the wise phoenix


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i cannot believe myself

“Okay everyone, it’s plotting time! We have a birthday coming up in eight days, and we need to get stuff bought!”

“I know! We get Daddy something big and cool!”

“Perhaps you can just ask him yourself?”

“Where’s the fun in that!? God, you’re soooo like your son!”

“…Isn’t that the whole point of a family?”

“Shush you.”

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney in a nutshell
  • Apollo: Yay!! i have my very own game i'm so happy
  • Kristoph: LOL i kill everyone :D
  • Phoenix: hey, so i'm gonna casually take over your game now
  • Apollo:
  • Trucy:
  • Klavier: AAAAAA my GuItar Is on fire HELLP HERr-forehead senpai
  • Lamiroir: MY CHILDREN
  • Phoenix: choose wisely

“Polly! That’s called a “stepladder”! C'mon!”

“ …A stepladder? How is that different from a regular ladder then?” 

despairinghxpe  OOC::   so i have heard caress pronounced with…

I’ve always heard the ‘k’ sound but that’s in American English

so have i,  && the dictionary i use - i can’t tell whether it’s british english or english english.   but i have heard it somewhere,  && it’s like sig && sigh - i thought sigh was pronounced with a hard ‘g’ at the end && couldn’t get over how it sounded with a breath instead,  but then i got … attached …

&& now i’m real fuckin’ attached to caress like cinch.   it’d be a bummer if it’s not actually ??? a thing ???

Judge: Mr Wright, are you ready to start your cross-examination of Mr. Edgeworth?

Phoenix: I am, your honour, but rest assured, it will a normal examination. I am not in any way cross. [To Edgeworth] You are Miles Edgeworth, are you not?

Judge: Mr. Wright, we have already established that. Might I suggest that you try less to do an impression of a lawyer you once saw on television and make your case as simply as you possibly can.

Phoenix: Wise words, my learned lud.


The only reason I can even think why the anime would remove the magatama from this pivotal scene is to highlight Phoenix’s tragic flaw as an attorney, his complete trust in his clients. The anime has been pushing this theme from episode one.

Phoenix wisely relied on the magatama to make his decision to take Matt’s case in the game. This showed him that his client was truly innocent, especially after his doubts with Max in the previous case and after all the lies and secrets behind the scenes with Damon Gant’s case and Manfred von Karma in the previous game. But that didn’t highlight a tragic flaw, in my opinion. Rather, it shows that Phoenix is stepping up his game and his suspicion in who asks him for help. Phoenix asked if his client was innocent, and his client said yes. The magatama doesn’t allow you to lie to a direct question. So, in Phoenix’s mind, by all accounts, that cemented his trust in Matt Engarde. (Of course, we know what happens at the end of this case and how much Phoenix really needs to ask more questions with his magatama!)

So, while I was a little confused and let down that the anime didn’t include Phoenix using the magatama, I can see why they didn’t. In this scene, Phoenix used his instinct and pity for his client to believe in him. It’s a terribly human flaw, compassion.

And hopefully this will maximize the shock, pain, and betrayal we’ll see when he finds out his trust, the trust Mia always wanted him to have for his clients, is destroyed.