the winter legacy


Hey what’s up? It’s been forever, but I’m back after a two and a half month break, it feels much longer, but alas I have returned with with a surprise! (Not really but)… I’ve decided to start playing with Hannah and Bradley as adults, they were only kids in my previous legacy, and now here they are all grown up, I decided this was the best decision to take my blog in as I felt I’d run out of options with their parents Rowan and Scott, but of course they’ll still be around.

Hannah and Bradley are 20-something siblings who’ve just moved out of their parents house and relocated to Brindleton Bay to find their feet, they own a German Shepard called Bo and that’s all there is to the story so far, the rest you’ll able to catch right here! :)


Winter Celchu visiting the Castle Lands
Berta, Bridal Fall 2017


“…The correspondence between Winter and Leia has always been abundant, still amount of letters that survived to this day is simply staggering. Even separated in their later years due their duties to New Republic and Crown of Alderaan respectively, Lady Chelchu proved to be constant presence in the Queen’s life if only through the letters exchanged between the two. Be as it may, the correspondence between the sisters gives us ab unique firsthand account of their relationship during their lifetimes. 

Then again Winter was a diligent correspondent, and many of her letters to various people did survive. She wrote frequently to her adopted parents until their death in 22 ABY and 27 ABY, those letters perhaps gave us the clearest insight into Winter’s life, since she trusted Bail and Breha with her thoughts,  feelings and fears more then anyone else. B
ut perhaps most interesting is Winter’s relationship with Leia’s children. I is well known that Lady Celchu doted on the three of them, but she had a special bond with the twins having been large presence in their early years…”

Hey, it’s Tony.

I figured what better time than now to finally unravel what happened during the winter. Thankfully, it flew by - short and sweet. It didn’t even feel real at times, I was constantly figuring out what I wanted and what was best for myself - I think everyone was.

I guess if one thing’s certain, I made it out alive; and with some memories I’ll cherish for quite a long time. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. I don’t even know who I’m writing this to or why - but maybe it’ll help me understand some things in one way or another.

Well, let’s start with December.


Gemma’s Point of View

Gemma was suspended in a drowsy fog, her limbs as heavy as if they’d been injected with lead. Movement felt impossible, but she had the vague sense that she was being shaken. The nauseating sway made her retreat farther into the murky reaches of her mind. She was exhausted. A hundred years she could have slept and still she felt she wouldn’t dispel this fatigue. It sunk deep within her bones, leaving her desperate to remain in this hazy otherworld.


It was an all too familiar voice, but she slipped away from it too. Why couldn’t he let her be? Why did he feel the need to drag her to the surface when she was so content to be lost within this soothing obscurity?

“Wake up, Gemma. You have to wake up. Please, Gemma, wake up!”

“Tired,” she mumbled sleepily, turning over.


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