the witches' flight

Witch Flight/Spirit Travel

Flying is simultaneously one of the easiest things and one of the hardest things to learn in witchcraft.
Witches fly.
That simple statement has driven perfectly good witches insane. They think they should be able to fly easily, and when they cannot, they break. They think that all their learning and practicing should make it work, but it won’t.
Each witch learns in their own time. You can’t force the process.
Flying was one of the first skills I learned. It was very natural for me at first, but I started to psych myself out and it became difficult. When I learned a few key things, it became easy again. Now there is hardly a day that I don’t fly somewhere (after all, who has the money to travel somewhere to talk to someone, especially when you can just fly there and drop off a message yourself).
One of the first things I want to put out there is that spirit flight is not quite the same as something like guided meditation is. Same aspects in that you’ll see, touch, smell, etc. things, but different in that you’re not looking to go inside yourself, rather outside yourself.
The hardest part for a lot of people is the beginning stage, when you leave your body. The best advice I can give for this is to let go. Let go of the control over your body and mind. Let go of the things that weigh you down. Let your bliss, your want, and your spirit, carry you up and out.  
Try to move, but without your body. Don’t imagine it, just do it. Unfortunately, It’s not something I can aptly describe. 
Many people insist on flying while laying down. I say do what feels right. Lay down, sit up, stand on your head, whatever works. Although, flying while standing up could prove hazardous or unsuccessful, especially if you’re just beginning.
The way I fly is in a meditative state. It’s a sort of half sleep. Not fully conscious, but not fully unconscious. I try not to fall asleep because I often either slip back into my head or I lose control over the experience. Many witches prefer to fly while they sleep, though. It all depends on the witch and their tastes.
Some use ointments, some don’t. I used to use a mint oil on my forehead and the nape of my neck. Nowadays, I use nothing. Some witches won’t fly without the aid of their handy belladonna and mandrake ointment. Oils and ointments are another discussion entirely though, so I’ll hold off on that.
When you leave your body, all you have to do to travel is to will yourself to specific places. Know where you want to go, and make it happen.
Try not to venture too far within your first few times. Move around wherever your body is, or travel to some place familiar. You don’t want to get lost. Getting lost and not finding your way back is a sad possibility. I see a lot of websites saying that it’s impossible to get hurt while you’re out of your body. Folklore and witch stories say otherwise.
As you fly more, you’ll learn more. You’ll learn tricks while you’re out and about, but before that you need to learn how to get back.
Try to find your way back to where you began, or back to your body. It’s a slower process, but it’s the best for when you’re starting out. As you get a bit more acquainted with the sensations, you’ll learn to snap back into your body. One of the best methods I’ve found to bring yourself back is to think of your feet. It’ll bring you back down. Snap back into yourself with caution, though. It’s easy to leave a piece of you somewhere or get disoriented. And retrieving those lost pieces isn’t nearly as easy as losing them. 
And the last question I know all witches have, “How do I know that I’m not imagining it all?” There are little things that happen that will alert you to if it’s real or not. I’ll give you an example. I once managed to project while fully conscious, and to prove it to myself that I was indeed doing it, I whispered in someone’s ear with my specter. They turned around to see who was behind them. I was floored. Given, that’s a more flashy example, but there are others. Let’s say you leave your body to get information. When you come back, ask yourself if there was any other way for you to know the information you just gathered. Test yourself. 

When you’re ready, let go of everything, including the doubt and fear, and let your spirit soar.

Good luck and Happy Flying!

Baneful Plants

Bane-Worts, a triplicity of Infernal Herbs, strong in poison and frequently deadly. The first in this group are plants of the clan of Nightshades: Belladonna, Thorn-Apple, Henbane, Scopolia, and occasionally the Mandragore. When used in a disrespectful way, these plants readily ally with certain Devils, and it is the vision phantasmagoric which is usually attributed them. The second group are the Umbellifers of the Skull, that tenebrous society of killing-plants the Greeks of Old collectively called Koneion, most notably Poison Hemlock, Cowbane, and Fool’s Parsley. To them is attributed the aspect of the going-forth of the soul: flight or the incipient metempsychosis at the onset of theriomorphic ingress. The third group consists entirely of Monkshoods, being the deadliest poison of Europa’s wort-cabinet, and to it is attributed the suppression of the flesh into narcosis, loosening the gateways of the soul, or yet even Death itself.”

   —Viridarium Umbris: The Pleasure Garden of Shadow, Chapter XII, Book of the Balsam Grove by Daniel A. Schulke

Look at my new dragon! Her name is Ceto and even thought one might mistake her for a wind representative, she’s a sea witch. Exploring the mysteries of the ocean is among her favourite things to do. Unlike many dragons in the clan, this lady despises writing any newfound info down. She feels her time is far too valuable to waste on such nonsense. 

Ahh I’m so excited I got her! The accent looks so good and I love the Ember Sylvan set on her! I still want to get her the Lattice and Bracelets (she’s a fancy lady after all), but I’m pretty broke rn, haha, so that’s gonna have to wait. 
Anyways, I can’t wait to write a real bio for her and draw her some art! I’m slightly in love, whoops. ^-^