he couldn’t claim that he was no one that walked away from it fine. Well, not perfectly fine, but with a few bruises and scratches. But in that moment, in my eyes that was pretty much unharmed.

So I was forced to leave my Southern Californian home, with palm trees, skateboarding on the weekends, the most of all, my dad.

There were many things I had to leave behind. Our Mom made us pack about two weeks in advance after she told us. And now I only have one set of friends. And that was because the other set was across seas in California. 1 birthday. One home.

Jun, my brother. Had been livid, he threw a childish tantrum and refused to talk to my mother even after my father’s funeral. Which was about a month ago. But it’s not like things would be difficult for us being biracial shouldn’t be a problem should it? We were both confident in the Korean we spoke that and English grown up. We had visited the city frequently so we know our way around. We had cousins, aunts, uncles, and a few friends in this large city and a few of my cousins will be going to the same school we would.

But I know myself. & I knew my brother. And I knew it was going to take both of us a while to adjust to our surroundings each and our own different ways.

My thoughts were then interrupted by my mother speaking.
“ do you remember uncle Ken?” She started to ask us.“ Well all of your things showed up early and he took the liberty to get you guys mattresses and furniture for your rooms, isn’t that great?”

there was a little grunt of acknowledgement from my brother. & I gave him an annoyed look out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t care what he thought of this moment my mother gave us the world. I don’t care if he was older than me by 25 minutes. He would have to get over it. At least, that’s what my father would say. So I was the one speak up. I was normally a shy nervous person… Well, I am a shy nervous person but that didn’t mean I wasn’t sociable, and didn’t mean I didn’t know how to talk to people, and it certainly didn’t mean I was socially awkward because I wasn’t.

“ Uncle Ken?” I tried to sound enthusiastic about it but I think I overdid it. “ will he be there when we pull up?” I saw my mother smile at me from the rear view mirror and then she looked over at her “roommate.” Hansol. Who is the handsome man, and I know if I was my mom living with this man he wouldn’t have been just a roommate for a long .

“ No, he got a little busy. Before we landed actually. He had to go take care of some business downtown. But he promised you would have breakfast with you guys in the morning he’s so excited to see you.”

I smiled back at her, because aside from my dad, my uncle Ken was another important man in my life excluding juniper of course. Not because every time I saw him he will give us a present or told a funny joke. It was because he was another man in my life that was easy to talk to the man of his word would always be there for you and get you what you need to as long as they didn’t involve in wasting his time, and the best part about him was he never felt like he waste his time with me and my brother for his beloved sister aka my mother.

About 3 hours after we left the airport, we finally pulled up to the house that my mother and her so-called roommate shared. Not too big, not too small. Pale grey on the outside with bricks around the garage area and a smooth driveway. Two story. “ where that window is where your room will be, Amy. If I can, call you maybe can’t I?” asked Hansol. Surprised, I looked over at him and smiled. Yeah, definitely not just a roommate!

The cherry on top was when he stopped me from getting my bags out of the trunk of the car and started to take them in for me. My mother gave me a knowing look and then winked at me. Juniper was walking ahead of us, but I know he rolled his eyes. I could just feel it, it was like a twin thing. Just like when he turned his back after he annoyed me he would always tell me “ put your tongue back in your mouth.” Because I would stick it out of him.

I close my eyes before I cross the threshold of the house and prayed, because I knew that as of right now as of tonight, I would be starting my life new, I promised myself I wouldn’t be a different person. But I felt in my heart, that starting tonight this very moment this very Hour on this very night and South Korea, that things are going to change.

And I didn’t know how I felt about that.


Hi guys, I hope you really like this introduction chapter. I must warn you now the story is full of triggers. To name a few, self harm, gang related activities such as kkangpae and Yakuza. Rape, murder, and is all around bad things but aside from that, this is a romance, this is a comedy, this is a heartfelt touching story that I’m sure make you laugh I’m sure make you cry and I’m sure will make you have swoon where the moments. I hope to please you guys and I hope you guys will like the story in the chapters to come and many stories to come from me thank you all.

And now I'm thinking about what the Kirkwall Crew's phone backgrounds would be:
  • Aveline: Probably default tbh. Aveline is the sort of person who yells at her phone every other day and can’t be bothered to customize the background.
  • Fenris: In Act 1, he just picks one of the images in the gallery when he got the phone and sets it as the background, so that it's slightly prettier than the default. In Act 2, it's white wolves. In Act 3, if he ends up with Hawke, it's Hawke; if he ends up with Isabela, it's one of those "selfies in bed" couples pictures, but they're both deliberately making ugly faces in it, to demonstrate that they know this is for losers and are only doing it ironically. Totally ironically; If Fenris ends up alone, it's Kirkwall's skyscape.
  • Carver: It's Bethany. Mention it to him and he'll punch you.
  • Isabela: Her ship.
  • Sebastian: One of the decorative religious verse backgrounds with "And Havard wept / And took the ashes, still hot from the fire / and pressed them to his heart."
  • Varric: A pair of feminine hands holding a crossbow. When asked "Who is that?" Varric responds, "Bianca."
  • Tallis: a Vhenadahl.
  • Anders: Cats. Not Pounce, because that's too painful, though he has lots of pictures of Pounce saved, but it's always cats, though the picture changes.
  • Bethany: It's Carver. She won't talk about it.
  • Merrill: Her phone background is a picture of all of her friends. Her lock screen is the dread wolf.
FIC: Ornamented [1/1]

Rating: M-ish (for talk of/reference to sex)
Pairing: f!Hawke/Isabela
Word Count: 1,784
Summary: On First Day, it is traditional to check that one’s friends and neighbors are still alive. Just in case wolves came across the fields and ate them in the night, you know.
Also on: AO3
Notes: It’s good luck to end the year with a Hawkebela fic, right? Right. Takes place mid-Act 2.

“You know, in Lothering, First Day was just an excuse to check that everybody was still alive. Morbid, isn’t it?”

Isabela forced one eye open and rolled it toward the source of the noise: Hawke, shutting the door to Isabela’s room with an ample hip, a steaming mug clasped in her hand.

“I’m alive,” Isabela replied—a bit unnecessarily, she thought, but Hawke could be obtuse at the best of times, and judging by the tone of her voice, this was not the best of times. “You can leave me to sleep this off, now.”

Hawke gave a little hum, then a cluck of her tongue, and sat down on the bed beside Isabela. “I waited as late as I could. You’re my last stop. Incredibly, everyone is alive.” She chuckled a little. “Besides, a sip of this, and you’ll feel much better.”

If only Isabela believed her. She’d had some of Hawke’s remedies before—little mixtures she claimed that her father, a perfectly capable apostate, had perfected—and they usually weren’t worth the weird, gurgling stomach which pursued her for hours afterward.

She didn’t exactly possess the strength to roll away from Hawke at the moment, though. She’d forgotten what being sick—really sick, not just a pesky hangover or passing sniffles—felt like. So much snot had no business coming out of her nose. Surely she couldn’t produce much more of it.

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10 times Narry deliberately tried to kill us

10) When “cheecky little monkey” is a state of mind!

9) When it’s all about “be focused”…

8) When they decided to show us their improvements as dancers!

7) When they aren’t able to be serious.. at all!

6) When Niall decided to embarrass Harry but we’ll never know what is happened in Finland!

5) When Harry thought to be a dog!

4) When their “Ghost” remake is better than the original!

3) All the time they think it’s ok to act in code..

2) When… Cinderella who?!

1) When…well….this!

Does anyone know of any ok werewolf books with female werewolves that DOESN’T have female werewolves as 1) super rare 2) have to be under the males in the pack in ranking 3) not there just to be super bitchy (har har) towards the female lead. 

Also please no impacting onto children in a romantic way.

@brokenpartsmightfit tagged me to put my iTunes on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up, this should be interesting.

1. The Brilliant Dance - Dashboard Confessional
2. Explorers - Muse
3. Come Together - The Beatles
4. Cat And Mouse - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
5. It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
6. Tourette’s - Nirvana
7. Burnin’ Up - The Jonas Brothers
8. The Wolves Of Paris (Act II) - Crown The Empire
9. Woman - The 1975
10. But It’s Better If You Do - Panic! At The Disco

My music collection always makes me laugh. Anyway I’ll tag @brokenblush, @ohharryhoney, @xmrsamericanidiotx, and anyone else who wants to do this xx

The Wolves (Act 1 & 2) - Bon Iver

There are things is this world we simply just can’t explain, or things that we wish we knew. Even things we’d rather forget. One nature of being human is that need to find a reason for everything and this leads to the main point. I spent an hour and a half watching a movie it was that sort of movie that hits you and connects with you heart, the sort that you makes you vulnerable. It changes your perspective on the world and your own identity because you feel as if you can do so much more for yourself and the ones around you. I believe everyone needs to see this movie for one reason that is, the moral of the movie which is the huge impact of Loss of life, it is what each and everyone of us on earth are afraid off, its is the one inevitable thing that we will be faced with but can never be ready for it. But it’s the impact on the ones that live each day after the death, the loved ones that had alittle bit of themselves taken because for some reason you were taken. Im not quiet sure where I’m going with any of this and no one is probably reading this but you also probably wondering what the movie is. I am Heath ledger. It’s about a man that was like no other and didn’t do a single thing but try to continuously better himself and the ones around him so that maybe he could have said he lived the life he had wished for. But that’s the worst part about death we will never know if this is true. He was 28 in the year of his death with a soul mate and daughter of his dreams. He was an actor, screenwriter, director, videographer, photographer, CEO of a music company, husband, father, son, brother and most of all a friend. And this is exactly what I spoke of at the beginning how do we explain and make reasoning with what happend when someone that you know is the most alive person on earth and the next minute is no longer. It makes you look at what you’ve done yourself and if you were to leave tomorrow would you have been happy with the impact you have had on others and say I will live on in them. That this is not the end but the next day to be lived. That is how Heath lived, in others each and every day and even now. And he lived by a philosophy that He was able to better himself in some sort of way no matter what he was doing and he always found that time was against him. Maybe he knew when he was going and that’s why he achieved so much with such attitude and standard, maybe that’s why he made such an impact in others lives. Each and every person needs to see that documentary whether you’ve heard of him or not. It’s not just about and actor, it’s about a friend and the legacy that is left behind. It’s about waking up and realising how much there is to living. If you read all the way through thankyou, this is probably the only time I’ll make a post like this but I felt it was needed.

R E G I O N {ACT 1}

CABBAGE — Master-Key, you can’t keep stealing! It brings attention to the gang!
MASTER-KEY — I can do what I want, I’m my own man.
[Master-Key inhales on his cigarette, he holds the smoke in his lungs]
CABBAGE — What do you think Chief would say?!
MASTER-KEY,(Exhaling) — I don’t give a damn about Chief.
TIT — You’ll give a damn when he guts you and feeds you to the wolves.
CABBAGE — Yeah, you can’t be so reckless! You have a duty to the gang.
[Tit moves closer to Cabbage, he takes her small hand]
MASTER-KEY — Sure, I have a duty. But I’m also my own man. You’re all slaves to Tarzan or CHIEF as you say. You’ll always be inferior to him! But not me.
CABBAGE — You know, I really pity you. You’re so diluted. Tarzan is good to us, including you! No matter how much you talk badly about him.
MASTER-KEY — I don’t need pity, Cabbage.
[Master-Key leans against the wall, cigarette held tightly between his index and middle fingers]
CABBAGE — I do pity you.
MASTER-KEY — I’m warning you.
CABBAGE — What’re you going to do? Hit me? I dare you to.
[Master-Key raises his hand, Tit grabs his wrist. Preventing Master-Key from harming Cabbage]
TIT — Not smart.
MASTER-KEY, (glaring at Tit) — Let go.
[Tit lets go of Master-Key]
MASTER-KEY — I don’t need this right now, I’m going to the dance club.
[Master-Key exits]
CABBAGE — The nerve of that guy.
TIT — Are you okay?
CABBAGE — I’m fine, Tit.
TIT — I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let him hit you.
CABBAGE — I’m not afraid of him, I deal with worse.
TIT — You don’t deserve it.
CABBAGE — I may not, but it’s just something I have to live with. My life was never perfect so I’m used to it.
TIT — Don’t speak like that, you can turn your life around.
CABBAGE — It’s not that easy when your poor parents wish you were never born. I don’t want to talk about this Tit.
TIT — I’m sorry.
[They hear harmonica noises nearing the cellar door. The door bursts open and Sparrow is grooving to his harmonica]
Sparrow — Hey guys! Is Chief here yet?
(PART 2/5)

an insult i wore as a badge of pride; a solavellan playlist

“what is the old dalish curse?” he asked, a new tone of sadness to his voice that she couldn’t quite place, “‘may the dread wolf take you’?”
she shook her head, biting back with a bitter, “and so he did.”

1. the sword & the pen - regina spektor 2. last man on earth - the mountain goats 3. wolf & i - oh land 4. i walk the line - halsey 5. not with haste - mumford & sons 6. the wolves (act ii and ii) - bon iver 7. grendel’s mother - the mountain goats 8. dark paradise - lana del rey 9. wolf - first aid kit 10. swans and the swimming - iron and wine

[listen here]

Eternal Sterek Voting Results

And the voting is finally over! After 11 days and more than 200 people voting for their favorite fics, the results are in. Thank you to everyone that participated and spent some of their time helping us making these rec lists come true. We know that it was really hard choosing from all these amazing fanfics but together, we can do anything! Even having to choose between so many works of art provided by some of the most phenomenal writers out there.
Because the voting was so tied, we decided to do a top 5 and not a top 3 like we promised initially. But hey, more fics to read right? ;P

We hope you enjoyed this adventure with us and, without further due, here are the results for each category! Congratulations to all the authors and thank you all for the amazing fics!


#1 place goes to Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll with 174 points

#2 place goes to Integral to Survival by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) with 155 points

#3 place goes to Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone with 115 points

#4 place goes to Work In Progress by JenNova with 92 points

#5 place goes to 

Five Times Derek Failed To Tell Stiles How He Feels (+1 Time Stiles Knew Anyway) by WhoNatural with 79 points


#1 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 150 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones and Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin with 117 points

#3 place goes to A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse with 113 points

#4 place goes to What I Did on My Summer Vacation by grimm with 108 points

#5 place goes to Unchained by exclamation with 80 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 160 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to with Hide of a Life of War by Etharei and Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter with 118 points

#3 place goes to Stand Fast In Your Enchantments by devilldoll, rahciac with 97 points

#4 place goes to (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit with 89 points

#5 place goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 86 points


#1 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 156 points

#2 place goes to Play It Again by metisket with 123 points

#3 place goes to Unchained by exclamation with 122 points

#4 place goes to Rumor Has It by WhoNatural with 107 points

#5 place goes to Milkshakes And Matchsticks by entanglednowwith 101 points


#1 place goes to By Any Other Name by entanglednow  with 195 points

#2 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 166 points

#3 place goes to Rumor Has It by WhoNatural with 124 points

#4 place goes to Cross our bridges when we come to them by RemainNameless with 87 points

#5 place goes to Traces by standinginanicedress with 77 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 116 points

#2 place goes to Gravity’s Got Nothing On You by zosofi with 109 points

#3 place goes to Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter with 78 points

#4 place goes to Wild Horses by thepsychicclam with 76 points

#5 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 75 points


#1 place goes to Stilinskis’ Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain  with 203 (!) points

#2 place goes to What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm with 195 points

#3 place goes to Just Act Normal by zosofi with 153 points

#4 place goes to Sacred (In The Ordinary) by idyll with 103 points

#5 place goes to with 92 points The Newlywed Game by Captain_Loki  with 84 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 167 points

#2 place goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 131 points

#3 place goes to I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek by DiscontentedWinter with 128 points

#4 place goes to Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel with 95 points

#5 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 83 points


#1 place goes to Alpha Magazine ‘Verse (series) by WhoNatural with 161 points

#2 place goes to Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer by stilinskisparkles with 126 points

#3 place goes to But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkleswith 116 points

#4 place goes to The Fixer and the First Son by ebjameston with 111 points

#5 place goes to Kindred Spirits by Stoney and Untamed by rosepetals42 with 96 points


#1 place goes to DILF by twentysomething with 154 points

#2 place goes to Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain with 153 points

#3 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 133 points

#4 place goes to Hide of a Life of War by Etharei with 103 points

#5 place goes to (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit with 90 points


#1 place goes to The Searching Ceremonies by KouriArashi with 180 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to Alpha Magazine ‘Verse (series) by WhoNatural and Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 114 points

#3 place goes to covalent bonds by HalfFizzbin with 95 points

#4 place goes to Hot Nerd Alert by alisvolatpropiis with 94 points

#5 place goes to Milkshakes And Matchsticks by entanglednow with 91 points


#1 place goes to Peter in Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 155 points

#2 place goes to Laura in Gravity’s Got Nothing On You by zosofi with 126 points

#3 place goes to Sheriff Stilinski in Hide of a Life of War by Etharei with 105 points

#4 place goes to Lydia in Cupboard Love by mklutz with 93 points

#5 place goes to Jackson in Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain with 82 points


LOSE YOUR MIND -- the playlist. 
this is just a collection of songs i feel match the eeriness behind season 3b. the songs are either hauntingly beautiful or undeniably spooky and they also either fit one character, sometimes two, but mostly all three of them. see if you can figure out which i felt applied to which! the amazing graphics were made by my one true love mitch, so make sure to check out his blog! enjoy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

001. staying up - the neighbourhood // 002. jesus christ - brand new // 003. sleeping sickness - city & colour // 004. wolfie - oh!hello // 005. me - the 1975 // 006. haunt - bastille // 007. haunt/bed - the 1975 // 008. winter - daughter // 009. special death - mirah // 010. here comes the anxiety - the wombats // 011. is there a ghost? - band of horses // 012. where is mind? - the pixies // 013. get up - barcelona // 014. asleep - the smiths // 015. big light - houses // 016. the wolves (act 1 and 2) - bon iver

[ l i s t e n ]

wisdom from hayley kincain:
  • There are two kinds of people in this world: 1. zombies 2. freaks.
  • …if you act like you’re running from wolves on a street like that, people pretend not to see you, but if you’re trying to catch a bus, they’ll help.
  • The trick to surviving an interrogation is patience. Don’t offer up anything. Don’t explain. Answer the question and only the question that is asked so you don’t accidentally put your head in a noose.
  • Say the alphabet. Count in Spanish. Picture a mountain, the top of a mountain, the top of a mountain in the summer. Keep breathing.
  • Really smart people don’t flaunt it.
  • The laws of the universe dictate that for every positive action, there is an unequal and sucky reaction.

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Any fics where Jon has an unrequited crush (even a *slight* obsession) towards Sansa before Robert comes to Winterfell (pre-series)?

Here are a couple of fics I was able to find for you Anon:

And you can also check our Pre-Series Au tag for more options! Enjoy :) ~Alice

alittlebitofeveryandanything  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you had any alpha!derek and second-in-command!stiles? especially where Stiles is human! Thanks! P.S. this page gives me life


And If I Die Before I Wake by consciousness_streaming (6/6 | 60,410 | NC17)

When Stiles wakes up on his eighteenth birthday from a chaste dream about Derek Hale he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. But when he wakes up the next few days to the same dream, he knows something is going on. And he’s going to get to the bottom of it. Once is an incident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern. More than three is just torture.

Stiles Stilinski and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Well Maybe It Wasn’t That Bad…) by thegirlgrey (1/1 | 22,850 | R)

“Hey Derek? Are you absolutely sure that Beacon Hills isn’t sitting on a Hell Mouth?”

torch song by spiekiel (1/1  1,851 | PG13)

Stiles knows Derek likes herbal tea, and he thinks that it’s a ridiculous thing to like, but he brings it to him anyways. Derek has never been in so deep in his life.

Intermission by Delta_Immortal (1/1 | 10,855 | NC17)

Somewhere there’s a legend about how the great Stiles Stilinski stole Alpha Derek Hale’s heart and helped Derek win the war against Kate Argent.

Somewhere there’s a legend about how the McCall pack rose to power, becoming the mightiest pack and aligning with banshees, foxes, and hunters to fight the terrible Alpha Pack.

This story lies between those legends, a peaceful time between two lovers as they enjoy the other’s embrace. (And cocks. There’s a lot of cock enjoyment.)

On Instinct by Simplistically_content (2/2 | 5,082 | G)

Derek’s nowhere to be found so Stiles acts on instinct.

say it like you mean it, so this heart learns to trust by wolvesinthemoonlight (EndlessSnowfall) (1/1 | 1,651 | G)

After years of trial and error and taking care of teen wolves, Stiles was what you could call an expert on the subject. 

anonymous asked:

alright im gonna anonymously send in some cringe k, so back when i was like 12 or so, there was this girl next door that was kind of a freak. she liked naruto, dbz and warrior cats. she was only a year younger than me but i already thought she was super cringy. one time i went over to her house with a couple of friends and they legit started acting like they were wolves. coming up with weird ass nick names like "shadow moon" or some crap and howling and other crap like that. she was (1/2?)

literally barking at other people. im not even kidding. she once told me about a dream she had in where she married naruto and had his child. she even tried to get all of us together to be “warrior cats.” she was bluestar, and i was yellowfang etc etc and she ended up calling us all by these warrior names. i even fell and skinned my knee once and this kid picked up a leaf and put it on my knee which was pretty much GUSHING with blood at this point, saying “this herb will heal you.” A LEAF. (2/3)

so after hobbling home with a leaf stuck to my freaking knee, she tries to get me to come inside so she can get more “herbs.” ‘NO THANKS SCREW THAT’ smol me was probably thinking. another story is that one time she literally thought she was a “mage alchemist” and would talk about all these “potions” she created. and she even pointed to a lamp in my house and said “nice security system” then proceeded to kick the wall. im not even kidding. so end of cringe.

also not really cringy but one time my friend and i were playing this one game where you could make pixel art with friends, and this one girl hopped on and started copying literally everything we drew and started showing it off, gaining compliments like “that’s AWESOME!!!” so naturally we drew a fancy swastika to see if she would actually copy it and she did. this kid showed off a swastika that she “drew” to EVERYONE IN THE SERVER.

>a fucking leaf