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Hey! I'm looking to get a tattoo of a spread of tarot cards next month. I'm going around asking which decks the witchy blogs I follow think are the prettiest- do you have any recommendations? :D

I adore the COSMOS tarot and Oracle decks, probably because each card is from  a different artist. (pictures below). But if you like a little more realism than whimsy, the Witch’s Tarot and the Wild Unknown are both beautiful. 

These are just a two of the beautiful cards in the COSMOS deck. These two are specifically from the Oracle deck, but I highly suggest at looking at more of the cards!

- Aesa <3


For use when you are looking for self improvement, or are unsure where you want to be in life. 

Crystals to use: 

Citrine (positivity + Solar Plexus Chakra)

Tiger’s Eye (grounding)

Amethyst (intuition)

Rose Quartz (self love)


All of the tarot and oracle cards I’ve bought so far this year. I’m making this post now as I think my collection is as complete as it’s going to get for the time being. I finally got all of the decks on my wishlist and the only remaining ones I’m interested in haven’t been released yet.

The Wild Unknown | The Linestrider | Tarot Art Nouveau | The Light Grey Tarot | Dixit Revelations | Golden Thread Tarot | Cosmos Tarot & Oracle | Ostara Tarot  | The Enchanted Tarot

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I am feeling sappy about my old costumes, and how I somehow manage to like (some) of them even today, after making the costumes years ago. Sure, I would make some things differently now, but I’m still pretty ok about how my Flemeth (Dragon Age II) turned out. Hope to get to wear it sometime again.

Photos by @jesmoth
Edit by yours truly

Costume made and worn by yours truly

More of my cosplay stuff on my FB page, YumiKoyuki Cosplay.


“Life is grand. You know that. The more experienced a person is, the deeper they go into life, the less black and white it is. And that incredibly interesting shade of grey gets to be played. But within that shade, there are infinite varieties, right? So I think that’s just her. The black is the bad guy, white is the good guy. But we all know the true parameters of life lie in between those two. And Flemeth is the absolute exploration thereof.”
Kate Mulgrew, in “A Shade of Flemeth”