the wizard express

Luna Lovegood at the Hogwarts Express

Another original illustration for the amazing project (i’ll tell you more as soon as possible). I love Luna from the movie, but in my head Luna is pretty different so… well, i draw her i my way. As usual i hope you like



Harry Potter Era
You’re a muggle and Harry falls in love with you. He knows you can’t handle the wizarding world and the war that has yet to come so he obliviates every single memory you have shared together. After the war, he finds you in London working in a coffee shop every weekend.

//Harry’s pov

I twirl my spoon in the coffee she just made. My eyes never leaving her figure as she goes from customer to customer. I longed to go up to her; to hug her from behind and kiss the top of her head, just the way she liked it. Y/n hasn’t changed a bit. Except she didn’t have bags under eyes or a worried look. She seemed better without me.

My pursed my lips in sadness at the thought of letting her go. The day I decided to erase every loving moment I spent with her. Y/n was my whole world, and I had to let her go. The mere thought of her in danger during the war was too much of a sacrifice she was willing to make, so I let her go.

I don’t regret it though. Seeing her breathing and happy was all that I wanted. But to see her without an ounce of memory of me tore me to pieces. I came every weekend for the last 3 months in hopes she would at least recognize me. Not once did she give me more than a glance.

As I took a light sip from the drink, I felt a pair of eyes stare right at me. I looked up from the glare of my glasses to find y/n staring at me from the counters, whispering with one of her friends. I couldn’t tell what to do. My hands shook as I set the coffee down, giving her a light smile, hoping she didn’t notice me staring at her before. But I suppose her friend did.

She nudges y/n’s side, nodding at me. I pretend not to notice, looking down at my coffee again. I notice a familiar figure walking towards me and I look back up.

“Hello,” she says, “I’m y/n.”

She gives me her signature smile, a smile I could never get over. I resist the urge to hug her and never let go, raising my hand and saying, “I’m Harry.”


Deathly Hallows on Pottermore, Part 2


Graves allows Newt to keep the bowtruckles he managed to save during a case. The director knows very well he’s not following the protocol and he might be bending the rules a bit, but when it comes to Newt Scamander, that adorable wizard with soft smile and lovely freckles, he just can’t say no.

And Newt, he’s so grateful and happy he takes Percival by the collar of his shirt and just rubs the tip of his nose against Graves’ and the director takes a while to recover from the shock and the warm feeling he experiences after.

He becomes addicted.

So of course Percival tries his best to give Newt whatever he wants. He loves to watch the wizard delighted expression every time, but he loves more the little touches; the hugs, the feeling of that soft curls against his forehead when Newt presses their heads together.

But what he loves the most is the touch of Newt’s soft nose against his.

It’s the sensation that finally gives him the courage to confess his feelings and to steal a quick kiss from Newt’s lips.

And sweet Mercy Lewis those lips. He’s addicted to those too.

Maybe he’s just addicted to Newt in general, maybe he’s just losing his mind after all.

But if that’s the case, if he’s losing his mind, it really doesn’t matter. Percival enjoys Newt’s company too much to care about anything else.

Ginny Weasley

You don’t know how weird it is for her to be this shy, she never shuts up normally.”

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