the wizzard


I can’t be the only one who hears it as “Leviosa”

during lunch break at work
  • me: *reading drarry fanfiction on my phone*
  • colleague: what's that you're reading all the time? is it a book?
  • me: *sweats*
  • me: uh... yeah. sort of.
  • colleague: oh, what's it about?
  • me: uh... magic. witches and wizzards. time travel. dragons. mysteries.
  • colleague: sort of like Harry Potter?
  • me: uh... yeah.
  • me: sort of.

Is it just me or is McGonagall holding back? I know that Snape is, and redirecting her spells at Alecto and Amycus, but I feel like if she wanted to she could literally destroy Snape. You can see the pain in her eyes when she attacks someone whom she regarded as a friend and colleague, and as her student before that. 

typical Hufflepuff things

When you get in the Hufflepuff House and don’t know what is typical of it here a few things to know:

A typical Hufflepuff is too good for this world

A typical Hufflepuff is a very good friend

A typical Hufflepuff can’t lie

A typical Hufflepuff love his friends

A typical Hufflepuff Is not afraid of hard work

A typical Hufflepuff can cook

A typical Hufflepuff love the nature

A typical Hufflepuff believe in the true love

A typical Hufflepuff laugh really cute

YES you can be proud of it #TheKindestHouse

Ravenclaw Gryffindor Slytherin

florzo  asked:

your art style is wonderful and so pretty!! im in love with the wizzard au is the cutest thing ever jesse's desing is amazing and hanzo is so cute just, thank you so much <3 have a nice day!

no, thank you! (๑→‿←๑) this is the nicest thing I received in a looong time and it did brighten my day a lot! I’m flattered to hear someone likes the AU and honestly I’d really like to draw more for it! Even more now!