the woe maidens

Transit Chiron Conjunct Transit Venus: How can love hold us back?

In her lowly woe, the maiden yearns in disgrace
For the burdens of loving hinder her chase.

Her beauty is forthright, so solemnly small;
Her lover stands agile and graceful and tall.

How can she find her self in this throng
When “us” and “we” and “ours” goes wrong?

Lowly the maiden, a warrior disguised
With a sensual grace that dwindles and dries.

Along came her lover, her protector that day,
a month and year and lifetime escaped.

The terror of darkness only bears bright,
Alone she will leave and cry to the night.

Ok it is done. Old timey poster of conjoined triplet maidens. I can’t scan it but I couldn’t wait to share, so have a crappy photo. Each of the whites is actually a slightly different shade of light gray, to make it easier to tell what is what.

Fun fact: I fucked up, the underwear part where Maggot and Contessa are touching should not have a line through it because it is supposed to be a solid block where they are joined.