the winslows

10 faves from 10 fandoms. @sunburntkeith tagged me. Thank you!

  1. SNK - Levi
  2. Kingsman: The Secret Service - Harry Hart
  3. Voltron - Shiro
  4. Dragon Age - Loghain
  5. Yuri on Ice - Yuri Plisetsky
  6. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (so far) - Joseph Jostar (Old Man Jojo)
  7. The Witcher Series - Triss Merigold
  8. RED - Victoria Winslow
  9. Left 4 Dead - Francis
  10. DMMD - Mink

Look at all those old guys. I have a type, and it’s old and slightly weird.

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"we have problematic parents" club
  • winn: hi my name is winn
  • the others: hi winn
  • winn: my dad is a psychopath killer obsessed with toys, he tried to make me kill a dude, otherwise he would've made kids blow up, im doing good tho
  • the others: *clap*
  • mon-el: hello im mon-el
  • the others: hi mon-el
  • mon-el: my mom tried to kill my girlfriend, she also wanted to put me in a cell for 4 years, oh and she killed my father and will probably try to take over earth. im fine i guess
  • the others: *clap*
  • lena: hi im lena
  • the others: hi lena
  • lena: well my big bro is lex luthor and my biological mom died so i grew up with a freak who wants to kill and deport every alien on earth and she pretends to love me only when she needs me, but it's all cool
  • the others: *clap*