the wolf widow

  • Peter: Are we really doing this?
  • Tony: We're doing it. Tonight.
  • Peter: But isn't it kind of dangerous?
  • Natasha: It's incredibly dangerous. And borderline idiotic.
  • Peter: Have you guys done something like this before?
  • Natasha: Something dangerous? Or something idiotic?
  • Rhodey: I think it's a yes to both.
  • Tony: You don't have to be part of it if you don't want to.
  • Peter: I'm not scared.
  • Natasha: Then you're borderline idiotic.

Doing a little sale of test prints. All pieces are 8x10 and printed on gallery quality Canson acid free paper archival paper.

If you’re interested in a piece, message me. @foleypdx on Twitter,, or use tumblr’s system. FYI, these are one off prints, so they are very much first come, first serve.

Add $5 for shipping in the U.S. And $10 for international shipping.

• The Wives $20
• Teen Wolf $20
• The Man From Uncle $20
• DA:I - Krem + Harding $20
The Widow & The Wolf $20 SOLD
• Fen $20
• Boys $20
• DA:I - Dorian + the Inquisitor $20
Florence and the Machine $20 SOLD


The avengers x Teen wolf - Crossover/Au

Nick Fury called The Avengers to go to a new mission. They have to find and bring to SHIELD a probably enemy named banshee, a soldier created by HYDRA.


shelley hennig+troian bellisario/black widow

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Updated August 19, 2016

Teen Wolf

Theo Raeken

Fire and Rain




Him  {part two}


No Service  {part two}


Liam Dunbar

Show You

Derek Hale

Another Heartbeat

Work Out

Stiles Stilinski

Not A Clue



Dating Bucky


Dating Steve Rogers


Bruce Wayne


Scream (MTV) 

Jake Fitzgerald

Pool Party

Gustavo Acosta


Scream Theories

Episode 6 {Jeepers Creepers}


Sebastian Stan


Madman [part two]


Fairytale sterek!
Based on the Swan Princess! I’ve even wrote a short storyline for this!

The Wolf Prince
King Stilinski, widowed father of newborn Prince Stiles, and Queen Talia, widowed mother to the young Prince Derek, decide to betrothe their sons to unite their kingdoms. The evil sorceress Kate Argent wants to take over the Hale Kingdom for herself by marrying the Prince. But before she can seduce him the Hale guards attack and banish her from the kingdom, but she vows her revenge.

Stilinski and Talia decide that Stiles and Derek should spend every summer together, in hopes of them falling in love. During their younger years this idea has failed miserably. But when they reach adulthood, they do fall in love, and Stiles makes the declaration to get the wedding preparations started. But when it becomes clear he only wishes to marry Derek for his beauty, Derek rejects him. When Talia and Derek leave they are attacked by Kate, who has transformed herself into a “Great Beast”, who then kidnaps Derek and leaves Talia fatally injured. The Hale guards are able to get Talia back to the Stilinski castle, Stiles runs in just in time to hear her say something about the “Great Beast” and Derek is gone. Believing Derek is dead, King Stilinski tries to encourage Stiles to move on, but Stiles refuses to believe his love is dead. He starts to hunt daily in the forest with his best friend Scott to find the “Great Beast”

Kate is keeping Derek trapped in an abandoned castle. She casts a spell on Derek to turn him into a wolf during the day, and that by the light of the moon lets him temporarily turn back into a human. She tells him that if he does not return to the castle grounds before the moon and sun rises, he will die. Every night Kate asks Derek to marry her, but he refuses.

One day while Kate is away, Derek, in his wolf form, runs into the forest hoping to find Stiles. Stiles is out hunting and comes across Derek’s wolf, thinking it’s the “Great Beast” and tries to kill him. The chase leads Stiles to the castle, where he witnesses Derek transform back into a human when the moon rises. The two share a lovers reunion and Derek tells Stiles the spell can only be broken by a vow of everlasting love. Stiles wants to declare his love to the whole kingdom, so he invites Derek to his father’s ball the following evening. Kate arrives in secret, hears the whole conversation, and later imprisons Derek in the dungeon.

Scared Stiles will ruin her plans, Kate transforms herself into Derek and goes to the ball. Derek manages to break free of the dungeon, and races to the ball to stop Stiles before it’s too late, but is unable to get there before Stiles declares his love to Kate. Realising his mistake Stiles races after Derek to the castle, where Derek changes back before dying in Stiles’ arms.

Furious, Stiles demands Kate brings Derek back. She transforms into the “Great Beast” and a battle ensues. Stiles manages to fire his arrow into Kate’s heart and kills her.

Stiles confesses that he loves more than Derek’s beauty, he loves his kind heart, his quick wit and caring nature. Derek comes back to life and the spell is broken. And they lived happily ever after.

Shout out to the amazing @ladydrace for beta in’ this for me! I was so nervous writing this cause I don’t do well at writing at all! Dyslexia rules my life!