the witches are coming

this is Le Mont Saint Michel, in Normandie, France. it’s also where Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is located. and listen i KNOW Beauxbatons is supposed to be in the Pyrenees but it’s only rumored to be so i will take this hc to the grave

ok now that this is out of the way hear me out 

this is le mont saint michel, and depending on the tide it’s either an island or accessible by foot

the witches arrived in 1265 and never left because come on, even the location screams magic it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. even the wizarding world has aesthetic needs to fulfill.

there are some muggles on the island, but most of them have been there forever and their parents before them, and having lived through WW2 and the invention of television,  they can think of weirder things than magic. Also they have other shit to do than go and tell everyone about beauxbatons and plus they quite like those wizards, they’re polite and make delicious drinks so everyone is happy to mind their own business. 

and this pals, is Beauxbatons Academy of Magic : 

the architecture is famous all over the world and has therefore attracted many tourists over the years so the academy has decided to open some parts of the castle to the public. 

but do not worry they’ve thought this through! a powerful glamour has been cast over the whole place for it to look to the muggles like they’re visiting an abbey. 

for example, this is a muggle photo of a statue of Nicolas Flamel, famous alumnus of Beauxbatons Academy. 

and if you’re still not convinced here are a couple of photos proving that this place is definitely magical

Bonus : this is La Mère Poulard, the best restaurant on the island. Anne Boutiaut, who owns the place, is a 166 yo witch and to this day, she still hasn’t disclosed to recipe to her famous omelet. the muggles think she’s just in very good shape for her age. 

you can also see witches and wizards of all ages, unwinding with a butterbear after a long day, looking fondly at the oblivious muggles 

it’s a happy place 

have confidence, witches

I’ve recently seen a lot of aesthetics and mood boards going around with a certain image for witches. First, I want to say that all witches are valid and beautiful, but we don’t all look the same. 

not all witches have long, black hair

not all witches have hair at all

not all witches are tall and slender

not all witches are young girls

not all witches have $xxx worth of crystals, plants, or even an altar

not all witches are “out of the woods” about their craft

not all witches come from a family tradition of witchcraft

not all witches have the same dietary habits

some witches have eating disorders

some witches have PTSD or any other mental illness

some witches are boys and that’s okay

some witches are trans and that’s okay

some witches are blonde and that’s okay

some witches have acne and that’s okay

some witches have scars and that’s okay

some witches have tattoos and that’s okay

some witches are POC and that’s okay

some witches are from different religious/cultural backgrounds and that’s okay

no matter what you look like or how you identify yourself, whether it’s with 10 labels or no labels at all, you are the most beautiful witch in town and if you’ve never seen a witch aesthetic that you can relate to, make one yourself! There’s no guideline to being a witch, because we are all here together, as one. I love all of you so so much!! <3

Magic CAN Come Back

When you practice magic, you are standing in a pond, dropping rocks. The ripples you create have the ability to come back and splash you. Most of the time the ripples are gentle, sometimes they’re rough. And sometimes, you do t pay close enough attention, and drop the rock on your foot.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking that magic can’t come back to you, because it can and, if your casting is sloppy, it will. No, this is not the threefold law nonsense, this is nature. Be mindful of your position in a situation when you work your ways. Sometimes the world will bow to you. And sometimes the ripples tear you to shreds. Don’t be a sloppy caster.

🐚 ✨mermaid witch aesthetic✨🐚

• always taking fancy baths
• goes to the beach and comes home with handfuls of shells
• always smiling like they have a secret
• forever having the shimmeriest cheeks (even when not wearing makeup)
• gets heart-eyes when around opal stones or aquamarine

anonymous asked:

When growing up my mother always told me not to curse other for it always comes back to you. Is this true? And with curses can't you really hurt others? So why do some do it?

Some wiccans and/or witches believe in the threefold rule, or simply “what goes around comes around” in regards to cursing. When I first started witchcraft, I was very cemented in this way of thinking. Mostly it was cuz I didn’t feel I had any right to pass judgement on people. But given time I realised these beliefs did not make much sense in my own practice.

Some people like me use curses, binding, hexes, or even small jinxes to cope with horrible wrongdoings or bad situations…that may never have been brought to true justice. Some curses latch onto the intended host until they repent or make amends. Others only activate when someone has again commited a terrible act. Most importantly, curses can be tailored to pass judgement if it so chooses. (i.e., you mention your uncertainty, and call upon the worldly balance/the divine/or other entity to only innact the curse if the recipient is truly guilty, and not just bad in your eyes.)

Of course, all magick can be abused. You have probably felt the results of an unintentional Evil Eye or someone willing misfortune on you, even if they are not witchcraft practisioners. And there will be witches who use curses for the wrong reasons, whether from being misguided or wishing ill on someone who may not necessarily deserve it. But if you understand the mechanics of a curse/hex/etc., you can construct is in a way (as I mentioned before) that rules out the probability of false judgement.

Understandably, curses aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like them, don’t do them! Hope this helped you anon, best wishes on your journey!

- Bird🌹

nemesis729 said: Klaroline and gorgons au

1) When Caroline was thirteen, she was cursed by a witch. Her father had killed her lover, and so she wanted revenge. It was the closest Liz Forbes had come to cold blooded murder, both the witch and Bill. Sheila Bennett did her best to augment the curse when it became clear it wouldn’t be easily broken, but in the end, they could do little. By her fourteenth birthday, it was clear that she was changing. Always pale, her skin now had an iridescent shimmer, and she’d grown the first of what she’d bitterly started to call her head snakes. At least she wasn’t green.

2) Vampires fascinated Caroline, when she learned they existed, even if Stefan was boring. The knowledge that she wasn’t the only monster in Mystic Falls was comforting, as she struggled with the aftermath of loosing her hair and growing snakes. The light sometimes hurt her eyes, and her canines were too sharp to be human. Sheila made her a ring that hid the monster she was becoming, and Caroline took comfort that she no longer had to worry about a bad hair day. And when she was studying in her room, snakes across her shoulders and cheeks, they were beautiful in the sun.

3) At Sheila’s funeral, there was a man Caroline hadn’t seen before. Tumbled curls, and dark blue eyes, the smile tucked into the corners of his mouth pricked her temper. She’d carefully tied her snakes back that morning with a soft silk scarf, but they were long enough now to try to give her trouble. One curled up to rest on her shoulder, and gave softest of hisses as it flicked out its tongue. She watched as his eyes took her in, gaze narrowed as he studied her with what might have been confusion.

4) It was the worst irony that her snakes adored Klaus Mikaelson. Her fury at his scheming, the way he’d forced her into revealing what she was by dangling her mother was a sin she had no desire to forgive. He seemed unperturbed by her anger, was endlessly fascinated by her snakes. And utterly, ridiculously smug every time they drifted close enough for him to touch, tongues drifting across his skin. “I wonder,” he’d murmured, fingers drifting along one narrow head. “What this will be like when you’re in my bed.”

5) Caroline couldn’t turn people to stone, but her snakes bites were poisonous. And when it had become clear that she would never be human again, Liz had taught her how to fight. None of that mattered as she staggered out of the cave she’d been dragged too, cradling her broken wrist, smeared in the blood of the witches who’d tried to use her for power. Stefan had sold her out, in an attempt to bargain for safe passage for Elena, so it was with surprise that she found herself face to face with Klaus. He had stopped and was watching her with unblinking eyes. She flushed beneath the iridescence of her skin, bleeding and dirty, snakes wild about her head for the first time, her ring missing. She watched in fascinating as his eyes bled yellow, tongue slowly dragging along his bottom lip, gaze hot with want.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it
Species Switch

Cas x Reader

A/N: This idea came to me at work! So I wanted to do a Cas x Reader but with something that hadn’t been done before so instead of a Human!Cas or Angel!Reader or anything like that I decided to do something I haven’t seen before, hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Blow Job, Smut, Grace Kink, Unprotected Sex, Language

Word Count: 3,500

Originally posted by subcas

“Oh come on, it’s just one stupid witch, we can do this” you say to your boyfriend, Castiel.

“Y/N, I think we should just leave it for someone else” he argues.

“Like who? Sam and Dean are away on a case and every other hunter hates us, do you want this monster to kill more people?”

Cas sighs, “they don’t hate us they hate me.”
“Do you want me to go alone then?” You were a hunter, you knew what you were doing but you also knew that there was no way Cas would let you go alone.

“No, you’re not going alone” he growls possessively which makes you feel all tingly.

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anonymous asked:

I kinda laughed when the hunter said "I found a witch", like geez, how did you know it was a witch with that friggin kind of hat?? (but damn, hunters don't care about age too?)

She said “messenger”, so she found a specific type of witch, but yeah. For the most part a portion of the hunters don’t really discriminate when it comes to witches.

i was rewatching some episodes of 30 rock before i went to bed last night because trying new things? whats that? and then i fell asleep and started to wake up while they were trying to convince tracy to start eating better and kenneth is describing the “hill witch” that will come eat your brain if you eat too much candy and in my groggy, half conscious state this absolutely terrified me. i was frozen in fear. the hill witch was going to come turn me to stone and then somehow also eat my brain and there was nothing i could do about it.

Gentle reminders!

  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional medical care
  • Never use a herb/plant without researching it until you know it like the back of your hand
  • This includes combining herbs together. It is like chemistry, if you have no clue what could happen if those two mix, it can be very dangerous!
  • Never harvest a plant yourself from the wild as you can easily be mistaken which can cause whole new problems
  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional help
  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional help

Seriously guys, magic is great and can help, but you should not substitute professional help with magic. Be responsible, and stay safe.

Always remember:

you are a witch. You are not controlled by the universe, but rather, you are in control of the universe. You are a child of the universe and as a witch you are as one with the universe. Your magick, your intent and your belief in that intent, is more powerful than anything in the cosmos. Goddesses and Gods don’t listen to you, aid you, and enter your circle to witness your rites because They’re bored; They come to you when you call Them because They know you hold an unmatched, unbridled power and are humbled and honored when you seek Them to help strengthen and empower your already Universe-altering magick. You are a healer among the wounded. You are a seeker among the lost. You are awake among the sleeping. You are a force to be reckoned with.

You are a witch.

Dear Urban Fantasy fandom,

What I would like to see more of in urban fantasy writing:

- More werecreatures besides werewolves, ie. werebears, werecats, werebirds, etc.

- Transformations for werecreatures that vary from person to person, ie. one person’s might be extremely violent while the other sort of just melds into it

- Werecreatures who have different behaviors while transformed besides “KILL EVERYTHING”

- Werecreatures who don’t have this messed up canon where there can’t be any females, or they can’t give birth, or they’re extremely violent, yadda yadda yadda

- Werecreature loners who were forced to be loners by circumstance rather than chose it and are actually looking for or to form a new pack

- More packs with werecreatures that are positive, supporting places

- Werecreatures with “transformation night” packs so they’re ready for whatever

- People who are friends with werecreatures who knows what’s up and try to help them through the night if they need it

- Werecreatures who are totally cool being werecreatures

- Vampires who are sensitive about their age

- Vampires who aren’t the most beautiful creatures ever to behold in existence UGH

- Vampires with acquired tastes to different blood

- Vampires with different skintones in their own variations of pale

- Vampires who don’t give a flying fatooty about history and are rather annoyed when people start to ask them questions like they should know

- Vampires who can transform into more than just bats

- Vampires who are endlessly frustrated they can’t get drunk but they try anyway

- Vampires who still wear the styles from, like, 20 years ago (70’s vampire guys!)

- Vampires who won’t drink blood without consent

- Vampires that still look like children but are actually well over 200 and swear like sailors

- Vampires in broods

- Vampires who are total geeks and have memorized every line of every Star Trek (or insert your own) movie and quotes them all the time

- Vampires who are totally cool being vampires

- Witches who can’t afford fancy glass vials so they use milk jugs or tupperware

- Witches who make more potions besides liquidy ones, ie. some are really thick and grainy, others slimy, etc

- Witches who specialize in a certain craft, ie. potions, divination, thaumaturgy, etc

- Mass-produced witch items you can find in grocery stores and other witches complaining about how they’re not as powerful as homemade

- More familiars besides cats

- More magical focuses besides wands, ie. a pocketwatch, a favorite old coin, a keychain, etc

- Witches with planters on their windowsill

- Witch magic developing at different times for different people, ie. at birth, puberty, a random age for no reason, etc

- Witches having to LEARN how to use magic properly, not knowing how to do it instantly

- Witch support groups for people having trouble controlling or even using magic

- Wizards who classify as witches and witches who classify as wizards and wizards and witches classifying as neither because that’s who they are

- Witches who summon monsters or demons just to chill or hang out and the monsters and demons are totally chill with it

- Witches who are totally cool being witches

- Other supernatural/mythological creatures besides the regular ones

- Lamias, kelpies, selkies, pischacha, jarita, chimera, xiāo, kui, yōkai, aswang, etc, etc, ETC

- A supernatural society that isn’t hidden from human society and even if they have problems they work together

- Supernatural creatures who run for political office

- Supernatural creatures working as baristas

- Supernaturals creatures who live in specific neighborhoods and identify with different races, classes, religions, etc.

- Supernatural creatures in gangs

- Romances between supernatural creatures, other supernatural creatures, and humans being A-OK and healthy and wonderful

- Romances beyond straight romances

And so much more! Please, guys, we need more variations! We can’t get stuck in an ocean of stale, overused urban fantasy stories! We need to improve upon the genre!

If you have any more ideas, please add on! :)


I couldn’t control myself when @upthehillart drew these two loser girlfriends..

also i have been collecting aesthetic for my interpretation of pansy- who by the way, is a total baby girl!

Items to include in your Book of Shadows

Everyone’s book will be different because all Witches are different. This list is a bunch of examples I have come across over the years of things you could include in your BOS if you so desired. Nothing on this list is mandatory, nothing here is required. If you don’t know what something is, please feel free to ask! If you don’t think that something on the list is for you, awesome, don’t include it in yours. 

  • -Personal wishes (I have sort of a magical last will and testament in mine)
  • -Index
  • -Book Blessings
  • -Magical Rules
  • -Quotes
  • -Magical Alphabets
  • -Deities/Pantheons
  • -Candle Magic
  • -Chakras
  • -Crystals
  • -Color Magic
  • -Ethics
  • -Earth Magic
  • -Herbology
  • -Ghosts/Talking with the Dead
  • -Myths/Legends/Stories
  • -Herbal Magic
  • -Correspondence Tables
  • -Magical Definitions
  • -Moon Magic
  • -Psychic Protection
  • -Spell Writing
  • -Spells (Those you have done and those yet to do)
  • -Symbols/Sigils and their meanings
  • -Tarot
  • -Wiccan Law and Rede
  • -Runes
  • -Statement of Beliefs
  • -Charge of the God and Goddess
  • -The Witches Rune
  • -Sabbats (History, meanings, suggested activities, chants, songs, rituals etc)
  • -Laws of Coven/Tradition (if you are in/follow one)
  • -Magical Recipes (Kitchen Witches)
  • -Altar Setups
  • -List of your favorite Wicca/pagan etc websites
  • -How to Cast a Circle
  • -How to Consecrate items
  • -How to Ground and Center
  • -Auras
  • -Monthly Moon Names
  • -Cord/knot Magic
  • -Terminology
  • -Tools of the Craft
  • -Invocations/Evocations
  • -Animal Magic
  • -Meditations
  • -Celebrations/Coming of Age Rites
  • -Witches Pyramid
  • -Other Sacred Texts
  • -Prayers/Blessings/Chants
Here Comes a Thought Spell 💭

a steven universe inspired spell to help calm you down from the little things and stray thoughts that worry you.

Take a moment. Remind yourself to take a moment and find yourself.
Take a moment to ask yourself if this is how we fall apart.
But it’s not. But it’s not. But it’s not. But it’s not. But it’s not.
It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

💭 gather; rose quartz (or garnet) rosemary and thyme

💭 listen to the song while you perform the spell

💭 for each thought/worry you have, pluck a needle off the rosemary

💭 arrange the needles around the rose quartz

💭 each time you put a needle down, remind yourself it’s just a thought.

💭 when you are done, sprinkle the thyme over it and leave it alone for a while.

💭 sweep up the herbs and take the rose quartz with you