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The neural network doesn’t understand proper nouns.

As the neural network begins to get better at generating cookbook recipes, it continues to have trouble with recipe sources - short and highly varied, they’re a challenge for an algorithm that learns by repetition. Still, it does its best:

Source: Carrots
Shared By: Eander Moistly
Recipe By     : Berrand erroomsterplees
Recipe By     : Derned SAwaalcaima
Submitted by Alsalanne Mc.thebsete
Recipe By     : By LidienY Pubptite
Recipe by: Chef; Texigle The Steamy Fut 18
Cookies" cookbook by Herblen Leg 1994
by Pillian Cooking Broccoli
Source:  A dark Soup Cookbook by Searsh Leaves.
From Millryer Coancy First Warterrip Meltingonais
Source: Genter Marjary Witn Abong
Source: Cherry Sauce *  The Shell Bears Shelled Barbecue Sauce

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THIS is what I was afraid of when they brought her back. I don't give a fuck about her, I know it's fake and she won't make me change my opinion. I was worried for him, for his mental health because he has gone through (and he still is) so much and I remember how he was the last time he had to stunt witn her. She has been awful to him and Harry and I hate everyone around him that made this shit going so far

all i care about right now is louis and i’m just so angry that this is still happening and he’s still not free


“Every meeting starts witn an hello. What brought Molly Hooper in the grip of a criminal mastermind was just as simple as a hello. Granted, he did not appear as a genius or a murderer. Instead, he took on the appearance of a kind and daring man. It was his charming nature that lured her into his path.

Jim from IT was harmless in every sense of the word.”  (from La Follia by Unreasonablyme)

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How would the captains and vice captain comfort there s/o who bottles up there fellings and finds them crying in a dark room with dry and wet tears cause they can't take the pressure any more of bottling up there felling s cause they felt witn allot of things in there life and fells like they can't do anything anymore and can't seem to do the things the like any more and they just need a shoulder to cry on and just let it out but they can't seem to tell them since they try to cover up there sad

I only did captains, just so it wouldn’t be so long!


  • Immediately holds you against his chest.
  • Tells you it’s all going to be ok and to not worry about anything.
  • Reminds you that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and he has become a better person since meeting you. 


  • Asks what’s wrong, genuinely concerned for your well being.
  • Takes your hand and helps you stand up, then brings you in for a nice bear hug.
  • Kisses the top of your head and doesn’t say anything, while you cry into his arms.


  • Doesn’t say anything but instead, sits down next to you and places his large hand on top of your head.
  • Keeps quiet and lets you cry bc honestly, he’s awkward with this kind of thing.
  • However, he wants you to know he’s there for you. Instead of giving you advice, he just listens to what you have to say.


  • Freaks out at first but once he listens to what you have to say, you notice a more serious side to him.
  • It kills him to see you in so much pain and to know that you’re hurting.
  • “I’ll support you no matter what you’re feeling, so it’s ok to cry because I’ll be here for you.”


  • Even in your time of need, Terushima was still his happy go lark self. 
  • He gave you the most uplifting speech you had ever heard. He even cracked a few jokes and put a big ole smile on your face.
  • The blond boy gave you a noogie, “Keep your chin up (Y/n), and when you feel like you can’t go on, lean on me. I’ll be there for you no matter what!”


  • “If something is wrong, you need to tell me. No matter how big or small the problem is, you’ve got to be open with me.”
  • Practically forces you to get out of the house and be in the sunlight.
  • Buys you an ice cream and lets you vent to him, and of course playing mario kart back at his house.


  • Places his hands on your shoulder, “(Y/n)…it’s ok. You should never feel this way but for whatever it’s worth, I think you’re perfect.”
  • Helps you to your feet and gives you a hug, then spins you around and around until you feel dizzy!
  • Spends the rest of the day caring for you and letting you talk out your feelings to him.

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Born in 1837 in Pyle Marsh, Bristol, England, Amelia Dyer grew up with death and sadness. By 1848 she had seen two of her sisters pass away and her mother slowly and painfully die of typhus. She grew up and eventually started training as a nurse. This is when she met a woman named Ellen Dane from whom she learned the art of baby farming. Baby farming was a terrible practise in the eighteen-hundreds Victorian era. The idea was much like an orphanage, only instead of government funded and controlled it was women who placed ads in newspapers saying they would take the baby for a fee. Sometimes the baby would be put up for adoption, sometimes the parents would return for them. Either way it was completely unlicensed, no rules, no regulations. Dyer decided to use baby farming, an already disgusting and abuse filled occupation, in an even more evil and nefarious manner, specifically the extermination of the babies. These children were born to illegitimate families, out of wedlock, or to people unfit to care for the child. These parents would pay Dyer from 10 to 80 pounds to take their kids. Dyer would end up killing the child, selling the clothes and moving on to her next victim.

She met and married a man and the two had a couple of children, a family she now used as a helpful cover for the untrusting expecting mothers. In 1879 she was arrested after a doctor noticed how many children had died under her care. She was arrested and although she should have been tried for the deaths she was only tried for neglect and received six months of hard labour. She said the experience destroyed her mentally and from then on she would experience mental breakdowns, conveniently any time the authorities were on her trail.

In 1890 she cared for an illegitimate baby. When the mother returned to take the child away she was given a baby she didn’t recognize. She stripped the child down and noticed that there was no birthmark where there once was on one of his hips. It didn’t take long for the authorities to suspect Dyer, so she had another breakdown and went into a mental institution. After a number of years and a number of doctors bringing her to the authorities attention she decided to no longer bring the bodies to doctors, she would just dispose of them. When the families returned or someone came sniffing around Dyer and her family would move to another town.

On March 30th 1896 a small package was pulled out of the Thames river at Reading in London. Inside the package was the body of a baby girl. The detectives were able to find a label from Temple Meads station, a railroad station, and on that label, under microscopic analysis, they found a name: Mrs. Thomas, and an address. This led the police to Dyer. Although they had no strong evidence directly connecting her to the body found they spoke with other police forces and witnesses and came to the conclusion that this was their killer. Her house placed under surveillance and a young woman was set up as a decoy to meet with Dyer and discuss adoption for her illegitimate child. On April 3rd Good Friday the police raided her home as she waited for her new client, the police decoy. They found no bodies but they did find other evidence that later on in the case would become very relevant, including white edging tape that she would use as a noose for the babies, telegrams regarding adoption arrangements, the tickets from pawn shops where she would sell the children’s clothing that she had murdered and receipts from the advertisements that she would place in newspapers offering her services as a ‘want to be mother’.

At the time the police calculated that in the past few months at least 20 children had been placed under her care and murdered, at that rate of murder it’s estimated that over the decades she had killed over 400 babies and children making her one of the most prolific murderers ever. On April 4th she was arrested and charged with murder along with her son in law and her daughter, both would eventually be released after no evidence was found suggesting they were in on the crime. That month authorities searched the Thames and six more bodies were discovered, each child had been strangled with the white tape police had found at her house.

Her trial began on May 22nd 1896 where she pleaded guilty to one murder. Her defense was insanity, however the prosecution was able to bring to light the fact that any time she had a mental breakdown coincided with a time that she was about to be exposed. It took the jury only four and a half minutes to find her guilty. In the three weeks before her execution she wrote a last and only true confession.

“Sir will you kindly grant me the favour of presenting this to the magistrates on Saturday the 18th instant I have made this statement out, for I may not have the opportunity then I must relieve my mind I do know and I feel my days are numbered on this earth but I do feel it is an awful thing drawing innocent people into trouble I do know I shal have to answer before my Maker in Heaven for the awful crimes I have committed but as God Almighty is my judge in Heaven a on Hearth neither my daughter Mary Ann Palmer nor her husband Alfred Ernest Palmer I do most solemnly declare neither of them had anything at all to do with it, they never knew I contemplated doing such a wicked thing until it was too late I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth as I hope to be forgiven, I myself and I alone must stand before my Maker in Heaven to give an answer for it all witnes my hand Amelia Dyer.”

— April 16, 1896

She was hanged on Wednesday June 10th, 1896. Her last words were “I have nothing to say”. She became known as The Ogress of Reading and inspired a popular ballad:

The old baby farmer, the wretched Miss Dyer
At the Old Bailey her wages is paid.
In times long ago, we’d ‘a’ made a big fy-er
And roasted so nicely that wicked old jade

After her trial adoption laws were made much stricter in England which gave local authorities the ability to police and keep an eye on baby farms in hopes of stamping out any kind of abuse. Unfortunately even though the rules restricting the baby farming continued two years after Dyer’s execution Railway workers found a three-week-old girl inside a parcel on the tracks, wet, cold, but alive. The baby Jane Hill had been given to a woman named Mrs. Stuart for 12 pounds. It has been claimed that Mrs Stewart was actually the daughter of Amelia Dyer, however it is not known for certain.

Pictured above: two pics of Dyer, some illustrations about her crime and trial, the newspaper ads she posted, and some newspaper articles about her trial and trade.

Ironpanther because I can totally see it!!

They’d bond over tech and their suits and bounce ideas off of each other on how to improve each other’s projects.

They become so smitten by the other. Tony trying not to be obvious with his attraction but failing when he takes every opportunity be near T'challa and any excuse to touch him.

And T'challa fighting his arousal when Tony is explaining the theory of a solution becasue Tony just comes alive; it is spellbinding.

They dance around each other for a while, until finally, T'challa decides, it is not kingly to be pining when they obviously feel the same and makes a move.

T'challa sets out to woo Tony. He does so with Wakandan tech. With an encoded Wakandan tablet. He’d give Tony the most minuscule hint on how to crack it.

Tony takes it like a gleeful child with a new toy. He both loves and hates the tablet because it takes him YEARS (one week, he’s a drama queen we all know this) to hack into it. When he does, a message immediately appears on the screen:

Tony, if you’re so inclined, I would love it, if you’d do me the honor of accepting a date with me?


And Tony wants to laugh and make light of this but he can’t. He’s so damn impressed by this gesture that he becomes even more attracted than he already was to this man. He can do nothing less than gladly accept.

And then after a million and one dates, they get married. Rhodey cries tears of joy because he can now call Tony, Queen Stank, for the rest of their natural lives!!! What is even wrong with me lol

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Any yoonseok or taekook(with side namjin or yoonseok) fics that are like either really fluffy or angst witn a happy ending? (I also dont mind smut 😏)

Well, yes of course! (Who minds smut? ;) )

some kind of idiot by hobilu [YoonSeok, rated E, 4.9k]

hold me like i’m hope by jjks [TaeKook, rated E, 27k] (With a side of cute Yoonseok!)

I need you to give me your time (I need you to not wanna be mine) by lemoni [TaeKook, rated E, 9k]

Don’t threaten me with a good time by MarionetteFtHJM [YoonSeok, rated M, 6k]

And since we’ve answered a lot of similar asks I’mma have to redirect you to our Yoonseok!tag and our taekook!tag!!!

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I know youre not doing anything witn nuest but can u do pros and cons with dongho? <3

yesss ofc!! im happy to do pros and cons of anyone that was on p101 as long as i know them well enough (preferably top 20/possibly some from top 35) tbh ive been a fan of nu’est and their music since their debut  :) here’s dongho for you!! 


  • looks like a badass on the outside
  • and possibly the biggest sweetheart ever 
  • he’d love patting your head
  • and he’d look at you with THOSE EYES idk how to describe 
  • but looking at u in awe of how imperfectly perfect you are 
  • he’s always proud of you in everything and anything you do 
  • you barley passed the test? he’s still proud of you bc he knows how you did your best 
  • the brownies you made for him were slightly overcooked? he’s still proud of u bc he knows how much u tried for him 
  • he’d care for you in every way possible
  • omg dongho would be good at meditating tbh 
  • like before anything, he’d give u all his tips on how to remain calm and collected 
  • he wins u heaps of soft toys at arcades on the punch thing 
  • and he’s just so goofy and smiley about it its so beautiful 
  • all the baddies will NEVER approach u 
  • esp when ur with dongho
  • like literally the whole town knows u guys are together so they’re super careful lmao
  • dongho is very protective but also respectful of your thoughts 
  • but he’d want to make sure ur always safe and he’d want u to call him when u get home :)) 
  • talking on the phone with dongho late into the night 
  • u love it when he does aegyo cos its so cute u’d film him 
  • and upload it online 
  • i think he’d enjoy going shopping with u like he’d be the boyfriend that would offer to carry all ur shopping bags
  • likes buying u and surprising u with small gifts 
  • he’d enjoy teasing u by lifting u up and throwing u over his shoulder lmao especially if you were more on the small side 


  • could look pretty intimidating and scary on the outside at first glance BUT HES A SOFTIE ON THE INSIDEEEEE

its a lot more fun to interpret what the writers clearly tried to push as “scully is jealous of the british girl from mulder’s past” to “scully is pissed that mulder is getting distracted in the midst of a dangerous arson case so he can dance witn phoebe, seriously save this for later idc”

Source: Lost in Eel

My “Eldarya-Emoji” project, I want do do lots of eldarya characters drawings witn an emoji like (for no reason), I did like 4 of them now and I’m finishing the Leiftan one…  Future emojis: Nevra(Kiss and other *?*), Miiko(angry and -_- face), Ykhar(sick face*?*), Alajéa(:\ face).

Hi!!! ~I’m starting again in tumblr so…~ I hope u guys like this project bc I’m in love with this emojis srly!!!