the wishing star

200 Times 200 Words Say Everything

❈ yoongi x reader
genre: angst
❈ word count: 200
❈ résumé: 200 episodes of angst, smut, or fluff that will all be written within 200 words

Wish Upon a Star

“You’re here, again.”

Yoongi looks up from his spot on the edge of the roof. His bright smile distracts from black circles underneath his eyes, edged with that drowsy feeling that comes from lack of sleep. “Yeah.”

“I couldn’t find you downstairs.” You tilt your head quizzically. “I’ll just leave then.”

You make to turn around and head back, but you hear, “No, stay. I want to show you something.”

As you sit down, he says, “How have you been?”

“I’ve been okay. You?”

“Mostly fine, can’t really sleep these days.”

You don’t say that he couldn’t sleep before you both started dating. You certainly do not say that now that you’ve moved out, sleep has become evasive for you too.

You realize that the sun has moved steadily down in front of you, it’s rays becoming easier to look at as the seconds pass. It disappears over the horizon in a display of red and orange. The dark blue flames of the night sky lick up remaining light, until there is nothing left save ebony dotted with pinpricks of white.

“I wish–”

“What?” He looks at you as if he knows exactly what you want to say.



the fashion runs in my family


Rogue One alternative ending: Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor blowing up the Death Star.