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Let’s be strong together.

Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sure about everything that’s happening so I tried to talk about things I was quite sure with. If you have anything to say about what I wrote down please tell me. And then again please tell me everything I know either right under this post or as a message. (If you want to me anonym then please ask anonym because I might answer those messages publicly)

Drugs and Suicide are topics I talk about in this post. Please stop reading now if you’re not comfortable with those things. 


Okay so. I’m not really sure about all the things since I also don’t know which sources to trust. I’m not talking about his condition here (will come to that though because there’s other things to say) but I’m asking now if anyone who knows something can reblog this and tell me or send me a message and tell me there because I really want to know if the things I read are true or not.

So coming to the main topic. T.O.P, Tabi, 4D or Choi Seung-hyun however you want to call him personally. Yes he made a mistake, yes it is illegal in SK. And just to clarify I would react the same if I heard anything similar about a SK-citizen on TV for me it’s not about him being an Idol or someone I look up to. Does he deserve some type of punishment? Yes, of course because no matter what taking drugs (no matter how bad they are) is illegal. But (!) he does not deserve all the other things happening around him. He is an Idol yes but all the cameras the press is just too much at once. And almost everyone knew that he was dealing with his own problems (call it depression or anything mental whatever you want) and they should’ve given him at least some days under control of the police or idk who alone. No cameras, no phone calls. Nothing. Him, depending on his mental state a doctor and his mom maybe? Was that too much? I don’t think so. During that time they could’ve done literally everything from deciding his punishment to actually helping him. And then they could go to publicity with all those things. So they could’ve pervented everything that happened in the passed 24-hours. 

 And now you need to remember that he also asked for help. He ASKED for help and was denied. The irony. The fact that he feeled like he needed those tranquilizers to calm down and escape from the stress should also be something to think about right? So it either was a suicide attempt or “just” him not knowing how much pills his body could take. Also: Why wasn’t he shown to a doctor the first time he struggled with waking up? Why’d they lie about his condition? 

Let’s think about this. No matter what the culture is in korea. T.O.P had drinking issues and his relationship to wine might be special for some people, but everyone who looks at it closesly can see that he seems like someone who could smoke pot. To be honest I wasn’t even shocked at all. And that comes from someone who hates drugs (yes even alcohol and pot) but for me it just looked like something he would do. And now the thing that really pissed me off from the beginning. He didn’t hurt anybody but himself. I think he knows that. You don’t need to tell a 30-year old the difference from good and bad and the consquences right? No one but himself (and trust me he knows), his career was harmed. Guys, the excessive alcohol and cigarettes Yes even his life as an idol is more harmful for him that smoking weed. Literally.

I love how people tent to forget that they’re stressing people out with those things. And to everyone saying “He deservse sentences, it’s illegal to take drugs. It’s his own fault.” No one said the opposite. We’re all saying the same thing. Yes it is illegal but isn’t the mental state, the live of someone more important than the fact that he did it in first place? I really hope that’s not what you’re thinking. He deservse punishment of course just as I said before but let him rest first right? I don’t think that he’ll talk back once he feels better? Or do you?

Look, let’s talk about his current status. Everyone is saying something else. There’s almost no source you can trust because at one second they say he’s consious and just couple minutes later they say that he’s not responding to anything. Then other sites are saying that his mother talked to the press saying that he’s close to dying and everyone else spreading news that he’s awake is wrongful, which she’s right with but everyone’s there saying that she never talked to anyone. Guys aren’t you thinking that spreading so many news in such a short time is really really wrong?  We should wait until something official comes out right? Because doing this is only going to stress everyone out more. His friends, family? Ever thought about those people how they feel when they read totally different news within 10 minutes?  I mean the fans of course are also thinking about him reading news and all of that but come on. We’re used to unreliable sources but his friends and family. Guys, Friends and family (I can’t even think about how the rest of BigBang feels right now). Just think about how you would feel in their position? You wouldn’t like not knowing what your loved ones current state is right? So, in general I just want everyone to keep calm honestly, that’s the best thing we could do. Keep him in your prayers or thoughts.

He will wake up. Let’s not pick fights and accuse anyone for doing anything and spreading news. If you see something new, ask. Don’t spread the news lke you’re 100 % sure that’s what happened. Just ask if anyone thinks this is true.  And then again I’m asking you guys to tell me what you know.

So let’s be strong together.  

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(Yall this place has been sad for way too long now. Just remember him like this now. And hope that he’ll come back with that smile in his face. Let it be real this time.) 

jinx036  asked:

How do I write about alcohol? Mostly wines, but the story will not be limited to just wine so if you have advice on others that will be helpful as well.

Well, you could do lots research about wine. That would definitely help. And we have reblogged a post about the effects of alcohol that might help as well (The Effects of Alcohol and Alcoholism Withdrawal).

You might talk to people who know a bit about wine or drinking alcohol in general. Think up some plot- or character-specific questions and ask your chosen group of experts about their opinions and experience. 

Once you’ve written your first draft, you might consider getting someone you trust to read over the alcohol-y bits for accuracy. Then you can return to your manuscript and make changes as necessary until your story is chilled to perfection.


I hope this gets you started!