the woe maidens

Ok it is done. Old timey poster of conjoined triplet maidens. I can’t scan it but I couldn’t wait to share, so have a crappy photo. Each of the whites is actually a slightly different shade of light gray, to make it easier to tell what is what.

Fun fact: I fucked up, the underwear part where Maggot and Contessa are touching should not have a line through it because it is supposed to be a solid block where they are joined.

||I FINALLY got my Veronica Varlow poster! OMG! IT’S SO DAMN GORGEOUS! And it’s autographed! ♥!

I will take a picture of it when I get a frame for it. It also came with two stickers. Both are the same. But just as lovely. I will treasure both poster and stickers forever.

My God, Veronica is so gorgeous and like one of the sweetest persons ever. I’ve got a “Happy Belated Birthday, Lover” tweet from her. And two emails from her. Now I only need to do is meet her and get my first kiss ever from her. I am fucking determined that she WILL be my first kiss. I don’t give a fuck. VeVa. Will. Be. My. First. Kiss. -Nods-

xD! Needless to say, getting the Veronica poster and seeing that someone made The Woe-Maidens gif, made my day. Thank you so damn much!

I’m in love with this gif so damn much ||Wick, I stealing these three from you, okay? Okay…|| Thank you to whomever made this lovely gif. You are forever loved by a weird girl. xD!||