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Here’s a sneak peek of the banners we’ll be giving out at WINGS in Anaheim on April 1st! We will be giving out all 2,500 banners while people are lining up.

The banner says “I thought I was alone but I’ve learned that we are ARMY” which is adapted from the lyrics of BTS’ hidden track called 길 (Path).

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Bug of the Day

Saw this spring cankerworm moth (Paleacrita vernata) on my fence during last week’s warm spell. Now I am kicking myself that I did not look more closely at it, because once I got the photo up on the computer screen, I saw that it appeared to have some extra legs…it turns out that a female moth under there (you can see her abdomen peeking out from under the male’s wings at the top of the photo). The females are wingless, which I am now realizing offers them a bit of protection in obscuring them from view while mating.

In Good Hands (5/5)

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader (Steve Rogers Wife)

Warning: Swearing, and things get violent here.

A/N: This has been great ya’ll hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Feed back is always welcome. Hope you enjoy the ending, this is the longest part but that’s cause I couldn’t leave out a lot. You know how I like my detail.

When Sam’s left to stay with you, a little light shopping can’t be wrong, till everything blissful goes completely sideways in the absolute worst ways, but your husband left you in good hands right?

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Sam moves quick, slamming his elbow into the throat of the man closest to him stealing his gun he shots him in the leg before he turns picking off others.

“Left!” Sam shouts taking cover behind a pillar, as you take a few shots popping up from behind the table. The doctor and the hooded man heading for the door, dodging and taking cover on their way.

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Impure pt. 5

A/N: I tried adding some angsty feelings in here but I didn’t get around to it. I will have the next chapter filled with feels as best as I can.

Summary: You and Castiel have a little chat.

Warnings: Profanity, underage drinking

Word count: 1.9k

Impure Series Masterlist

(Not my gif. Message me if this belongs to you and I will give you full credit)

Sam and Dean stared at Castiel with their bottom jaws hung low, each of them trying to process different parts of information all at once. “So now we have this super powerful creature inside our bunker who could kill all of his in a split second?” Dean said, beginning to get angry at the raven winged seraph.

“Dean-” Sam sighed, trying to hold Dean back from taking a threatening step closer to the angel. “Can we just think this through before you go killing him and the kid?”

Still feeling irksome, Dean gave Castiel another crude glare before stepping away. “If she goes all terminator on our ass, you’re to blame.” He growled.

Castiel opened his mouth to comment about Dean’s reference, only to be halted by Sam. “How old is this girl?”

“She turned Seventeen two months ago,” Castiel replied instantly, having remembered your birthday all this time. “I don’t understand why th-”

“It’s not important, I just want to get a better understanding.” Sam spoke, sighing in a deep breath. “You said you brought her here to see Ryan?”

Nodding, Castiel worried that Sam and Dean would refuse. That wouldn’t go down well with you.

“Well I suppose you better take him to see her,” Sam mumbled. “He should be in the room we gave him,”

“If he hasn’t already made a runner,” Dean muttered underneath his breath, gaining an elbow into his side from Sam.

Quickly fleeing from the firing range, Castiel wandered through the halls once again until reaching the room the Winchester’s had supplied Ryan with. “Ryan?” Castiel asked before opening the door, watching the figure at the desk straighten up from his sudden appearance. “Somebody is here to see y-”

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Vigilance Chapter 2 Pt. 1; The Trolley Problem

Two chapters in two nights. I’m on a roll. It’s 3:00 in the morning again.

I had people send in lovely prompts to help this one along. 

Let me know what you’d like to see in part 2

Warnings: implied violence at the end

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Thomas had a problem. He couldn’t make up his mind about a question that was sent in an ask. It was the old trolley question. What would he do if he were standing at a switch that would control whether a trolley would end up killing five people if he didn’t move, or throw the switch and it would kill one person that he cared for. He had called all his sides together to try to reach a conclusion, but none of them could reach a proper decision. It’s been distracting him ever since.

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Prompt/Idea: Dipper using his wings to play peek-a-boo with a baby.

Thomas, Elisha, and Agatha are @flying-guinea-pig and @ii-thiscat-ii’s Ocs, respectively.

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It was mostly desperation, really.

But Agatha was only six months old, and the baby sitter had canceled on them at the last minute, and if Thomas didn’t go to this meeting today they were going to be short handed, something one really didn’t want when dealing with demons, and Elisha had to go to this meeting with the bank or risk not getting the loan, so…

“Seriously, I can handle this,” Tyrone repeated for the third time as Thomas and Elisha continued to fuss. “”I’ve watched Mizar’s kids hundreds of times, over more than one lifetime. I’ve raised kids, more than once. We’ll be fine.”

Elisha pointed her finger at Tyrone, so close his eyes crossed trying to focus on it. “That being said, if I come back and anything’s happened to my baby, I’ll find a way to exorcise you. I will do it.”

“Duly noted,” Tyrone agreed.

Elisha glared at him for a few more seconds before kissing her baby and walking backwards toward the door. She paused in the doorway, pointing at her eyes and back at Tyrone, before finally leaving.

Thomas closed the door after them, and Elisha kept tossing glances back over her shoulder.

“Okay, I know you trust Tyrone, but how are you so calm? We just left our baby with a demon for a babysitter,” Elisha said once they were in the safety of the Car.

“One, I was careful about wording the deal. Two, no matter what else he’s done, Alcor’s been recorded as never voluntarily harming a child or allowing one to come to harm. And three,” Thomas added, digging out his phone and waving it lightly at the driving Elisha, “nanny cam app. I can check in from wherever I want and save the video for later.”

The grin Elisha shared with her husband was both relieved and evil.

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IronHawk (Part Sixteen)

Calm before the storm guys. Well not quite the storm. Calm before the major feels and THEN the storm.

Catch up on Chapter 1-15 HERE

I love my readers, you guys are legit the best!!
Pepper had yet to let go of Natasha, repeatedly checking her mate for injuries and crying out over the small ones she found.

“Really, love I’m fine.” Natasha reassured her mate for the tenth or twelfth time. “Hawkeye just… dropped out of the sky and saved me.”

“Oh Clint.” Peppers eyes were red from crying. After several months of strained relations with her Alpha, seeing Natasha come in after such a close call was pushing her limits. “Oh thank god you were there!”

“It’s good to see you too, Pepper.” Clint gave the small woman a gentle hug, catching Natasha’s eyes over Peppers head and smiling. Natasha grinned back, just too happy to see him to care that her usual aloof personality was slipping.

“Home for long, Hawkeye?” asked Steve, between bites of dinner.

“I’m not really sure.” Clint answered, glancing over towards Tony’s elevator. The billionaire still hadn’t come down from his room after dropping Captain off. “I’m not even supposed to be here. We’d just barely got wheels down, and you guys were on the news so I flew over as fast as I could.”

Thank god!” Pepper started sniffling again, and Natasha wrapped her arms around her.

“Ok, we are done for the night, because I can’t handle any more emotional vibes from my mate.” Walking Pepper towards their rooms, she shot a look over her shoulder at Clint, who waved a little. “We will catch up later right? Welcome home.”

Clint smiled. Home was always where Natasha was.
And Tony.

His Alpha stirred restlessly, unused to being so close to the omega again, and still uncertain as to where things stood with them. Granted his last statement had been basically handing Tony off to Bruce, but their bond hadn’t been broken yet, and he would have felt if Tony’s feelings had changed towards him.

“Beer?” Steve asked, heading for the bar and Clint shook his head.

“Whiskey?” He answered, and the super soldier poured him a glass.

“Am I okay to turn in for the night, or would you like me to run interference between you and Tony?” He asked quietly. “I’m not trying to be nosy or anything, but I’m not so oblivious I don’t realize this might be… difficult. And if you need a neutral presence…”

Clint drained his glass. “Thanks Cap, but I’m fine. Not even sure where things stand right now, so I’m just gonna… go to bed, I guess. Thanks, though.”

Steve nodded. “Glad you’re home, Clint.”

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anonymous asked:

So fallen angel!wife!Reader shedding her feather to grow new ones in but she's becomes like a human female on their period, just minus the mad moments.

Lucifer: Unlike human females, you didn’t bleed nor did shedding happen every month. But when it did, you hated it. The sight of the feathers falling always caused you to freak out and today was no exception.  At this rate you didn’t want to leave the bedroom, actually, you couldn’t even leave Lux. During shedding, it’s impossible to make the wings disappear or keep them hidden.

“Luci,” You cry out, peeking your head around the corner. Mazikeen and Lucifer were at the penthouse bar, waiting for the queen to come down. “C-can you come here?”

“Are you alright love?” The devil asks, getting worried over your behavior.  

“Just please come to the bedroom.” You mutter going back to the shared chambers.

“I wonder what that’s going to be about.” Mazikeen states, giving her master a look. Lucifer gave a small shrug before following his wife.

“What is it-” He begins when entering the room but stops when seeing your wings out and some feathers laying on the ground and bed. “Your shedding aren’t you?” His wife gives a small nod.

“Will you stay home with me today? I get lonely when you leave.” You huff, looking down in embarrassment. His lips connected with your forehead.

“Anything for you love.”

anonymous asked:


Luminoth lay eggs the size of a human fist, which grow several times larger before the infant is ready to hatch. Baby Luminoth are basically made of fluff- you can just about see their head, arms, legs, and wing stubs peeking out behind all of it. They also have big eyes and huge fluffy antennae, leading Federation aid workers to describe them as “the cutest goddamn things we’ve ever seen.”

For the anon who was having a really bad day. This was supposed to be a quick and short April Fools fic, and turned into something a little out of control. Feel better <3
Inspired by @thekingslover’s April Fools fic.

If you ask Dean Winchester what his favourite holiday of the year is, he’ll probably say April Fools. Of course, Sam will then bitch about how it isn’t even a real holiday, and Cas with chime in about its inaccuracies with relation to the historical dates of the holiday, and start spewing academic shit about Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales, but all in all, it’s still Dean’s favourite.

Because if there’s one thing the eldest Winchester is good at, it’s pranking people.

So, when Dean heads to bed on March 31st, he is beyond excited. The sugar jar has been replaced with salt for Cas’s coffee, and fuchsia hair dye has been added to every single bottle of Sam’s pink and girly conditioner. Hell, Dean even sprang for itching powder in Sam’s undies and an ice bucket over Cas’s door. It’s perfect. Everything is going to be perfect.

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Dean’s trying to focus on his test.. really, he is.

It’s not his fault that the numbers keep getting scrambled and blurred together in front of him, no matter how much he adjusts his glasses, because he can feel that goddamn cerulean gaze tracing every distinct line of his profile. Castiel Novak was many things, but discrete was not one of them.

Dean spares the boy a single glance, if only to send a glare his way and tell him to screw off. As soon as he does, he regrets it, for Castiel popped the pink eraser of his pencil between his teeth, eyes shining with smug pride as he rolled his tongue over the object. Dean has to force his eyes back to his paper, a heavy blush spreading across his freckled cheeks.

He can just barely see the edges of intricate ink wings peeking out from the boy’s shirtsleeves, and the mere thought of discovering what else was hidden by fabric has Dean’s heart pounding in his chest.

With haste he scribbles the last few answers and gets up to set the completed test on his teacher’s desk. No, he can’t feel Castiel’s eyes drift down to the curve of his ass.. no way.

It isn’t until the bell has rung and Dean is setting his books in his locker when a hand lands on his shoulder. Immediately he spins around, nearly tripping over his own feet in the process.

Wild blue eyes meet his, and lips are soon pressed against his ear. “Saw how I made you blush in class today,” Castiel purred. “Meet me at your car after school, I wanna see what else I can make you do.”

Something Sweet (GabrielxReader)

Request: Hi! Umm… I have this shampoo that’s smells like candy and I always think that Gabriel would love to just run his fingers through it and smell it.. Love your blog and hope you can come up with something!!

Request: Gabriel is the reader’s guardian angel, and shows himself while the reader is showering due to having fallen in love with the reader. [smut and fluff?]

Warnings:Fluff, Smut

I don’t typically put request together, but figured these two would go nicely with one another, hope that’s alright.

Enjoy! :)


You shuffled off your clothes, turning the faucet on, letting the sound of falling water echo in the small motel bathroom. Your clothes were laid on the cold tile floor in tatters. Thankfully, you had Gabriel, your guardian angel, who could heal you. Ever since the death of your parents, he was there to protect you, which was about two years ago. Gabriel would always come when called and never seemed to object to serving you in the least.

Once the water was hot enough, you stepped into the space. You turned around getting your body fully wet before squeezing out your favorite shampoo that smelled like candy. You thought of Gabriel as you rubbed the shampoo in your hair, thinking of how he’d love the smell of it.

Just at the thought of him you heard a flutter of wings in the bathroom. You peeked your head out from behind the curtain. “Gabe?” He wasn’t in his usually clothes. Instead he had a white tank top and red shorts, which you rarely saw him in. “Sorry, I think I called you here by mistake.” You blushed, gripping the shower curtain tighter.

“Oh, well actually I wanted to talk to you….” He trailed off as he saw your pile of clothes on the floor. “It can wait I suppose.”

“Tell me.” You noticed his cheeks turn slightly pink. “What?”

“Well, this is awkward timing.” He chuckled to himself.

“Oh just spit it out.” You leaned further out of the shower.

“It’s just…after all this time…I watched over you and helped you with things….”

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Felt like experimenting with Wing Fic today (not sure I’ve ever written it before to be honest). So here’s a StarkSpangledWinterHawk drabble.

Steve grumbled to himself as he ran his fingers through his wings, doing his best to clean them on his own.

“Ya know, we could always help you,” Bucky drawled as he walked behind the couch and let his fingers run through the lesser and medium covert feathers along Steve’s wing. He winked at Steve. “Mates grooming each other is one of those things that people still do nowadays.”

Steve huffed, keeping the little rush of happiness he’d received at Bucky’s touch at bay. “I know, but you three helped me this morning.” Steve huffed as he flexed his wings then went back to grooming. “They’re just too big for their own good.”

Clint peeked out from the kitchen, a peach in his mouth as he eyed what was going on. He bit into the peach and wiped the juices from his mouth. “Ah, Steve, did you accidentally knock into a hot dog cart on your walk today? You’ve got relish on your left wing.”

Steve bit down a frustrated groan. “I didn’t think so.” Steve folded his wing over himself and grimaced when he found the relish staining his white wings.

Suddenly, Tony was peeking his head out from the kitchen too, a granola bar in his mouth. He pulled the granola bar out and wrapped it up in its packaging before pocketing it. “Looks like, Spangles, needs a little cleaning.”

Steve’s right wing twitched and unfurled instinctively.

Unlike Clint and Bucky who had wings of their own, Tony had lost his years ago when he’d been captured and tortured in Afghanistan. Tony’s lack of wings, combined with the mass of Steve’s made it easy for Tony to hide under one of Steve’s wings. It wasn’t uncommon at all for Tony to tuck himself against Steve’s side when he was feeling particularly tired. Draping his wing over Tony whenever Tony nestled against him, had become second nature to him. Just as opening at least of his wings to Tony whenever he was resting and Tony walked by had become instinct too.

Tony smirked at the wing twitch and climbed onto the couch. He snuggled into Steve’s right side and ran his fingers through Steve’s left wing.

Steve’s right wing immediately covered Tony, and Steve couldn’t stop the pleased sound that escaped him as Tony’s fingers brushed through his feathers.  

He squawked in surprise when he felt a hand gripping–albeit gently–his left primaries where the relish stain was located.

Bucky chuckled, letting his fingers comb through the primaries. “Your wings always were too big for you.” Bucky turned to Clint. “You know I once found popcorn in his wings after we went to a movie theater when we were kids?” Bucky wrinkled his nose. “Ended up eating some of it too.”

“Well, that’s just not healthy,” Tony mumbled from under Steve’s wing. He’d gone from grooming Steve’s left to focusing on the right.

“It wasn’t like it had touched the ground,” Bucky argued.

Clint nodded, sitting himself next to Steve and helping Bucky groom the left wing. “Better than dumpster diving for food.”

Tony shoved his head out from under Steve’s wing. “Do you want me to vomit on Steve?” Like one of the rodents in a game of whack-a-mole, Tony ducked back under the wing as fast as he’d popped out from it.

“FRIDAY, order more food,” Tony grumbled. “I do not want to see any of these heathens dumpster diving.”

“On it, boss.”

Clint grinned at Tony then at Bucky. “Aw, he loves us so much, he wants to make sure we’re fat.”

“Or maybe he plans to eat us,” Bucky joked.

“Arguably I do, but that conversation is for adults, and you two are children.” Tony huffed.

“Technically, Clint’s the child here. I’m the oldest,” Bucky said.

Tony paused in his ministrations. “I don’t think I want to argue against that, but only because it’s for my benefit.”

“Whatever makes ya happy, babydoll.”

Steve sighed in bliss as his boyfriends groomed his feathers. The soft touches relaxed him to the point that he had all but melted into the couch. His eyelids had gone heavy, and a happy sound vibrated in his chest.

He let his head fall back, and almost went to sleep.

Almost, because just as he closed his eyes he remembered why he’d been cleaning his wings himself.

Steve sat up. “You guys, I was supposed to do this by myself.”

Bucky slapped the back of his head in playful reprimand. “Shut up, Stevie. We’re helping you, whether you want the help or not.”

“No point in stopping since we’ve already started.” Clint shrugged.

“I’m content here, and I like keeping my hands busy,” Tony said.

Steve sighed, exasperated but happy. “One of these days I swear I’ll win this fight.”

Tony lifted Steve’s wing off him just enough to look Steve in the eye. “I am sure I speak for everyone when I say, your optimism and naivety is adorable and precious.”

quill-rp  asked:

Quill heard the sounds of a struggle as he walked down the sidewalk towards the nearest library. Eyebrows furrowed, he stepped into the alleyway the noise was coming from and saw a young boy avidly throwing punches at two taller, wider guys. The boy might have been winning, but just barely, and he was badly bruised. Quill sighed, "I suppose a morning brawl could do me some good." He rushed in between the boy and the others guys, punching one of the two in the jaw. [And they fights together? ❤]

This is exactly what Aryo needed first thing in the morning, was being cornered in some alley by two guys, much bigger than him. It might’ve gone better if one of them hadn’t spotted his wing peeking out from under his hoodie. Before he knew it, he was throwing punches left and right.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone rushing over. Great, I’m barely winning now, do I really have to fight three? He thought, but the other person started fighting on his side.

Eventually, he and this other person drove the two guys away. Aryo straightened up, spitting blood from his mouth. “I had it handled, you know.”

Home (Dean)

@twiggie123 asked: Hello ! May I request a dean scenario in which you go with him to LA (your hometown) for one of his concerts but you so distracted being with your family and what not that you end up missing his show and he gets really sad and angry. Happy ending please !

Originally posted by fyeahdean

    You took a deep breath of fresh air as you stepped out of the plane and onto the bridge to the gate, and then yawned. It had been a long flight and it was a big time difference. “You good?” Hyuk asked.

    “Yep!” you said. “You?”

    “I’m good,” he said cheerfully. “Welcome home.”

    You smiled. It had been close to a year since you’d been in Los Angeles and you couldn’t wait to see your family and friends. You finally cleared the bridge and stepped into the airport, the heels of your boots clicking on the smooth floor. You walked together in slightly tired silence through the terminal, stopping on your way out to get a couple of coffees and then you ordered an Uber to get the pair of you to your parents’ house, where you’d be staying. They’d met Hyuk before and were eager to see him again, and they’d offered to let the pair of you stay in your home as soon as you’d told them you were coming.

    The ride was short and you and Hyuk sat mostly in silence, sipping your coffee and trying to recharge a little.

    By the time you reached your parents’ house though, you were wide awake, eager to see them. The front door of their house opened almost as soon as the Uber pulled up and you jumped out, running up the sidewalk and into your mother’s outstretched arms. “How are you, sweetheart?” she asked excitedly, holding you tight to her.

    “Good!” you said, and though you would have been content to stay in her arms much longer, you finally pulled back to look her in the eyes. “How about you?”

    “Just fantastic,” she said. “Here, let me help you with your luggage.” She hurried down the sidewalk with you to the car, greeting Hyuk with a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before she helped the pair of you unload your luggage.

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