the wise owl

Imagine Mob finding a stray cat and befriending it — it starts to become apart of his routine to feed and pet the cat every day. And naturally, he gets attached to the cat and starts to worry about it wandering around the city streets all alone. 

His parents won’t let them have a cat. They don’t have any pets, after all. So his next stop, naturally, is Reigen, who unfortunately has a no-pets-allowed policy in his apartment. He tells Mob to ask his friends and classmates and promises to advertise to clients, but already decided that if Mob can’t find the cat a home he’s just gonna smuggle it into his apartment, rules or no rules. 

Body Improvement Club is out. Everyone either already has pets, is allergic, or isn’t allowed to keep them. No one from the Telepathy Club is able. Even random classmates don’t seem particularly interested in adopting a stray. The more rejections there are, the more stressed Mob becomes. Ritsu asks Shou, but both of them agree that his hamsters will be quickly victimized by a cat used to hunting its meals. 

Somehow, Teru is the very last person that Mob asks. It just doesn’t occur to him. Their interactions in canon are pretty much limited to Teru approaching Mob (what a lovesick puppy lmao) so naturally that’s exactly how this comes about. Teru’s just walking home and oooooh is that Kageyama’s aura? 

The second Mob tells him he’s trying to find a home for a cat, Teru offers to take it in.

The next second he thinks I have no fucking idea how to take care of a cat.

Too late. Mob’s eyes are shining and he’d sooner fling himself out of the atmosphere with his powers than destroy the look on his face. 

That’s how Teru gets saddled with a cat. A cat that wants nothing to do with him or his psychic powers. He finds clawmarks on his furniture and learns very quickly that litter boxes need to be cleaned multiple times a day. If he tries to float the cat out of trouble, it just gets pissed off and knocks over a cup later. He does not get along with the cat. 

Then, Mob starts coming over to visit it. For a moment he has to wonder if somehow the cat got bodysnatched because it acts totally different around Mob. Purrs and cuddles and sleeps in his lap. Mob very clearly adores the cat (Teru clearly adores Mob.) Unfortunately, the moment Teru tries to give the cat so much as a scratch behind the ears he walks away with a bleeding hand. 

But like… Mob and Teru, bonding over taking care of a cat together? Teru learning how to care for another living creature? Mob just being an absolute sweetheart as usual (but maybe a lil sassy about Teru’s apparent incompetence with bonding with his new pet). Holy shit. 


inspiration for witches

  • witches of the forest and the night - they change into wolves during the day and roam the green forest of trees searching for fellow caged creatures. The set free winged and wise owls under the moon, that illuminates their pearl feathers.
  • witches of the winter and stars - foggy winter evenings become hues of blue filled with starry nights for the witches. they live in old victorian schools surrounded by trees made dead by the harsh cold season. they wear bewitched moonstones around their necks that turn them into deers enchanting the frozen forest…
  • witches of the sea and precious gems - these witches live and breathe the sacred salty air of the shore. they use precious gems to channel their inner soul to undulate crashing waves into the grey sea. they dance and drown beneath the crystal watery surface like silver sea-sirens.
  • witches of burning fire and flames - golden wreathed witches filled with the radiance of bright fire and flames. they use blazing candles to illuminate the darkness in their cathedral of trees. their familiars are foxes as red as the sun and as sly as smoke from their fires. 
the signs through my eyes
  • aries: fiery. such snappy people, quick-witted and fierce. stubborn and hypocrites. lovable. kind. humorous. hard working. my right hand.
  • taurus: they remind me of tiny, garden fairies. sweet and short. determined. brunettes with green eyes. i want to run my hands through their soft hair.
  • gemini: intelligent, curious. sometimes i see so much of myself in them. they never bore me, i wish to runaway with one and get away from this place someday.
  • cancer: gentle. understanding. strong. everyone should give them their favorite flowers and run through the fields with them. held my hand through the toughest times.
  • leo: biggest hearts and the brightest minds with twinkling eyes. total babes. defensive, lazy, and sassy. a shoulder to lean on no matter what. kings and queens.
  • virgo: they remind me of old, tall trees and wise owls. sometimes i get the feeling that they resent me. passionate and loyal. quiet but when they talk about something they are passionate about: it's fascinating.
  • libra: breathtakingly beautiful and surprisingly competitive. snotty. i never met one that got along with me. delicate grace, in their actions and words.
  • scorpio: drama queens. partner in crime. their eyes are intrusive. care about other people more than themselves. lost. constant bickering with everyone.
  • sagittarius: wandering. quieter than most people assume. a good friend and pro at abandoning. can easily be persuaded to take the wrong path.
  • capricorn: i could fall in love with one. hilarious and charming. hide a lot of pain. their mind is beautiful. i wish to trace their spine. their laughter echoes in your heart. mean and so rude.
  • aquarius: ditzy and confused. we talk about the universe and god and life and death for hours. green hair. something out of a dream. only care about themselves. always something going on in their head.
  • pisces: curious about the human mind, the world, and the stars. soft hearted, but also insensitive. hurtful. i could travel the whole world with them and make snow angels for days.

Sorry for the delay in updating my Cinderella AU! Got a bit busy and I wanted to get these out of the way so I can focus on the story again. 

Nathanael Desrosiers (surname means “of the rose bush”): the second son of the Desrosiers household who is a shy but talented young painter. (I had a hard time with Nath’s color palette… it’s not really something for a medieval setting)

Theo Barbeau: a sculptor and metal craftsman whose lifelike work has become quite common in many noble households. 

Alya Cesaire: (I just wanted to draw her ball gown for fun. Her owl pendant is a direct reference to the tavern she works at called “the Wise Owl’s Haven”.)

Estelle Agreste: the late queen who passed away at the age 30 when Adrien was just 9 years old. (I actually drew her design a day right before the origins episodes came out so I didn’t know we’d actually get to see Mama Agreste so soon! Anyway, I grew attached to my design so it will stay only for the Cinderella AU. Outside of that, I will use the canon design in the future.)

Thomas and Sabine Dupain-Cheng: parents of Marinette; Thomas, or Tom as he’s often called, trades spice and dried herbs for a living. He travels once or twice a month to sell at the nearest port. Sabine helps Tom manage/keep accounts while occasionally selling embroidery or stuffed toys. Thomas died at the age of 36 when Mari was 10 years old. Sabine passed away at the age of 34 when Mari was 15 years old. 

I just realised that I never really stated the age of Marinette and Adrien, so they’re both 17 years old. When I drew the design for the deceased parents, I couldn’t help but draw a bit of Mari’s and Adrien’s childhood. I’m a sucker for those. Adrien was quite obsessed with pirates. Also Gabriel actually spent time with him, even if it’s just reading before bedtime. 

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how to handle jealousy so Adrien maybe out of character?? I don’t know haha. I’ll be continuing the next part of the story (the Ladybug hunt/shoe-fitting fiasco!) so I apologize for the detour lol.

The Signs As Birds 🐣


Aries: Falcon - Always Prepares, Fast As Fuck
Taurus: Ostrich - A little derpy, Lovable
Gemini: Blue Footed Boobie - A meme, CRAZY
Cancer: Blue Jay - Calm, Friendly :)
Leo: Peacock - SLAYS, Likes to dance
Virgo: Owl - Hella wise, Nocturnal
Libra: Penguin - Loves Family, Adorable
Scorpio: Eagle - Good at everything, Partyer
Saggitarius: Flamingo - FUN, Very relaxed
Capricorn: Stork - Caring, Loves Kids
Aquarius: Dove - Peaceful, But will cut a bitch
Pisces: Pelican - Just there, Nicest person ever


This is my second Tatttoo and I’m in love with it!
It’s still a bit red and swollen, but IT’S AWESOME!!!

And I decided to call him Remus, because I love Remus Lupin and this tattoo is dedicated to him. Arrrg I’M SOO IN LOVE!!

assorted bazza gazza quote starters
  • “Oh that’s a fuckin’ chi-lai-bai, mate. Jesus christ, that’s a chi-lai-ba, mate. Chi-bloody-lai-ba, mate.” 
  • “I’m actually more of a, um, space enthusiast, if anything. I just wanna see things go into space.”
  • “I’m just trying to find my new identity. The real me.”
  • “[angelically] Do it for the memes.”
  • “I’m like the wise…owl? Are owls wise? Is that the saying?”
  • “Your team captain is aslee–AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
  • “I’m a D.Va main now.”
  • “I wanna push him off! Get outta here!!”
  • “As soon as the kid pops out, like the closest TV to you just pops on ABC news.”
  • “It’s like the world is trying to give me another excuse to not go outside.”
  • “I’m sponsored by water!”
  • “I was put on this planet to play drums.”
  • “Alright, guys, time to go serious–instant lose…”
  • “It’s time to be…the next hokage!”
  • “Just ‘cause I’m your friend doesn’t mean you don’t suck.”
  • “I just broke my bottle for a shitty joke.”
  • “Look at me tame this bull! ANDALE!”
  • “It had the potential for a lot of evil, okay?”
  • “Yeah, get hacked, nerd!”
People seem to forget...
  • Aries: That you are friendly, you're the one that runs up to someone you love just to hug them, you give the best bear hugs! You put your whole heart into it, and friendliest person at first impression, enthusiastic? Hell yeah, friendly? Yes most definitely.
  • Taurus: That you are wise, like an owl peering out hiding behind this sweetness, I know you are I've heard you talk, you're wise! You have such a thoughtful way of looking at things and thinking, and so patient, that is wisdom.
  • Gemini: That you are loving, that when you let someone into your life you love them with every part of your body, you care and you treat them with respect, any person who becomes a part of your life should know how special they are.
  • Cancer: That you are brave, that your sensitivity is not just to what people say but to how much you feel! So much more then most people, and you deal with it you push through it, you are strong and you are brave for going through this everyday, for allowing to feel what you feel, that's bravery.
  • Leo: That you are genuine, that you don't just run around playing games all day, you aren't just a show off you aren't just careless, when someone receives a compliment from you, you mean it you don't say it just in spite of them, you are a genuine person you care genuinely for those around you, you are so much more then just someone craving attention.
  • Virgo: That you are sweet, one of the sweetest in fact, you can be critical you can be judging but I know you listen better then anyone and I know you care more then most, you have a huge sweet spot for those near and dear to you and you would never try to hurt them, you only come from a space of love that sometimes comes off harsher then intended.
  • Libra: That you are elegant, I'm not sure why this isn't remembered because you have a beautiful grace to the way you move, you are not just a flirt you are a flower dancing along, a treasure a thoughtful sweet beauty who moves with intention and grace, I promise you are a lovely one with so much more to you then just making others smile.
  • Scorpio: That you are emotional, you carry so many emotions, you are thoughtful and loving, you don't show it often, and I get why! Emotions are terrifying but you have them there and when you share it it comes out so thoughtfully, so dark and heavy with how much you've been holding. Whoever gets to hear your deepest thoughts and feelings is the most important person in your life.
  • Sagittarius: That you do love, though it is hard for you because freedom and independency is your life, your family is immensely important to you and if you ever give your heart to someone they will have you for life, you may not trust or attach to people often, but when you do it is the strongest form of love.
  • Capricorn: That you are kind, that you always try your best when giving an honest answer to tell them kindly, that when you talk to someone you try and talk kindly, softly, lovingly, you have a hard time expressing it because you have such a tough exterior but you have such a soft spot for love, and you care for others, strangers or not, you don't want to hurt them.
  • Aquarius: That you are an artist, it doesn't mean you paint or draw or write, but that your mind is a piece of art that you see the world in a whole other form, you are art, you have a creative way of doing everything, and anything you choose to do you will do it artistically.
  • Pisces: That you are honest, that though you are one of the sweetest signs you hardly ever lie, you give the most sincere and honest answers to the those who ask, to those who are close and you love, honesty is your policy you only want to give the most thought out and truthful response you can, I think people forget you are honest because it comes off so nice it doesn't sound like an honest truth it just sounds like a kind response.

anonymous asked:

What signs would u ship a virgo with and why?

Aries energize and cheer on Virgos. They help Virgos realize how fun life can be if they stop living in their heads. Virgos help keep Aries head from exploding from all the passionate thoughts and actions they have in a single day.

Cancer mothers and dotes on Virgos the way they secretly want. It’s refreshing for a Virgo to see someone care as much as they do. Plus Cancers have the ability to be serious when needed which Virgos greatly appreciate.

Capricorn is a kindred earth spirit for Virgo. The two intuitively understand each other. A very natural and understanding relationship.

Pisces is the sister sign of Virgo and I feel as though sister sign pairings are so important. They complete each other. Virgo is the wise old owl to Pisces young owlet. They love the way the other sees life. I believe Virgo-Pisces relationships are so selfless and loving, but they need to make sure they don’t take advantage of each other!

Newsies as Animals

Jack: Dog, specifically a golden Shepherd (in my opinion)
David: An owl (wise and pretty eyes)
Crutchie: A bunny (smol)
Mush: A koala bear (fight me on it)
Kid Blink: Lion(ess) (don’t question it)
Racetrack: A stallion, baby! (I’ll go home)
Spot Conlon: A cat (cute with big piercing eyes and the license to kill)