the winged girl is kind of random

I saw a hilarious tweet today that made me think. This girl said “bitch, I did my eyebrows for you!” She was upset a girl didn’t stop by. Lol but now I’m wondering if girls in relationships are roasting each other over their makeup if they both choose to wear it. My boyfriend doesn’t wear/knows nothing about makeup so he just probably thinks I do mine amazing lol. But if both girls do their makeup and know somethin ain’t right are they like damnnnnn hoe fix your eyebrows. You goin outside with that contour??? What kind of wing/cat eye is that? I know this was long and random but it was just a thought. Idk if y'all got the answers!

fudo81  asked:

At first it was hard 'cause I don't really care about toys, but I've finally read (almost) all of Shortpacked!, and it's great – thanks for all the awesomeness! Anyway, now I'm hoping to see more Mike in DoA. I understand it's a different comic with a different dynamic, but… do you think there could be at least one storyline, sometime in the future, where Mike is more of a main character? I'd ask the same for Robin, but so far DoA Robin was not as interesting to me as its SP! counterpart…

I have a sidestory coming up that involves Mike, but I don’t have much planned where he’s the main character.  At this moment in time he isn’t very interesting to me!

I think part of the problem is that to write Mike as Mike, he kind of demands to be the awesomest, smartest person in the room who is above reproach.  He is a person who is set to God Mode.  He knows all of everyone’s faults and he knows what buttons to push to make things fall apart.  And you can’t retaliate because he doesn’t care.  Punch him in the face and he’ll shrug.  It was probably what he wanted.

And that’s okay in Shortpacked!, which is a farce.  Everything’s a little goofy there, a little cartoony.  You can live in those moments without consequences if you want, because no matter how much stuff escalates, some silly random thing can reset everything at the end.  It’s how Mike thrives.  

But Dumbing of Age isn’t a farce.  I wouldn’t say it’s, like, realistic, but it doesn’t do stuff just because it can.  Really, it’s about how awesome everyone is, despite their missteps and faults.  Everyone!  And so Mike kind of breaks that.  When Joyce is getting a happy moment, you don’t want Mike there, seeing the Matrix, and tearing it apart because he can.  I don’t want the theme of Dumbing of Age to be The Girls Wing Of A Dorm And The One Dude Who Always Shows ‘Em Up.  If Mike demands to be himself, he kind of has to be himself elsewhere, off panel, or he starts throwing wrenches in things.

Mind, I could always retool him.  I’ve done it for other characters in the transition from the Walkyverse to Dumbing of Age.  There are different kinds of ways to be a jerk, and maybe he could find residence in one of those.  However, many of my other characters have already found those facets already and claimed them.  Ruth and Billie and Sarah are already variants of “people who are jerks but are nice sometimes” (not to mention eventually Carla and Malaya), and they all do it in their own distinct way from each other, and so I’d have to find a spot for Mike in that spectrum that’s his own.  

Basically, Mike would have to become a person, and I think Mike resists that.  My Dumbiverse stories don’t often require a troll.  And so he doesn’t show up much.