the witches' hammer


Malleus Malefecarum by Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer
The Hammer of Witchcraft
translated by Montague Summers
Edited with an introduction by Pennethorne Hughes
London The Folio Society 1968 First Edition thus. [originally published in 1487 the Montague Summers translation First Published 1928]

The woodcut illustrations were originally published in Milan in 1626 in the Compendium Malefecarum -
only occasionally do they specifically illustrate the text of the Malleus and are more intended as a complement to it

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Hi I recently unfollowed a bunch of blogs & I was wondering if you know any good story/legacy blogs(like yours) I could follow or just some blogs I really shouldn't miss out on

of course babe! they aren’t all legacy blogs and there’s a solid 99% chance im missing someone bc im a mess but here’s allot of my go-to cuties in no particular order!

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