the witches' hammer


Malleus Malefecarum by Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer
The Hammer of Witchcraft
translated by Montague Summers
Edited with an introduction by Pennethorne Hughes
London The Folio Society 1968 First Edition thus. [originally published in 1487 the Montague Summers translation First Published 1928]

The woodcut illustrations were originally published in Milan in 1626 in the Compendium Malefecarum -
only occasionally do they specifically illustrate the text of the Malleus and are more intended as a complement to it

what’s in my bag?????????????

not much!!!! ummm theres my wallet, my keys, a tiny sketchbook, pens, 3ds, hairbands, an anime sticker, a meningitis symptoms card thing, a vodafone sim card and some poo bags for my dogs poo. fun!!!

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Gambos: “- Vargos, what the woohoock are you doin’ here, man?”
Vargo: “- I need a barrel of gasoline, otherwise I would never set my foot here in this stinky grease pit.”
Vargo: “- So, let me see if I get this right; I get the what I want and you want 20 jars of deodorant for it, is that it? Can you handle that, Nadi?”
Nadi: “- It wouldn’t be a problem if I can find the parsley…”
Rory: “- You do understand that this is a deal between you and me? Keep Mad Mud out of this…”
Vargo: “- Sure! No problem”
Calinda: “- Where you from, Red?”
Nadi: “- From here…”
Vargo: “- I’ll pick you up after the sunrise, are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”
Nadi: “- Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. Wait… Vargo, ….thanks for everything you done for me”

(Rory, the leader of the Turbo Pumpkins (and his gender swopped twin sis Roxy) is made by witch-hammers!)


get 2 know me moodboard

create a mood board using nine images that represent the Simmer (you) behind the blog. use images that represent different aspects of you and your personality and images that depict your influences and personal aesthetic. don’t explain what the images mean; let people guess.

this is the most accurate portrayal of myself in 9 pictures Of All Time

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Hey! New to simblr. What are your fave blogs? :D

Hi! I have probably left someone out (not on purpose), but here! 

@wafflecaptain, @toadsims, @lunabread, @literallywhothe, @cabsim, @john-sims, @goldenpixels, @vanillasimsfan, @cherrysimblr, @jhongg, @finniepanda, @celestitesims, @tofusaucee, @treefish, @gabreux, @gohliath, @witch-hammers, @thesinsfour, @unicorninthemosh, @ceiuu, @boocreek, @simsao, @glitchysims, @ratboysims, @kotcatmeow, @bratsims, @necrospirits, @chocolatemuffintop, @our-dazed-sims, @ohkai-sims, @hsilmis, @ddeathflower, @loniden, @simpu, @barleycoffee, @pxelbutt, @pyxiidis

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What are your favorite simblr?

asdfghjkljhgfdfghjhgfdsdfghgfdsdfghjgfdsasdfghgfdsdfghgfd I’m worried that I’ll forget someone and also I’m going to do this alphabetical (I’ll try bc my knowledge in this area isn’t trustworthy as c can come after g akjfkf) bc I want to avoid “being listed” from the coolest one to nah

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ugh I hope I didn’t forget anyone… However, it’s not a follow forever list. Those are the blogs that inspire me and I love seeing their stories, screenshots, everything on my dash.