the woes of a single girl

I can accept if people dislike Mary Jane. However, it’s hard for me to take much of that criticism seriously because so many seem like pretenses.

Mary Jane is scorned because she married Peter. The criticisms focus on her because she is the perfect scapegoat for the marriage, so by making her look bad, the marriage to her looks bad by association, and subsequently, the very notion of Spider-Man gets dragged down.

People repeat the argument that she was this “supermodel”, but with the way it’s condemned, you’d think it was the status quo for years on end, when really, it was for an arc at most. So you have her career exaggerated, and apparently it always made things “easy” for Peter. Sure, Mary Jane made money, but to say that she was always making his financial problems easier assumes that she was always a supermodel capable of earning that much money. Since she wasn’t constantly a model, there’s no way she could have constantly made Peter’s financial woes easier.

The narrative that “Mary Jane is a supermodel who made things easier” singles out a moment in their history, and presents as the entirety of that history. Hannah Blumenreich exaggerated this even further, claiming that Peter gets with girls who become supermodels, as if it happened with more women than just Mary Jane.

One of the more frustrating arguments is that Peter getting married cuts of “story potential.” Okay, what potential is there that’s lost that has nothing to do with his relationship status? Either he isn’t in a relationship, or he’s dating someone other than Mary Jane, or he’s dating Mary Jane rather than being married to her.

Let’s break those possibilities down.

1: If Peter is not in a relationship, then your options are to either have him enter a relationship and continue with that story, or keep him out of a relationship entirely. Either you progress to the other possibilities, or you don’t. Not being in a relationship is not a “story”. It is an aspect of a story.

2: If Peter is dating women other than Mary Jane, what is the purpose of this relationship? It favors quantity over quality. You’re going to end the relationship anyway, so Peter might as well be going through Bond Girls. Brand New Day was, for lack of a better phrase, bidding on a horse race. The writers all favored certain girls who were invented for Brand New Day anyway. The appeal wasn’t that these women had any merits in their own right, but rather, they were just “alternatives” to Mary Jane. Dan Slott lamented that people didn’t give Carlie Cooper or Cissy Ironwood (You know, that girl who should up in like three issues of Slott’s precious Marvel Team-Up before she vanished altogether) because they weren’t Mary Jane. No, we don’t like these characters they’re either outright abusive to Peter, or you literally give us no reason to like them beyond “They’re not Mary Jane.” If you can only define yourself by the comparison, I’m not going to care. You are tearing down Mary Jane to prop up your favorite.

3: If Peter is dating Mary Jane, why don’t they just get married? Oh, right, because that’s too “permanent”, and we need a back door to break up their relationship. The only purpose of breaking them up would be to rehash the previous two ideas.

Joe Quesada, Dan Slott, and their fans who hate the marriage all equate the marriage with finality. It’s like people want a harem manga where Gwen Stacy is “Best Girl”, and are more interested in the meanderings that drive harem manga.

I get it, you want the character to last forever, but Mary Jane is not going to hurt that. Keeping her and Peter apart is not about “preserving” the franchise. It’s about being contrary for the sake of it.

izaya orihara character analysis

a study in human character, mental illness and socially percieved sanity [revised version]

“I succumb to the illusion that I’m God when I look at it like this, which feels pretty good, you know.” – Izaya Orihara


From what we’re acquainted with in the series, Izaya seems to have been born human. His early years are supposedly normal, his parents loving him and his sisters as parents should. The relationship between the Orihara siblings isn’t a typical one though – ranging from the incestuous obsession on one side (Mairu and Kururi), to a cold, heartless relationship (the twins and Izaya), in which the two would not mind sending their brother to death for the chance of seeing their idol.

“While Mairu and Kururi are inseparable, their feelings on the elder brother are not as clear-alternately stating that they still consider him family, but also saying they wouldn’t mind killing him and throwing his dead body in the garbage to meet their idol: “Hanejima Yuuhei”, Shizuo’s younger brother.” – drrr!! wiki

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Nurseydex prompt idea! So you know how it is kind of established that Nursey is incredibly beautiful? Like it to the point where the team chirps him for having fans or people flirt/ask him out on dates. So here is Dex when they first meet is like "Welp this guy is super out of my league. Moving on". Anyways, Nursey is like well I'll just do what always do to get dates and dress really hot and flirt to get Dex. And nursey is just getting more unchill the more Dex just unphased by his "wooing".

I love this!!

The worst part about joining the Samwell men’s hockey team for Dex is being surrounded by attractive people. Like, seriously. Every single one of his teammates could be a model. And it’s just his luck that the best looking guy on the entire team happens to be his d-partner. It’s almost comical it’s so painful.

Dex knows Nursey is way out of his league. They all are, but especially Nursey. It’s unfair, but it’s something Dex knows he’s going to have to deal with for the next four years. So he quickly gets over his immediate attraction and tries to put blinders on.

He focuses more on spending time with women, in order to dull his senses to the fact that Derek Nurse is the single most attractive person he’s ever met in his life. It mostly works, as Dex conditions himself to look more at breasts and thin waists rather than biceps and hockey butts.

On the other hand, Nursey knows he’s pretty. He’s been told his entire life that he’s a good looking person. It’s flattering, sure, but it also gets old after a while. He’s got fan girls at all his games and he’s constantly having to turn down people asking him on dates. It’s totally “woe is me,” but it’s super frustrating when his charm works on everyone but the one person he wants to charm.

Yeah, that’s right. Derek Nurse has a hard time impressing the one person he wants to charm the most.

It’s beyond frustrating. It’s infuriating. It’s insanity. He tries so hard. He wears the right clothes and says the right things and works really hard to make himself undeniably desirable every second he’s with the team.

No one is unphased by Derek Nurse squatting in the gym, shirtless and wearing tight booty shorts. No one but William Poindexter.

Nursey even tries to pull out the big guns. He walks around their hotel room on the road in just his form-fitting briefs. He goes through a mini-workout in said briefs before bed, showing off his best assets with crunches and pushups and lunges. He does everything and yet Dex just has no reaction.

Nursey feels like pulling his hair out.

Dex also feels like pulling his hair out. He keeps the field hockey player he hooked up with in his mind as Nursey goes through his absolutely obscene workouts before bed. He visualizes her smooth stomach as Nursey does crunches. He visualizes her perky breasts that fit so well in his hands as Nursey does pushups. He visualizes her strong and flexible legs wrapped around his head as Nursey does squats.

He keeps everything in check because there’s no fucking way he’s making things awkward their first year on the team together. Not when he’s got no chance in hell with Nursey.

It’s driving Dex crazy. It’s driving Nursey crazy. It’s driving everyone around them crazy.

alrighty let’s talk voltron crew + fave video games bc why not 


  • animal crossing new leaf, 100%
  • the kind of mayor who has all the flowers, all the fruit, won golden trophies in ever single contest in the town
  • names his town ‘Voltown’ like a nerd
  • coordinated paths, hybrid flowers, house was fully upgraded and paid off in like 2 weeks 
  • believes that there are no ugly villagers, even though pietro kind of freaks him out 


  • love live! school idol festival
  • is absolute idol trash 
  • her best girl is maki 
  • woe to the person who’s responsible for making her break a combo
  • seriously, if you distract pidge during a song you’re a fucking dead man. there is no help for you. there is no god. 
  • has s-ranked every song available on all difficulty levels and frequently places top five in events
  • team is made up of SRs/URs, but she saves the R cards she likes. Ns are completely useless except for the purpose of filling the album.


  • fire emblem fates 
  • he keeps telling himself he’ll marry someone other than oboro or effie (depending on if he’s doing the nohr or hoshido route) but no. he never does. 
  • lowkey waifu trash tbh 
  • his armies are ridiculously op and most of his units are basically leveled-out tanks 
  • his favourite class is the kinshi knight and the great knight
  • do not try to conquer his castle, you will fail 


  • wario ware: touched!
  • has never lost at any of the mini games 
  • has also completed them ridiculously quickly
  • seriously, no one can beat his time score
  • may or may not have had a massive crush on mona in the past
  • may or may not still retain said crush 
  • thinks the music is pretty sweet 


  • donkey kong
  • specifically, donkey kong 64
  • you know that post where they played 200 hours and only finished 23% of the game? that’s keith 
  • he doesn’t know how it happened either 
  • has no intention of beating the game, he’s more than content to just keep adding hours onto his save file
  • this drives lance up a wall 
  • he’s well aware of that fact 

iampieapple  asked:

How will the prince react knowing their little girl is dating a guy xD ((Be My Princess~💕))


Wilfred: Wilfred would be torn because he obviously would care about his daughter and who she is dating, but, he doesn’t want to show his overprotective dad side at this stage. He’s also well known for keeping his cool, so for him to lose his temper would be out of character. I think he’d be silently standing guard and be glaring slightly at her beau, making it clear that he will not forgive the guy if his breaks his daughter’s heart.

Keith: Woe to the man who dates Keith Alford’s daughter. He’d interrogate the poor guy like a policeman investigates a criminal and half the time, reject the guy. He’d tell him that he’s not good enough to date his daughter and there would be lots of screaming matches between him and his little girl. After the MC convinces Keith to let them be, as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, Keith drags Luke along to stalk his daughter and her boy, making sure they don’t have any funny business going on. This happens every single time she goes on a date until the MC or his daughter catches them and wrings them out for it. Keith will never completely trust his daughter’s boyfriends.

Roberto: Roberto would kinda be like, scary nice. He’d be friendly to the guy in public/when everyone is paying attention, but as soon as they’re alone or no one is looking, he pulls the guy close and whispers threats into his ear. He will not stand for having his daughter cry. He’ll stalk her, but not obsessively like Keith. He might pull pranks to make the dates go bad, but nothing really works. He’ll be restless until she comes home.

Glenn: I think he’d try and forbid her from going out. He’d find things to criticize about her choice of beau. If he complains about the guy’s age, she’s quick to point out Glenn and the MC, and after that he can’t say anything. He’ll lay down ground rules at first and he may not even let her have dates off palace grounds at first. He’s kinda in-between where he’s not losing his mind like Keith, but he’s not quiet like Wilfred either.

Joshua: Joshua would create really impossible and stupid rules to follow once he is denied the ability to reject his daughter’s boyfriend and is not allowed to tell her she cannot date at a certain age. At that point, he either chaperones or creates really silly rules. Examples include standing three feet apart at all times. No hand holding. No tomfoolerly. No physical affection. No wearing clothes that would show her arms or legs. He’d be like an annoyed cat and glare at the boyfriend with narrowed eyes and a stare that screams “I don’t trust you.”

Edward: I think Edward would be the most trusting. It’s not that he doesn’t care. He just trusts his daughter’s choice. He’s raised her well. At the same time, he wants her innocence preserved and he’s sad that the era of her life where her daddy is her most important man is now ending. The sun of that era is setting, so he’s sad. He’s also fiercely protective in his own way. Like Roberto, he’d take the guy aside and tell him that if he hurts his rose princess, he will be very, very sorry.


I hope you liked the answers I gave. This was fun to think about. :) Thanks for asking!