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“Why are you doing this to me?” You groaned out from your spot in the backseat.

Your brothers both looked back at you and rolled their eyes. “Because you’re acting like a child so we can’t trust you to go by yourself.” Sam replied before turning to face the front.

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I interpret thus: When Dean says "we" it seems like he means "we = Dean, Sam, Cas" but actually it's "we = Dean and Cas". Similarly when Cas says "you" it seems like he means "you = Dean and Sam" but actually it's "you = just Dean". There's a miscommunication going on, between Dean and Cas, and between them and the audience. Different layers of meaning. The mixtape scene is a great example of this, and the argument they had just beforehand. I encourage you to watch again and interpret both ways.

Follow up: “we” can also be “us / our.” Also Dean sometimes uses “we” to mean “we = just me, Dean”. Such as the argument in 12.19 where Dean is upset with Cas but tries to make it seems like “Dean and Sam are upset with Cas” when really Dean is talking about himself and his own feelings. Quote: “Not only were you ditching *us* but you were also ignoring *us*.” In context, clearly, Dean is talking about himself - “we = just Dean, not including Sam”. Later on: “*we* were worried, that’s not ok.”

Add-on (because I’m re-watching and I can’t switch off): Cas during the mixtape scene, where ‘you’ is read as ’= Dean and Sam’ but likely ’= just Dean.’ Quote: “I didn’t mean to add to *your* distress. […] When *you* were taken I searched for months and I couldn’t find *you*. […] I needed to come back here with a win for *you*.” Followed by Dean saying “me and Sam we had her” so 'we = Dean and Sam’ and Cas switches back to 'you = Dean and Sam’ “And if you find her again?”

Final ask, I promise: I’m just saying for particularly the mixtape scene there’s always a clear distinction made when “we” or “us” or “you” is meant to include Sam, and when it is not. The times when it is not clear are, in my opinion, when Sam is not meant to be included - at least not in a strong way. “I couldn’t find you” - yes Dean AND Sam were missing and Cas was looking for them both, but it’s also meant to be addressed JUST to Dean here. The talk later start notably including Sam. (End.)

Hey! Yes this is a very frustrating thing in this show. Because there are several ways to interpret everything that the characters say. This is why you end up with MASSIVE debates over a simple sentence such as Cas’s love confession in 12x12 and exactly the reason why my tag for that debate is ambiguous love confessions. This show loves its ambiguity because it wants to keep all sides of the audience (though by sides I really mean destiel shippers versus people who would rage quite if it went canon) happy. (Personally I think the show should stick a middle finger up at those who would rage quit over something like Destiel but that’s just me)

This is also an excellent example of why English as a language generally sucks. Other languages have different words for ‘you, we, us, etc’ depending on the meaning. I imagine that translators for subtitles and things must have a hell of a time trying to figure it all out. (I guess that means the translation would entirely depend on whether the specific translator watched the show through a destiel lens with a knowledge of subtext or whether they were just as dense and heteronormative as the rest of the GA.

Anyway, it is as you rightly say, something Dean does a lot. He sublimates his own feelings onto Sam, grouping them together so he isn’t left vulnerable.

11x23 was a great example of where this became SUPER annoying:

You’re the best friend we’ve ever had.

You’re our brother, Cas. I want you to know that.

Textually, Dean is talking ABOUT him AND Sam, but subtextually, through an understanding of the shows history and Dean’s behaviour, it is clear that Dean is actually talking about himself. This exact line was said specifically TO Dean by Bobby in Season 7 after all “You just lost the best friend you ever had”. Whilst I would never want to understate Cas and Sam’s relationship, Cas has always meant more to Dean than Sam and that in itself is evident by the fact that it wasn’t SAM who made an excuse to drag Cas along on a made up beer run so he could talk privately with him about his feelings.

Enter season 12 and every freaking episode is bringing to light just how very different the feelings between Dean and Sam for Cas actually are (season 11 also did this, most obviously in 11x18 but yet we still had that useless little talk in 11x23 which gave us hardly anything *sigh).

I think the moments that you refer to specifically are in 12x19. But they also apply heavily to one specifically memorable scene in 12x12. Both episodes are vitally important to understand how Dean and Cas view each other compared to how they view others.

In 12x12 we get this glorious speech:

DEAN: Cas, come on.

CASTIEL: (talking to Dean) No, you listen to me. You–

(looks around to address everyone) Look, thank you. Thank you.

(looks from Dean to Sam throughout) Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me.

(reaction shot from Mary looking at the boys)

(reaction shot first of Dean, then of Sam – evidence that what Cas just said meant BOTH of them)

You’re my family.

(Cas looks from Dean, to Sam, to Mary)

I love you.

(Cas looks down)

(reaction shot from Dean)

I love all of you.

(Reaction shot and zoom in on Dean and then Sam)

Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die.

(again Cas looks at both Sam and Dean at this point)

Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.

Following the pattern of eye contact, its pretty clear who he is addressing at each point, except for one point, when he looks down.

Therefore we have to go by reaction shots. Early in the scene the reaction shots are used to establish WHO Cas is talking to at any specific moment. After he looks down, we ONLY get a reaction shot from Dean.

Therefore logically, he is talking to Dean and Dean only when he says “I love you”.

Also we can argue that the emotional weight behind telling ONE person “I love you” romantically, compared to telling several people “I love you” platonically is the reason that Cas averts his eyes at that specific moment. A platonic “I love you” would not cause a person to avert their eyes.

However in the context of the whole scene, many people would argue that is not the case as the majority of other “You’s” refer to more than one person.

This is a perfect example of ambiguity in a scene specifically crafted as such. Frustrating I know.

Let’s look at the next scene that comes a few episodes later (but interestingly enough the next episode specifically devoted and referred to by TPTB as a ‘Cas’ episode, meaning that they wanted the audience to link 12x12 and 12x19 in their minds).

12x19 uses this language ambiguity a lot, but not to mislead the audience, instead like in 11x23, it is used BY Dean to sublimate his own emotions and thoughts on the situation onto his brother, and its pretty obvious that he’s doing it:

Dean: Let me rephrase that for Sam. Where the hell have you been? And why have you ignored our phone calls?

This is the first time where DEAN as a character is purposely trying to bring Sam in to HIS argument. We have seen Cas’s phone, we know all his missed calls were from Dean and Dean only.

Castiel: I was in Heaven. I was working with the angels. When I saw Dagon had captured Kelly, I-I thought they could help.

Sam: And?

Castiel: Nothing.

Sam: Well, at least you’re back. We’re glad you’re back.

Dean: Really? No, I’m sorry. Okay, 'cause while you were striking out in Heaven, we had a shot at Dagon, and we lost.

Castiel: I know. I received your messages.

Dean: Oh, you did – you did receive the messages? Okay, that’s good.

Castiel: Dean.

Dean: So not only were you ditching us, but you were also ignoring us? That’s great. 'Cause we really could’ve used the backup. But, uh, you were too busy with, um What was it? Nothing?

Whats interesting about this exchange is how Sam does it as well. He tries to speak for both him and Dean but Dean immediately contradicts him. Which proves that all of Dean’s “Us’s” and “”we’s “ to follow actually just mean him. Sam isn’t overly emotional and upset about the situation. He is more interested in finding out what Cas actually did. As you stated above, the majority of ‘we’s and us’s’ from Dean here actually just mean him.

Then in the now infamous mixtape scene we get this exchange:

Castiel: Sorry, Dean. Um I just wanted to return this.

(hands Dean a mixtape)

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

Castiel: Oh.

Dean: Cas, you can’t – With everything that’s going on, you can’t just go dark like that. We didn’t know what happened to you. We were worried. That’s not okay.

The first thing to note here is that this is just Dean repeating to Cas what he already told him back in 12x10 (the last Cas episode and therefore also supposed to stand out in the audiences minds here). The audience has seen the last few episodes whilst Cas has been missing. We all know how Sam reacted to the whole thing – by consoling Dean as per usual. It was only Dean who was really worried. When Dean says here *we* were worried, he means *I* was worried – just like he already admitted to Cas in 12x10. The difference in these two moments is the intimacy of this scene. Hence Dean is most likely slightly uncomfortable and aware that his heart is suddenly out on his sleeve and vulnerable and he’s already been burned by Cas’s abandonment so he uses the plural words instead.

Castiel: Well, I didn’t mean to add to your distress. I – Dean, I just keep failing. Again and again. When you were taken, I searched for months and I couldn’t find you. And then Kelly escaped on my watch, and I couldn’t find her. And I just wanted I needed to come back here with a win for you. For myself.

Unlike with Dean, Cas’s words are far less easy to interpret. The audience already knows that Dean means that HE was worried and not Sam, but we don’t really know whether Cas means just Dean, or Dean AND Sam at this point. Just like with the 12x12 love confession, Cas’s ambiguity is far more difficult to interpret. Both Dean and Sam were taken as you say, so Cas most likely means both of them. But Cas isn’t addressing Dean and Sam right now. When he says he wanted a win for *you* it is only knowing their background and correctly interpreting the intimacy of the scene (following the mixtape moment elevates this even more) that logically, that final *you* at least, means just Dean.

Dean: You think you’re the only one rolling snake eyes here? Me and Sam, we had her. We had Kelly and we lost her.

Castiel: And if you find her again?

Dean: Sam’s working on it. Of course, he’s hell-bent on finding something that doesn’t mean killing her or her kid.

Castiel: Right. And if he doesn’t find something? If you run out of time, could either of you kill an innocent?

Here the plural form of the words is clearly given. Cas clarifies this time with *either of you* which further enhances the singular form of *you* in his previous line (just like in the 12x12 love confession).

Dean: We will find a better way.

Castiel: (gestures to both himself and Dean) You mean, we?

Dean: Yes, dumbass. We. You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together. So now that you’re back, let’s go, Team Free Will. Let’s get it done.

Castiel: I’d like that.

Dean: Great. And I’d like a beer.

Finally, this moment brought into text the ambiguity itself, proof that there is INDEED a miscommunication going on between them. Castiel asks for clarification on that final *we* because he isn’t sure if he is included in Dean’s plans, Dean clarifies that he is, and confirms that the *we* means all 3 of them. This time.

That final moment is a real kicker because it proves several thing:

  • The miscommunication is real between the characters (starting in 11x23 imo) and a big problem in terms of their relationships.
  • The audience is being invited to question these ambiguous meanings, since they have now seen a character specifically question them.

  • The writers are aware of the ambiguity and are intentionally writing it that way.

Added to this that in the episode following this one, the characters even further highlight the miscommunication found using plural terms. Max and Alicia constantly squabble over her use of *we* when really she means *I* because Max doesn’t want the Winchesters to think that he is overreacting like his sister. This happens throughout 12x20 to the point where by the end of the episode, it’s pretty much drummed into our brains that when Alicia says *we* or *us* she means *I*. The writers are specifically trying to get the audience to realise this and apply it elsewhere.

It’s almost a neon sign really. 12x19 and 12x20 both go out of their way to prove a point. Words are misleading. 

But they want us to think about this. They wouldn’t have spent so long having characters question the words used if they didn’t. 

Therefore its no real leap for us to question Cas’s use of the word *you* and how he means it, since it was right there in 12x19 amongst all of Dean’s *we’s* that mean *I’s* and so on… 

It may not be a clear distinction in either his *i wanted a win for you* in 12x19, or his *i love you* in 12x12, but the comparison is there, and made clearer by both Dean and then Alicia’s insistence in using plural words to group in other people where they really mean the singular form. 

If we are being told to watch out for it, then we damn well will watch out for it, and Cas’s “I love you” was not for the group- plural. It was for Dean. Just like so many other times he has said *you* and meant Dean and only Dean when other people are around. This is what Cas has been doing for years but it is only now that we are specifically given hints in the text to look out for this ambiguity and actually question it. So keep questioning it, and hopefully it won’t remain ambiguous for too much longer.


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The impala rumbled to a stop right outside ‘The Lodge.’ You grimaced at the worn looking building, the crackling ‘OPEN’ light in the window giving you a hint of how many years it had been since it was first hung.

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Hi there - hope you're having a nice day. I'm gonna bring up the mixtape again (dun dun). We see the mixtape for the first time in that ep, but we don't know when it was FIRST given as a gift, now do we? So I was wondering if you had any ideas about that. The tape looks in good condition, so maybe not 'years and years ago.' Also Cas keeps losing his coat or his life, and I imagine the contents of his pockets would get lost during that too. So what's a good timeline for this mixtape? Thoughts? <3

Hey there! Well I am never gonna complain about more discussion about the most destiel moment in the history of destiel thats for sure!

I mean this has been meta’d to death but do any of us tire of it? Ever? I don’t think so. :P

So I agree that it is a new mixtape. You just have to look at the original tapes that Dean had in the box to see that they were old and worn whereas this one is clearly new:

Its hardly an old worn out label is it?

So we know it was recent. The real question is HOW recent? Because there are several things we can consider that could prompt Dean to give Cas a mixtape:

  1. Cas recently almost died and confessed his love. Therefore, it could have been made by Dean in a response to Cas’s confession. A return “I love you too” in Dean’s own way. 
  2. However we know that Cas currently has a truck that does not have a tape player, so logically, it doesn’t make sense for Dean to give Cas a gift now that he can’t listen to (unless he also happens to have an old walkman in his coat pocket). Therefore potentially Dean gave it to him whilst he still had the old continental. So between 9x10 and 11x10.
  3. If we line that up with other times when Dean might have felt he needed to show Cas how much he cared about him, 9x10 is probably unlikely since there wasn’t any time between Dean realising Cas had a car and may want a tape to play and leaving because of all his guilt to go get the Mark of Cain.
  4. Is it possible that Dean made it whilst he had the Mark of Cain? He was in a pretty dark and angry place most of the time, but at certain points in season 10 (like following his confession) its possible. Maybe after asking Cas to ‘take him out’ he gave him the mixtape as a means for Cas to remember him. Trying to tell Cas with actions how much he meant to him whilst slowly loosing himself to the Mark… this one hearts my heart :(
  5. If Dean was too busy and consumed in his own descent to demonhood to make the mixtape during season 10, we reach a period of time post 10x22 where Dean felt very guilty about what he had put Cas through. He possibly could have made the tape and given it to Cas whilst Cas was recovering from the attack dog spell (11x03 - 11x06) when he was also searching for his car as Metatron had stolen it at this point. Motivation to get his car back perhaps?
  6. The issue with THIS theory is that Cas then goes and lets Lucifer possess him, and I don’t know how well Lucifer looked after Cas’s possessions. Since we never see the car again after 11x10, we can assume that the tape would have been in Cas’s pocket if he had it during this time, but then how on earth would he still be able to keep it, and keep it in good condition, baring in mind Lucifer went through ALOT during the rest of season 11.
  7. Therefore we bring ourselves back up to season 12 and potentially Dean gave Cas the tape after they were reunited in 12x01. Perhaps Dean just didn’t realise that the truck didn’t have a cassette player? Or perhaps Dean MADE it whilst Cas still had the Continental, but never built up the courage to give it to him at the time? The sad thing about this theory is that Cas probably never listened to the tape, since he didn’t have a means of listening to it, so when he finally returns it in 12x19, he wouldn’t have been able to listen to it anyway.

The last theory is actually the most logical, because the tape does look pretty much brand new, and I think that Dean has been aware of just how much Cas has been through recently, and the tape can easily be considered a gesture of love following the whole Lucifer situation as much as it can be a return gesture following Cas’s confession. 

The fact that this means Cas wouldn’t have been able to listen to it hurts though. I’d like to know if there was a moment when Dean fixed the truck for him in 12x19 when it dawned on him that the truck didn’t have a tape player, and therefore Cas didn’t listen to it, and I bet that one hurt. In amongst everything else Cas put him through in that episode, Dean realised that Cas couldn’t possibly have listened to his mixtape before he tried to return it. Poor Dean. 

See this is why I hope it comes back. I hope that Dean digs it out of Cas’s pocket in 13x01 and keeps hold of it himself. Just so I can ugly cry into my wine whilst @tinkdw, @amwritingmeta and @margarittet watch on in horror (though lbr, you guys would be ugly crying with me)

Still, after going through the timeline, I think that some point between 12x01 and 12x03 makes the most sense. But I think he MADE the tape earlier than that, and only plucked up the courage to give it to Cas following the return of Mary and during the Sam rescue mission. After all, there was a period of time between 12x01 and 12x02 where they all went back to the Bunker together as Cas would have had to pick up his truck again to go ahead to search for Sam on his own for where episode 2 picks off. That’s the fanfic gap I wanna place it in. It was in that period where they became all open and honest and acting like an old married couple. What happened that night after the fight with that badass BMOL lady with the knuckle dusters? They got Mary settled for bed and then what? I don’t think that Cas would have just left straight away, even if he did leave after Dean went to bed. They would have probably stayed up and talked for a bit since it would have been their first moment alone together since the beer run that wasn’t in 11x23. That is where I am placing the gifting of the mixtape as I can just picture Cas being all “Dean, I’ll head back out shortly to keep searching for Sam. Please try to get some sleep and I’ll call you in the morning” and Dean would be like “Okay dude but have a beer with me first yeah? Oh and by the way I have something for ya” cue Dean storming off all awkward to his room and back whilst Cas just looks confused before he thrusts the mixtape into Cas’s chest and says “present for ya, for when you are out on the road and wanna listen to some decent tunes” and at that point Cas hasn’t even paid attention to the fact the truck doesn’t have a tape player so just smiles and says “thank you Dean” all sincerely whilst Dean blushes and stumbles over his words in classic Dean fashion. 

Anyway that’s my headcanon and I’m sticking with it. I think its a reasonable theory when looking at all the other options. But please let me know what you think.

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I don't know if you have noticed, but they have some serious clothing issues in season 12. Seasons 1-11 we just had Sam and Dean. But now that there's Mary, they can't all wear plaid. Because there would be too much flannel with three Winchesters. I'm being serious. I've rewatched season 12, and there's no episode where all three Winchesters wear plaid. One of them always has to sacrifice the hunter look.

Yeah, they don’t all wear it all the time anyway - Dean’s always had a bunch of stock shirts which are so boring he can wear them all the times he’s going to get killed or whatever gets him covered in blood to the point that he can’t use it any more :P Sam has slightly more variety, I think, because he doesn’t wear as many block colours in general, wears his shirts buttoned up so Dean can get away with wearing a block colour shirt and t-shirt, and Sam’s on the wrong side of the self-imposed class divide so doesn’t wear henleys either, all adding up to him needing at least subtle stripes on his shirts a lot of the time… Sam wearing boring grey in 11x22 should have been a warning something pretty horrific was going to happen to him because that’s Dean’s choice of colour for “I’m about to have a bad day and I don’t know it yet” which he at least also mixes into his regular wardrobe to add the element of surprise :P

Buuut yeah I bet there was at least 1 time they had a moment where they did all wear plaid and looked at each other and had to work out who had to go change immediately.

Anyway since we have a whole season now, let’s look at Mary because I like looking at Mary :D

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Fake Text- Dean gets worried and texts the reader when she doesn’t immediately return to the bunker after a solo hunt. Then he finds out that she is hanging with the Cullens and with her mate, Rosalie.

Scenes from the Winchester Eating Saga that deserves more credit:

Dean x Food = Fean! 

Fean : Someone who craves and/or is obsessed to something that is healthy, good or clean. A clean addiction. 

The Sara Sagas

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The Impala Is Not Dean

I just had an epiphany. I can’t believe I never realized this before. Ever since I joined the fandom I’ve read meta that refers to how Dean’s emotional and mental state is represented by the state of the Impala. 

But it just hit me that Chuck/God referred to the car as their home, and that this was dissonant with Dean’s relationship with the car being the dominant symbolic meaning.

I realized the state of the car isn’t about Dean’s mental state. The Impala reflects the state of Sam and Dean’s relationship with each other. Sure, Dean has a closer connection with the car, because so much of his character is about how he relates to his family, to the point where other aspects of his identity are almost inseperable from it (see: Performing Dean/Sanitized for Sammy metas, his relationship to hunting as being unable to do it alone, etc.).

Let’s take it event by event, shall we?

In 1x20 Dead Man’s Blood, John makes an offhand comment about the car being on the verge of rusting, moments after an argument displaying the fraying relationship between John and Sam, with Dean acting as mediator.

In 1x22 and 2x01, Devil’s Trap and In My Time of Dying respectively, the Impala is totaled. It’s in pieces. And Dean is dying, with Sam and John beat up; the family is falling apart as John hides the truth from his sons and Dean is on the verge of death.

In 2x02, Everybody Loves a Clown, the car is still damaged, but as the boys grieve, Dean gets to work building the car back up again. They’re trying to fix their relationship.

When Dean teaches Sam how to take care of the car in 3x07, Fresh Blood, it is clearly a means of showing the audience how Dean is preparing Sam for a life on his own.

In In the Beginning, 4x03, the Impala is the vehicle John buys in lieu of a larger car suited for several kids and a growing family. John proposes to Mary in the front seat; this is where the Winchester Saga kicks off, and it’s with family.

And then we have 5x22. Swan Song. The car is, of course, what allows Sam to beat Lucifer and take control. But it’s not just memories of the car; it’s memories of him and Dean together in the car. They chose family. And when worse comes to worst, it is family that saves Sam.

In 6x01, the car is in storage. Sam is gone, out of Dean’s life, and as with him, so it is with the Impala. The car returns with Sam, although for a while Sam insists on driving his own car, separate. (Because he’s soulless, or because he’s connected with the Campbells?)

The Impala is totaled again in 6x22, The Man Who Knew Too Much. Sam’s wall is crumbling and Cas is a traitor, about to go off the deep end. Dean starts trying to rebuild the car as Sam gets better in 7x01, Meet the New Boss, but the car is put into storage once more in 7x06, Slash Fiction, reflecting both Dean and Sam’s conflicts with each other, Sam’s instability, and Cas’s apparent death.

In 7x23 Survival of the Fittest, the Impala crashes in front of Sucrocorp as a diversion, and Sam is left alone by the end of the episode, with Dean and Cas in Purgatory.

However, Sam fixed up the car (i.e., himself and his life on his own much like Dean wanted for him in season 3) and even got a girlfriend and a dog. It’s the dog smell that tips Dean off, something foreign dividing their home and their relationship.

In season 9 episode 16, Blade Runners, Abaddon’s minions deface the car, again showing how distant the Winchesters have become as their trust ruptures.

Next comes 10x02, Reichenbach, when the Impala is filled with trash and debris. The Winchesters’ relationship isn’t just troubled, it’s corrupt. Demon!Dean’s neglect of the car is obviously meant to reflect their relationship, considering his remark that “It’s just a car.” That comment can’t refer to himself, but for the demon’s feeling about their relationship? It’s perfect.

At last, we reach the season 10 finale, 10x23 My Brother’s Keeper. Dean leaves the car to Sam’s care for the third time, fully intent on dying. It seems like they will be separated once again. In the last moments of the episode, though, the two of them are trapped together in a literal rut as the consequences of their repeated self-sacrifice and determination to save each other at any cost actually surrounds them. It’s blatant: their self-destructive relationship has cost them everything and they are stuck in a rut, struggling to escape those familiar rhythms that so frustrate the audience.

In 11x01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, we at last see the beginning of positive change. Dean and Sam not only agree not to make any more self-sacrificial plays to protect one another, they actually have to push the Impala out of the rut it was trapped in during the s10 finale. They are forced to confront their patterns.

In Baby, 11x04, the car is still obviously taking damage. We’re shown how things still break, but how the car keeps running regardless. The boys might have some bumps along the way, but they’re trying to do better, to fix their relationship (see Dean washing Baby at the start of the episode, Dean convincing the car to start at the end, and Sam talking with Dean about his infection and his visions).

No wonder Jensen’s idea of what Dean would do if Sam died permanently is so heartbreaking. To trade the car and go off alone is to say that Dean’s connection with his entire family has been so utterly destroyed that he has nothing left, not even scraps.

This also makes me wonder about Cas’s Lincoln Continental. Do the appearances and vanishings of his car maybe connect to his relationship with the Winchesters? Oooh, or his humanity? @elizabethrobertajones I know you’ve written meta on the Pimpmobile before, did you ever hit on something like this?

In conclusion, keep a watchful eye on what happens with the Impala. It might not be tipping off where the story’s headed next, but it’s definitely key to understanding the Winchester brothers’ relationship.

The Panty Saga Part One [Part Two] [Part Three]

Dean flicked at the pages of the thick English anthology book, looking ahead at other parts of the drama section.

“When Iago leaves the handkerchief in Cassio’s room, he is trying to once and for all to convince Othello that Desdemona is not faithful to him. Othello is still holding out, but finding the handkerchief that Desdemona promise she would always in the bedroom of another man is the final straw. Now gentlemen, if your girlfriend ever found a pair of panties under your bed that she knew were not hers you’d be in a very similar situation with a lot of explaining to do,” said the professor.

Dean rolled his eyes. Since they had started talking about Desdemona’s handkerchief their professor had always used a pair of panties under the boyfriend’s bed as an analogy to compare it to modern life. It wasn’t really Dean’s favorite seeing as his arguments were folded neatly in a drawer in his apartment and not under anybody’s bed, but that’s not the point. The point was that the words ‘what if they’re his’ had been at the tip of his tongue for the past week and it was getting ever so tempting to have them tumble right out. “What if they’re his?”

His professor blinked. “Pardon?”

“What if the panties were his?” A few titters ruffled through the classroom. “It ruins the analogy or whatever. Othello knows that the handkerchief is Desdemona’s, but this girlfriend doesn’t know that the panties are another girl’s; she’s just making assumptions.”

“Guy’s don’t wear panties,” said a guy two rows away.

Dean narrowed his eyes. “How do you know?”

“Because they’re for girls, duh.”

“That’s so heteronormative of you,” shouted a girl from across the room.

“And what about boy shorts? Are girls not allowed to wear them because they’re ‘too masculine’?” added another.

“What does hetero whatever have to do with it? Guys shouldn’t wear panties. Ew.” said a girl, a look of disgust on her face.

“You’re just feeding into the toxic masculinity culture,” said another boy.

“Not to mention so many girls get their panties from Victoria Secret’s. Do you know how many could be wearing the exact same design right now?” asked another girl.

“People, people, it’s just an analogy,” said the professor. He turned back to Dean. “I will admit there are some…flaws to it, but nonetheless it is just a device used to make you think critically about the play. Now if you can all redirect this passion into the discussion about the play I think we can have a great class discussion…”

By the time class ended Dean gave zero shits about Othello and was disgusted by the some of the people he shared a classroom with. The moment 12:15 hit he was out of the classroom and down the hallway. “Dean! Your name is Dean, right?” He turned around and saw a guy walking towards him. He was the one who said something about toxic masculinity. “Thank you for saying that. I’ve been thinking that all week, but I was afraid of the outcome.”

“It wasn’t too bad. It could have been worse. What’s your name again? I’m sorry I can’t remember.”


“You’re not bad, Castiel. Thanks for defending me.”

He blushed. “It would have been hypocritical of me not to.”

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

Castiel looked down at the floor. “Um, yes?”

“Do you wanna go get lunch together? Dining hall’s shit, but we could go to the student center instead.”

He smiled. “Sure.”

They walked up the basement stairs to the doors. “By the way it would have been hypocritical of me not to defend you if you brought it up first.” Cas stared at him with wide eyes. Dean laughed. “Maybe you’ll get a peek sometime, if you want.”

“I’d like that.”

Dean’s face flushed as crimson as the panties he was currently wearing. Lunch should be interesting.


Castiel jumps in his seat when a thick envelope lands right on top of the article in the morning paper that he’d been reading a moment ago, and he nearly knocks over his mug of tea in the process.

He glances up, where Dean is towering over him, an amused smirk on his face, green eyes curious.

“This came in the mail for you, Castiel Winchester. He teases, quirking an eyebrow.

Castiel feels his face turn the same shade of red as the average traffic light when he remembers; it’s the library card that the local library promised to send him. He’d been quick to give them the address of the bunker, knowing it by heart. However when they’d asked him for his last name, he’d drawn a blank, then blurted out the first name that came to mind.

Only now does he realize how this sounds, and he bites his bottom lip as he sheepishly stares back at Dean. It’s one thing to be dating Dean, but sharing a last name is something a lot more serious to most humans. It may have been an accident, but scaring Dean away now that they’re finally together is not how Castiel wants this to end.

“I- I am very sorry, Dean. I apologize, I wasn’t thinking, I have an explanation I swear, it’s- Hmmp…”

He’s forced to quit rambling when Dean leans closer, dips his head, and kisses Castiel right on the lips. Dean’s mouth moves with purpose, the kiss slightly urgent, and all Castiel can do is wrap his arms around Dean’s neck and hold on.

When they part, Dean laughs as his eyes flicker to the envelope again, sounding positively giddy.

“Castiel Winchester, huh… Never occurred to me that you’re gonna need a last name now that you’re with the humans, but this sounds perfect.” He declares with a glint in his eyes, pressing one last fleeting kiss to Castiel’s temple. “We’re making that official. Soon.”

Slack jawed, Castiel stares after Dean who makes his way to the coffee machine, a skip in his step, whistling a tune. Apparently Dean wants Castiel to have his name, gets excited about it even. Once that sinks in, Castiel timidly smiles to himself. His grin slowly grows wider when he opens his mail and notices that the library card, predictably, says ‘Castiel Winchester’.

Luckiest. Accident. Ever.