the wire mannequin


I’ve been SUPER offline but that’s because I’m working on this gem! It’s @tielniel ‘s Danganropa V3 OC Kami Ouma.
The top two photos are my references while the bottom two is what I have done so far.
The top(vest, strapes, scarf, undershirt,etc.) is near completion, then it’s onto the bottoms, gloves, and more!!!

I am a shadow… The true self… I love you all so much… Won’t you give me your love too?

Given the protagonists are a blank state, I had A LOT of ideas I wanted to shove into this Shadow. I really wanted to keep Orpheus’ harp in some form, plus I thought it’d be a fun play on FeMC “playing” people and ties into the red strings of fate, more directly invoked by her red-brown hair. It’s actually supposed to extend into the background of the battle stage, suspending limp shadow-dolls in Gekkoukan uniforms (think the girls holding up Shadow Chie) from the ceiling, literally tying them to her in her hunger.

The main body of the Shadow is a golden wire mannequin with a doll’s head, symbolising her emptiness and the need to fill it by dressing up (or being dressed up) as whoever you want. I tried to emulate the canon shadow arcana masks, but eventually settled on drawing from Nyx Avatar’s face. During her idle stance, she alternates between holding the mask in front of her face and away. Whether this is an influence of Pharos …

Another concept I really wanted to show was “Death’s bride”. Losing her parents so young affected her deeply. As much as she wants people to stay with her, she also thinks that them leaving is inevitable, and so she will always be alone. This uncertainty of control over her fate manifests in this armless mannequin, caressed by the arms of Death which play her strings, leaving her autonomy ambiguous.

And finally I wanted to muscle in something based on Eurydice, hence snakes on the harp.

Nooo! Don’t leave me alone!

(Inspired by personashadows!)

reading between the lines, i’d say she thinks you’re a bit conceited, mate (x)

a james potter fanmix

ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve) - buzzcocks // trash - new york dolls // london calling - the clash // (i can’t get no) satisfaction - the rolling stones // judy is a punk - ramones // teenage kicks - the undertones // mannequin - wire // another girl another planet - the only ones // have love will travel - the sonics // stroll on - the yardbirds // roadrunner - the modern lovers // she’s so modern - the boomtown rats // pretty vacant - sex pistols

Meaning behind f(x)'s 'Red Light'

The video starts with the phone ringing, a cat with two different eye colors and a burning book. The phone was a ‘wake up call’ from society telling of their beauty or social standards. The burning book represents getting rid of those standards or burning them away. The cat with two different eye colors meant that there’s something different. At the end of the video the cat only had one color for both eyes meaning that the cat’s were 'fixed’. Showing the society or generally the standards will 'fix your flaws.’ As the video continues Victoria has a long hair but switches with the short hair wig throughout the whole M/V.  The reason is that the short hair represents starting over or starting a new life. It comes from the ancient Asian customs. The half makeup is meaning the beautiful and expected side and side without makeup represents the 'ugly’ side. The girls cover the eye without makeup with an eye patch because they shouldn’t bee seen with the 'ugly’ side. Only the side that has makeup should be seen because of the standards that makeup makes people 'beautiful’. At some point in the video we see mannequins in a closed room with a film. The mannequins have 'wires’ on their neck and back as they all watch a film. It means that all people should think, act, and look the same. Luna’s hair is blue which stands for peace, youth and truth. Amber’s hair is red which is the color that the human eye sees first. Meaning that Amber wants people to see they want difference since the color red is the first thing people sees. The flashing light stands for rebellion. The building exploding and then rewinding back to its normal state means that all flaws and broken parts of our society must be fixed and the exploding flower stands for something that was originally beautiful but wasn’t good enough thus it was destroyed. The people with gas masks are seen chasing the rebellions (f(x) and are trying to 'poison’ them with their influenced. Basically f(x) is trying to send a message that no one should shape someone or something that is already good enough and that society’s standards don’t matter.