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I don’t wrap natural shaped stones very often so I’m trying to with the new amethyst pieces a wonderful human being bought us off our Amazon wish list (link in blog bio). These will go on necklaces.

NO BUT; Sam knowing that it’s his duty as a younger brother to make bad puns to Dean to tease him about his thing for Cas after that first time when he hears Dean casually call Cas ‘sunshine’.

Saying “ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone, am I right?”, when they’re out on a hunt and Dean sighs wistfully after ending a long phone call with Cas. 

Or when Dean enters the bunker’s kitchen alone on a Sunday morning because Cas loves sleeping in, Sam smirking before joking “morning Dean, looks like your sunshine didn’t rise yet, huh?”

And when Dean is grumpy because Cas has been busy and gone for a while, Sam pointing it out by asking “would it help if I made you some eggs sunny side up for breakfast?”

Then when Dean finally has had enough and growls “oh shut it, Sammy!”, Sam snorting and throwing the final punch like; “well it’s not my fault that you’re always looking at him like the sun shines out of his ass, Dean.”

Okay but, lemme just say, there’s no reason in hell Dean wouldn’t be nonstop talking to Cas via prayer during those six weeks, and we didn’t even get one prayer?????????

Like where was my prayer montage where Dean’s talking about the dumbest things and Cas can’t even have a simple conversation with someone else without getting distracted by it?

Things I want for Voltron's season 3

Explanation on what happened to Shiro (let him be safe and sound)

Explanation on what happened to Kalternecker, the magnificent cow

More Lance screen time

On a filler episode Hunk makes the paladins go to a super new intergalactic food chain that everyone is talking about and the owner is actually the guy from the shopping mall episode.

Pidge finally finding her brother (the father can wait until season 4)

A flashback episode on how Shiro and Keith met each other (plus scenes of Lance being on the same class as Keith)

More Klance, we only had the two guys on a hot tub

Lance’s character development

More info on Keith’s galra heritage (and perhaps he turning furry, purple and having a tail)

More info on the past paladins

Allura’s rats are the main characters in an episode

Allura and Pidge bonding moment, I want Allura to be the big sister Pidge never had

Lance bisexuality turns canon


Hay guys this handsome man right here this is my little brother. Hes a super swell guy. He has his own lawn manicure business and when ges not cutting yards he’s taking care of his son. He’s always looking out for other people and putting himself last. He has an amazon wishlist,he kind of did for fun for himself. But if you guys could share his list I would appreciate it!

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A t shirt dress is so on my wish list 😍💯