the winter legacy


Winter Celchu visiting the Castle Lands
Berta, Bridal Fall 2017


“…The correspondence between Winter and Leia has always been abundant, still amount of letters that survived to this day is simply staggering. Even separated in their later years due their duties to New Republic and Crown of Alderaan respectively, Lady Chelchu proved to be constant presence in the Queen’s life if only through the letters exchanged between the two. Be as it may, the correspondence between the sisters gives us ab unique firsthand account of their relationship during their lifetimes. 

Then again Winter was a diligent correspondent, and many of her letters to various people did survive. She wrote frequently to her adopted parents until their death in 22 ABY and 27 ABY, those letters perhaps gave us the clearest insight into Winter’s life, since she trusted Bail and Breha with her thoughts,  feelings and fears more then anyone else. B
ut perhaps most interesting is Winter’s relationship with Leia’s children. I is well known that Lady Celchu doted on the three of them, but she had a special bond with the twins having been large presence in their early years…”


Gemma glanced down at her watch and then stood up, realizing she had to get going if she didn’t want to be late. “I have to get to class.”

Augustus stood up too, pushing in his chair and then somewhat blocking Gemma’s way as he asked with renewed concern, “Are you sure? It’s okay if—”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Gemma interrupted with slightly reddened cheeks of her own. “I’m feeling a lot better and—and if that changes, I’ll call you or Mom or Dad or maybe even Tobias.”

“Do you pinky swear?” Augustus asked.

Gemma hesitated, feeling confused before she caught the rare, playful smile that rose to his lips. It surprised her, but nevertheless made her smile too. “Yes, I pinky swear. Here, let’s make it official.”

She held up her hand, pinky finger lifted in wait and soon grasped by Gus’ own.

“Pinky swear,” they stated in unison, and then dropped their hands with light, scattered laughter.

“Maybe he is good for you,” Gemma tentatively mused.


“Nothing,” she said with a slight shake of her head. “I’ll see you tonight, okay?” she added, and then turned to go, leaving Augustus with both the dishes and his thoughts.


Gemma’s Point of View

Gemma was suspended in a drowsy fog, her limbs as heavy as if they’d been injected with lead. Movement felt impossible, but she had the vague sense that she was being shaken. The nauseating sway made her retreat farther into the murky reaches of her mind. She was exhausted. A hundred years she could have slept and still she felt she wouldn’t dispel this fatigue. It sunk deep within her bones, leaving her desperate to remain in this hazy otherworld.


It was an all too familiar voice, but she slipped away from it too. Why couldn’t he let her be? Why did he feel the need to drag her to the surface when she was so content to be lost within this soothing obscurity?

“Wake up, Gemma. You have to wake up. Please, Gemma, wake up!”

“Tired,” she mumbled sleepily, turning over.



Gemma glanced up at Augustus, suddenly worried about his well-being. He still looked paler than usual, but otherwise appeared relatively unshaken. She wasn’t sure if it was confidence that everything would be okay that held him steady, or a massive effort to suppress every thought that attempted to convince him she wouldn’t be. Her inability to read him rattled her.

“Are you alright?”

“Guess I could be better,” Augustus joked with a small smile, “but yeah. I’m fine. I’ll let you get ready now, okay? You missed your first class, but if you still want to make your second you should be able to. Otherwise it’s okay if you want to sleep some more.”

“Oh no, definitely not! I want to go to class,” Gemma affirmed, already dismayed that she had missed even one.

Augustus nodded and walked past her to go, but just as he reached the door she called out, “Are you certain you’re alright? I know I scared you and dumped a lot on your shoulders. And I appreciate that you’re always there for me, more than I’m able to accurately express, but—”

“I’m sure. I’m just glad you’re safe. I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Okay,” she said uncertainly, and then watched him leave the room, carefully shutting the door behind him. He seemed to be okay, but somehow she couldn’t quite shake the feeling this had gotten to him more than he’d let on.

You already know it has, Gemma. You truly are going to break him too.

draconicnoble  asked:

Okay, but White Rose with how Winter and Klein react, since they're the only family Weiss has

Winter totally uses Weiss as an excuse to be around Qrow more often. Everyone knows they’re dating, they share a room when she stays overnight, still she won’t admit she came over for dinner just because she wanted to see him.

Qrow talks about his nieces a lot, so before Winter properly got to know Ruby she heard so much praise about her she sometimes makes fun of it. Of course she was sceptical at first, after all it came from Qrow of all people, but even before she really got to know Ruby, she respected her for how much she changed Weiss. Winter sees that her time at Beacon, her friendship with team RBY and her relationship with Ruby let Weiss become a person Winter truly respects. Not only did they see more than just the Schnee name, they let Weiss become more than just another part of that broken family and spoiled legacy. Winter can see how much Weiss has changed, in all the ways she always wished she would, and how happy Weiss is now compared to how lonely she was before. And Winter knows that Ruby is to blame for most of that, so even before she got to know Ruby better, she knew Ruby was the right choice for Weiss.

That didn’t change the fact that at first Ruby didn’t act any less awkward than during their first meeting. Winter eventually warmed up towards her and Ruby got more confident. Qrow’s influence also definitely helped Winter warm up in general and let go off her military attitude a bit. Ruby and Winter can have long conversations about weapons and how to use dust in combat, that definitely helped.

When Weiss told Klein she would introduce him to her girlfriend he thought nobody would ever be good enough for the girl he knew since she was born. Then he met Ruby and he fell in love immediately. Adorable. Awkward. Caring. He loved her like he loves Weiss right away. There is no one he would rather see Weiss with. He always tries to make her feel welcome as much as he can.


Gemma fell into a reluctant silence and speared a strawberry with much more force than was necessary. The bright red juices seeped into her toast. Augustus sighed and, keeping his gaze downcast, recounted how he’d bumped into Isaac by chance a few weeks ago and again yesterday, when he evidently discovered the truth of why Isaac had left all those years ago.

She listened as he explained how Isaac had told his parents, about their abhorrent reaction and their threat to kick their own son out of their house if he ever contacted Augustus again. She listened, and her throat tightened, but also she found herself increasingly agitated, to the point where as soon as he stopped talking she was leaping back in to speak her mind.

“Okay, fine. I hear you. That’s horrible and I’m so sorry that happened to him, but—” She hesitated, forcing herself to pause to sort out her thoughts. “It’s just…. Leaving you was out of his control then, right? The severely limited opportunities for communication may have even been out of his control, but shutting you out completely?” Gemma shook her head. “That was his choice, Augustus.”

“Why would you—”

“Wasn’t he a computer programmer?” she interrupted with a raise of a brow. “You’re telling me he didn’t know how to send you an untraceable email? How to get messages to you without his parents discovering? Further, you’re telling me he didn’t know how to drop a letter in a fucking mailbox without a return address? I mean think—it’s awful what he went through, it is, but he had options. Not wonderful ones, but they were there all the same and he deliberately chose not to take them. That’s the sort of person he evidently is.”