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My Response to Jashi (Jack and Ashi) being canon.

 Hey guys, it’s yours truly, WILL HERE!!!!!!!!

So today is definitely going to be a controversial post.

I am going to cover the controversial topic of Samurai Jack.

More specifically, Jack and Ashi becoming a canon couple.

So this comes from Samurai Jack, season 5 episode 8 entitled, “XCVI”.

So… I gotta say this first. This reminds me of the whole controversy with Steven Universe’s storyboard artist, Lauren Zuke, getting harassed online for shipping a couple.

So the same comes to here. 

People just outright hate this show all of the sudden because Jack and Ashi becoming an official couple. 

So what are my thoughts on it? I support this ship!!!!!! 

I legitimately do not understand why all of you guys are bashing this show? Seriously?

I know that many people don’t like them being a couple because they wanted a more father-daughter relationship. That is fine!!! 

But if you guys don’t like the ship and you all of the sudden hate the show now, after watching it for many years… then you are not a true fan of the show.

A true fan of the show has likes and dislikes of the show they are watching, but will stand by the creators, cast, etc. no matter what! 

Like for example, I did not like Regular Show’s eighth season, I thought it was stupid. But I am not going to just dislike the whole show just because of one season, I love the earlier seasons and I love the characters.

And all of you “fans” have the balls to say you do not like the ENTIRE SHOW … just because of one episode?! Come one!

I have done some research and I am going to tell you guys some of the notable complaints.

“Samurai Jack is a pedophile!!!”

Okay, here is my response you illiterate haters! Pedophile is defined as “an adult male who is sexually attracted to children.”

So yes, Jack is older than Ashi. But … we have no idea how old Ashi is, maybe mid 20s to early 30s.

Second, Jack is immortal. 

But Ashi is not a child. She is an adult woman who knows a lot of fighting skills, an assassin basically and has been raised by Aku for many years! 

Jack is a samurai who has been immortal for over 100 years, has faced Aku, and many other enemies … alone!!! 

They have been fighting for decades and THEY BOTH love each other! Jack is not a pedophile if Ashi loves him back! 

There are more complaints, but there are many posts regarding this issue! 

Yes, the development of their romance should have been longer, but at least there was development.

Ashi never wanted to date Jack at first, she was told, along with her sisters, to murder him!!! 

(Credit goes to AnimeFan4Ever on Youtube).

So then a few episodes later, “XCV”, Ashi attempted to kill Jack! 

There were also many hints! Like this one from the same episode!

(Credit to Mister Gum on Youtube).

I think from the same episode they saw the two deer kissing, resembling Jack and Ashi kissing.

And Ashi said at one of the episodes, “Are you expecting a kiss?!” 

So this here proves my point that there were hints scattered throughout season 5 and there was development.

This development started because in “XCV” when Ashi was telling Jack that he would die, Jack was confused as to why she would even think that! So he was helping her realize that Aku is not good. So Ashi is a developed character, with interesting and heartbreaking backstory, and can kick anyone’s ass! 

These two have been alone for so long that they grew an attachment to one another and they develop feelings for each other romantically! 

It is called an ARC!!!! 

So yeah! Love has no boundaries! LOVE IS LOVE!!!!

Me and other people support this ship! 


There are other examples that show old male characters either dating young female characters or a old male character is shipped with a young female character because of their chemistry together!


That is my take.

*drops mic and leaves*

“Samurai Jack is too old to be with Ashi”

(Aang was 112 if you guys remember and Katara was 14)

Guys, it’s fiction. It’s going to be okay.

But still, the saying that age matters more than personality and qualities of character in terms of any relationship is pretty shallow in my opinion. I mean there are boundaries, of course, but I don’t see how that all applies to Jack and Ashi.

Ashi is naive but she isn’t dumb and incapable, she’s not a child, she’s an adult who was raised secluded and was brainwashed as a youth to believe lies about the world and Aku. She has to learn about the reality of the world still but she’s not actually a child. It’s the result of really shitty parenting. REALLY shitty parenting. She’s become smart and mature ENOUGH for her to learn and adapt to the world really quickly and make her own choices and a lot of that is due to Jack opening her eyes to the world. But in Episode 6 she manages to make her own path and turn her life around, on her own accord, not jacks, hers. She’s the one who took off Akus.. residue and formally created herself a new look and identity.

She went looking for Jack on her own accord and she saved his ass. She then proceeded to save it again in Episode 7. Oh and she already saved it on another occasion in Episode 5.

And even more so, Jack isn’t some old man with a bald head and fifty foot long beard who’s patting his thigh and asking Ashi to sit on his fucking lap. He’s a decent ass man who fights for righteousness and honor. He’s as mature, down to earth and as kind of a person as you can get.

He was never enticing Ashi to be with him. Ashi pretty clearly felt that connection with him as well and wither you want to call it “bad fanfiction” or not, it’s what Genndy wanted from the start. He never said there would be a father daughter relationship, that was US. WE got that from the show and it’s totally okay to want that kind of relationship.

But i STILL stand that the thought of Jashi being creepy because of Jacks age is incredible shallow and actually insulting to both of their characters. 

But really, you can think whatever you want. It’s more important that we all stay civil than it is that we all agreed on everything.


“I had the chance to do five covers, whole design and create a new logo.
From the very beginning, I wanted to keep each cover down to two colors that identify with each of the five characters. I also set out to come up with a design that would grab eyes from the shelves compared to the rest of the covers while keeping uniformity throughout the series.
But at last I thought was going to be so complicated and I just did the covers you see here.”

- David Aja


You know, after reading a TV Tropes page about Samurai Jack in the Heartwarming section, it mention something interesting about Scaramouche possible future after the finale. 

It goes something like this:

If Scaramouche fans wish it so, he doesn’t die a villain in the new future, and instead comes back as an anti-hero in the same league as, say, Deadpool.

Since you have to admit, IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! And it could be a good opportunity to see what sort of new future Jack had created. Does the future characters still exist. If so, how would they be? What kind of character development Mouche would get?

He would play the opposite of Jack. Jack is heroic and stoic while Scaramouche is playful and villainous. Of course in this series he would be an anti-hero type of deal? The Deadpool to Jack Wolverine! 

I hate the Jashi ship. Jack doesn’t age, but I would say that in the OG series he was at least 35, I feel like Ashi has gotta be in her early twenties maybe JUST reached that. Honestly I’m starting to get Wolverine/Jean grey vibes with this ship and hghghghghh. I have a comic where he looks forty, has been around for at least two hundred years and hits on Jean grey-who’s like a senior. It just feels wrong and creepy. Jack also doesn’t age but he’s technically gotta be 85 years old now. That’s kinda….weird. Jashi just doesn’t feel in character for Jack-he’s never showed interest in women or men. But he’s always been open to befriending people or being fatherly in a way.

…it’s just weird to see the fandom turning my favorite character into a creepy old guy (some of the fan art they’ve made is straight up perverted). I’m getting so many bad weird…vibes. The whole thing feels wrong and I can’t believe people support and ship something like that. It’s not one of those things where, oh let people have their own ships and don’t hate! It’s just a bad ship in general and I don’t like seeing it whenever I look up the samurai jack tag. It’s too troubling. Can we go back to the father/daughter relationship?