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Stuck in the middle (with you)

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Summary: Charlie asks you to help her become a hunter, without telling to the Winchester. But something goes wrong.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Charlie Bradbury, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 3498 (..ops)

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut in the end

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“Hey y/n, would you like to accompany me to the car?”
“Sure. I’ll be back.” I say to Dean, after giving him a kiss on the cheek. I spent a fantastic week with Charlie, who has been sleeping in the bunker. She is crazy: we gossiped about this and that, we watched TV series on Netflix, and we have ‘played’ with the PC. Still I can’t believe that she and I have hacked NASA. NASA, you understand?
Dean and Sam, meanwhile, had found a case in Maine, a nest of vampires, and so they went hunting, leaving me and Charlie to the bunker. Also, I’d wanted to go, but Charlie is not a hunter, and she could get hurt.
Charlie and I we get closer and closer to the car, she looks nervous. She continues to watch his back, observing if there is someone behind us.
“Charlie, are you okay?”
Giving a last look behind her, Charlie pulls a sigh of relief, and then looks at me.
“Y/n, I have to ask you something.”
“So, you make me worry. What is it?”
“I want to become a hunter.”
His words leave me speechless. I never thought that Charlie, the calm, nerd, and loving Charlie, would do such a thing.
“I know. It’s difficult and dangerous. But.. to see Sam and Dean, and even you.. You saved people, and I feel that I want to do it. My life has been difficult, and full of bad things. Hunting it can be a way to feel at peace with myself. ”
I look at Charlie. Me, Sam and Dean are years now we hunt. The Winchester brothers since they were children, and I since I was fifteen. And for me Charlie is like a sister, and I don’t want to get into trouble.
“Please, y/n.”

A message.
I take the phone resting on the table, and turn on the screen. It is Charlie.
How do you kill a Wondigo?
I roll my eyes.
They hate the fire. And anyway, it’s Wendigo.
At the end Charlie was able to convince me to help her become a hunter. Sometimes she comes to the bunker with an apology, sometimes we meet in a few motels to teach her more; it seems almost a clandestine history. But Charlie made me promise not to say anything to Sam and Dean. I hate lying to them, but if they knew what makes Charlie, they would seek in every way to stop her. And so I help her, teach her some moves useful in combat, and I give her some weapon to kill.
We have also partnered together during some hunting; while Dean and Sam thought that we were going to go shopping, we we killed werewolves, witches or vampires.
“Hey, y / n. Is something wrong?”
I put myself under the covers, and I turn to Dean; our noses brush against, and the hunter wraps his arms around my waist.
“Everything is alright.”
My lips collide with his lips, and in a few minutes, we find ourselves on top of each other, our clothes on the floor.

The next day, when I wake up, Dean is still asleep. So I get up, and I take a quick shower. When I come back in the room, I turn on the phone, and I realize that there is another message. Once again It’s Charlie.
Wondigo dead!
I look up to the sky, before continuing to read his message, I think to have found another case, and I think I’ll go see what it is!
Heck, it’s worse than us. She does not stop to kill a monster, that already finds another.
You shouldn’t rest a bit, Charlie?
I’ll rest when I’m dead.

“Good morning.”
I jump when I hear two arms wrap around my body; I was so taken by Charlie posts, I haven’t heard the Dean awakening.
“Good morning to you.”
I turn off the phone, and I approached Dean to me, putting my lips on his lips. The kiss continues a bit, Dean turns away from me, and he closes in the bathroom. While he takes a shower, I go into the kitchen to make coffee. Sam is already there, sitting in a chair with his PC. I smile: it reminds me of Charlie.
The coffee has already prepared Sam, and while I fill a cup, I feel my phone rang again.
Do you want to join me? ;)
“Hey y/n, I think I’ve got a case.”
I’m closer to Sam, who informs me of what he has found; meanwhile, Dean walks into the kitchen, and comes toward me.
I haven’t yet responded to Charlie, in fact, comes another message, but I pretend to nothing.
“Don’t you answer the phone?” Dean asks, intrigued. Her green eyes are watching me to see what I’m thinking. I can’t hide to him and Sam about Charlie. Not for much longer. I have to talk to her, and tell the truth to the guys.
Sam gets up, and after taking his PC, announces that it is preparing to leave.
“In ten minutes at the car?” says the younger of Winchester, looking first at his brother, and then me. Dean nods without saying another word, while I try to come up with an excuse not to go with them, so that I can have a chance to talk to Charlie.
“Um.. I think this time I pass. I don’t feel very well.”
Dean comes to me, and looks at me worried.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. It’s those days of the month in which it is better to stay home and rest.”
The boys seem to fall for my lie, and after having left me a kiss on the cheek, Dean runs into his room to get ready. I take a deep breath. I hate all this; I feel so guilty about lying to Sam and Dean. He will not speak to me for weeks when he finds out what we do me and Charlie.

Sam and Dean have left the bunker to about half an hour, and as soon as I was left alone, I immediately called Charlie. After a few rings, she finally answered.
“Hey y/n, you are already in the car?”
“Charlie, where are you?”
I hear noises on the other side of the phone, seem more slamming doors. Charlie breath further and further away, then I feel it again.
“Rosemont, Illinois.”
I roll my eyes; are about a ten hours drive from here, but I should do it to get there and back earlier than boys. I dress quickly, and after taking my bag, I go into my nice car, and I leave.
During the trip, my cell phone rings a few times. The first call is Charlie, and I warn her that in a few hours I would come to her motel. The second call is Dean. With a lump in my throat, I decide not to answer; I will send to him a message later, writing that I was sleeping.
Lies upon lies; They are always accumulating more.
We know what happens when we lie to each other: every time that Dean lied to Sam, and all the times that Sam lied to Dean, there have been serious consequences. And I’ve always reproached both, to be honest with each other. And now it’s me who is lying.
I stop the car in the motel parking lot, and I go back to Charlie’s room. She opens up to me after knocking a few times, and sling on me to hug me. I enter in the motel room, and I notice the weapons resting on the bed.
“You have robbed a gun shop?”
Charlie smiles, and moves the weapons out of bed; we sit both. She does not give me the time to speak, that the girl speaks to me of the case that has found.
“I read about this creature who kidnaps children and then turn into them, to ‘eating’ their mothers. Wait, what was his name? Oh yeah, Changeling. And I have also read..”
I get up from the bed, and massage my temples; God, how much speaks.
“You don’t think of the case. We have to tell Dean and Sam that what we are doing. This.. lie, will lead to something bad. I don’t want to lie anymore. Dean begins to suspect something, I know.”
Charlie gets up and comes over to me; She places her hands on my shoulders, and tries to calm me down.
“I’ll talk to Sam and Dean. Very soon. I promise.”
The look in your eyes, and take a deep breath.
“So, what about the Changeling?”

Finding the Changeling and kill him wasn’t difficult. And Charlie seems to be getting better at hunting.
“And now what?”
I turn to Charlie, with open arms.
“Now we go back to the bunker. And when Sam and Dean come back, you will speak with them.”
“Yes, but first I have to put things right here. People will wonder why a child killed his mother, and then he died.”
I remain speechless. I try to stay calm, but I feel the anger pervade my body.
“Listen, y/n. Sam and Dean will return home before.. Two or three days? You go back to the bunker. I put things in place here, and I send a message to you when I’m coming.”

Charlie has cheated me. She remained in Rosemont, while I’m coming home. But I swear to god, if within two days she doesn’t bring his ass to the bunker and talk to the guys, I drag her to the sound of kicks up the bunker.
Tired because of the trip, I park the car out of the bunker, and I go back to the entrance door. I’m going in, and I notice that the lights are on.
Strange, I thought I had turned off everything.
I go down the stairs, and go into the library; suddenly I hear noises coming from the kitchen. I pull out the gun, and I approach slowly to the door, but I lower the weapon immediately, as soon as I see who it is.
“Dean.. what are you doing here?”
“Well, I live here. And you, instead? I thought you were not good. Where have you been?”
I’m staying breathless. And now what am I supposed to say? Still cover Charlie, and tell another lie? Or tell the truth, and give a damn about Charlie?
“You betray me?”
I look at Dean with a pained look and confused. God, he thinks that I attend to me with another.
“What-? No, Dean, I love you, and no one else. I could never betray you!”
“Then what’s wrong with you? Lately you’re always away with the head down on the phone. You say you don’t want to come with me and Sam to hunt because you aren’t well, and instead.. I’m going home, and you’re not here!”
Dean approaches menacingly at me, and I step back, up to slam his back against the wall.
“I’m asking you again. Are you dating someone else?”
Before answering Dean, the phone rings. I close my eyes, and I look away from the hunter’s face. I try to take it from his trouser pocket, but Dean is faster than me, and it pulls me out of my hands.
“Dean, give me the phone.”
Dean looks at the screen light, and after reading the name of the person calling me, moving his eyes back on me.
“It can wait.”
“Dean, who is it?”
“Charlie. But I think that your gossip will fade into the background.”
I’m closer to Dean, and I try to get my cell phone out of his hand.
“Shit, y/n! Don’t you see I’m trying to make a serious discussion with you!”
“No, Dean! It’s you who don’t understand! Give me that fucking phone!”
Dean’s eyes meet mine. He is angry, disappointed.. frustrated by my behaviour. He puts violently my phone on the kitchen counter, and leaves the room. I scream his name, but it’s useless.
I take the phone off the counter and answer quickly.
“Charlie, get your ass here. Now!”
“Y/n, I think I was wrong. There are others Changeling. Please, I need your help.”

I walk into my room and Dean, but when I come in, he is not there. I scream his name, but in the bunker there is only silence. I go to the garage, and I realize that the Impala is not.
Since there is Dean, I press on toward the Sam room, but even that is empty. There is only a note on his bed.
I went to run.
This means that I am alone. I come in quickly in the car, and I depart right away for Rosemont.
Meanwhile, I call Dean.
A ring. Two rings. Three rings. No answer.
I try to call for most of the trip, but it is useless.
Dean stupid! Charlie stupid! Stupid me!
After ten hours to drive, before entering again in the motel room of Charlie, I still call once Dean. No answer, and so I leave a message.
“Dean, please. I know you’re angry, and I’ll explain everything. But now I need you. Call me.”
I enter into Charlie’s room, and she’s there, and is preparing weapons. She turns to me, worried.
“Hey, y/n. We have a huge problem.”
“No, Charlie. I have a huge problem. Dean knows that I hide something, and he thinks I’m betraying him!”
Charlie sighs, and looks at me sad.
“I’m sorry y/n, it’s all my fault. I will speak with Dean.”
“I want you to speak with him now.”
“I can’t! There’s another of those things out there, and I think he has..”
Charlie doesn’t finish the sentence; someone breaks down the door, and comes into the room. He’s a man, very strong, he can push me away when I try to attack him.
I fall to the ground, and I hear a crack!
I can’t move my shoulder, but I try anyway to get up from the ground. The man goes to Charlie, who shoot. The man doesn’t seem to get hurt, and then continues to move closer to Charlie.
Suddenly I see under the bed a blowtorch; I take it, and I get up.
“Charlie, mirror!”
She looks around, and notice a small mirror on the nightstand. Charlie takes it and turns it to the man, who suddenly changes. Now he has his real look, the look of a Changeling.
I raise a blowtorch toward him, but the monster can take it off, and he causes me a deep wound in the shoulder.
The Changeling comes to me, and when it is about to attack, he starts screaming. Behind him is Charlie, who has managed to take a blowtorch. The monster catches on fire, and I watch him, as long as he does not fall to the ground, completely charred.
Charlie runs toward me, and she controls my shoulder.
“This is a deep cut. Do you need a doctor.”
I nod, and we go to the car. We put about fifteen minutes to get to the hospital. A doctor comes quickly toward me, and makes me sit on a lounger. While he controls my shoulder, Charlie walks away, and she comes back after a few minutes.
“The shoulder is dislocated. I now put in place, and then I sew the wound, okay?” asks me the doctor. I nod, and I prepare myself to the pain that will cause me to readjust the shoulder. The doctor pressed, and I feel another crack.
I yell in pain, which fortunately immediately passing. The doctor takes the necessary to stitch the wound, and gets to work.
“You are fine?” I ask to Charlie, who remained all the time in silence.
“I’m fine.”
She looks worried, and sad. She probably feels guilty for what happened.
“Charlie, it’s not your fault.”
“It’s my fault. Y/n, I was so stupid. I’m sorry.”
I try to say something, but the doctor’s voice that tells me to have finished, let me speechless.
“Stay here and rest a little, okay? You can go away in a few hours.”
I feel my head explode, due to the blow that I took when I fell. I massage with the fingertips my temples, but suddenly I hear the door of the room where the doctor left me gaping. I turn around, and I see Dean, quickly go in, and shut the door behind them.
“Oh great, look who shows up.”
I lower my head to avoid Dean’s eyes, and I continue to massage my head.
“Are you okay?” asks me Dean, a few feet from me.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
Spend a few seconds in silence, then Dean sighs.
“You lied to me.”
My head explodes, and I have neither the strength nor the courage to fight with him. I just want him to hold me.
“Look at me.”
The husky voice of Dean makes me realize that he instead all want to quarrel. I raise my head, and finally look at him in the eye. He is angry, confused, and at the same time also worried. I feel tears in my eyes, as I begin to speak.
“I lied to you all right? And I’m sorry. But I have called you several times and you didn’t answer me.”
I feel the tears fall on the face, and I quickly wiped with the hand.
“Why am I crying?”
Dean approaches me, and he hugs me.
“I’m sorry if I did not answer your calls. I was.. angry. Now Charlie explained everything to me.”
The bedroom door opens, and enter Sam and Charlie. I clean my face, and I smile at Sam.
“Y/n! Are you ok?” asks Sam coming towards me. He wraps his long arms around me. I groan with pain in the shoulder, and he turns away from me immediately apologizing.
Dean took my jacket from the couch, and rests on my shoulders.
“Let’s go home.”

It’s been a few days since our return to the bunker. Charlie remained here, finally telling the whole truth to Dean and Sam, and talking with them about his adventures. Obviously the Winchesters have asked her to stop, and not to hunt anymore, but she refused. Now she is departing, and after I’ve made sure that everything necessary, I embrace her.
“Be careful, okay? And call me if you need it.”
“I’ll do it.”
I’m going back into the bunker, and I go straight to the room. I think I’ll sleep for at least a month. I open the door, and I see Dean stretched out on the bed, with his eyes closed. I approach silently, and I lay down beside him.
“You are awful when you’re trying not to make noise.” Dean says, opening his eyes. I smile; between me and Dean it seems that things are back to normal. After a good scolding, of course.
Suddenly, I get up from the bed, and sit astride on Dean; his arms are on my hips, and after I approached her face, my lips attacked his lips. I bite his bottom lip, make him groan.
In an instant, the positions are reversed, and Dean is on me. I feel his hard cock touch my groin, and this drives me crazy. Dean leaves a trail of kisses to the collarbone, and tortures me with kisses, and bites, marking my body.
“You know..” Dean says, while his hand slips between my breasts, and then on my stomach, up to my pants, “..I am still a little angry with you, for lying to me.”
His hand slips into my panties, and then his finger is on my clit. I moan, and arch my back, the sudden pleasure.
“You’ve been bad, and then you deserve a punishment.”
Suddenly, Dean’s hand comes out of my pants, and his body moves away from mine. Breathless, I support on the elbows, and Dean looks around the room.
“This is your punishment: no sex for a week…”
I start to laugh; this would be his punishment?
“It looks more like a punishment for you, that for me.” I say getting out of bed, and going up to him.
Dean sighs, and remains speechless when I draw to myself, pulling him by the shirt. I lick my lips, seeing him in the eyes.
“You’re sure he could resist me for a week, Dean?”
“Oh, sweetheart.. we bet?
I smile again, and I approach the door. I open it, and before leaving, I back to Dean’s face.
"Too bad you can’t touch me; it will mean that I will have fun by myself.”
Dean turns amazed at me, but I do not give him time to say anything else, I close the door behind me. Way to the bunker, and I begin to count.
Three.. Two.. One..
“Y/n, wait!”

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