the wishmaster

the-brazilian-basilisk  asked:

what is your favorite demon?

Oh I have a couple.
There’s this fuckboy

This smurf

This smokey eyed handsome

Fuckboy #2

Fuckboy #3

This (un)holy mama

This goofball

This glitch

And many more.


Breaking Bad Title Sequence - Twin Peaks Style by Walter Wishmaster

Who else was blown away by Twin Peaks: The Return?


“We are the masters of our wishes, beliefs and dreams. Whatever you desire enough, it can happen. Destiny is an excuse for those who dont have the strengh to fulfill their wishes. Everything is possible, even the impossible.” -Tuomas Holopainen

You guy’s remember Wishmaster?

The 90’s didn’t produce a whole lot of strong horror franchise characters. We got Candyman, the Leprechaun, Ghostface and…The Fisherman? Toward the end of the decade, we did get one who showed some serious promise, the Djinn. He had the air of a slasher about him, but with the usual 90’s twist, separating him from the masked, knife-wielding maniacs of the 80’s. He had a clever gimmick which opened the door for some interesting stories, and very interesting deaths, and a unique appearance and backstory.

Wishmaster  has its cheesy moments, sure, and it isn’t exactly the stuff of “Legendary Horror”, but it is still a good, solid horror movie.

The kills are pretty awesome. One of the franchise staples happens to be bizarre, surreal and grotesque all-out massacres in crowded rooms. Future films would get sillier and sillier with this, but the original features two absolutely balls-to-the-wall insane slaughterfests. I’m talking people being turned into monsters, vomiting up their organs which in turn sprout tentacles and kill other people, people turning to glass and exploding, statues and paintings coming to life and chopping everybody up and even one kickass moment where a guy’s skeleton rips itself out of its own body and goes on a killing spree. It’s all so ridiculous and yet so very, very entertaining.

Andrew Divoff’s performance as the Djinn is great, oozing pure evil with every word, and even his portrayal of the Djinn in human form has a certain sliminess to it. Keep an eye out for Kane Hodder, Ted Raimi and Tony Todd. Robert Englund also has a large role.

If Wishmaster suffers from any major flaw, it would have to be the uneven special effects. The movie tries to combine traditional make-up and prosthetic effects with CGI. The CG looks uniformly awful by modern standards. The traditional effects look great some times and extremely rubbery at others. The bad effects mostly rear themselves during the massacre sequences, so no single shot is dwelled upon for too long.

Not sure what the point of this was, but tomorrow is October 1st, so bring on the Horror.

Fern was actually the original Finn.
The Finn we could see in the first 6 seasons of Adventure Time. Until in episode S06E19 “Is That You”. Jake and Finn had to safe Prismo the wishmaster. But their plan had consequences. Original Finn transformed into Finnsword.

It is much later in episode S07e38,39  “Preboot & Reboot“ Finnsword and grassword merged together and this is how we got the Fern we all love.

But Fern stil has the same emotions from the first 6 seasons. because he was a sword since that time.

It was a few episodes, before Finn became the Finnsword S06E06 “Breezy“ .He had to deal with some pretty emotional stuff. After  his breakup with Flame Princess he realized, he’s still in love with Princess Bubblegum.

In last episode “three buckets” Fern can be, and want to be Finn again. He has a bouquet of flowers in his hands, and it looks like he wants to deal with his emotions.