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i was wondering how you felt about gone with the wind and its constant emphasis on GUMPTION and SURVIVING after the fall of society?? i know it's controversial for romanticizing the confederacy but i'm rereading it right now, and i kind of feel like scarlett thought that being too nostalgic about old times made you weak. i find it interesting how the book was so popular in russia after the fall of the soviet union.

Disclaimer: I haven’t read this book in years, so I’m going off very distant memories here, but I recall coming away with the impression that Scarlett’s callous survival-of-the-fittest mindset actually kind of deliberately undermines the looking-the-wrong-way-through-the-telescope romantic view of the South. She basically flies in the face of all those antebellum ideals and says, “None of this romantic BS is going to help now and I’m gonna do whatever I have to to get through this.” I don’t think it’s coincidence that Scarlett (the uncompromising post-war pragmatist) ultimately thrives while Melanie (the demure pre-war darling) struggles just to survive. I don’t think it’s coincidence that the real hero is the rakish, ill-mannered Rhett Butler and not the meek, weak, milk-mannered Ashley. I’m rambling now but I think the book is about those illusions of antebellum grandeur shattering, about how romanticizing the past is both futile and foolish, and about Scarlett growing up and figuring that out. 

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Strange Bedfellows for the ask game! ♥

Missing scene, from a different POV! (Strange Bedfellows)

It was a little weird, waking up in Killian’s arms. Not because she hadn’t before, but because, well … this was different. Before, either it had been because it was old, or there was the time she’d cried and he’d comforted her. This time, though?

Well, that had been some fantastic sex.

She carefully shifted so she could glance at his face. As far as she could tell, he was totally, completely asleep. She grinned; clearly, she’d worn him out last night.

But it wasn’t even like that, was it? This wasn’t like any of those times before, with Baelfire or any of the nameless guys she’d slept with over the years. With the strangers, it had just been about needing release or human contact, or sometimes because it had been a year and she really needed it. With Bae … well, with Bae, she’d thought she had this. And she hadn’t.

Now, though, she felt weirdly sure of herself with Killian. He wasn’t just some overly eager, overly optimistic kid making romantic promises. He’d gotten into Storybrooke, and he would get back out or die trying once he found his secret someone. If anyone could get her out, it was him, and not only had he promised to, but he wanted to give her more than that.

She didn’t have the heart to tell him that if she got out of here, she couldn’t go with him. She had to get home, to her parents, to her kingdom.

But she wanted to go with him.

As she leaned in to kiss him, she figured that was what really mattered.

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not to get all sappy but it feels so good to actively enjoy and talk about naruto lmao…. its been a special interest of mine since like 2006 but ive never had a place to talk about it and i was always kind of ashamed of loving it as much as i do but i love this community n im very happy