the wings of the kirin

Just done watching The Wings of the Kirin. A Japanese mystery-drama film. UGH I SO LOVE THOSE KIND OF FILMS TALAGA. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES FROM JAPAN. NO. IT’S ONLY SUPERB TERRIFIC IF IT’S FROM JAPAN. Ugh. The plot is so complicated but nicely sewn. Plus Junpei Mizobata ugggghhhh PLUS 10 PLUS 10 PLUS 958340958034958 POINTS FOR THE MOVIE. GRABE. He’s my Twitter name and header already. Detective roles suit him!! Effective since Kudou Shinichi. ♡♡ Hihi. And in Boss and TWOTK. :p Waaah. Can’t get enough of him. :“”“>

UGH. THAT SMILE. :”“”“”> *insert fangirl scream here*

If you’d ask me who will I marry, Junpei Mizobata pls. HAHAHAHA. DREAM ON! TT_TT


The Wings of the Kirin Movie SP ( Kirin no Tsubasa: Gekijoban Shinzanmono )

This part is soo funny and Cute Tori remeets his Co Star

 funny moment when Tori’s walking up the stairs to the Shrine and spots him, , even though He’s got his back to him  Tori yet ,

Tori's  soo happy that He’s there  and calls him Name hehe then their laughing and Tori’s Like

“what are you doing?.

He then asks him if He would join them at the Shrine

Tori’s just happy to see him and their laughing cause He’s shocked and Miura was just sat on his own on the bench while Tori’s filming for the SP, hehe * and the photo is related to Tori’s New year blog.