the wings of the kirin


Yeah, Silver Flight, do the fangs get in the way when you are smooching on Morgana’s sister? Who happens to be your squad leader.

Hunter actually doesn’t know these non-cast-members-I-should-work-harder-to-keep-off-the-blog. But the pack instinct is strong, especially when a member is getting teased about something.

This is what I managed this morning with my brain all over the place. See, @maunderfiend has this awesome Tengu character and I saw them and thought damn, I need to draw that. Fanart time! So here they are with my character, who is a Kirin, which is your ancient Chinese unicorn equivalent. Two big mythical boys having a cup of tea together. And possibly spotting a human they need to sort out.


Crying Kento Yamazaki Collection (in year order)

Clone Baby (2010)

Control Tower (2011)

Another (2012)

Wings of Kirin (2012)

Team Batista 4 (2014)

Yowakutemo Katemasu (2014)

Mare (2015)

Orange (2015)

when haters said kento can’t act and he only make same straight face…

for me and my friend @jxlight cuz it seems like she loves angsty kento so much :) i cried a little while making all these GIF and rewatched all these movie/drama

cabbageeater  asked:

I was kinda wondering about Kirins in that new AU of yours, mostly if they vary. As in, are there wingless kirins, unicorn kirins and stuff like that or do they all look like Rainbow Dash - wings, horns etc.

They can vary but they aren’t necessarily split like “unicorn, pegasus, earth”. Some are wingless, and some have wings, but the one common thing all kirin have are their horns/antlers. Typically, kirins have horns, horns similar to dragons, but those who have horns like this do not channel their magic through them because the horns don’t have the necessary properties to do so.

Kirin with antlers on the other hand (and yes, for anyone’s confused there honestly is a difference) use said antlers similarly to how unicorns use their horns in which they are the primary way they channel their magic, although they can use magic in different ways when they temporarily shed their antlers.

L.O.R.D (Jue Ji 爵迹) - Main Character Profiles

Author: Guo Jingming
Chinese Title: 爵迹 (lit. Mark of the Cavalier)
Published English Title: Critical
Movie English Title: L.O.R.D (Legend of Ravaging Dynasties)
Confirmed cast for movie adaptation: Fan Bingbing, Wang Yuan (TFBOYS), Wu Yifan
Compiled/translated by: epikey@tumblr, with reference to posts from 郭敬明图库.
Note: In order of present relevance. If the gender is not explicitly stated in their profile, they are male. Characters with (*) appear more often than others. There are also characters that are constantly mentioned but do not physically appear later on, so they are not on this list. “Return circuit” is basically like the blood vessels in the body for soul powers (they do not intersect with the blood vessels) and are gold in color when soul powers are being used.


Current Lords in Atlantis

1st Lord/Disciples (Top Noble Lord, Lord to the 1st Degree)
Irrelevant bc they basically don’t appear
All share the same appearance to protect Lord’s identity. Eyes are solid black.

2nd Lord - You Ming/Nether, lit. the nether world (Killing Lord)*
Return circuit: The corroder/destroyer, able to destroy the seal of soul beasts and soul masters to absorb their powers.
Soul weapon: Mirror of the Souls of the Dead (Shield)
Soul beast: Ragnarok
Notes: Evil, dark, vicious, Corroder alongside 4th Lord so they have a good partner relationship. Likes to kill people wth. Born in a cave of extremities, all the babies born/created there had to kill each other until the most powerful ones emerge from the mouth of the cave at around 10-12 years of age.

2nd Disciple - Shen Yin, lit. Godly sound (Corroder/Destroyer)*
Return circuit: She can transform attacks on her into her soul power to perfect her soul’s return circuit.
Soul weapon: Shu Long, lit. Beam of the Dragon (silver whip, said to be made from actual Dragons)
Soul beast: Dreamweaver (in the form of a disturbing large spider)
Notes: Since she can absorb the attacks to transform into soul power, she will become more and more powerful as long as the attack does not kill her at one go. A daughter of aristocrats who are all soul masters. At the beginning of the novel, she does not remember that she is a Corroder/Destroyer. Born the same way as the Killing Lords.

3rd Lord - Qi La (Kira?, previous, previous 1st Lord)*
Return circuit: Time and space control, ability to make chess pieces that lead to other places (sort of like a Portkey)
Talent/Abilities: Very detailed and specific control of his soul power. The only person in the Atlantis region who can set up an alignment/pitch on the ground at any location
Notes: More beautiful than a woman, very very tall, very kind. Mysterious. Like to make friends with people who are worthy.

4th Lord - Teleiya, Thalia (only current female lord, Killing Lord)*
Gender: Female
Seal location: Somewhere on lower abdomen/inner thigh
Return circuit/talent/ability: Precise knowledge of another person’s soul power, ability to detect their strengths and weaknesses from the flow of soul powers even from a thousand miles away
Soul weapon: Skirt of the Goddess (Shield)
Notes: Corroder alongside 2nd Lord. Sexy, sensual. Born in an extreme surrounding (same place as You Ming/Nether), understands the laws of the jungle very well. Due to her talent/gift, she is the person responsible for the Law of Heaven/Sky, in charge of distributing the instructions of the Silver Priests.

4th Disciple - Ni Hong, lit. neon/secondary rainbow (Corroder/Destroyer)
Seal location: Somewhere on lower abdomen/inner thigh
Talent/Gift/Return circuit/Ability: Born with no feeling of pain, fear or need to defend self. At any moment, he can push his abilities to 100%.
Notes: Simple as a prehistoric person. Has no feelings. Innocence like a child. Can barely speak. Astonishing strength. Fond of Shen Yin.

5th Lord - Guishan Fenghun
Seal location: On neck beneath ear
Talent/Gift: Control/hypnotise soul beasts as his own.
Soul weapon: Large sword
Soul beast: Hai Yin (something akin to a whale/dolphin)
Notes: Due to blood relations with his sister, they can subdue each other’s beast and weapon. The person he treasures the most in the world is his sister, because of her, he believes in the truth and the good. Started doubting everything after seeing the physical appearance and death of a ‘Silver Priest’.

5th Disciple - Guishan Lianquan(younger sister of 5th Lord)*
Gender: Female
Seal location: On neck beneath ear
Talent/Gift: Control/hypnotise soul beasts as her own.
Soul weapon: Resurrection Chain
Soul beast: An Chi (Silver-winged hawk, body of a Qilin/Kirin, tail of a dragon)
Abilities: Due to blood relations with her brother, they can subdue each other’s beast and weapon
Notes: Awakens 6th Lord, after death of 6th Lord and her brother, she inherited the return circuit of both the 5th and 6th Lord and became the new generation’s 5th Lord.

6th Lord - Xiliuer (Resurrection/Immortal Lord)
Seal location: Right shoulder
Disciple: Mother of the current 6th Disciple who died giving birth to the Disciple.
Talent/Gift/Abilities: Close to immortal as he has the gift of almost instant recovery.
Notes: He was manifested into an island on orders of the Silver Priests to seal in previous Top Lord. He died in Chapter 14 after transferring his gift to the 5th Disciple. He does not know of the existence of his daughter as he became an island before her birth. Believes in the Silver Priests unconditionally. Believes that the truth exists.

6th Disciple - Tianshu Youhua (not exactly the 6th Disciple as that was her mother)*
Seal location: Right shoulder
Talent/Gift/Abilities: Close to immortal as she has the gift of almost instant recovery, but it is imperfect.
Soul weapon: Silver bow
Notes: Born in a top aristocratic family, very stubborn, ill-tempered, pampered. Likes Qi Ling. Never had a father, mother died giving birth to her. Unwillingness to lose as she was taunted about that. Step-mother in charge of the historic documents and information about Atlantis, hence she knows a lot. Only has the seal as it transferred from her mother onto her when she was in the womb.

7th Lord - Yin Chen, lit. Silver Dust(previous 1st Disciple of Heaven, also known as Lucifer)*
Seal location: Tail bone
Return circuit: Located at tail bone (seal)
Soul weapon: Thin sword, Reflection Mirror, The Skirt of the Goddess etc
Soul beast: Xue Ci, lit. Snow Thorn (when not in battle mode, it takes on the appearance of a white scorpion)
Talent: Unlimited souls at one time, ability to control more than one soul weapon hence ability to have numerous soul beasts
Notes: Silver Priests blocked his return circuit from the 1st Lord of the previous generation. “Died” but escaped death 3 years ago. Sassy as heck. Likes to make his disciple vomit ice shards when the disciple talks too much.

7th Disciple - Qi Ling*
Seal location: Tail bone
Return circuit: Located at tail bone (seal)
Soul weapon: Half Blade Sword (sword belongs to the Wind County)
Soul beast: Cang Xue Zhi Ya (lit. Teeth of the dusk of snow)
Talent: Unlimited souls at one time, ability to control more than one soul weapon hence ability to have numerous soul beasts
Notes: Never been trained before. Subdued his soul beast unknowingly. Orphan. Worked as a staff in an inn before becoming the disciple of 7th Lord. Likes to bother his lord. Overreacts to everything.

Just done watching The Wings of the Kirin. A Japanese mystery-drama film. UGH I SO LOVE THOSE KIND OF FILMS TALAGA. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES FROM JAPAN. NO. IT’S ONLY SUPERB TERRIFIC IF IT’S FROM JAPAN. Ugh. The plot is so complicated but nicely sewn. Plus Junpei Mizobata ugggghhhh PLUS 10 PLUS 10 PLUS 958340958034958 POINTS FOR THE MOVIE. GRABE. He’s my Twitter name and header already. Detective roles suit him!! Effective since Kudou Shinichi. ♡♡ Hihi. And in Boss and TWOTK. :p Waaah. Can’t get enough of him. :“”“>

UGH. THAT SMILE. :”“”“”> *insert fangirl scream here*

If you’d ask me who will I marry, Junpei Mizobata pls. HAHAHAHA. DREAM ON! TT_TT