the wine of warlocks

Things I need from 2B! MALEC
  • Magnus Bane BACKSTORY !!
  • couch cuddling malec
  • Madzie ft. parents Malec
  • A bit of jealous/possessive Alec
  • Alec meeting Chairman Meow
  • Alec cooking breakfast for Magnus
  • More after wine kisses 
  • more izzy and magnus interaction 
  • Alec calling Magnus babe/love/ any form of endearment
  • More I LOVE YOUs (preferably in front Maryse) 
Imagine this

The Farm stacked with all kinds of booze that Guardians can drink.

Titans drinking beer and hard cider after a long day on patrol or in the Crucible, trying to forget all of their deaths and revives.

Warlocks attending wine tasting events, then buying cases of wine for dinner and reading sessions with their friends.

Hunters downing whiskey, gin, and vodka in beer glasses like shots; some Hunters prefer harder drinks more than others.

Warlocks are peer pressured by Titans to drink beer, but the Titans keep telling them, “Just drink it! It’s not wine!”

Titans drinking wine for the first time, with Warlocks lecturing them on how to do it, “No No NO!!!! You need to sniff and swirl it first and foremost! It helps acquait the taste buds with the- DON’T DRINK IT ALL AT-!!! *sigh* great, just great.”

Hunters and Titans pranking each other at the bar by swapping each other’s drinks, only for the Hunters to wonder, “Huh, that wasn’t as hard as I thought,” and the Titans would scream, “GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! IT’S BURNING MY THROAT!!!!!!!!!”

Warlocks and Hunters criticizing each other’s drinks by day, and then tasting said drinks by night, sometimes subconsciously agreeing with each other, only to bring harsher criticisms the next day.

Underage Guardians drinking soda, trying to look as cool as their of-age peers.

Guardians drinking.

Malec Fic Recs

Something like six years ago I tried to read The Mortal Instruments books. I got partway through the third before failing out pretty hard. There wasn’t enough Magnus for my taste and the Magnus/Alec storyline wasn’t enough to keep me slogging through the rest of it. Then the movie was terrible too, and when the TV show came out I was like, “Nope, I’ve been on this crazy train before.” 

Luckily, I don’t live in a vacuum, and the odd gif started popping up on my dashboard. People seemed genuinely impressed with how the TV show was adapting the source material. I was bored over a weekend and decided to give it a shot. Boy, am I glad I was, because three days later I was completely caught up and making my way through the Magnus/Alec tag on AO3.

Here’s the inevitable rec post that’s resulted.

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Suspended in Motion by Pameluke | @janoda

Chapters: 1/1 (1584 words)

Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Characters: Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane

Additional Tags: Domestic Fluff, Horny Alec Lightwood, High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane, Magnus Bane’s Suspenders, Alec Loves Magnus’ Clothing, Downworlder Dad Magnus Bane, Warlock Mentor Magnus Bane, Making Out, Post-Season/Series 02


But that would have to wait until Magnus finished his call, so Alec settled down against the back of the couch and watched his boyfriend move across the loft. He liked this side of Magnus. Dressed to the nines still from their date, talking about goblin spit and sheep guts, while sipping expensive wine.


Magnus has to interrupt a date to help a young Warlock, and Alec distracts himself with Magnus’ everything.

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“I’m just walking in, let me see if I can dig up my copy,” Magnus said into his phone. It had been buzzing with texts for almost their entire walk from the restaurant, so when it rang with their home in sight, Magnus had taken the call apologetically.

“It’s Mariken,” he said to Alec.

“She okay?” Alec asked, holding the door to the lobby open for Magnus. Mariken was one of the young warlocks Magnus mentored. She’d come into her powers at sixteen and had promptly run away from her family. She’d been homeless for almost two years before Magnus took her under his wings. Alec would never mind one of Magnus’ protégées interrupting their date. But he liked Mariken–she was nice, if a little shy–and he wanted her to be okay.

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anonymous asked:

Much like how the Death Knights react to hearing a Demon Hunter ask what they have given, whenever a Demon Hunter or any other class state that they user-generated Legion's own power against them, you will see a warlock get pissy as they stand by their demons. The legitimate "use the Legion's power against them"

Confirmed. The warlocks sip a glass of fel-wine, pat their demon on the head and state “We were using the Legion’s own power against them before it was cool.” 


Did some rough sketching today of some Destiny 2 characters. They have such a different feeling, it’s great. The Titan looks like an absolute brick wall, but she also loves kittens and small fluffy things. The warlock is the weird sadomasochistic psychopath that WILL stand in the middle of the battlefield and not give two shits about being shot (because HOLY MOLY the healing rift is BROKEN) while the Titan makes more.. sensible choices. The warlock is mine. She loves good cheese and wine, and her feathers are very rustled since the invasion because GOSH it’s SO difficult to find some quality cheese and wine when there is war and refugees and all the food is gone and she just wants to sit in PEACE with a glass of wine and a cheeseboard. Golly.

notaseamonster  asked:

“ i hope it was a pleasant death. ”

        bitter sweet love. | accepting | @notaseamonster

     She knows he means it as a jab. Small comment of sarcastic teasing that is so often present during those rare times they have a conversation. But the alcohol is in her blood already and she has always been lightweight even for a vampire. Empty bottle of wine proving it. The booze calms the appetite and among warlocks it is not desirable to feed on humans. IT WASN’T pleasant at all, she mutters when a couple of memories rushes in. The dark alleys and prospects of better future. but it was the BEST THING  that has ever happened to me.