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The Distance Between Us

(A.N. HEY, GUYS! So this was SUPPOSE to be only a imagine with only one part to it BUT if I did that it would've been 1,000,000 words long soooo I think there might be Three parts… Is that okay? I will post part 2 tomorrow hopefully and part three next Saturday. This was a request! Thank you to whoever requested this! Anyways, Enjoy ~o~)

Chatter filled the mystical snowy atmosphere as students in different house robes with their trunks with other personal items and pets such as owls, toads, cats, and rats dragging behind them.

All of them standing on the platform waiting for the Hogwarts Express to take them away from the castle.

I have to admit Hogwarts did a hell of a job of decorating for the holidays to the 8-foot Christmas trees with sparkling ornaments and the giant Christmas feast held every year in the Great Hall.

It’s a shame I can’t spend it with my boyfriend, Draco, he has to go on holiday with his family to Switzerland. L u c k y  h i m.

I was quite upset when I heard the news. Every year I have to stay at the castle because my parents always have some “important” business to attend to.

When I told Draco this he started to spend Christmas at Hogwarts too so I wouldn’t be lonely during the holidays.

Those are my favorite memories of Draco and I. This year I have to figure out what I’m going to.

“Hey, Babe.” A voice from behind me spoke placing a firm kiss on my cheek.

Turning around I’m faced with a Draco who has his Slytherin scarf up to his chin and snowflakes in his hair and eyelashes.

He looked like a God.

Noticing my staring he gives me a cheeky smile and a wink.

I smile back at him. Of course, it wasn’t a real smile it was a smile you give your parents to assure them you’re okay when you’re not.

His smile turned into a frown, “Love, I won’t be away for long. Remember what I told you?”

Nodding my head I replied, “I know but sending an owl isn’t the same as seeing you in person, Dray.”

Reaching his hand towards my face he hooks his finger behind my ear and his thumb was rubbing small circles on my cheek bone.

“You know Y/N that the distance between us is only 1,640 km.”

I look at him in awe, “That’s a lot of distance that’s going to be in between us.”

“It is but just knows when you look up at the sky thinking of me I’m also looking at the same sky thinking of you, my love.”

Blushing at his statement Draco brings his lips to mine not kissing me they were just brushing over mine.

Putting my arms around his neck I close the remaining space that was between us.

While our lips moved in sync one of Draco’s found a way to my waist, he grip was firm.

Draco being the first to pull away because the train finally reached the platform.

He places his forehead against mine, “I would love if the distance between us was zero but I’m sorry Love I have to go. Expect my owl.”

With that, he grabbed his trunk and owl and got in line to board the train.

My eyes followed his every move to him walking in the train corridors through the windows until he took his seat with his fellow Slytherins.

As the train started to move against the tracks he waved his final Goodbye.

Watching the train until it’s out of my sight I think, “What am I going to do now.”

                                              END OF PART ONE

Hey all! After a week dedicated to organizing my work for an Adobe contest, I’m back! Sorry if I haven’t responded to your messages yet!

I made a few edits to my Dementor illustration! There are a couple more little hidden details now, so see if you can find them! Special shout out to @allysonwillsey for recommending that I add some fog pouring in with the Dementor. Nothing like some good ol’ illustrative fog for effect!

July 2017 prompts

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Prompts of the month
1# - What lurks under the city?
2# - Write about a hero giving up
3# - Describe the eye of the storm
4# - Write about all the cellphones you’ve had
5# - Find an old poem, write a new poem as a reaction on it, a follow up poem, rewrite the old poem, write something with the same theme, etc.
6# - How does a wizard express their anger?
7# - If your home had a voice, what would it sound like?
8# - Write about someone you only spoke to once
9# - How does the cat spend her sixth life?
10# - Write about a boy who made all the wrong decisions and regretted only one

Word prompts
1# - hazy
2# - perfect, electric
3# - fish, dance, youth
4# - authorization
5# - acid, gift
6# - bolt, design, break
7# - welcome
8# - motivation, verbal
9# - drunk, believe, green
10# - god, moment, permit, enough


«When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me “After all this thime?” And I’ll say “Always"»
~Alan Rickman

anonymous asked:

Harry Potter is asexual and one day shows up at the Hogwarts Express wearing a shirt that says "MY ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE BECAUSE I'M ASEXUAL HUN" (I just need this in my life ok) -H

Harry gets lots of high fives and fist bumps from muggleborns and half-blood wixen on the train. He gets some approving looks from some purebloods and half-blood wixen. But he also gets a looooooooot of questioning looks.

In fact, Harry gets so many questions, he ends up holding an impromptu Q&A session on different identities (and some muggle culture) in one of the carriages. He actually gets caught up in doing this before he even finds Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville. They end up finding him. Hermione is, unsurprisingly, helpful with a wealth of knowledge in helping Harry answer questions and define terms. Ginny and Luna are, surprisingly, well versed in identity lingo and also help out.

It also turns out to be good practice for Harry, taking the lead and speaking to Dumbledore’s Army.

He does have to fight off a Slytherin, who just realized the word for how they feel is asexual, who felt that a snake-related shirt is misplaced in a Gryffindor’s wardrobe.

And that’s how Harry Potter sparks identity awareness in the isolated wixen community: muggle culture play on words.

~Hufflepuff Mod

seraphofivorylight  asked:

b5 wiZARD AND A1 CHASE ;;;; hi im harvest moon trash


I am always up for drawing Wizard. I lvOE HIM

And gosh Chase, dat tsundere cook

The sad thing is I haven’t married either of them in the game yet