the winter solstice: avatar roku


Gif update based on this post.

So, the Gaang travels to the Fire Nation where they visit Roku’s temple. Now, with Aang safely trapped in the sanctuary while Zhao and Zuko wait outside, Aang manages to talk with Roku and learns about Sozin’s Comet.

After expressing some doubt in his abilities,we get this exchange between Aang and Avatar Roku.Here, Aang considers the possibility of failure but, Roku assures him of his own strength and ability by reminding him that he is the Avatar, and as such has access to all the power and knowledge accumulated by the Avatars that came before him.

Thus, we get this instance of framing, with Roku on one side of the screen mirroring Aang in the frame that comes directly after that one. This is meant to show how the two characters are connected as the current Avatar. and his predecessor.

This sort of framing is repeated later in “The Awakening,” this time occurring between Aang and Zuko. There, we again see an intentional framing parallel between two characters.