the wolves (act 1 and 2)

FIC: Ornamented [1/1]

Rating: M-ish (for talk of/reference to sex)
Pairing: f!Hawke/Isabela
Word Count: 1,784
Summary: On First Day, it is traditional to check that one’s friends and neighbors are still alive. Just in case wolves came across the fields and ate them in the night, you know.
Also on: AO3
Notes: It’s good luck to end the year with a Hawkebela fic, right? Right. Takes place mid-Act 2.

“You know, in Lothering, First Day was just an excuse to check that everybody was still alive. Morbid, isn’t it?”

Isabela forced one eye open and rolled it toward the source of the noise: Hawke, shutting the door to Isabela’s room with an ample hip, a steaming mug clasped in her hand.

“I’m alive,” Isabela replied—a bit unnecessarily, she thought, but Hawke could be obtuse at the best of times, and judging by the tone of her voice, this was not the best of times. “You can leave me to sleep this off, now.”

Hawke gave a little hum, then a cluck of her tongue, and sat down on the bed beside Isabela. “I waited as late as I could. You’re my last stop. Incredibly, everyone is alive.” She chuckled a little. “Besides, a sip of this, and you’ll feel much better.”

If only Isabela believed her. She’d had some of Hawke’s remedies before—little mixtures she claimed that her father, a perfectly capable apostate, had perfected—and they usually weren’t worth the weird, gurgling stomach which pursued her for hours afterward.

She didn’t exactly possess the strength to roll away from Hawke at the moment, though. She’d forgotten what being sick—really sick, not just a pesky hangover or passing sniffles—felt like. So much snot had no business coming out of her nose. Surely she couldn’t produce much more of it.

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And now I'm thinking about what the Kirkwall Crew's phone backgrounds would be:
  • Aveline: Probably default tbh. Aveline is the sort of person who yells at her phone every other day and can’t be bothered to customize the background.
  • Fenris: In Act 1, he just picks one of the images in the gallery when he got the phone and sets it as the background, so that it's slightly prettier than the default. In Act 2, it's white wolves. In Act 3, if he ends up with Hawke, it's Hawke; if he ends up with Isabela, it's one of those "selfies in bed" couples pictures, but they're both deliberately making ugly faces in it, to demonstrate that they know this is for losers and are only doing it ironically. Totally ironically; If Fenris ends up alone, it's Kirkwall's skyscape.
  • Carver: It's Bethany. Mention it to him and he'll punch you.
  • Isabela: Her ship.
  • Sebastian: One of the decorative religious verse backgrounds with "And Havard wept / And took the ashes, still hot from the fire / and pressed them to his heart."
  • Varric: A pair of feminine hands holding a crossbow. When asked "Who is that?" Varric responds, "Bianca."
  • Tallis: a Vhenadahl.
  • Anders: Cats. Not Pounce, because that's too painful, though he has lots of pictures of Pounce saved, but it's always cats, though the picture changes.
  • Bethany: It's Carver. She won't talk about it.
  • Merrill: Her phone background is a picture of all of her friends. Her lock screen is the dread wolf.

an insult i wore as a badge of pride; a solavellan playlist

“what is the old dalish curse?” he asked, a new tone of sadness to his voice that she couldn’t quite place, “‘may the dread wolf take you’?”
she shook her head, biting back with a bitter, “and so he did.”

1. the sword & the pen - regina spektor 2. last man on earth - the mountain goats 3. wolf & i - oh land 4. i walk the line - halsey 5. not with haste - mumford & sons 6. the wolves (act ii and ii) - bon iver 7. grendel’s mother - the mountain goats 8. dark paradise - lana del rey 9. wolf - first aid kit 10. swans and the swimming - iron and wine

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